Jim Meets the Coeds Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — Jim Visits Mel and Three Coeds

Sarah was a very sound sleeper. When I rose in the early morning, I tiptoed from the bedroom so as not to wake this beautiful young woman. I put on my running clothes in the hallway and crept downstairs. Just as I reached the living room and started to put on my sweatshirt, I heard motion upstairs — the creaking of floorboards and the latch of a door. I waited to see who was up to let them know I was going out for a run.

Chris appeared; she was naked but carrying her running clothes. She came and kissed me, and thrust her hips into mine. “You sounded like the two of you were having a good time last night. It took every bit of will power I had not to bust in and join you. Please wait for me to get dressed; I want to run with you.” She pulled on her jogging togs, and we were out the door. “Come on,” she said, “let’s run … and go get in touch with the Universe.”

We traveled the same route we’d done the day before and ended sitting Indian style on the fifty-yard line inside the quiet stadium as we each meditated. Chris impressed me, that she so willingly did this; I thought I was the only weirdo on the planet. We hadn’t really talked about her spiritual interests. I slipped into a different plane and left this world for a while. The awareness I had as I started to return to consciousness was to love everyone and to feel comfortable with my new friends and lovers as I added them to my extended family.

Chris had been waiting patiently for me as I blinked my eyes open. When I acknowledged her, she came and knelt with me and held me. We kissed.

“Do you feel daring?” she asked. I nodded with a grin.

“Well, come with me,” Chris said and pulled me over to one side of the stadium. We vaulted the wall into the seating area, climbed the stairs in the lower tier and then took one of the wide staircases upward, and that another still farther upward. She led me through a doorway, and we ended at the very top row of the huge stadium, right next to the press box where the cameras and announcers look down on the playing field. There was a wind baffle in front of one of the doors about five feet wide that blocked visibility to the field and protected the press box door; I guessed its purpose was to keep wind gusts from racing into the press box. Behind the baffle, we were completely hidden except to someone almost on top of us.

Chris pulled her sweatshirt up over her head, followed by her sports bra. I did the same with my clothing. She came into my arms, rubbing her erect nipples across my chest. We both moaned. She yanked my running shorts down and grabbed my semi-erect penis and wrapped her lips around it. I had not showered since the night before. Suddenly, she went “Yummmmmmm. I bet what I’m tasting is you and Sarah. Your juices taste divine. I must clean out her pussy the next time you fuck her.” I hardened right up hearing those remarks.

Chris pulled her own running shorts off. We lay our clothing on the part of the bench seat behind the wind baffle; Chris lay back atop the clothing, and I straddled the bench and inserted myself into her pussy, pulling her legs over mine. As I pulled on her legs, her body thrust onto my cock; I started a slow rhythmic motion going deep into her. I could look into her eyes, I could watch her full breasts oscillate with our motion, I could look down — as she could — and actually watch my cock disappearing into her cunt on my in stroke.

God, she was sexy. I told her so, and she smiled and urged me to go faster. I did. She talked to me as we fucked: “I love to see your cock going in and out of my pussy — my cunt. I love it when you pull almost all the way out, sometimes I can even see your mushroom head or the ridge around the head, and then you penetrate me again. Each time you penetrate me is like a new experience for me. God, I lust for you like I’ve never wanted anyone else. I never want to stop fucking you. I want to carry your cum around in me all day — hell, all year! Cum in me. Give it up. Cum. Oh shit. I am so fucking horny right now. God, you turn me on. Ooooooooh noooooo! Cum, now, quick!”

I did. She did. We did. I love verb conjugations when they all refer to having a mind-blowing orgasm in a public place. I briefly imagined the entire stadium rising to their feet and cheering as we came. Everyone would be yelling “Encore! Again! Do it again!”

I un-arched and opened my eyes from my orgasmic high just as Chris did the same thing. I leaned into her and kissed her however, given our starting position, the move forced us to uncouple. When I rose from the kiss, I could see the rivulet of cum starting from her pussy.

I knelt next to her and pulled her legs over my shoulder, burrowing my mouth into her pussy. Now, I noticed we were visible to most of the stadium had anyone come in and looked around. I sucked a lot of our juices out as she watched and moaned. Just as I was about to stop, Chris moaned and whispered, casino oyna “Oooooooh fuck” and came again; she clasped my head between her legs for thirty seconds as she peaked. I didn’t stop lapping because she had just injected a whole load of her nectar into her pussy area; I sucked that from her, and only then did I stop.

We dressed and retraced out steps down and out of the stadium. Before we started running, Chris and I held each other close. She looked at me, “Jim, I love you. I can’t believe I didn’t even know you two days ago, and now I love you. You’ve also made me love me more too. And you’ve opened my eyes to the love around me in the other women and in Robbie. I guess I’m suddenly a ‘love slut’.” She smiled at herself.

I kissed her tenderly. “If you are a love slut, then I’m one too. I’m so glad that you feel this way, most importantly that you feel comfortable loving and sharing with the others instead of being guilty, jealous, or possessive.”

“Oh, I could be possessive,” Chris said as we broke into a trot, “but I know I can’t offer you all the things that the others in your life provide you. I know you like variety. I know you like to know that the people that love you can love the other people that you love — God that’s a tongue twister; you know what I mean.” I nodded as we trotted down a campus path.

She went on, “I am so glad that you have other people that love you and fill your needs — and it makes me love them too, even the ones I haven’t met. I know you feel that way about me too. I know if I were to fall in love with someone else, you’d love that person too and urge me to follow my bliss with him — or her. I really think you’ve changed all of us by giving us this philosophy. None of us will ever have a traditional relationship again.”

As we crossed one normally busy street that was almost empty at this early morning hour, I said, “Giving love away and sharing is not a zero sum game. If you give it away, you don’t lose it. Instead, you get tenfold back. The more you give; the more you get. I often don’t understand why most people haven’t discovered this. It works with charity too and lots of other emotions and things you share with people. The more you give away; more you get back. One of my friends calls it the ‘Law of Circulation’.”

We got back to a house that was still sleeping soundly. Chris and I went up to her bedroom, showered, and lay nude together in her bed, lightly stroking and fondling each other. I was trying to decide whether to get a little more passionate with her when we heard a scratching on the door. Chris said, “Come in,” and Sarah peaked in. We gestured for her to join us in bed. She had on a short robe that showed off her beautiful legs, but shed that so she was nude as well as she snuggled in beside me. Now, I had two beautiful women to stroke and smooth. Oh, life is hard some days.

We were talking about life and the world when about half an hour later we heard another soft knock, and this time a very-naked Mel came and joined us. Since my sides were all taken, Mel snuggled up behind Sarah and took over some of the stroking and smoothing that I’d been doing to her. Sarah purred. Finally, Holly joined us — she stripped off her PJs and got behind Chris. I thought, my God, now I’m in bed nude with four naked nymphs — how lucky can a man get?

Eventually, Robbie found us all. He stood in the doorway and took in our little tableau with a big grin and an inflating penis, then came and took the last available slot on the bed behind Holly. Holly shifted so he could lay his rising cock between her legs; eventually, he penetrated her and started to hump into her slowly as the rest of us shifted position and watched. Chris rotated away from me so she could stroke Robbie’s balls and cock as he thrust into Holly, and she could kiss and cuddle Holly who was rapidly on another journey to the new heaven she’d found that weekend.

Watching the sex act next to me made me hard too. Sarah was quick to notice, and her hand stroked me until I became a steel rod again. I turned to her and slid into her pussy, Mel helping hold her open and stroking her breasts and clit as I started to pump into her. Sarah was primed and fired off into an orgasm almost immediately.

I paused to give her a chance to recover; kissing her and telling her I loved her. She reached down and pulled me from her pussy; “Do Mel. Fuck Mel,” she told me. She pulled my cock in the direction of Mel’s pussy. Mel winked at me and then started to move in my direction; however, she paused in front of Sarah and lowered her head to Sarah’s wet pussy. She leaned in and sucked and licked. Sarah hadn’t bathed since our trysts the night before, plus she’d fired off at least one round of juices as we all lay in Chris’ bed. Mel got it all. Finally, she rose, lapping her lips, and said, “Yummmm! Cum and pussy juice. My kind of breakfast!”

Mel then pushed me down and mounted me, slithering her went pussy down my hard canlı casino rod in one long, slow move of delightful penetration. At the bottom, when I was fully in her tight cunt, she brought a breast to my mouth; I willingly accepted the challenge and sucked it in with all my might. I could feel her pussy spasm around my cock as I did so. Mel said, “Oh, my God, you make me tingle … all over. Do that and I’ll cum in thirty seconds.” She did, and so did I.

Watching and feeling the whole house full of sex addicts together in one bed, fucking and sucking one another was too much visual and thought stimuli for me not to cum — and even remain hard. I shot my load of pleasure into Mel. When she came and she dropped onto my chest, pulling away slightly only to rub her nipples around through my chest hair, something she’d discovered brought us both pleasure and stimulation when I’d taken her virginity in Florida a couple of years earlier.

Sarah watched as she stroked her own clit in a lazy, masturbatory kind of way. When Mel and I parted, Mel started to look around for a tissue. I started to move to suck and lick her clean, but Sarah stopped me.

“Don’t!” she said firmly yet with a smile, “I’ve never sucked a pussy before, but I’ve seen you do it, Chris do it, I’ve had it done to me, and now I want to try.” With that, she moved down and put Mel’s shapely legs over her shoulders and buried her face into Mel’s beautiful pussy. We all heard the first loud slurp of juices as her inexperienced mouth started to vacuum up the fluids in Mel’s cunt. Both Mel and Sarah moaned loudly in happiness over the event. Sarah was aggressive in her cleanup efforts and a few moments later, Mel climaxed again. Sarah rose and kissed her; looking most pleased with herself. Her mouth and cheeks glistened with the excess of Mel’s juices.

“I can’t believe how good that tastes,” Sarah exclaimed happily. “I’ve got a new hobby! Sign up sheets will be on the refrigerator this afternoon!”

While I’d been fucking Sarah, I’d heard Holly climax loudly behind me. I wasn’t surprised when I turned on the bed to see what was happening behind me and saw Robbie buried to the hilt in Chris jettisoning his last pulse of semen into her body. The two of them had just cum as well, and with Holly watching and encouraging the pair, the three of them were enjoying the afterglow of their late morning fucks.

“I need a rest!” I proclaimed. “Isn’t Sunday supposed to be a day of rest?”

“No,” Holly announced, “It’s a day dedicated to fucking, eating pussy, and catching up on all the homework that you didn’t finish last week I’m afraid to say. I’ve got a paper on genomics due tomorrow; however, if anyone wants to fuck or eat pussy I will gladly breakaway and take a study break.” She grinned at us all, and we laughed in our languor over her remark.

Holly reluctantly pulled away from her side of the bed and sashayed out of the room with a sexy waggle of her naked hips. Mel got up, pulled Robbie from Chris’ vagina, and led him from the room holding onto his flaccid cock. We laughed at the popping sound his exit made; Chris’ groaned over his departure, and the rest of us laughed. Sarah departed next pleading homework. Chris and I snuggled in together until my stomach growled; “Oh my,” she said, “Someone needs some instant energy. OK, it’s lunch time.”


I curled up on the living room sofa with a book in the afternoon. Most of the women were locked away in their rooms plunking away on their laptop computers or with their heads in some textbook. I took a walk to the campus bookstore in the afternoon and bought a couple of Buckeye souvenirs for Lynn and Karen as well as some magazines and books. On the way back, I found a flower shop and bought some flowers for each of the women in the house. I’m a romantic at heart.

Back at the house, I took the flowers and made rounds handing out the bouquets. I started with Mel. She was reading a marketing textbook, and Robbie was stretched out on her bed with a paperback book. She gave me a big hug and kiss of thanks. Chris went over the moon with her gift; she promised me a wild evening in the very, very, very near future. Sarah wanted to give me a blowjob on the spot in order to say thank you; I thanked her for the thought and told her she didn’t need to reciprocate yet; I’d take a rain check.

Holly was different. I found her sitting nude at her desk working on her laptop when I went into her room with the last bouquet. She turned flashing me her entire beaver and with a big grin said, “Oh good, someone’s here to fuck and eat pussy.” Now, I’m a sucker for naked women and dirty talk. I spent about a half-hour eating her tasty pussy and turning her into a quivering mass of cock-eating flesh. After her fourth orgasm, I bid her a temporary goodbye so she could study some more. She was lying naked on her bed still shuddering from my attentions to her.

Holly said on my way out of her room, “You know Mel described kaçak casino how happy you made her. I think I first heard about you two years ago when she was a sophomore, and I was a junior. I didn’t believe her. I thought, ‘No one can be that good.’ I was sooooo wrong! You are magnificent.” She paused and pulled her knees up to her chest in a self- hug. “I’d follow you to the ends of the earth the way I’m feeling right now. I feel so loved by you, and I love you so much in return. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She flashed me a loving smile.

I went back to her bed, sat down, and held her close for a few minutes. Finally, I said, “I apologize for interrupting your study time, but I think your break is over. Time to finish your paper; otherwise, you won’t have time to spend with all your lovers later.” I grinned and kissed her forehead. She gave a huge sigh of resignation. I rose and left the room, going back to reading and perusing the magazines and books I’d bought. I smelled of Holly.

Around six the rest of the house appeared, hungry, and thirsty for dinner and wine or beer. Robbie and I offered to make a pizza and beer run. An hour later we were sitting on the front porch of the old house finishing a pizza and having an animated conversation about global warming and how to reduce our carbon footprints. Mel finally announced that this was her last evening for a while with her fiancé so they were going to sneak away and leave the rest of us ‘to our own devices’. Before he disappeared, I reaffirmed that I’d drive him to the airport early the next morning.

The three women and I were left with a potentially awkward decision about where I would spend the rest of the evening, and where I’d sleep. Sarah came and kissed me and thanked me for spending time with her the night before and insisted that she would be happier if I spent time with either Holly or Chris — or both of them. “Besides,” she said, “I have about two-hundred pages in a laser technology book I’m supposed to have read by tomorrow, so I’d better get going.” With that she disappeared to her room.

Chris and Holly looked at each other and at me. Chris said, “How about the three of us go and entertain each other?”

Holly smiled and added, “The last two days were my first group sex experience, and, I really, really like it. I am honored that you included me. I guess I’m an exhibitionist at heart, but you also taught me how much fun sex can be. I think I’ve discovered I’m also bisexual over the past two days. I like the taste of pussy! Let’s go!” She hopped up from her seat and pulled Chris and then me to our feet. We ended in Chris’ bedroom, since she had the larger bed.

“I have an idea,” I said; both women looked interested. “I want us each to think of something very unusual and creative to do while we make love and sometime tonight while we’re in bed you do it or make it happen or whatever. You may use ‘toys’ or other people or just about anything to create pleasure for one or both of us, it just has to be unusual — even kinky.” I went on, “No pain or embarrassment either, just good clean sexual fun.” They both nodded slowly, and I could see the wheels in their heads start to whirl as they tried to think of ideas. I cheated, I already had an idea from a sexy story I’d read on some website the week before.

As the three of us stood next to the bed, I reached over and slowly started to unbutton Holly’s blouse. She watched my fingers with an air of detachment. I gestured to Chris to join me. She moved behind Holly, lifted her hair, kissed the nape of her neck and ran her tongue up behind Holly’s lovely ears. Holly actually started to purr. When I had her blouse open, I bent down and ran my tongue around the visible cleavage I could see where her brassiere held her globes in position. Chris’ hands came around her and rubbed her bare mid-drift, occasionally arching up and stroking the enclosed globes.

Finally, Chris slowly removed the blouse from our darling girl. As her shoulders became bare, we each leaned into a naked shoulder and kissed and licked, moving up her neck — one of us from the front and one from behind her. The purring got louder. Chris unlatched the catch to her bra, but instead of stripping it from her I just let it hang along her arms, almost but not quite revealing her enlarged nipples to us. I kept using my tongue aggressively around her chest and neck. I could see that Chris was doing the same to Holly’s back and torso, almost giving her an oral massage.

Holly was barefoot and wearing blue jeans. I moved down to her navel and licked along the beltline of her jeans then undid the buckle, catch and zipper that held them in place. Chris’ hands reached around Holly and grasped the fabric on the side and, in an oscillating motion from side to side, slid the jeans down Holly’s legs. I held Holly’s hips to steady her, licking her mid-drift some more as I did so.

Holly stepped out of the jeans when Chris had them down by the floor. I could hear her panting in her sexual excitement; I was surprised since we had yet to touch any of the areas society has dubbed as taboo or sexual. Chris looked a little bothered too, and I was starting to have sexual urges.

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