Job Evaluation -The Christmas Party

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It was now over a month since Ian’s last disciplinary problem and he had at long last got his act together. He was now one of the best employees in the office.

Even Carol, his hated line manager, had to admit he had turned over a new leaf. Although she still loved to call him a little cocksucker anytime she could to cause him maximum embarrassment.

Ian’s home life, on the other hand, had fallen apart. He worked long hours, did overtime and left earlier so he could be on time. Debbie barely saw him.

When he was home he was quiet and distant. Their sex life was now nonexistent. She was sure he had someone else but never found any evidence. The arguments grew daily and before long she couldn’t bear the sight of him and moved out of the apartment.

The one thing in Ian’s life he could not control was his newly found lust for cock. He thought about it all the time, morning, noon and night.

He joined gay sites, just to look at the men and found that chatting with dominant men got him hornier than he had ever been. Since Debbie left, he was on his laptop every night chatting and stroking. Mike had definitely hit a nerve.

The only thing that interrupted his concentration in work was Mike, if he saw him walking through the office his cock would harden and he would blush.

Mike knew this and would always give him a grin and Carol would always catch it. At times he wished he would misbehave just to be sent there but he tried to fight that down.

The highlight of the year was always the Christmas party. Not because it was a great night in itself but someone always got pissed and made a show of themselves like clockwork. The office was buzzing in anticipation and the staff had counted the days down to the night.

Ian got himself booted and suited and if he said so himself, looked pretty good. He met up with a few of the lads for a drink beforehand each boasting which bird they were going to shag. Alison, Mike’s PA being the undisputed number one target.

When they arrived the venue was jumping. Ian got a drink and scanned the room. Mike and the other managers were at the top end surrounded by the giggling office girls. He looked over at Ian and grinned.

“Bet that got your cock hard,” Ian knew it was Carol without looking. “Got his wife with him so you’re not getting any cock tonight.”

Ian spun casino siteleri around, “Oh why don’t you fuck off, you dyke.” As soon as he said he regretted it, not that he hadn’t meant it but it was loud and their colleagues had heard it.

Carol was fuming, her face red. “You’ll pay for that, sissy,” and she stormed off.

That was the night finished for Ian. He couldn’t get his mind back off what had happened. ‘What would Carol do? Would she tell on him sucking the bosses cock? No, that would drop Mike in it but she would come up with something.’

Luckily, most people were off over the holiday period so only Ian and another girl were in on Monday morning. She was only working the half-day and waved him goodbye at 12.

‘Well, a nice and easy day for me,’ sighed Ian and then an email from Mike popped into the inbox. ‘Shit! what can this be? Has Carol told him already? But neither of them is in today.’

Ian opened the message, “My office at 1.00, there’s a present for you in your bottom drawer, open it and use it.” He could almost hear Mike’s voice.

‘What the hell was this?’ Ian pulled open the draw and unwrapped the box. Written largely were the words Anal Douche.

Ian wasn’t the brightest spark in the box but even he knew it could only mean one thing, his virgin hole was going to be popped. Mike was going to give him his real Christmas wish, the taking of his cherry.

Ian rushed to the toilet and then sat there reading the instructions. He filled up the douche, gently slipping in the tube into his hole and squeezing. This was a whole new feeling for Ian but he was rather quite enjoying the pleasure of pushing out the warm water. He quickly checked his watch, nearly time.

He ran through the empty office, up the stairs to Mike’s and knocked loudly.

“Come in, boy,” Mike grinned at him. “Looks like you ran all the way here.”

Mike was dressed casual, polo shirt and chinos with a large bulge in front. “You get my present boy?” Ian nodded yes. “Use it?” Another nod, yes. “Good lad, now fucking strip!”

Ian’s heart was thumping as he frantically pulled off his t-shirt and slipped down his jeans.

Mike beckoned him forward with his finger, “put your hands on my desk and bend that little arse out for me.”

Ian bent forward his hands outstretched on the desk, he could hear canlı casino Mike behind him.

“You do have a sexy bubble butt, bitch,” he said and slapped it. Ian yelped and his arse wiggled instinctively.

Mike’s hands caressed his smooth cheeks, squeezing and parting them to show his virgin hole. Ian could feel his hot breath against his hole and his hard cock wriggled from the feeling.

Then a hot wet tongue slowly licked over his tight puckered hole and his whole body shivered. It flicked and lapped his hole repeatedly making him gyrate his arse against it and moan like the sissy he was sure he was becoming.

“Mmmm, some little bitch loves this,” Mike growled.

“Oh yes, sir,” Ian groaned, lost in the feeling. Some coldness was applied to his hole and Mike’s finger slipped deep in him. “Oh my god, it’s so good,” he groaned. A second finger slipped in and Ian was writhing on his fingers.

“Now put your head on my desk and get this arse up.”

Ian obeyed, of course, resting his forehead on the desk pushing up his bum.

More cold lube was being poured over his tight hole, “Are you ready for this boy?”

Ian felt a hard cock head against his hole, “Oh yes please, sir.”

Two hands gripped his waist and the cock head popped in making him gasp loudly, slowly sliding deeper into him. He looked up to see Mike grinning at him from the desk chair.

“No need to call me sir,” laughed Carol.

Ian’s head spun, looking over his shoulder at the grinning Carol. “I told you I’d get you for the party, didn’t I bitch?” and buried her strap on to the hilt up his tight hole.

Ian gripped the desk as the cock stretched his hole. It hurt, but not as much as being Carol’s bitch. She slid her cock slowly out then back in deeper expertly.

Ian tried not to moan but couldn’t. Carol was a master with a cock. As she started to get her rhythm, Ian started to be her whore. Helplessly, he moaned loudly to each deep stroke of her cock and she loved it.

She spanked his arse as she pounded him, “Who’s bitch are you Ian?”

He desperately wanted not to say it but each deep stroke made him yell, “I’m your bitch, Carol. I’m your bitch boy.”

She pounded every inch of his manhood away and he begged for more. His head spun and he felt ecstatic with pleasure. It was only then he realized he had kaçak casino cum from her fucking, his cock dripping as it flapped under him.

“Oh my god, he really is a sissy!” Carol laughed.

She pulled out roughly and Ian collapsed to the desk, used and abused by her. She spanked his arse bringing him back to reality, “Don’t you ever forget who’s the boss in our department. I’ll have that arse anytime you let me down, bitch boy.”

She high fived Mike and handed him a ten-pound note. Laughing, “You win.”

One last hard spank on Ian’s beaten arse and she left the room.

“Sorry, boy. I bet Carol one of us would fuck you by the end of the year and she lost or won if you see what I mean.”

He stroked Ian’s arse, “Never should have told her to fuck off, boy.” Ian tried to answer but Mikes’s thick cock slipped deep into him.

“Oh fuck!” Ian yelled. Even after Carol’s fucking, his hole was being stretched by Mike’s fat cock. Mike lifted Ian off the floor as he fucked his arse, hard and fast. His moans were so loud they echoed around the room.

“Whose slut are you, boy?” Mike groaned into his ear.

“Yours, sir,” Ian pleaded.

“Fucking shout it, slut. There’s no one about today,” ordered Mike.

“I’m your fucking slut, sir!” Shouted Ian, as he was pounded hard into the desk. Repeatedly, he screamed it in rhythm to Mike’s pounding

Mike pulled his hair, “You’ve been dreaming of this haven’t you, boy? just waiting for me to call you here again.”

“Yes sir, I wanted to lose my cherry for Christmas and I wanted it to be you.” Ian was finally being honest with himself.

Mike pounded him hard against the desk and grunted, “Well you can call me Santa then, boy, cause I’m going to breed you as my present.”

Mike wrapped his arm around Ian’s neck, pulling him back whilst ploughing his cock deep into his hole. The guttural groan deep into his ear confirmed what he could feel. Mike had cum, the bucking thrusts shooting the last drops up him.

“Oh, you’re my sissy boy now,” Mike whispered. He pulled out and ordered Ian to clean his cock. Ian dropped to his knees and didn’t hesitate to suck and lick every inch. Mike knew he had his boy.

The door opened and Alison, Mike’s stunning PA smirked at him. Ian kneeled, naked on the cum stained floor, looking up at her. Mike’s cum dripping out his swollen hole onto the carpet.

“Alison, make sure this little bitch cleans up before he leaves.” Mike slipped on his jacket and was gone.

Alison threw Ian a cloth. “Well, aren’t you the messy boy?” and left the room giggling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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