Joey Finds a New App Ch. 40

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They returned their balls and shoes to the racks and made their way back out to the truck. Everyone climbed in as they were before. As Joey and Roxanne buckled in, they turned back to check on everyone and found themselves stunned but not necessarily surprised at the scene. Kevin was getting a blow job from both girls that was sloppy and loud as they took in his whole shaft with each stroke. He watched as Julie and Stacey took turns jamming Kevin’s hard, thick shaft down each other’s throats. With each turn the other would press on the back of the other girl’s head until they swallowed the entire shaft, making gulping and swallowing sounds. In the back, Steve was clearly riding Kelly aggressively as Adam busied himself sucking both of their breasts.

Joey and Roxanne looked at each other before shaking their heads and beginning to drive. “Guess I better drive safely since half of us aren’t buckled,” Joey observed.

They drove to the soundtrack of sex for the fifteen or so minutes it took to get to Kevin’s house and then proceeded to pile out and head inside. Then all made their way to the basement lounge which included couches, two TVs, each with gaming systems along with a bar and gym off to the side. Kevin turned on the TVs and synced them to one system, then pulled up Netflix. He navigated to the show Joey and Adam started to watch with their mom and sister this week and clicked play on the first episode. Having already seen this episode, Joey offered to get drinks and snacks for everyone. He went up to his friend’s kitchen and retrieved the pitcher of iced tea and filtered water with glasses and ice. He made two bags of popcorn and took everything downstairs on a tray.

Surprisingly, everyone was drawn into the drama taking place on the two screens. Joey had watched a couple episodes with his family, and it resulted in a sex fest in his living room. Some of the themes of this show involved interracial sex, incest, group sex, lesbian and gay among others. Joey sat down next to Roxanne on the loveseat to watch with her. Kevin was on the adjacent couch with Steve and Stacey on either side of him. On the couch behind Joey was Kelly who was flanked by Julie and Adam.

Shortly after taking his seat next to Roxanne, she leaned into him and kissed him softly while rubbing her hands across his chest and shoulders. Joey returned the favor with his own hands while they kissed and moaned. Joey had been nearly in a constant state of arousal all night and the mere act of kissing his teacher pushed him to point of action. He looked at her briefly and asked quietly if she was OK here or wanted to be alone somewhere. She answered that the whole evening had her equally excited and the voyeuristic side of her wanted to stay. They returned to kissing and Joey laid her down as he removed her clothes. When she was completely nude Joey stood and took his shirt off causing Roxanne to touch herself in anticipation of being with her new lover. He slipped his pants down and when he was completely nude, she reached up for already rock-hard erection and pulled him between her legs. Joey immediately felt the wetness coat the head of his cock as he pressed into her. She looked at Joey with desperate need and moaned loudly as he entered her. Joey slid confidently into her womanhood, answering her unspoken plea. Her eyes rolled in pleasure as Joey’s cock stretched her insides, sliding deeper as it brushed against her g-spot, triggering her first orgasm.

“There they go,” Julie said to the group. “Miss Roxanne is one hot teacher, that’s all I’m saying. I kind of wish I had a tool like you guys to have at her myself.” Julie stood up, came over closer to the couple and smiled as she rubbed herself looking down at them.

Joey lifted himself up so he could watch himself sink fully into his teacher’s hungry pussy. He felt his cock rub against her cervix and knew he would be stretching her soon as he had done before. As he worked the last few inches into her, grinding in circles she had another orgasm and held him in place. Joey watched as Julie now knelt beside them and took Roxanne’s breast into her mouth and expertly began licking and teasing her through her climax. Despite Joey’s arousal and the over-the-top tight vaginal walls grasping at his cock, he felt he was nowhere near orgasm himself. More and more he felt in full control of his orgasms as well as those of his chosen partner. The confidence he gained with his experience in bringing girls and feminized boys to orgasm was contributing to his skills in bed. He knew exactly how to move sometimes to trigger his partner to frenzied orgasmic pleasure. As her orgasm subsided, Joey took control again and started stroking his cock into his teacher. He watched his shaft come almost completely out, then with controlled speed, sink back in balls deep. Both Roxanne and Julie watched the spectacle as well while still partaking in lesbian pleasure. Roxanne had slid her one hand up to the back of Julie’s head as she sucked and licked on her breasts and left the other on Joey’s hips as he continued to fuck her. The stimulation from both ends continued for several minutes as she approached tuzla escort her third orgasm and then reached for Julie to bring her up for a deep kiss. Joey watched her grip the sides of Julie’s head with lustful intensity as she began shaking in seizure-like orgasm. Without her hands on Joey’s hips, he was able to continue the stimulation of her pussy stroking in and out of her sopping wet lips. He listened as she whimpered in pleasure while kissing Julie. She shook like this for well over a minute as Joey fucked her through her orgasm.

Joey looked over now at Stacey facing him from the other couch as she rode Kevin wildly. They both had removed their clothes and her large breasts bounced in a pornographic display of crazy sex. He wasn’t sure if it was because it was in real life or because of everyone’s decreased inhibitions, but sex with this group lately blew away any porn Joey had watched in recent years. Kevin reached up and brought her large tits to his mouth where he took turns sucking and licking them. Stacey held his head and looked at Joey with the same desperate look Roxanne had a few minutes ago.

He turned back to his current two partners and watched as they continued to kiss blissfully. Julie started kissing her way down Roxanne’s body, pausing momentarily on each breast then proceeding lower. As she reached her destination between Roxanne’s legs, she lifted her own leg and worked her way into a 69 position with the young teacher. Both girls moaned in pleasure as they orally stimulated each other. He was on his knees now pulling his cock all the way out being stopped momentarily while Julie sucked him into her mouth moaning as she did so. He felt her tongue lick and stroke his cock skillfully as she swallowed him entirely. She made a point of licking him all around his cock and balls, lapping up the fluids left behind by the young teacher. She then extracted herself and resumed her oral stimulation of Roxanne.

Joey wanted to take in the sites and started slowly stroking his cock as he stepped up and watched Roxanne sinking her tongue into Julie’s grinding pussy. If not for how hot it looked, he would have stepped up and started fucking Julie, but the sight of his teacher having girl-girl sex with this young beauty was mesmerizing. He continued watching before stepping to the back couch to get a glimpse of his brother deep throating Kelly. The obscene way his mouth and neck stretched and bulged to accommodate the large cock never ceased to excite Joey. He groaned and stroked his cock as his brother swallowed the large tool again and again. They were also nude, and his ass and breasts shook with the movement of him throating Kelly’s large, fat cock. He continued watching and stroking his cock slowly, getting a smile from Kelly at one point. Adam was in a complete haze of pleasure and was totally focused on sucking Kelly’s dick.

Joey looked over at Stacey still riding Kevin and wondered where Steve was. Intrigued he walked over now facing Stacey he looked down her back to see her boyfriend with his face buried in her ass. He presumed Steve was licking and tongue fucking her asshole as she continued to fill herself with Kevin’s dick. She smiled at Joey’s attention, then leaned over Kevin’s head and reached for Joey’s dick bringing it to her mouth. Just as all the partner’s Joey had been with in this room, she skillfully swallowed his giant cock. Joey stepped up and started sliding it into her throat as she worked to suck Joey, fuck Kevin and pull Steve’s face to her ass. Clearly, this was too much for her as she shook in orgasm after deep throating Joey for several minutes. Joey decided to give her a treat and reached for head and proceeded to fuck her throat fast. Within a minute he was shaking in orgasm, just as Stacey’s subsided. Joey pulsed cum into her throat and mouth as she moaned lustfully. Kevin looked up and watched her swallow Joey’s load before yelling out as he came as well. They both continued filling Stacey with cum for nearly a minute each and based on earlier experience, Joey figured she’d easily swallow it up. Kevin and Joey groaned loudly as they continued pumping Steve’s girlfriend full of spunk that she wildly gobbled up.

Finishing, they both pulled themselves out of Stacey who turned and pulled Steve in for a cum-filled kiss. Kevin stood and hung his cock next to Steve and Stacey and Joey followed suit. After they kissed, Stacey had Steve clean each of their only partially softening cocks. After cleaning both of their cocks, Stacey laid back on the couch and brought Steve between her legs to clean her sopping wet pussy. The boys watched as Steve hungrily licked and sucked Stacey’s pussy. They could see thick gobs Kevin’s load pouring into Steve’s mouth and they looked at each other in amazement, shaking their heads. Stacey moaned and encouraged her boyfriend to lick her pussy clean. Joey looked at Steve’s plump ass and thought he could spend some time fucking him soon.

Kevin’s attention was drawn to the lesbian coupling, and he walked over to them before eagerly bringing his cock up between Roxanne’s legs. Despite having just orgasmed his cock pendik escort was hard enough to bring it up to her saturated pussy and slide in. Julie welcomed the assist and licked both Kevin’s cock and Roxanne’s pussy at the same time. Joey thought he’d help too and came over behind Julie and slid his cock into her pussy. He could feel Roxanne’s tongue on his cock as he entered Julie’s hot wet pussy. He grabbed onto her hips and started pounding into her with his not quite fully erect cock. Both girls moaned as they got fucked and sucked at the same time and within a few minutes were shaking in orgasm. They pulled out of the girls as they finished their orgasm and continued stroking their dicks. Roxanne and Julie each leaned to suck on the dicks in their face as they calmed from their orgasm. Joey looked back and could see Adam riding Kelly now with his breasts in Kelly’s face. He was clearly enjoying the reaming he was getting from Kelly’s large. He looked down and watched his teacher swallow his cock and enjoyed the view of Julie’s dripping pussy above them. The girls detangled themselves from their 69 and continued sucking the boy’s dicks on their knees side by side. Both were adept at swallowing their large dicks to the hilt and demonstrated it enthusiastically.

Kevin leaned over to Joey saying, “Why don’t we do our trick to see who can take us the deepest in each hole?”

Joey nodded they both extracted themselves from the whimpering girls and laid on the couch with their balls pressed together as they had done before. They watched as Julie and Roxanne’s eyes grew wide as they lifted their cocks and pressed them together.

Kevin said to the two hungry looking girls, “I wonder which one of you can take us all the way in?”.

Julie enthusiastically walked to the side of the couch and bent down to start sucking the mammoth size shaft in front of her. She was able to get the heads of their dicks in her mouth and a bit more below as she worked hard to swallow their dicks together. Roxanne came over and mounted Joey’s face while leaning down and licking and sucking the base of the boy’s large tools. The two watched each other please the imposing shafts and moaned while saturating them with saliva. Julie’s drool dripped down to meet Roxanne’s tongue and lips as they both worked to lubricate Joey and Kevin’s cock. Once satisfied with their lubrication efforts, Julie stood above the boys, facing Kevin while Roxanne assisted lining up both cocks with her gaping and soaked pussy. Her first orgasm happened when the heads of both of their cocks entered her, stretching her pussy more than it ever had. She screamed in pleasure as she continued pushing her vaginal orifice on the two shafts. Being filled like this was more than she could bear, and the orgasm lasted over a minute even as she forced herself on their cocks. She was only halfway down their shafts, shaking and yelping when her orgasm reached another crescendo causing her to pause her descent. Roxanne licked her way up to Julie’s pussy and began licking her all around the boy’s fat cocks and her stretched lips. She licked Julie’s ass and pushed her tongue inside her puckered hole. Watching his teacher suck on Julie’s ass was driving Joey crazy and his erection pulsed in desire.

“Oh my gosh, Miss Roxanne! Your tongue is so fucking hot! OH Damn!” she screamed. “And long!” She reached back and grabbed her head, pulling her against her ass. “I’m so fucking full right now! I’m going to cum again!” She shook her ass in fits and Joey could feel her pussy grabbing his cock as she climaxed again. She shook for nearly a minute, making incoherent sounds as she orgasmed. “Your cocks are so fucking big! I swear you’re going to fuck the shit right out of me! Oh damn, that feels good!” she yelled. “l ain’t never been this full. Be careful with that tongue of yours Miss Roxanne. These boys are filling my insides right up.”

Julie continued pushing herself down again, slowly taking inch after inch of the massive cocks filling her. She was nearly in a constant state of yelling now and had attracted the rest of the group as Kelly walked up next to her brother and proceeded to feed Julie her large cock.

“You’re making too much noise, Girl,” Kelly said, winking at Joey. “Guess I’ll have to fill your dirty mouth. Our neighbors might call the police.”

Kelly grabbed Julie hard and worked her cock into her throat and bottomed out within a few strokes. She started fucking Julie’s throat with long full strokes, her balls slapping Julie’s chin which was dripping with slobber.

“Man, Girl! You love some cock, don’t you?” Kelly commented while fucking her throat.

Once again, Joey felt Julie start to orgasm as she crammed more dick inside her. She shook violently while being held still by Kevin, Roxanne and Kelly. She was mumbling with her mouth full of Kelly’s dick then just as suddenly went limp. Miss Roxanne and Kelly extracted themselves from her and stood to check on her.

“Well, I know how that feels,” Roxanne commented as she helped pull Julie off Kevin and Joey’s dick.

The boys quickly got up and helped lay Julie on the couch aydınlı escort next to Stacey and Steve.

“OK, my turn!” Roxanne said while guiding the boys back to the couch.

She wasted no time getting in position facing Joey and with Adam’s help behind her, she was able to get the heads of their cocks inside her. Joey watched her expression as she proceeded to sit down on their thick poles. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned loudly, then leaned down close to Joey and kissed him deep. Joey could taste the strong flavor of Julie’s ass as they kissed and proceeded to throat each other with their tongues. As with his sister, Joey’s gag reflex triggered several times with Roxanne’s probing tongue, and she eventually pulled away smiling down at him.

“Guess someone needs more practice swallowing things,” she teased while she continued sinking onto their cocks.

“Maybe someone is just a natural born cock sucker,” Kelly said while stepping up next to Roxanne. Kelly held her cock out right over Joey’s face and shook it as if beckoning Roxanne to start sucking. “I need someone to finish what Julie started.”

Roxanne moaned and expertly started sucking Kelly’s dick. While not as long as Joey and Kevin’s it was as thick and stretched her mouth obscenely. She hungrily gobbled at Kelly’s dick as it easily slid down her throat. Joey watched closely as her jaw and neck stretched to accommodate the large member. It was truly captivating to watch her swallow Kelly’s fat cock. She had certainly practiced enough this week with the basketball team as well as their previous rendezvous in the band room. Before long, Kelly was sawing her cock in and out of Roxanne’s throat as she was with Julie earlier. Drool from Roxanne dripped down her chin and on Joey’s face, but he couldn’t turn away from the sight. Roxanne was moaning loudly as the three of them fucked her and Adam appeared to be doing the same to her as she had done to Julie. Occasionally, Joey felt Adam’s tongue and lips around his cock where it entered Roxanne’s stretched hole. Surprisingly, it wasn’t long before he felt her pubic bone against his own and Joey imagined the thought of her pussy stretched nearly as much as it might be during childbirth. She was now rocking back and forth on their cocks, grinding them in with each stroke. She whimpered around Kelly’s cock with each descent as her eyes opened wide and then rolled back in pleasure. Joey was close to an orgasm himself but he held off so he could watch her climax on their cocks. He didn’t have to wait long as she soon started shuttering in orgasm. He watched as she lost control of her body, shaking madly while remaining impaled by all three cocks and Adam’s tongue. Thirty seconds in, she passed out, just as Julie had done.

The boys laughed as they checked to make sure she was OK and carried her to the couch Kelly and Adam had left empty earlier. They checked on Julie, Stacey and Steve who were all asleep now, laying across the sectional, half covered and clearly exhausted.

“Well, I don’t know about you boys, but I need to cum and there’s only one girl left for us to fuck,” Kelly said eyeing up Adam who was sitting on the loveseat hungrily staring at the three large cocks in front of him. “You think you can handle the three of us, Andrea?”

“I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to try!” he said eagerly, getting up from the loveseat and allowing Kevin and Joey to return to their former position.

Joey’s cock was still hard as he laid on the couch and adjusted his position as before. As he was preoccupied earlier, he now had a moment to take a good look at his brother’s new look. Completely nude now, Adam appeared more like a girl than ever. His hair was slightly wavy and longer than Joey ever recalled. While not long by feminine standards, it was styled so. His feminine features extended to his entire body, with a long neck and slight shoulders, to his small waist and wide hips. His thick thighs and small feet presented what would normally be considered a pear-shaped body, except for the now decent sized breasts and wide, puffy areolas. His tiny little dick stood hard, although being only one inch was lost in the wide hips and thick thighs supporting his sizeable ass.

Facing Joey, Adam climbed above the two fat cocks being held together by Kelly. Joey could feel Kevin’s cock pulse against his own and figured it wouldn’t take long for either of them to blow their load. As Adam pressed his ass against their cocks, he moaned loudly as he proceeded to push down. Once the glans of their fat dicks lodged inside his ass, he yelped, then sighed softly. He knelt over Joey now giving his brother full access to his curvy body. Joey laid his hands on his brother’s hips and began caressing his soft, silky skin, enjoying the curves of his waist and breasts. He bent down and took one of Adam’s breasts in his mouth and slathered it with his tongue and lips. The soft puffy areola and hard nipple felt good on Joey’s tongue, and it excited him to suck on his brother’s tit. Adam continued to sink onto the prodigious cocks lodged in his ass and his face had a lustful and amazed look as Joey looked up at him. After a few inches more, Joey brought Adam down for a deep kiss in which he could still taste Roxanne’s ass. Thinking of how it felt when he had his own tongue stuffed up his sister’s ass, he grew more excited.

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