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It had been a hot June day. I was in the cook tent preparing and serving the food for our re-enactment group, vegetable soup with spit roasted lamb. You were in your blacksmiths tent, hammering the metal with the sweat dripping of your brow. Now and again we would catch each others eye and give a sort of smile. A smile that only lovers know. A smile that kind of says ‘I’m having you tonight’.

By 6pm the public had gone home and it was time to relax, the ladies of the group could remove their head dresses and the most of the men removed their shirts. You removed your shirt and sauntered round with your amazing blacksmiths figure on display. Your powerful shoulders and arms, which ended with strong hands and sizable fingers.

A game was started up against one of the other groups, you joined in and I lay on the summer warmed grass to watch you all. As the public had gone it was time to start the evenings ritual of drinking. Ale, cider, mead and soft drinks were bought from outside the castle. Also snacks as well if there wasn’t any food left over from the day.

I half filled my drinking horn with mead, and then decided to remove my over dress. All I had left on was my under dress, which was slightly see through if the light was right. Some of the other girls had decided to do the same or get changed into modern attire. As the sun was still out I rolled my dress up to half my thigh, so it could catch some sun. I noticed you looking over vivid porno and give a nod of approval, I raised my cup to you gave a nod back.

As the sun was setting the cook fire was lit and we all gathered around it. You sat opposite me and we exchanged glances and smiles. As usual the chatter turned slightly risqué, which is not unusual in this setting. You caught me blushing at a comment someone had made, so I decided to talk a walk along the battlements of the castle. I gave you the ‘see you up there soon look’ and I sauntered off with my cup of mead.

On a certain part of the battlements you can get an amazing view of the nights sky, which is also a part of the more secluded bit of the battlements. I stood on a ledge and looked out at the view, now and again taking little sips of mead. My heart was starting to race slightly as I was hoping you would be here soon.

I didn’t hear your approach just felt your powerful hands grab my waist and lift me off the small ledge. As my feet felt the ground you turned me around, and as I turned I came face to face with you. The glint in your eye said it all as we embraced for the first of many passionate kisses. Our tongues wrestled in our mouths and my hands found their way to the back of your head, holding you there. One of your hands and rested on my lower back and the other on my head. We held each other there for sometime as we had wanted this all day.

As we broke for air, we woodman casting porno each sighed in relief.

I took a step back and you followed until my back was against the stone wall. Where we were was in a niche in the wall, no one could see us but we were still outside. My heart was beating fast, I was sure you could of heard it. I put my hand on your chest and I could feel your heart beating hard too.

I pulled you against me, my hands fondling your arse. Your hand slowly raised the hem of my dress and tucked it into my belt. Then your left hand lifted up my thigh and I rested my foot on a ledge near us. Your right hand caressed my inner thigh, getting closer and closer to my hidden treasure.

When your finger brushed against it, I inhaled quickly. I was turned on anyway, but your brush against it sent a shiver up my spine. You felt my wetness as you fondled and fingered in and around down there. I removed my hand from your arse and moved it around to the front of your hose. On gaining entry I found your amazing member, waiting for me to grasp it. And grasp it I did, knowing the way you like it, I set to work.

I looked into your eyes and we kissed again. Harder and more wanting than before, exploring each others moves. You then started nibbling on my ear and my neck. I was getting close to exploding.

My leg started to shake from the impending eruption. I whispered in your ear that I wanted türkçe alt yazı porno you nside me now. With that I produced the packed from my belt pouch. You ripped the packet open with your teeth. I let go of your amazing engorged member, which had grown to a good size by then and some pre cum glistened on the tip. You covered your manhood in its sheath.

Your strong arms lifted me off the floor and lowered me onto your weapon of choice. My back was against the wall for support and my legs wrapped around your waist.

We started slow, you doing all the work of thrusting in and out. You knew how to hit the right spot.
With all the excitement of the possibility of being caught, it wasn’t long before I was softly thrashing. You held me in your strong arms, never increasing the pace. As I finally started to hit a powerful orgasm, I kissed you hard to stop myself from yelling out in ecstasy.

After I was spent you lifted me off and placed my very shaky legs on the ground. You were not near to finishing so I decided to give you a helping out.
I removed your protective sheath and placed your member in my mouth. You gripped the wall as I sucked and licked your stick, deep throating to my hearts delight. With my hands I played with your balls, and now and again I sucked on them and handled your man weapon.

I could feel your intensity raising as you gripped my head and started to mouth fuck me. And with that you exploded into my mouth with your hot cum.

When we had replaced our garments and caught out breaths, we shared the last drops of mead that were in my cup. We headed back to the fire separately and sat back in our original places. No one had realised that that was the start of many an exploit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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