Jerry Ch. 03: Mom’s Hot Date

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Disclaimer: Even though this story is about one-on-one sex between a man and a woman, there are elements which may not appeal to the majority of readers of this category. There are gay or at least bisexual aspects involved. There is even a brief incestuous aside in here. In short, my usual fare. The purpose of this tale is to introduce two new important characters in Jerry’s world.

So please if you are offended by any of the above and decide to waste your time reading the story, don’t blame the author. Blame the author for the actual storytelling and writing.

On with the play.


“Sam, could you at least wait until we’re inside!” Mary urged.

She was trying to unlock the front door. What was normally an easy task, was made difficult by the man-handling she was receiving while trying to perform it. Sam’s hands were all over her, even inside the front of her jacket. Only the silky fabric of her low cut dress kept his hands from the warm flesh of her full breasts. The smooth cloth did nothing to keep his caressing fingers from firing up her libido.

“Gosh darn it! Stop for a minute!” she cried.

He couldn’t be blamed for his eagerness. In fact, she would have been disappointed if he wasn’t all over her. She carefully prepared for their date. A couple of hours of body shaving, showering, and make-up, were followed by dressing provocatively with her daughter’s advice. She thought she looked sexier than ever before. She definitely felt sexier than ever, that’s for sure.

“You’ll have him cumming in his pants, mom,” her daughter, Diane, had said in her frank way while surveying the results.

Even Jerry, her eighteen year old son agreed with that assessment, though in a much more restrained way. He was a good boy, he never swore or used crude language.

“Yeah mom, you look beautiful. I mean really … hot!” he said.

From her quiet son it was about as much as she could expect. His use of the word ‘hot’ seemed hesitant, as if he was unsure if he was using it correctly. She knew he didn’t feel it. He wouldn’t be thinking that way about his mother, but there was another reason. She thought he was probably gay, even if he hadn’t said as much. In the last few days, little things he’d said or done made her more sure of it.

“Well, hopefully he won’t waste it there!” she replied to Diane’s earthy comment. She patted her son’s red head as he climbed off her bed where he’d sat watching as she’d tried on various dresses. He’d been fascinated by the decision making process and listened intently to the mother-daughter comments on each dress.

The slinky dark-blue dress they settled on set off her beautiful auburn mane. Her hair hung long, freed from the tight bun she wore it in for work. The dress was held up by thin spaghetti straps leaving her pale soft shoulders and well toned arms bare. The thin fabric did little to conceal the full bosom beneath and did nothing at all to keep her bra-less breasts from swaying as she moved.

The dress fit her like a glove along the narrowing of her waist to the wide flaring of her womanly hips. Falling to just above the knees it might have been too modest if not for the high slits at either side. The slits allowed tantalizing peeks of her lovely nylon clad thighs. The panty hose was worn as much for warmth on the cool Autumn night as it was for its sexy sheen. The fact only the thin nylon of the hose covered her naked pussy made her feel deliciously naughty.

Adding immeasurably to Mary’s wicked look was a borrowed pair of four inch black heels. Her daughter owned an impressive collection of shoes. Diane was four inches taller, but she wore the same size as Mary. The pair that the older woman wore was one of the less daring styles, but the tallest she could manage.

Although not as trim as her daughter’s dancer legs, Mary’s were awesome in their shapeliness. Full thighs and calf muscles made her’s just as sexy. Her nonstop run around duties as a nurse kept them in great tone. Unfortunately those same duties meant her feet ached in the sexy heels.

She had just put on the black satin matador style jacket to top off her outfit, when the doorbell rang. She greeted the dashing looking doctor at the door and her date officially began. He started it off right with flowers and chocolates.

Now after four hours of dining and dancing her date seemed to be rapidly coming to a climax at the place it had started. From the way Sam rubbed his groin against her ass, she feared her daughter’s prediction would come true.

“Mmm … Let’s go inside …please,” Mary pleaded leaning her head back while one of Sam’s hands traveled down over her dress to the junction between her legs. Teasing her date turned him on, but it had done the same to her. She was on fire.

“Please,” she repeated.

Sam let her go and she felt a surge of disappointment. This lasted until the door was open and she had stepped inside the dark living room. She barely had time to realize Jerry must meet suck and fuck be up in his room, before Sam turned her towards him and she was again wrapped in his strong arms. Pressing herself against his solid body she kissed him hard. She was able to feel his need with each passionate wet kiss and the pressure of his erection against her abdomen

First things first, she had to get out of the cruel heels which were killing her feet. She kicked the shoes off, suddenly shrinking four inches. “Where did you go?” Sam asked with a smile when he opened his eyes to find her lips further down.

“Sorry, they were killing me,” she replied as she rose up on her toes so that her lips could reach those of the six foot tall man. She was relived when she felt the weight of her five-foot-two inch frame lifted in Sam’s embrace. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, then was stuck with a thought which made her giggle.

“What’s so funny?” the doctor asked.

“Nothing really. It’s just that it feels like we’re teenagers making out, not middle-age lovers about to fuck,” she replied in a throaty voice.

“Your teasing has made me horny as a teenager,” he said giving her big ass a two handed squeeze. “Hopefully I can last longer than a teenager, but you’ve got me so hot and bothered I can’t guarantee anything,” he added. She felt him grind his boner against her.

“Well in that case, we’d better take this into the bedroom,” she suggested pulling out of his grasp.

She led him down the short darkened hallway to the master bedroom. When she snapped the light on it seemed blinding for moment. She was relived to see someone, probably her son, had put away the pile of dresses she’d tried on and rejected.

The king sized bed which dominated the room was the same she’d shared with her ex. It bugged her to be starting a new relationship in the same bed which been a battlefield in the war her marriage had been. Regret aside, it would be more comfortable to make love in the bed, rather than in a car, or on the floor.

Feeling shy, Mary moved to the foot of the bed and stood facing away from Sam. She removed the stylish jacket and tossed it to the floor. Then she lifted the slinky dress off, pulling it up over her head. She cast it aside, then crossed her arms over her heavy breasts even though he couldn’t yet see them. Standing nearly naked except for the shiny pantyhose, she wondered if her date was disappointed.

“Wow Mary! You’re gorgeous!” he answered her unspoken question. A moment later, she felt the warm embrace of his arms. She also felt the hot heat of his naked body pressed against her back. How had he managed to strip so quickly? She felt cheated to have missed it. His hands came down to her hips and she felt him twisting her around to face him. For a moment she resisted, nervous about what was to come.

Mary envied her daughter’s big, but pert breasts. Time and gravity had taken their toll on her own. She despaired when she saw the stretch marks which showed their weight all too clearly. They were large, but not huge and she was concerned about what Sam would think of them.

She carefully watched his face as he moved her arms away from her chest. She could barely breathe while he gazed at them. She knew what he was seeing. She could feel her stiff erect nipples in the cool room. She also knew the contrast of her pale tit-flesh and pinkish areola was made more pronounced through the use of rouge. Her stripper daughter had showed her the sexy look, but would it be enough to distract him from their sag?

“They’re spectacular!” Sam said and Mary could see no deception in his eyes. She could breathe again. She nearly swooned as he cupped each hanging breast in a hand. She looked down to watch his fingers toy with the ample flesh. There was definitely more than a handful. His head came down to cover her view, but she could feel him lift each breast to meet his wet mouth. She sighed as he sucked each long thick nipple between his hot lips, one after the other.

She had to reach out in order to find his cock. He was bent over at the waist so he could savor her tits. When her delicate hands found the stiff hot flesh, she was surprised and pleased by its length. It must be nine inches long, almost as long as her Ex’s. Alas, it was no where near as thick. For all his faults, her ex-husband’s cock wasn’t one of them. As she stroked the erect cock with both hands she could feel the skin around the head slide back and forth. She realized Sam’s would be her first uncut cock.

“I could suck on them all night long,” Sam said in a hushed voice, his face now close to hers. He gave her lips a playful kiss, then she felt his hands on her hips again. She gave a yelp of surprise as she was lifted off the floor and tossed onto the bed. She landed on her back laughing at the suddenness of it. Her ex-husband had done the same once, but it had been done in anger, not play.

From her position she could now see her lover’s body in all mobil porno its ordinariness. He was not fat or skinny, muscular or scrawny, pale or tanned. He was a little bit hairy, but not a bear. He was definitely aroused, there was no concealing the fact. The slender cock which rose from the black bush at his groin was standing proud as a missile. She stared at the wet red crown which had emerged from the foreskin.

“Now I can do what I’ve wanted to do all evening,” Sam said with a wicked grin on his handsome face.

Mary put her hands at the top of her pantyhose and lifted her butt off the bed. She was about to push them off her hips to prepare herself for the longed for fucking when Sam told her, “No leave them on! They’re so damn sexy!”

“I don’t know how we’re going to make it …,” she began. Then Sam grabbed her legs and pulled until her ass was close to the edge of the bed. Pushing her hose-clad thighs apart he sank to his knees, brought his handsome face to her crotch and stared up along her near naked body.

“Oh, don’t worry I’ll make it work,” he said replying to her unfinished comment with the same wicked grin.

She watched with pleased surprise as her lover made a show of sniffing her aroma. She could smell the juices which coated the crotch of the pantyhose. No doubt for him, closer to the source, it would be more powerful, more pungent.

“Mary, I find you intoxicating,” he said after several deep breaths.

A moment later she moaned in pleasure when he brought his mouth into contact with her nylon covered pussy. Her moans grew in intensity as he dove in as if feasting. His mouth was munching and sucking at her pussy. Before she knew it, she was over the edge, climaxing harder than in years. Her body stiffened, then spasmed for what seemed to be long minutes.

Then it was over. She wasn’t a screamer so she didn’t worry about waking the neighbors. She did worry she might have woken Jerry. His room was right above where she now lay.

Sam hadn’t finished yet. His teeth had managed to pull the nylon away from her swollen pussy lips. She looked down along her glistening flesh to his face and watched as he tore at the crotch with his teeth. When he noticed her watching, he playfully growled and made puppy-like shaking movements of his head. The non-reenforced crotch of the pantyhose was torn asunder by the tugging.

She plunged again into growing ecstasy as Sam attacked her shaved naked cunt. Her hands grabbed the back of his head and guided his probing tongue so it hit all the right places. He didn’t need much guidance, after all he was a doctor, just a little to show how she liked it best. His tongue probed her hot wet hole and she drew his face tighter against her pussy. It was impossible to get his tongue as deep as she wanted, so she steered it to her clit. The swirling attention he brought to it drove her crazy in no time.

Her hands left his head and grabbed fistfuls of bed-covers to either side of her wide hips. To keep his head in place she closed her hose-clad thighs around it. His arms already reached under them so he could squeeze her buttocks, holding her in position. She climbed a mountain of agonizing pleasure, moaning loudly.

The swirling action of his tongue on the swollen nub was replaced by hard sucking of his mouth. She came in spasms, joyful waves of pleasure she wished would go on forever. For a few blessed moments she thought they would, but they diminished little by little leaving her drained. She floated in limp bliss, eyes shut savoring the afterglow.

She was vaguely aware of Sam’s movements, rising from his knees and shouldering apart her thighs. She become more alert as he kissed his way up her body until he reached her sensitive breasts. She sighed when he took her right nipple into his hot mouth. Again her hands went to the back of his head guiding him to her left tit. Just as his lips touched the erection there, she felt him pull his head away. He was climbing off the bed.

She opened her eyes to see him walking toward the bedroom’s open door. She admired his surprisingly tight buns as he walked away from the bed. His legs were lean and lightly covered with black hair. Even his straight back was slightly hairy, but nothing like the bear her ex-husband was. She wondered where Sam was going. Of course he’s closing the door, she thought.

“She’s okay,” he said, adding “I should know, I’m a doctor after all.”

“I heard her scream and …” Jerry started to explain.

Mary suddenly realized her son was at the door and had possibly witnessed her second climax. She looked around for something to cover her nakedness. Unable to find anything handy, she covered her breasts with her arms and closed her legs tightly together. Sam was tall and wide enough to block her view of her son, but would his naked body block her son’s view of her?

Logically it didn’t make sense to be concerned, after all Jerry had seen her naked while she’d been preparing for her date. mofos porno Somehow it seemed different to be seen just after an orgasm. Of course, if he had seen her during it, well that was unthinkable!

“Sorry we woke you up, but we’re both all right!” Sam told him and he began to close the door.

“Well, anyway I didn’t see anything!” Jerry announced. This quelled Mary’s main concern, her boy never lied.

“Well, thank God for that!” Sam replied, closing the door a tad more.

“No sir! I didn’t see a thing!”

“Well, we’ll try and keep it down in here.” Now the door was only open about six inches.

“Oh! I wasn’t sleeping, I was just -” Jerry tried to explain in a voice pleading for attention, trying to keep the conversation going.

“All right then, no harm done. Good Night.” Sam said finally shutting the door. He turned and began to return to the bed with amusement plastered on his pussy juice covered face.

“What’s so funny?” Mary asked lifting her upper torso, propping herself up with her elbows.

“Nothing, nothing at all,” he replied, but he couldn’t wipe the smile from his handsome face.

Feigning pique she said, “I don’t know if you’ll be welcome in my bed if you don’t tell me.” She scooted up away from edge of the bed until she was at a normal sleeping position on it. She let her head fall back on a pillow bringing her hands to her large breasts, hiding them.

“Well, I don’t know how put it, but I think your son might be …” his words trailed off and she saw his smile slowly vanish.

“Gay?”, she finished for him. She saw relief in his eyes. “I think he might be and his father was sure of it years ago.” One of the many reasons for his anger, she added to herself.

“You think so too? How could you tell so quickly?” she asked.

“He seemed fascinated by my penis. He couldn’t take his eyes off it,” Sam replied looking down. Her eyes followed his gaze down to the rigid pole sticking up from his hairy groin. “I admit I’ve always found it fascinating, but it’s the first time I’ve seen another male so taken with it.” She watched as he made it twitch back and forth using his groin muscles.

“I have to admit I find it fascinating,” Mary said, then with a little laugh added, “Especially since it is the only one around at the moment.”

“Well then, may I continue?” he asked, the wicked smile back in place.

“Please do.” she replied opening her thighs once again.

“Now, where was I?” Sam asked as climbed onto the bed between her hose-clad legs. She sighed as she felt him kissing his way up her tummy. She pinched the rubbery stiff nipple atop her left breast and pulled it, indicating where his lips had been before the interruption. “Ah, yes I remember now.”

A moment later she felt his mouth resume sucking on the nipple. His impatience was getting the better of him though. He only spent a few moments at her tit before his body moved above her as she lay prone naked and inviting beneath. His lips only gave hers a brief kiss as he moved up along her nakedness. As he did, she caught the aroma of her juices on his face. She felt the heat radiating from his body as he covered her.

He positioned himself to enter her. His cock missed its mark twice before the hot tip of the spear parted her juicy swollen lips. She sighed with relief as it slid easily into her. It had been so long since her last fuck she had been worried it would feel uncomfortable or even hurt. Instead his cock sank into her smoothly in one slow thrust.

She realized it was partly because of its lesser girth compared to the last cock to fill her. It was long enough to reach the places her ex plunged to before, but did so without fuss. Her mouth sucked at the side of Sam’s neck and she tasted his salty sweat.

She wrapped her arms around his body, her hands traveling down from his shoulder blades to the small of his back. At the same time she hooked her ankles on the backs of his lean legs. He was pumping in and out in a slow steady rhythm at a pace meant to last. This was fine for Mary. She had already experienced two orgasms and it was unlikely she would reach one from his cock’s actions. She was willing to give her lover pleasure whatever way he wished, and for now he seemed content with nice, slow and deep.

She thought about her son and his fixation on the cock which was now sheathed within her. It was probably the first cock he’d ever seen erect other than his own. She grinned into Sam’s naked shoulder. The grin turned to a frown as she considered how confused and frustrated her sensitive boy must be tonight. “Did he seem upset?” she whispered.

“Who?” he asked absently, intent on his personal mission.

“My son. Was he upset?”

“Well he didn’t … want me … to close … the door … that’s … for sure.” He answered between strokes.

A wicked idea came into Mary’s mind as she lay, a willing plaything, beneath her lover. She grinned as she decided to experiment with it. Her lowered her hands to his warm humping ass cheeks and pulled him in as deep as she could.

“He was staring at it? Your cock?” she asked. He nodded in reply. “Its so big. It fills me up. Completely.” She stroked his ego. The next plunge of his cock had a bit more oomph behind it.

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