John’s Dream Girl (chapters 21 through 22)

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The author holds exclusive rights to this work.

Author’s Note:

This novel deals with extremely taboo situations and events in a very graphic, no-holds-barred manner. It covers a myriad of taboo sexual categories, ranging from “incest” to “rape,” and beyond. If taboo thoughts, ideas and fantasies are not your sexual “cup of tea,” then by all means, please feel free to bypass this story entirely. Consider yourself warned.

* * * * *


An Adult Erotic Twisted Tale About Taboo Relationships

by rat_race

* * * * *


2006: The Two-Timing Twat

* * * * *

“So, how did everything go? Was it how you thought it would be? Come on. Spill the beans. Tell me everything,” Susie urged Trish, as she was lying in bed with her, naked under the covers, and playfully tweaking Trish’s left nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

It was a Saturday night, and a whole week had passed since Trish had intentionally lost her virginity to her Grandpa John, right after she had scissored on a 12-inch-long, double-dong dildo with her grandmother.

The two girls usually had their sleepovers at Susie’s house, but tonight Susie was sleeping over at Trish’s house, for a change. It didn’t matter that Susie was now 19 and in college, and that Trish was 18 and a senior at Stevens High. Both girls still lived at home with their parents–and also “lived for” their next weekly sleepover together.

And by this point in their nearly-decade-long string of sleepovers, these two young women didn’t even try to pretend that they were spending the night together for any other reason, other than for the express purpose of having sex with each other. And they were definitely head-over-heels in love with each other.

They say opposites attract. And in Susie’s and Trish’s case, that old saying applied in spades. You would have been hard-pressed to find two young women who were more different-looking from one another. Trish was slender and petite, whereas Susie was tall and big-boned for a girl, and she was also on the chubby side. Trish had long fine straight brunette hair, whereas Susie was a natural blonde, with thick curly hair that became really tangled and almost unmanageable once it reached shoulder-length. And so she normally kept it cut pretty short, which made it look kind of like a blonde-colored mop, sitting on top of her head. Trish had the perfect “ski nose” and beautiful large blue “bedroom eyes,” whereas Susie had a hooked nose and small beady hazel eyes that were nothing to write home about.

And when both girls took their clothes off and got naked, they looked even more different from one another. Trish’s breasts were on the small side, just like Susie’s were. But Trish’s breasts were almost-perfectly-formed and very attractive-looking, whereas Susie’s “breasts” were really nothing more than glorified, puffed-out, very-weird-looking nipples that were spaced way too far apart on her unusually-wide chest to look anything like “normal breasts” do. And even the two girls’ pussies looked completely different from each other. Trish kept her pussy shaved baby-bare, and her fleshy pussy mound had a perfect-looking crack running right down the middle of it, which completely hid all of the other parts of her pussy (including her clitoris) from view, when she was in a standing position. But Susie’s pussy, which was covered with a thick patch of dirty-blonde pubic hair, had super-long darkly-discolored inner pussy lips that hung way down out of her crack, looking like a pair of bulky, shriveled-up skin-curtains.

Susie had even tied her two gigantic inner pussy lips into a loose knot one time, right in front of Trish’s eyes, just to prove to Trish that she really could do that. And of course, Trish was genuinely intrigued by Susie’s “pussy lip trick,” because Trish just happened to have very small, almost-non-existent inner pussy lips herself.

The bottom line was that Trish was considered “a real catch” by almost every guy that met her. They all wanted to date her. Poor Susie, on the other hand, couldn’t even get a guy to pay attention to her, much less ask her out on a date throughout her four years at Stevens High. She even went to her high school prom by herself, and not one boy there asked her to dance. Not even during the fast songs.

The worst part of all this was that, unlike Trish, who was bi-sexual, Susie was a true heterosexual, and wanted to have a boyfriend so badly that she couldn’t stand it. But she was eventually forced to resign herself into accepting a female lover, when no boy she knew would even kiss her, much less consider ever having her as a girlfriend. So, spurred on by her strong need to share her sexuality with someone–as well as by her unrelenting horniness, which simply wasn’t being satiated through masturbation alone–Susie took the very bold step of actively seducing her long-time best friend, Trish, into having sex with her one night at a sleepover, and that’s how their on-going lesbian relationship had gotten started.

At any rate, after Susie had showed up at Trish’s house this evening, the two girls ate dinner with Trish’s dad, Bill, and then watched TV side-by-side on the couch in the den for most of the evening, before turning in to go to bed. Bill was sitting in his easy chair, off to one side of the couch, reading his newspaper while swigging down his fourth Miller Lite for the evening. He was pretty much ignoring the two girls on the couch–that is, until it was time for one of them to get up, go to the refrigerator, and get him another beer.

Right after Susie had sat back down on the couch–after delivering that fourth Miller Lite to Trish’s father–she noticed that Bill’s balls were hanging out of one of the leg-holes in his satin gym shorts. When Susie whispered in Trish’s ear to tell her that, Trish started giggling her ass off, which made Susie burst out laughing, right along with her. And of course, both girls laughed even harder when an obviouslytipsy Bill said, “What’s wrong? What’s so damn funny?”

Of course, the girls weren’t going to tell him that his balls were hanging out of his shorts. So Susie chimed in, making up something about the sit-com they were watching on TV, and that there had been a very funny moment in it.

Bill shrugged his shoulders, and then went right back to reading his newspaper, and unintentionally letting his balls hang out, for all the world to see. And neither girl could keep herself from repeatedly glancing over at Bill’s balls, the whole time that they were sitting on the couch together.

Bill had nearly finished off his sixth beer by the time that he told the girls goodnight and headed upstairs to his bedroom. He stumbled a little bit, while he was trying to negotiate the steep stairway, but he managed to make it all the way to his bedroom without falling down. He also managed to take most of his clothes off, before he lay down on top of his bed and passed out.

About 30 minutes after Bill left to turn in for the night, the two girls finally went upstairs to Trish’s bedroom, and closed and locked the bedroom door. Their clothing flew off at sonic speed, as both girls got naked, and jumped into bed together to snuggle up with each other.

After a long French-kiss to break the ice, Susie asked Trish point-blank about her defloration the week before by her grandfather.

“It was so cool! I never felt anything like it before, in my entire life. Now I understand why girls make such a big deal out of losing their virginity. It was nothing less than awesome! God, Grandpa’s dick felt so good inside me!” Trish said, just bubbling over with enthusiasm. “I don’t know what else to tell you.”

“Yeah, that’s great,” Susie calmly replied, rolling her eyes upward and gently shaking her head, as she was trying her best to pretend that she was fairly bored and underwhelmed by Trish’s excited comments. “I’m happy for you, Trish. I really am. But you do know that I’m still a virgin, right?” Susie candidly admitted.

“Of course I do. But you won’t be after tonight, if I can help it,” Trish said, with a devilish gleam in her eye. “Why do you think I had you come over here to my house tonight, instead of me going to your house, like I usually do? Just think about. Besides you and me, who else is in this house with us right now?”

“Oh, shit! Are you kidding me?” Susie remarked, with her eyes and her mouth wide-open in total disbelief about what Trish was implying.

“No. I’m dead serious. Just think about it. You’ve always told me that you thought my dad was hot–I mean, for an older guy–and that you wouldn’t mind ‘doing it’ with him sometime. Well, now’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is,” Trish said.

“But he’s your dad–” Susie started to argue.

“Yes, he is,” Trish cut Susie off, “And you just got done staring at his balls for a couple of hours, and you didn’t seem to mind that. And neither did I, to be honest with you. I stared at his balls too, right along with you. Did it occur to you that we were both staring at the very set of balls that made me?”

“Yeah, that thought did occur to me. And it really turned me on to see you looking at your own dad’s balls like that. But there’s no way that your dad would actually have sex with me tonight,” Susie insisted.

“Of course, he would. He’s a guy. And he likes girls. And as far as I know, he hasn’t had one in his bed for at least four years or more. He so horny right now, he can’t see straight. Believe me, I can tell. He’s even been looking at me weird lately. Let’s face it. My dad would be on top of you in a New York minute, if you let him. I guarantee you. I know he thinks you’re cute as can be,” Trish said, lying through her teeth. “He talks about you all the time.”

And that very last part of Trish’s statement was absolutely true. Bill did talk about Susie a lot.

But whenever he did, he always referred to Susie as being that “fat, dyke girl” that Trish always hung out with. And he would say things to Trish like, “Why do you always hang out with that loser? You could do a lot better. She’s not even in your ballpark.”

And of course, Trish would always faithfully come to Susie’s defense, whenever Bill would start bad-mouthing her best friend and lover.

“Really?” Susie asked, mostly in response to Trish’s “he thinks you’re cute” comment.

“Yeah, really. I just know that if you go to his bedroom tonight, and climb into bed with him after he’s asleep, he’ll wake up and–with a just little bit of coaxing on your part–he’ll fuck the crap out of you.”

“Oh, I’m not so sure about that,” Susie baulked.

“Hey, that’s exactly how I got my Grandpa John to fuck me last week. It was a piece of cake. I’m telling you. I just climbed into bed with him and started playing with his dick. And before I knew it, I had his stiff dick inside me, and we were ‘doing the dirty deed’ together. So what do ya say? Are you game? I dare you to ‘do it’ with my dad tonight. Come on. What do you got to lose?”

“My virginity,” Susie sarcastically replied, and both girls laughed for a moment, before Susie got serious again. “But what if it hurts–“

“Don’t worry about that. It’s not gonna hurt. Trust me. How many times have we finger-fucked each other?”

“A bunch.”

“Exactly. Your cherry broke years ago. And so did mine. So you really don’t have anything to worry about. It’s gonna feel awesome! You’ll see.”

“But I’m not on any birth control right now. I mean, you’re the only person that I’ve been having sex with, and so there’s no need for it. I’m guess I’m just worried that your dad might get me pregnant.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t be silly. That’s not gonna happen. But if you’re that worried about it, just tell Bill that he needs to pull out, right before he cums. That’s all. I’m sure he’ll cooperate with you. He’s a good guy. He’s my dad, remember?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! That would be like sitting through a great movie, and then leaving the theater a few minutes before the end of the movie. I’m not gonna do that to myself–or to your dad. He deserves better than that. And so do I, for that matter. So if I seduce your dad into taking my virginity tonight, the least I can do is let him ‘go all the way’ with me. Your grandfather didn’t pull out of you, did he?”

“No. He ended up squirting tons of sperm into my little pussy. And you’re right. That was the best part of it all. I even got him to fuck me a second time, before I left his bedroom that night. It was so neat. We actually ‘did it’ doggie style that second time.”

“See? There ya go. So why would you even ask me to get your dad to pull out of me, right before he cums; and deny me the chance to see to what it feels like to finally have a guy fuck me, and ‘squirt tons of sperm’ inside me?”

“Because you just told that you were afraid of getting pregnant. That’s why,” Trish countered.

“But that didn’t stop you, did it? You still got your Grandpa John to fuck you last week anyway. And you even let him unload inside you twice, for God’s sake. Like one time wasn’t enough to get you pregnant.

“Come on, Trish. Wake up and smell the coffee! You’ve been watching too many porn videos. You should know that that ‘pulling out’ stuff just doesn’t work. And that’s because a guy can leak out pre-cum anytime, once he’s got a hard-on. And there are literally thousands of sperm cells ‘swimming around’ in one little, clear droplet of pre-cum that oozes out of a guy’s dick. You should already know that, too.”

“Yeah, I do already know about all that kind of stuff,” Trish defended herself. “But listen to me. It’s totally different, once you get all turned-on and excited. Believe me. You won’t even care about the ‘pregnancy part.’ I mean, all I cared about, while Grandpa John was fucking me, was how strong my next orgasm would be, and how soon it would come. And that’s the honest-to-God truth.”

“Okay. So then why don’t you get me all turned-on and excited right now, and help me quit caring about the ‘pregnancy part’? And maybe I’ll take you up on your dare, and get your dad to fuck me and take my virginity tonight. Deal?”

“Deal,” Trish said, and then immediately swooped down onto Susie’s bare, hairy pussy with her mouth, to lap away at Susie’s clit with her tongue for a few minutes, before sticking her fingers up into Susie’s fuck-hole and finger-fucking the crap out of her vagina.

“Who knows,” Susie continued to talk to herself out loud, while Trish was skillfully masturbating her. “Maybe I shouldn’t worry anyway. I mean, my older sister and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for over six years now, and they’re still trying. Besides, what are the odds that I’d get pregnant the very first time that I ever get fucked by a guy?

“Oh yeah, baby. That’s it,” Susie said directly to Trish, praising her for her adept stimulation of Susie’s G-spot. “Fuck me hard with those wonderful fingers of yours. Oh God yes! Just like that. You’re gonna make me cum! Oh shit yes! Just like that. Fuck yes! God, I think your dad is so hot-looking! I’ll bet he’s got a killer dick on him too! Oooooh, yeahhhhh!”

Meanwhile, as Trish kept on relentlessly pistoning her fingers in and out of her best friend’s vagina, she automatically thought to herself, Yeah, it’s a killer dick alright. Just wait ’til you see it.

Then Susie started making her unique grunting sounds interlaced with high-pitched squeeling sounds (the same “whining like a little puppy” sounds that she always made in the back of her throat, whenever she was orgasming strongly), while her vagina was spasming rhythmically, and she was squirting all over Trish’s held-together fingers.

After Susie recovered from her strong orgasm, Trish asked her, “So what do ya say? Will you do it right now? Will you let my dad take your virginity?”

“Right now? But he’s probably not even asleep yet.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s what makes it so sexy and great,” Trish said, getting up out of the bed to open her bedroom door. Then she came back to the bed to grab Susie by the hand, pulled her up onto her feet, and lead her to the bedroom doorway, where both girls stood naked, side-by-side, looking down the hallway toward Bill’s bedroom.

“Now, walk down to Dad’s bedroom, naked, just the way you are right now,” Trish instructed Susie. “Then open the door–he never locks his bedroom door–walk right into his bedroom, and climb into bed with him and snuggle up with him, like it’s no big deal. Tell him that you’ve got the hots for him, and that you’re a virgin, and that you want him to be the very first guy who ever fucks you. Then reach down and grab hold of his dick, and start squeezing it. That should ‘seal the deal.’ And after you guys are finished having sex, come back down to my bedroom, wake me up, and tell me all about what happened.”

“Wow! I can’t believe I’m really doing this,” Susie said in a forced whisper, as she slowly made her way down the hall toward Bill’s bedroom.

“You go, girl!” Trish strongly whispered back, as she cheered on her best friend, and then watched as Susie opened the door and slowly walked into Bill’s bedroom, stopping momentarily to close the door behind her.

Trish closed her own bedroom door. Then she jumped back into her bed, got under the gaziemir escort bayan covers and began masturbating, while she imagined what her best friend and lover, Susie, must be experiencing right now in her father’s bed.

Trish was just starting to drift off to sleep 20 minutes later, when there was a soft knock at her bedroom door, and a very familiar voice quietly saying, “Hi. It’s me. Can I come in?”

“What are you doing here right now? I thought you’d be ‘occupied’ most of the night,” Trish said, getting up out of bed to open the bedroom door for Susie.

“So did I,” Susie said, on the verge of tears, as she rushed right past Trish, and plopped her still-naked butt down on the side of the bed.

“Well, did my dad take your virginity?” Trish asked, as she was closing the bedroom door behind her again.

“Yeah. He sure did. But it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be.”

“What on earth are you talking about? Tell me what happened.” Trish prodded, as she sat her own naked body down beside Susie’s on the side of the bed, and placed her arm around Susie’s shoulder.

“Well, I walked into your dad’s bedroom, and he was already snoring away. So I got into bed with him. And I snuggled up next to him, so that I was spooning with him. And he was already naked, just like I was.

“I didn’t do anything for quite a while, because my heart was racing and I was pretty scared. I just held onto him, and I tried to get used to the feeling of having a naked man in my arms. It really felt odd to have my bare boobies pressed right up against your dad’s back. But I just kept snuggling up with him, until I finally felt comfortable enough to try to seduce him.

“So I reached around his hip with my arm, and I grabbed hold of his dick. And I started squeezing it, just like you said I should do.

“And he still didn’t wake up. But his dick got stiffer and bigger anyway, while I was feeling it and playing with it. And pretty soon, he had a nice, big boner.

“Then, all of the sudden, he flipped over on top of me, and pinned me down on my back, and he started ramming the tip of his boner up against my pussy. That was pretty painful.

“But then he finally managed to find my hole, and he shoved his dick all the way in, and he began humping away me.

“He was still half-asleep. I mean, he didn’t even bother opening his eyes to look at me. Not even once. He had his head next to mine on the pillow, and he kept on calling me ‘Trish’ while he was fucking me.”

“Oh shit!” Trish remarked, obviously surprised by what Susie had just told her. “He must have been fantasizing about fucking me, while he was fucking you. I know that guys let their fantasies run wild sometimes. But then, so do we girls.”

“Yeah. Well, the worst part was that the whole thing didn’t last more than a couple of minutes, at the most. That’s when I felt his dick start throbbing. And the next thing I knew, he was cumming inside me. I hadn’t even had time to enjoy the sex yet, much less have an orgasm.

“Then he just pulled out of me, rolled over in bed with his back towards me, and went right back to sleep.

“Not so much as a kiss, or a hug, or anything. I don’t think that your dad even realized that he fucked me, and took my virginity just a few minutes ago. He kept calling me ‘Trish,’ for Christ’s sake!

“And now I’ve got a pussy full of your dad’s sperm. You wanna see?” Susie asked, with tears starting to stream down her cheeks.

“Not really,” Trish replied.

“Well, I’m gonna show it to you anyway, just to prove to you that I’m telling you the truth. See,” Susie said, as she stood up in front of Trish and spread her legs apart, with her pussy right in Trish’s face, so that Trish could easily see the little globs of her dad’s sperm slowly leaking out of the crack of Susie’s hairy pussy.

“Wow!” was all that Trish could say, as she stared at the gooey, white fluid. Then Trish stood up, leaned slightly forward, and gave Susie a warm hug, followed by a deep-tongued French kiss. “I’m so sorry, Sweetie. I didn’t mean for things to go that way,” Trish apologized.

While the two naked girls were standing there by the side of the bed, kissing away, Susie eventually stopped crying. Then she nonchalantly reach down into her own pussy crack, scooped up some of the fresh sperm on her fingertips, and then reached across to Trish’s pussy, and gently finger-rubbed the sperm all over Trish’s clit, and into front of her pussy crack.

At first, Trish was so caught up in the passionate kissing, that she didn’t really snap to what Susie was actually doing down between her legs. But the next time that Susie’s sperm-laden fingers went into Trish’s crack, Susie inserted her wet, gooey fingers up deep into Trish’s vagina. And that immediately got Trish’s attention.

Trish abruptly backed off from their kiss, and said, “You’re not doing what I think you’re doing, are you? I mean, you didn’t just put some of my own father’s sperm up deep into my pussy, did you?”

“Guilty as charged,” Susie said sarcastically, with a forced smile on her face. “God, that turns me on so much that I’m just about to cum. And I need to cum really bad right now. Can you blame me? So would you trib with me, Trish? Pleeeeez, oh pretty please,” Susie begged, as she lay down on her side on top of the bed and stuck one of her legs up into the air at a 45-degree angle.

Trish really didn’t have much of a choice at this point. She knew that Susie’s favorite sex act was scissoring. And Trish felt very bad–and also very responsible–for Susie’s less-than-desirable first time intercourse experience with Bill. So Trish lay down on her back and spread her legs far apart. Susie quickly scissored up with her, making sure that she was the one on top. The one who was in control of the tribbing itself.

And then Susie actively rubbed her creampied pussy mound back and forth against Trish’s. And Trish could tell that Susie was intentionally using gravity to try to transfer as much of Bill’s sperm as possible from her own vagina directly into Trish’s pussy crack. And it was the closest that Susie would ever come to actually fucking Trish. So Susie was simply taking advantage of this unique situation, which was something that Trish was very much aware of. And naturally, Susie’s expert tribbing eventually caused both girls to orgasm their butts off.

Afterwards, while the girls were lying there, still scissored-up together and orgasmically-spent, Trish told Susie, “Thanks for ‘fucking me,’ like you just did. I don’t know what I would have done without you here tonight.”

That last statement by Trish was a complete lie. Trish knew exactly what she would have done, if Susie hadn’t been there at Trish’s house, sleeping over for the night.

* * * * *

Rewind to a little over 24 hours earlier. It was the evening before the above-mentioned sleepover with Susie took place, which made it a Friday night, and Trish was sitting side-by-side with her dad on the couch, watching a college football game on TV.

It was not that Trish really liked sports, or anything like that. She was watching the game on TV, mainly because she was wanting to spend some quality time with her dad, who tended to be a workaholic; and lately, also somewhat of an alcoholic as well. And of course, Trish herself tended to flit around with her girlfriends most of the time, playing the role of the proverbial social butterfly.

While Trish and her dad were watching the game together, they were both drinking like fish. It was the first time that Bill had ever offered Trish a beer. And she ended up drinking three of them, before the game was finally over with. Bill ended up downing nearly twice that amount. So they were both really tipsy when the college team that Bill had been rooting for, ended up making a touchdown in the last two minutes of the game, to finally put their team in the lead.

When that “unexpected event” happened, Trish went wild and threw her arms around her father. And they both were yelling and screaming and carrying on, when Trish leaned over and gave her dad a big, juicy kiss on the lips.

And Bill didn’t pull away from her. Instead, he leaned in toward her, and pressed his mouth up tightly against hers. She immediately felt his tongue dart out of his mouth, as he was wiggling it up against her lips, and eventually sliding it into her mouth.

Then one of his hands slid down her back, and he firmly grabbed hold of her right butt-cheek, and he began kneading it in his hand.

At that point, Trish finally backed away, and broke off their long French-kiss. “What are you doing, Daddy?” Trish asked, pretending to be confused, and playing the part of “the innocent young girl,” but actually feeling very flattered about her having just become the target of her father’s sexual advances.

“I don’t know, Baby. I sure wasn’t expecting that, at all,” her dad said, defensively. “But you’ve grown up a lot, and become a fine-looking young woman. And it’s been years since I’ve kissed a woman like that. If I’ve stepped over the line, and offended you in any way, I truly apologize for that.”

“You didn’t step over the line, Daddy,” Trish said, while she stood up, pulled her favorite Disney Princess-themed cotton night shirt up over her head, and then dropped it to the floor, beside her; which left her wearing only a pair of very-plain-looking, wide-crotched, full-coverage panties, and a pair of white ankle socks. “But you’re about to,” Trish coyly added, as she leaned over Bill, who was still sitting on the couch, and reached across to grab both of Bill’s wrists and then place his hands directly onto her bare, perfectly-formed breasts.

“Trish, you’re my daughter, for Christ’s sake. I don’t know if I can actually do this,” Bill said.

“Of course you can, Daddy. It’s what you’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you’ve been looking at me lately. Staring at my breasts, and my butt, and especially letting you eyes wander down to my crotch. You know, we girls notice that kind of stuff. We also notice when you guys get a hard-on, just like you’re getting right now. So don’t tell me that you don’t want to have sex with me right now, because your dick is making a big, fat liar out of you.”

“So it’s that obvious, huh?” Bill asked.

“Well, your hands are still on my little boobies, aren’t they?” Trish said, as she quickly glanced down at Bills breast-fondling hands, and then shifted her eyes back up to his face again. “So yes, it is that obvious. And do you want to know a little secret? This is what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.”

As Trish said that to her dad, she kept looking deep into his eyes, while her right hand darted straight out to his lap, as she initially felt for–and then grabbed hold of–his rapidly-growing penis, so that she could begin to gently squeeze it, and feel it out through the satiny material of the gym shorts that he was wearing. “Now, why don’t we go somewhere where we can be more comfortable, instead of just sitting on this stupid, old, worn-out couch. Your bedroom would probably be good. What do you think?”

“Oh yeah. That’d definitely work,” Bill enthusiastically blurted out, nodding his head in total agreement. “But I thought you and Susie were ‘an item.’ I didn’t think that you even liked guys in that way. You know what I mean.”

“Of course I know what you mean. And yes, besides being my best friend, Susie is also my lover. But I’m not a lesbian, Daddy. Really, I’m not. I’m actually bi-sexual. And if you’ll give me just a moment, I’ll prove it to you.”

Trish stood up straight again, turned around and leaned over with her torso almost parallel to the floor, sticking her narrow-hipped butt right in front of Bill’s face. And as she used her hips to teasingly sway her tight butt from side-to-side, Trish said, “I know that you may find this hard to believe, but just like me, Susie’s not really a lesbian either.”

“You’re right. I do find that hard to believe. I mean, that Susie friend of yours is one butch/dyke-looking girl, if ever I’ve seen one.”

“Now, Daddy, be nice. Susie can’t help the way that she is, any more than you or I can. The truth is, she’s just a super-horny straight girl who hasn’t been able to find a guy that will have sex with her–” Trish explained, pausing for a moment to take a breath.

“Now that I can believe! She’s pretty damn homely-looking, if you ask me,” Bill sarcastically interjected.

Trish continued on with her explanation, trying her best to ignore her dad’s interruption, followed by his rude comment about Susie’s looks, “And so, out of sheer desperation, Susie finally turned to me for sexual relief one night, during one of our sleepovers together. And that’s how we ended up becoming lovers.”

Then Trish stopped talking altogether, and placed a thumb from each hand just inside the waistband on either side of her panties, and she very slowly and playfully pulled her panties all the way down to her ankles, before finally stepping out of the panty leg-holes, to leave the panties on the floor.

While staying in that bent-over body position, Trish craned her head back around to one side to look at Bill, as she told him, “By the way, this is something else that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” Then Trish switched to her best, high-pitched “little girl” style voice and said, “Do you like my little pussy, Daddy?”

“Yes, Sweetie. It’s a beautiful little pussy!” Bill said honestly, playing along with her “little girl” come-on.

“Do you want to pet my little pussy?” Trish asked, still using her pretend “little girl” style voice.

“Oh, God yes! You don’t know how badly I want to reach over, and pet your little pussy right now,” Bill said, still hesitant to cross that last taboo line in the sand. He had already had his hands on his own daughter’s bare breasts, and now he was getting ready to do something that would end up taking him well past the point of no return.

“Well then, what are you waiting for? Go right ahead. That’s exactly what I want you to do,” Trish said, still sounding just like a little girl. “I want you to pet my little pussy right now, and play with it, and make me tinkle. Can you do that for me, Daddy?”

“Jesus, Trish, where did you learn to talk like that?” Bill asked, in a last ditch effort to try to delay what he knew would be the inevitable outcome of Trish’s pussy-fondling request. He knew that once his fingers were in his own daughter’s pussy, his dick would soon follow, at some point.

“The Internet,” Trish replied very matter-of-factly, using her normal adult voice this time. “Susie and I are big fans of porn videos. We watch them together all the time, and we’ve seen all sorts of weird stuff in them. Believe me.”

And then, without missing a beat, Trish switched right back to her high-pitched, little girl voice and said, “So come on, Daddy. Pet my little pussy. I know that you want to. And if you don’t like using your fingers, you can always use your tongue, instead. It’s okay with me.”

“No. I think I’ll use my fingers, thank you,” Bill said, as he very tentatively placed his left hand on his daughter’s bare pussy and started feeling out her clitoris, and her pussy lips. And naturally, he used his right hand to massage his own penis, at the same time. And of course, it didn’t take very long before Bill was actively masturbating Trish.

“Oh God, Daddy, you’re gonna make me cum. Don’t stop!” Trish said, in her normal adult voice.

And sure enough, within a few seconds, Bill could feel it with his fingers, when Trish’s pussy crack got noticeably wetter, and started making little “slurp-slurp” sounds.

“Thank you. That’s was awesome!” Trish said, and then stood back up straight, turned around to face Bill, with her bare shaved “little girl-looking” pussy mound right in front of his face, and she added, “Well, come on, you silly goose. Let’s go to your bedroom. You do want to fuck me, don’t you? I know you haven’t gotten any pussy in a long time. And let’s face it. It’s not every day that a guy gets to fuck a virgin.”

“You’re still a virgin?” Bill asked, unbelievingly.

“Yes, of course I am. I mean I don’t have a maidenhead, or anything like that. But I’ve never actually “done it” with a guy before. So I guess that means you’ll be my first,” Trish said, lying her ass off. Don’t forget that she had intentionally lost her virginity to her Grandpa John, only six days before.

“Wow!” Bill exclaimed. “Are you sure you really want to do this?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my entire life. Now, quit acting like an old fuddy-duddy, and let’s go up to your bedroom and ‘get it on.’ I’m so horny right now, I can’t see straight. Aren’t you?”

And with that, Trish spun around, and ran up the stairs, and down the hallway to Bill’s bedroom. And of course, Bill got up off the couch at record speed, and followed Trish to his bedroom.

He threw off what little clothes he had on, as quickly as he possibly could, and the father and his daughter both climbed into bed together. The overhead room light was still on, but neither of them cared.

Bill lay on his back, and Trish knelt down between his spread-apart legs to start to give him a blowjob. And it was only then that she noticed that something was “very wrong with this picture.” Something was definitely missing. And she immediately commented on it, “Where’s that little slit that’s supposed to be at the tip of your dick? I’ve never seen a dick that looked like yours in any of the porn escort gaziemir videos I’ve watched.”

“That’s because I’ve got a pretty rare medical condition, called ‘hypospadias,'” Bill explained. “Basically, it’s a birth defect of the urethra. My piss-hole opening is on the underside of my dick, just behind my dick-head. Here. Let me show you,” Bill said, as he retracted his foreskin all the way back, and then twisted the shaft of his penis, so that Trish could see his little round piss-hole opening.

“Gosh! That’s so cool!” Trish honestly remarked. “Why don’t we skip all the usual bullshit, and just start fucking. Would that be okay with you?”

“Oh hell yes!” Bill said, as he immediately mounted Trish in a traditional missionary style position, and began humping away at what he thought was her virgin vagina.

“Oh God! That feels absolutely wonderful, Daddy!” Trish whispered into Bill’s ear, as she was thoroughly enjoy their intercourse.

Then all of the sudden, Trish’s rational mind kicked in for just a moment. But it was just long enough for a terrifying thought to hit Trish like a rock. And she started freaking out and getting cold feet, as she said, “But can I ask you a big favor? Would you please pull out of me, right before you cum? I’m not on any birth control right now.”

“I would, Sweetie, if I thought it would do any good. But you and I both know that it’s already too late for that now,” Bill whispered back into Trish’s ear.

When she heard that, Trish assumed that her dad was referring to all the transparent pre-cum that had to have already oozed out of his dick, directly into her baby-making hole. But what Bill had really meant by the phrase “too late for that now” was that he had absolutely no intention of working his way “all the way up the field,” only to stop just short of the “goal line;” which in this case, just happened to take the form of fertilizing his lovely daughter’s virgin vagina. So Bill was bound and determined to “make a touchdown” in the next few minutes, and he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way.

Trish quickly realized that Bill was right. At this point, Trish really didn’t have much of a choice, other than to lie there underneath her dad, and accept her fate, whatever that might end up being. So she resolved that she might as well go ahead and enjoy the experience, as much as she possibly could. And that’s exactly what she did.

Meanwhile, Bill just kept on relentlessly humping away at Trish’s pussy for a few minutes more.

And then Trish finally spoke up again, whispering right into Bill’s ear, “Daddy, please don’t get mad at me. But earlier, I told you little white lie.”

“About what?” Bill automatically asked, whispering back into Trish’s ear, as he kept on thrusting away at her.

“About me being a virgin,” Trish replied.

“That’s okay, Sweetie,” Bill said, as he could feel his orgasm rapidly coming on. “I didn’t think you were.”

“But I was. Up until last week. Do you want to know how I lost my virginity?”

“Sure,” said Bill, barely able to get that short phrase out of his mouth, as he was breathing hard, and thrusting noticeably faster.

Trish took one very deep breath, and then the following two sentences quickly flowed out of her mouth, in long smooth streams, with just a momentary pause in between them, “Remember when you dropped me off to spend the night at Grandpa and Grandma’s house last Saturday? Well I got so turned-on while I was tribbing with Grandma, that I snuck into Grandpa John’s bedroom and made him fuck me.”

“You did what? Oh God!” Bill blurted out as he finally rammed his dick deep inside Trish’s vagina–all the way up to the hilt–and started orgasming his ass off.

And this particular orgasm turned out to be the strongest and longest-lasting orgasm that Bill had ever experienced in his entire life so far. In fact, this orgasm took Bill totally by surprise, because it was even stronger than the ones that he had experience just the week before, when he was raping his passed-out twin sister, Lisa, in that guest room on the fifth floor of the Grand Marquis Hotel. He didn’t think that his orgasms could possibly get any stronger than those orgasms had been. But obviously, he had just been proven wrong.

And of course, Bill had also just managed to ejaculate an extraordinary amount of sperm deep inside of Trish’s totally-unprotected vagina.

And while that “incestuous fertilization event” was taking place, Trish wasn’t just passively lying there underneath her father, either. Instead, she intentionally had her legs spread as far apart as she could get them. And she had her hands wrapped around her dad’s two tightened-up butt-cheeks, and was firmly pulling his pelvis inward towards hers, trying to help him to penetrate her as deeply as possible–while she was busy orgasming her own ass off, right along with him.

Bill eventually went on to fuck Trish three more times that same night (and he quickly learned that Trish really loved “doing it” doggie style), before the two of them finally woke up in each other’s arms the next morning, and went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast together–still naked as jaybirds.

Bill and Trish both realized that their relationship would never be the same after that “special night” that they had just spent together. They were now lovers and sex partners, in addition to being father and daughter.

And that was just fine with both of them–which was a damn good thing, because they didn’t know it yet, but the shit was just about to hit the fan.

* * * * *


2014: The Final Chapter

* * * * *

“John, I had no idea that you liked my panties so much,” Chasni remarked, as she stepped into the family room, to stand directly in front of John and Ed, in the small space between the coffee table and the sofa. This positioned her dark-haired crotch right in front of John’s face. And she was so close, that he could actually smell her pussy.

“Gosh! You were right,” Chasni said to Ed. “He’s got a very cute little ‘mushroom-dick,’ and a nice big gorgeous set of balls on him.” As she was saying that, Chasni leaned over, hanging her boobs right in John’s face, and she began feeling out John’s dick and balls.

“So, John, would you like to ‘make a baby’ with me right now?” Chasni asked point-blank.

When Chasni saw the horrified look on John’s face, she added, “Don’t worry. Ed wants you and me to ‘do the dirty deed’ together. That’s the real reason why he had you come over tonight. Isn’t it, Ed?” Chasni said, looking over at Ed.

“That’s right, Sweetie,” Ed replied to his beautiful “trophy wife,” as he shifted over on the sofa, to move away from John’s side, in order to give Chasni plenty of room, so that she could “finish John off” properly.

Chasni got up onto the sofa, straddling John’s lap, with one knee on each side of his hips, facing him. Her pussy was now poised directly above John’s erect penis. She put her arms around the back of John’s neck, and pulled his head towards her chest to bury his face between her boobs. Then she spread her legs apart farther to slide her slick vagina down around John’s short penis.

Meanwhile, Ed just sat there quietly. And while he was watching Chasni and John “go at it,” he carefully wrapped Nettie’s panties around his penis once again, and he started massaging his dick with the panties.

“Oh God! That’s feels really nice!” Chasni exclaimed, as she was grinding her pussy against John’s crotch. Then she began bouncing up and down, to thrust John’s dick in and out of her vagina.

“Do you like this, John?” asked the bouncing Chasni.

“Yes,” John replied, realizing that he was now getting “sloppy seconds,” with the fresh doggie-sperm inside Chasni’s vagina acting as a lubricant.

“Can you feel all that nice, warm doggie-cum in my pussy?” Chasni asked, as if she were reading John’s mind.

“Oh God yes!” John excitedly replied, the minute that he heard Chasni say the word “doggie-cum.”

“Does it turn you on to have your dick in the same pussy that Rex just fucked?” Chasni asked.

John didn’t respond. Instead, his response was to start orgasming his ass off, and cumming inside Chasni’s baby-making hole.

When Chasni felt John’s sperm squirting out inside her, she screamed out, as she hit her own climax.

When she finally came down from her orgasmic peak, Chasni felt John’s penis, as it was still pulsating inside her vagina, and she said, “That’s good, John. Let it all out. Give me as much sperm as you can. I just ovulated this morning, and I need you to ‘make a baby’ with me tonight. I want you to fuck me over and over again, until you just can’t fuck anymore. Can you do that for me, John?”

John looked over at Ed, and said, “I can’t believe that you’re actually okay with all this.”

“Okay with it? I’m more than just ‘okay with it.’ Heck, I’m the one who planned this whole thing,” Ed calmly replied, as he kept manipulating his panty-covered penis, right in front of John.

“You see, John, I love Chasni. And I want nothing more in this world than to make her happy. And now that she feels like her biological clock is tickin’ away,’ what she really wants is to have a baby, while she still can.

“But unfortunately, shortly before I met Chasni, during my trip to England, I had a vasectomy. After Chasni and I got married, I tried to get my little ‘sperm tubes’ put back together again, but the operation failed. And so nowadays, I’m just ‘shootin’ blanks.’

“At any rate, Chasni and I discussed it a lot, and we finally decided that we didn’t want to use donor-sperm from some laboratory, and have Chasni artificially inseminated. It was very important to both of us that Chasni thoroughly enjoys the sexual act of conceiving our child.

“And since I can’t be the one to get her pregnant, it was important to me that I be able to witness the act, as it was taking place. At first, I suggested that Chasni should go ahead and have sex with other men, but that she should do it in front of me, by letting me hide somewhere, and watch her.

“But then, she came up with the even-better suggestion that we secretly record her sexual encounters with the other guys, and then later, both sit down and watch the recorded-videos together, while we we’re gettin’ in the mood to have sex. That turned out to be wonderful!

“At first, Chasni wanted to just go out to the nightclubs, and pick up some strange guys to bring home with her for ‘one-night stands.’ But I quickly talked her out of that, lettin’ her know how dangerous that could be. We could get robbed, or she could pick up some bad-ass VD, or any number of other things could happen.

“So Chasni finally agreed that, since the guys would be playin’ the role of my sexual surrogate, I should be the one who chooses the guys that Chasni fucks. She also agreed to have sex with anyone I chose, no matter what her personal tastes were.

“And since I wanted to make things just as excitin’ for her, as they were for me, I decided to choose guys that would make for some very interesting sexual situations. What they all have in common is that I know every one of ’em, and they are all very intelligent individuals, and in general good health.

“Another part of our ‘agreement’ was that Chasni would keep track of her basal body temperature readings every morning, and only fuck other guys during the three or four days after she had ovulated, and was fertile. She also agreed to only ‘do it’ in our bedroom, and while the whole thing was being recorded, so that we could both watch the videos together at a later time.

“We put our ‘plan’ into action several months ago. When Chasni told me that she had just ovulated, I told her who I wanted her to fuck. And it really blew her away, when I said the name ‘Rex.’

“I reminded her that she had agreed to fuck anyone I asked her to fuck. And so I used our dog as a test on how willing Chasni was to cooperate with me, in her quest to become a mother.

“She not only cooperated, but she enjoyed the hell out of havin’ sex with Rex, because it brought back memories of when she used to have sex with her family’s pet Golden Retriever, way back when she was a young girl in England.”

“You were such a naughty bird back then,” Ed remarked to Chasni.

“What are you talking about? I still am a naughty bird!” Chasni quipped right back, in her sassy British accent.

“Yes, you are. Aren’t you? And I love you for it,” Ed replied to Chasni, and then immediately shifted his attention back to John, before jumping right back into his story.

“Well, afterwards, Chasni and I watched the Rex video clip together, and she actually dared me to choose someone for her who was a ‘bit more challenging’–her words, not mine. And so I did.

“I chose Jerome, the black kid that you saw ‘in action.’ He was the very first guy that I ever watched fuckin’ my wife. That was such a turn-on, that I can’t even begin to describe it for you. Keep in mind that Chasni was fertile, and she was doing exactly what I had asked her to do.

“But even though Jerome dumped a shit-load of sperm deep inside of Chasni’s pussy with that huge dick of his, he didn’t get her pregnant.

“And Chasni got kind of bummed out about that, because she had always had fantasies about gettin’ knocked up by a black guy, and havin’ a mulatto baby.

“However, I was extremely happy that Jerome didn’t get my wife pregnant. But it wasn’t for the reasons that you might think. It was only because I didn’t really want Chasni to get pregnant right away. I wanted to watch her fuck a bunch of other guys on my list first, before she finally got pregnant.

“So the next time that Chasni ovulated, I had her fuck my next door neighbor, Phil, and then fuck his son, Rick–all in the same day.

“It was quite a challenge for Chasni. But she managed to pull it off, as you saw for yourself in the video.

“Chasni really wanted for the next door neighbor father/son combination to be the guys who would get her pregnant, because of the very taboo nature of what she had done that day. I mean, just think about it. She wouldn’t have ever known whether it was the father’s sperm, or the son’s sperm, that had gotten her pregnant.

“Unfortunately for her, Chasni’s period came that month, which meant no pregnancy.

“The next time that Chasni ovulated, she asked me if this one time, she could choose the guy that she wanted to fuck. She guaranteed me that I would know the guy personally, and that I wouldn’t have any qualms about him bein’ the father of our future child.

“And that’s when she went ahead and fucked Father Marcus, without tellin’ me who she had fucked. I didn’t find out, until we both finally sat down, and watched the video recording together.

“God, Chasni put on such an ‘incredible show’ for me–and for Father Marcus–that I couldn’t believe it! And I’m sure you agree, since you’ve seen her and the good priest ‘gettin’ it on’ that day.

“And of course, Chasni was really hopin’ that having her pussy ‘play host’ to the father’s special ‘holy water’ would ‘do the trick.’ But unfortunately, it didn’t.

“And that’s when I finally got down to your name on the list. The reason you were so high up on my list was because you’ve been a very good friend of mine for a long time, and I knew how potent those large balls of yours were. After all, they had managed to get Nettie pregnant with twins the very first time that you ever fucked her. Do you know what the odds of that are? So I figured that you should have the honor of being the next guy who got to fuck my wife.

“When I told Chasni that I had selected you as her next sex partner, and I described your sexy dick and balls to her, she was thrilled and looked forward to ovulatin’ again, so that you could fuck her. When she finally ovulated this morning, she let me know, and I invited you to come over to the house this evening.

“But I couldn’t make things that easy for Chasni. And so I talked her into having sex with Rex first, right in front of both of us, on-camera, before she started havin’ sex with you.

“That was actually Chasni’s and my gift to you, John, because we knew that it would turn you on like crazy to watch my wife havin’ sex with our pet dog. Of course, Chasni was also more than happy to let you have a pair of her soiled panties, too.

“And so now, here we are. Hopefully, you just got Chasni pregnant with a child that I will raise and love as if he or she were my own child. And you don’t have to worry, because I promise you that no one will ever know who the real father of this child is.

“The bottom line is that I’m sharin’ my fertile wife with you for the next 24 hours. I want you to spend tonight with Chasni in my own bed. I’m gonna sleep here on the sofa.

“But I want you to promise me that you’ll fuck the crap out of Chasni, and ejaculate inside her pussy at least three more times tonight. You also have to promise me that you’ll only have intercourse with Chasni in our bedroom–and no place else–so that you guys are always caught on-camera while you’re actually fertilizing her. And that way, Chasni and I can watch it all later.

“Chasni has already promised me that she won’t douche for the next four days, even though she’ll still take showers, of course.

“Now, John, just so we understand each other, I don’t want you to hold back anything. I want you to treat Chasni as if she were your mistress, and do your best to try to forget that I’m even here. If you wanna eat out Chasni’s pussy, or suck gaziemir escort her tits, or fuck her in the ass, go right ahead and do it. You’ve got my permission. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Chasni absolutely loves havin’ sex, in just about any form. And she’ll gladly cooperate with you. Won’t you, Chasni?” Ed asked Chasni.

“You bet!” Chasni said, finally pulling her vagina up off of John’s softening penis, and then kneeling down between his legs to slowly and playfully lick his penis clean with her tongue.

To John, Chasni seemed like a beautiful alien from another world. And he couldn’t believe how a night of watching porn videos and jacking off with his friend, had taken such a bizarre turn.

But John also felt incredibly lucky and blessed, as if he had just won the lottery, or bet on the right racehorse to win. John thought to himself, How many guys go their entire lives without ever getting the chance to fuck a truly beautiful-looking woman–much less one like Chasni, who was definitely a “10”? And of those few guys who do get to fuck an awesome-looking woman, how many of them get to do it at the age of 59? With the drop-dead gorgeous woman being fertile, and wanting to get knocked-up? Right in front of her own husband? And with her husband’s blessing?

“Chasni, Dear, I’m just about to cum again. Would you please finish me off? And by the way, these are Nettie’s panties,” Ed said to Chasni, pointing at the panties that were still wrapped around his dick. “John brought me Nettie’s soiled panties tonight, as a gift. Wasn’t that nice of him?”

Chasni simply nodded in agreement, with a smile on her face.

Ed then removed Nettie’s panties from his dick, held the panty-crotch up to his nose, and took a deep sniff. “Gosh, didn’t you say it has been a couple of years since these panties were worn by Nettie?” Ed asked John.

“Yes,” John replied, knowing that he was flat-out lying to Ed’s face.

“That’s truly amazing!” Ed remarked. “Nettie’s pussy-smell is so strong. It’s like she just took the panties off yesterday. Or even this morning.”

“That’s probably because I’ve kept them sealed up in a freezer bag, the whole time that I’ve had them,” John explained to Ed.

John couldn’t help but smile at the end of his explanation. And that’s because he knew the real truth about the pair of panties that he had given to Ed earlier that night. They weren’t Jan’s panties at all. They were actually Lisa’s. And John had taken them from the clothes hamper at Lisa’s and his apartment, right before he had left to come over to Ed’s house.

Ed handed Lisa’s soiled panties to Chasni, and she immediately put the panty-crotch up to her nose, and took a deep whiff.

“You’re right, Ed,” Chasni said, “They most definitely smell like pussy. So let me guess. You want me to finish you off by jacking you off, and making you cum in Nettie’s panties.”

“You almost guessed right, Sweetie. But it’s only the crotch of Nettie’s panties that I care about. You know? The part that rubs right up against her pussy. That’s where I wanna put my cum.”

“Why, Ed, you naughty little boy!” Chasni jokingly chided him, as she proceeded to turn the panties inside-out, and stretch the panty-crotch material across the open palm of her left hand.

While staying down on both knees, Chasni shifted her body over, so that she was directly in front of her husband. Then she held the open palm of her left hand right under the tip of Ed’s penis, while she hand-pumped his shaft with her right hand.

“Well, this is a ‘very special night,’ John,” Ed said, obviously getting very aroused, “And since I just got to watch you fuck my wife, and squirt sperm into her pussy, I’m gonna let you and Chasni watch me cum in your ex-wife’s panties. Of course, there’s no actual sperm cells in it anymore. But it still feels great to squirt it out! Especially into the crotch of Nettie’s panties. Man, this is a real treat! Thank you,” Ed said, and then asked John, “Well, do you promise to do the things that I asked?” Ed asked John.

“Yes, of course I will,” John answered, trying to sound enthusiastic, but really feeling quite queasy inside.

“Good!” Chasni said. But she wasn’t responding to John. Instead, she was reacting to the fact that Ed had started ejaculating all over the crotch of Nettie’s panties. Chasni carefully moved the panty-crotch around underneath Ed’s dick-head, making sure to catch all of his small semen-puddles in the panty-crotch.

As soon as the sperm-less semen had stopped oozing out of the tip of Ed’s penis, Chasni decided that it was time for her to “put on a show” for the two men. She leaned over, and playfully licked the very tip of Ed’s dick, with the very tip of her wiggly tongue.

Then she used the tip of her right-hand middle finger to scoop up a small glob of Ed’s semen from the panty-crotch, which she still held in the open palm of her left hand. She stuck out her tongue, and placed the little glob of semen on the tip of her tongue. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth, to taste the semen, pursing her lips as if she were tasting a fine wine.

Chasni finger-scooped another glob of Ed’s semen from the panty-crotch, and then, using a sexy circular motion, finger-rubbed the semen all over her right nipple. And then she did the same thing to her left nipple, while both men were sitting there, just staring at her. They were literally mesmerized by her “impromptu performance.”

Chasni abruptly stood up and spread her legs apart. She scooped up several more little globs of semen from the panty-crotch, one little glob at a time, and then took her time playfully finger-rubbing each little glob of her husband’s harmless, sperm-free semen into her own pussy crack.

Finally, Chasni shocked both men when she wadded the panties up into a small ball, and then used two fingers to shove the panties up deep into her own vagina.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie,” Chasni said, addressing her husband. “I’m just making sure that nothing happens to your precious Nettie’s panties. We wouldn’t want them to get lost, or anything.” Chasni had a big smile on her face, when she said that.

John thought about how Chasni’s reaction would have probably been totally different, had she known that the panties that she now had deep inside her vagina were actually his daughter’s panties.

Chasni took John by the hand to pull him up off the sofa. “Now take your shirt off, and let’s go up to my bedroom, so that we can have some ‘real fun,'” Chasni said, leading the now-naked John up the staircase.

And it never dawned on John what Chasni had just meant by the term “real fun,” until she opened her bedroom door, and there was Rex, lying on top of the bed, with his ears perked up, and his tail wagging away in anticipation.

“Hello there, Rex,” Chasni said to the dog, as she approached him, and sat down beside him on the bed. “You remember Uncle John, don’t you? He’s a very nice person. And he wants you to ‘make puppies’ with him.”

And when Rex heard the phrase “make puppies,” he immediately flipped over on his back, and splayed out his hind legs.

Chasni spread her legs apart, stuck her fingers up into her vagina, and retrieved what she thought were Nettie’s panties. She placed the panties over Rex’s nose, and that seemed to make him get very excited.

Chasni wrapped her hand around the furry sheath of his doggie-penis, and retracted it towards the base. Then she started jacking Rex off, to make his doggie-dick grow and become blood-engorged, which didn’t take very long at all to happen.

“Okay, John. Rex is all ready for you. Just get down on your hands and knees on the floor. Rex will take care of the rest.”

John just stood there at the foot of the bed, frozen.

“Well, come on, John. What are you waiting for?” Chasni asked.

“An ad in the newspaper,” John almost-instantly replied under this breath, without even thinking about it.

“A what?” Chasni asked, very confused by John’s barely-audible response.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s an inside joke,” John replied.

“Okay?” Chasni remarked, still looking just a little bit confused. “But John, I just know you’re going to love it. Ed says you guys used to butt-fuck each other. And I can guarantee you that Rex’s dick will feel much better inside your bum, than Ed’s dick ever did. Believe me. I know!

“Besides, if you don’t let Rex ‘make puppies’ with you right now, I’ll just have to demand that Ed find someone else for me to ‘make babies’ with.”

Without saying a word, John obediently did exactly what Chasni had told him to do. And as Rex began mounting him from behind, John braced himself for the aggressive inter-species anal intercourse that he was sure would follow.

Meanwhile, Chasni fingered herself, while she was watching the erotic scene that was taking place right at her feet. And she was extremely excited.

She instinctively sensed that her just-completed intercourse with John on the sofa downstairs would end up getting her pregnant. But Chasni had promised her husband that she would keep on having intercourse with John over and over again all night long–as well as throughout the next day, provided that John had both the desire and the stamina to keep on “tapping her twat.”

Of course, John knew that Chasni intended to fuck his brains out. What John didn’t know was that, as soon as Rex had finished butt-fucking him, Chasni was going to banish Rex from the bedroom, get down on all fours on the carpet herself, and then get John to fuck her doggie style.

And when Rex finally found his “target,” and slid his slick pointy-headed, pistoning penis up into John’s rectum, John’s only thought at that moment was, My God! I can’t believe the lengths that we guys will go through, just to get a great piece of ass!

Ironically, at that very moment, Rex was thinking the exact same thing–but in doggie-thoughts.

* * * * *

So Papa Bear spent the next 24 hours with Chasni. And whenever they weren’t sleeping, or eating, or urinating, or showering, they were busy having sex together, performing just about every possible sex act that a man and woman could possibly perform with–or in front of–each other.

Before he had been with Chasni, John had thought that Mama Bear was quite the nymphomaniac. But Chasni was so sex-hungry, that she made Mama Bear seem like a nun.

When Papa Bear finally got back home to his apartment that next evening, his penis was feeling pretty sore, and he was totally spent, sexually. But Baby Bear didn’t know that. And she was so horny for Papa Bear’s magical, mushroom-shaped penis that she aggressively seduced Papa Bear into eating her porridge that night–even though she was still on her period.

But while Papa Bear was humping away at her hairless twat, Baby Bear still couldn’t stop thinking about her teenage son, and the way that he had blackmailed her into giving up her porridge to him, the night before. Lisa also couldn’t stop thinking about how much she had enjoyed herself, while she was letting her own son fuck her menstruating muff from behind, doggie style–just like Papa Bear was doing right now.

And pretty soon, Baby Bear found herself thinking, That’s it, Daddy. Go right ahead and tinkle inside of my pee-pee, if you want to.

And that thought made Baby Bear cum hard.

Meanwhile, Baby Bear’s baby bear (a.k.a. Alex) spent a third night on his own, at Mama Bear’s house, going totally against Baby Bear’s wishes. In spite of Alex’s built-in sexual preference for members of his own gender, he had obviously decided that he wanted a second helping of Mama Bear’s tasty porridge.

And Jan was absolutely delighted when her grandson showed up at her wide-open bedroom doorway, and caught her lying naked on top of the bed, masturbating.

Alex stepped into the bedroom with Jan, hitting the wall switch to turn on the overhead light on his way in, and he pulled a couple of wood clothes pins out of his pocket. He waived the two clothes pins in front of Jan, and with a huge smile on his face, he said, “Just let me know when you’re ready for these, Grams.”

Then Alex dropped the clothes pins on top of the bed, and began getting naked.

“Oh my! How thoughtful of you, Alex,” Jan politely remarked, with an equally-large smile on her face.

“How about right now?” Jan suggested, as she reached over, picked up one of the wood clothes pins that Alex had dropped on the bed, and clamped the clothes pin down onto the puffy nipple of her own left breast, causing her smile to instantly turn into a grimace. Then, with her clenched-together teeth chattering away, as she was rapidly sucking air in and out through them, Jan went ahead and did the same thing to her right breast nipple with the other clothes pin.

“Now turn off that damn light, Alex! And start squeezing my clit! Hurry up!” Jan demanded, struggling to get the words out of her mouth, as she was literally basking in the exquisite pain that was radiating outward from her two clothes-pinned nipples.

Thanks to her grandson’s “thoughtfulness,” Jan was already well on her way to experiencing the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her entire life.

And this time, Jan and Alex managed to spend the whole night together, with no unexpected interruptions.

As for the “shit that hit the fan” for Susie and Trish and Bill back in 2006, it took the form of Susie getting pregnant, as a result of her having snuck into Bill’s bedroom that night (on a dare from Trish), and him having rolled over on top of her, and then “having a quickie” with her, while he was still half-asleep.

Unfortunately, Susie didn’t realize that she was ovulating at the time, which meant that Trish was ovulating too. The two girls always hung out together, and so their menstrual cycles were naturally and automatically synced-up together. So about a week after Susie told Trish about her pregnancy, Trish began worrying that she might be pregnant too. But thanks in part to her yet-to-be-diagnosed ovarian cancer, she wasn’t.

When Susie’s parents had found out about her pregnancy–and more specifically, about the fact that she had let herself get knocked-up by a 34-year-old man–they had kicked her out of the house, and she had moved in with Bill and Trish.

Then, when Trish had finally broken the news to her father, telling him that Susie was pregnant with his baby–and letting him know exactly how it had happened, according to Susie, as well as filling him in about how he had kept on calling Susie “Trish” throughout the short time that he was actively humping away at her previously-virgin pussy–Bill swore up and down that he had never had sexual intercourse with Susie, and that Susie must have been lying about how she got pregnant.

But of course, the later prenatal paternity testing done on Susie only served as concrete proof that Bill was indeed the father of her baby.

And that “totally-unexpected news” freaked Bill out so much that it actually ended up turning him into a teetotaler–just about. Bill still allowed himself to have an alcoholic beverage during very special occasions. But during those “special occasions”–which were naturally few and far between–Bill would only allow himself to have one drink. And then he would carefully nurse that one drink for hours.

Just a few weeks before Susie’s baby boy was born, Bill went down to the JP’s office and married Susie, more out of a sense of obligation, than anything else. He certainly was not in love with her. But he forced himself to behave as if he were, whenever the two of them were out in public together. And that’s how Susie went on to become Trish’s stepmother, as well as being her bi-sexual lover, and her best friend.

But as far as Trish goes, for years now, she hasn’t bothered using any form of birth control, and she still hasn’t ended up getting pregnant, either. But that doesn’t keep her from trying, whenever she gets the chance–which happens like clockwork three times a week. Trish has been alternating between Bill’s bedroom and Susie’s bedroom, spending one night naked in her father’s bed, and the next night naked in her stepmother’s bed. And Trish is happy as a lark with this long-standing arrangement. And so is Susie. And so is Bill–except that he’s not that thrilled about Sunday nights.

But that’s because every Sunday night, at Trish’s insistence, Bill and Susie and Trish all get naked together in Trish’s bedroom. And then they have a unique type of pre-arranged threesome. And during that “unique pre-arranged threesome” Trish does not actively participate. Instead, Trish just sits there in an easy chair beside the bed, with her legs spread apart, and splayed over the overly-padded arms of the chair. And she openly masturbates and finger-fucks herself–intentionally teasing Bill the whole time–while she’s watching him “perform his marital duties” with Susie. Trish feels it’s only fair that she forces Bill to fuck his own wife at least once a week, and that she makes him do it right in front of his own live-in mistress, who just happens to also be his own daughter. Go figure.

As for Chasni Chadwick, a little over nine months later, she had puppies. At least, it seemed to Chasni as if she were having puppies, when she managed to push three healthy babies out of her uterus, one right after another. That’s right. Thanks to Papa Bear’s “generous,” 24 hours’ worth of multiple “sperm-donations,” Chasni gave birth to triplets: two girls and one boy.

Of course, Chasni and Ed were not very thrilled about that outcome. They had wanted to have “a baby”–not “babies.”

And despite numerous on-going taboo sexual relationships, the three bears–along with Alex, and Bill, and Trish, and Susie, and Vicki, and Ed, and Chasni–all lived happily ever after…somehow.


* * * * *

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