Jenny’s Journey Pt. 01

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Authors Note:- This story is set and written in England and English spellings and terms are used throughout, Please bear this in mind when reading.


What have I gotten myself into? I am an eighteen-year-old shy, modest, virgin, first-year university student whose total sexual experience to date is having given three hand jobs and had my boobs felt up a couple of times, nobody has ever touched my pussy, and here I am about to suck off four guys.

It had all started off innocently enough with my flatmates Charlotte and her boyfriend; Kerry, four other guys and myself, all engineering or maths students drinking wine and chilling out after a hard week of lectures and studying.

After a while Charlotte and Kerry left, leaving the four guys and me alone. That’s when the cards came out, and we played poker, and after several glasses of wine each, Mike suggested that we up the fun and play strip poker.

“Whoa guys that’s not for me,” I said.

“It will be o.k, just a bit of fun, and you can back out at any time after a hand has finished,” Chris said.

“What’s the rules,” asked Paul.

“Simple five card draw no betting or antes, losing hand has to remove one piece of clothing,” Mike said.

I pointed out that there were four of them, and only one of me but Paul said that was in my advantage because there were four of them. Now I’m pretty good at cards due to my analytical mind and maths expertise and had also known that I had more clothes on than any of the guys, so I agreed.

Things went well for me at first, and the guys were all stripped off to their underwear and to be fair they were all hot, Mike and Steve were down to their boxers, Paul had boxers and T-shirt, and Chris had boxers and a sock, while I had only lost one shoe.

Then I hit a terrible run of luck and lost two straight hands so off came my other shoe, then my belt.

“Hey,” said Steve, “that’s not an item of clothing.”

“Yes, it is,” I argued.

“But our belts came off with our pants,” Steve replied.

“More fool you!” I hit back at him.

The rest of the guys agreed I could count my belt.

Next went my blouse. The guys were now getting a lot more interested trying to get a peek of my boobs as they swayed gently under my slip. I didn’t have a bra on as I was wearing a combined bra-slip. On my next loss, I had to take count and see what item of clothing I could take off without embarrassment and be showing the guys too much flesh.

My skirt was reasonably long, cut just above my knees and I worked out I could take my panties off without the guys seeing anything. I stood up reached under my skirt and whipped my panties off as quickly as I could.

“Well done Jenny, you’re hotting things up now,” said Mike.

I didn’t lose the next hand but did the one following, my skirts now gone, so now I was now down to just my bra-slip.

Now, I was nervous with the next hand coming up, but Paul as at every hand asked if anybody wanted to fold without any comebacks. That was my time to bow out, but stupidly I stayed in the game and to my horror lost again, I had to take my bra-slip off and let them see me naked. I was mortified.

I stood up to take the bra-slip off but couldn’t; I just burst out into a flood of tears saying “I can’t do it.”

Paul came up to me and said, “Take your time, but you had your chance to back out but didn’t so you have a debt to pay!”

Again, I said, “I can’t.”

Then Steve said, “If you don’t we will start a rumour that you gangbanged the four of us!”

I couldn’t believe my ears I thought these guys were my friends.

Mike said, “I have an idea if I wanted to take a risk.”

I asked him, “what do you mean?”

“One cut of the cards, if you win, then you can walk away, but if you lose there’s a forfeit to pay.”

He then explained what he meant, if I drew eight or above I was home free. If I pulled a seven, I had to honour the original bet, and Paul said they would be kind to me as they could seeing I was upset. I would only be naked for one minute, so fifteen seconds for each guy to see me naked standing directly in front of them, but drawing an ace to six and I had to honour the original bet but casino siteleri also pay something more.

Dreading the answer, I asked what the something more was, and Mike said I had to suck them all off!

I looked at them in shock, that he could suggest such a thing and said that wasn’t fair as the odds were in their favour. The guys argued about it for a bit saying I had a debt to pay but then agreed that seven or above and I won but drawing an ace to six I was on my knees with a cock in my mouth and three more to follow.

“How long for each one in my mouth?” I asked.

“No Jenny, no time limit all the way until we finish.”

“What in my mouth?”


I didn’t want to strip naked in front of them and didn’t want a rumour that I had gangbanged four guys going around campus but could I take the risk?

My mathematical mind worked out that the odds were in my favour for the card split if only, but could I do it, could I take that risk?

I looked at the guys took a deep breath and said, “O.k, one cut of the cards, but I shuffle and cut them first, and I am only going to give you a blowjob if I lose, no fucking and no touching me up or anything like that.”

The guys readily agreed, and Paul gave me the cards I took my time shuffling them, trying to delay as long as possible, finally I made a cut and put the cards on the table and with trembling hands reached out to take my card of fate. I had drawn one from the middle of the pack, and as I turned it over I could see the number curved, and I thought I had won with a nine then saw it was a six. I’d lost!

When I turned it face up on the table, the guys were ecstatic jumping up and down doing high fives and shouting, “I’m gonna get a blow job, I’m gonna get a blow job.” This only added to my horror and shame.

I looked at the guys and could see there was going to be no escape from my fate and no mercy. I just had to get on with it.

The guys were deciding how to work it out and drew cards for who went when. I told them to sit on the couch in order with the first on my left; I was hoping to get the next one excited by giving him a hand job as I sucked the previous guy off so that they wouldn’t last so long.

I stood in front of them and with my shaky hands reached for the hem of my slip, drew it up and over my head and let it drop to the floor. I stood there naked and blushing, deep red with embarrassment, I wanted to cover myself up with my hands but knew I couldn’t do that I had to let them see me naked.

I was fully exposed to them standing five foot eight inches with blue eyes and blonde hair with a 34C-24-34 figure with perky breasts that had rosebud nipples sitting high and proud. A nicely toned athletic figure, long shapely legs and even then, shy as I was, a slightly trimmed blonde pubic mound that just covered the lips of my sex, which are quite proud and pouting pink.

“My god you’re stunning,” went Mike.

“Jenny, I’d say you were beautiful, but you’re much more than that,” from Paul.

“Oh my God!” From Steve.

Chris just stood there looking stunned, drinking in the sight of me, as I bashfully let them see all that I had.

I know the guys had said those things genuinely, and to make me feel better about myself, but in fact, they just made me more ashamed and self-conscious.

Steeling myself for what was to come I dropped to my knees in front of Steve who had the honour of being; first, I slowly opened my mouth, closed my eyes dreading what was to come and tentatively took him into my mouth. Fortunately, he wasn’t too big for my first blow job, so I just closed my lips around his throbbing head and waited. It wasn’t too bad.

I started to move up and down slowly and not very deeply at first but as I became used to what I was doing I upped the pace and started taking him deeper, not as far as he wanted because he began arching his hips and tried to push me down, but just to the back of my mouth. I was starting to warm to this and reached my right hand out to Chris who would be next.

I got my hand round his cock and started to rub it back and forwards, and he gave a soft moan, “Oh my God.”

I must have been doing something right for Steve, canlı casino as he suddenly stiffened and grabbed hold of my hair pulling himself deeper into my mouth he exploded. I knew this would have to happen but it was horrible, salty and sticky, I couldn’t get him out of my mouth quickly enough. I raised my head and sat there stunned. I’d just sucked off my first guy, and there were three more who expected the same.

I shouted to Mike that I needed a beer, which I downed in one gulp so I could get the taste of Steve out of my mouth.

I was still holding Chris’ cock while gently caressing it, I moved over in front of him and bent my head towards him when he grabbed my boobs, I slapped his hand away, “No way guy I told you blow jobs only.”

“You can’t blame me for trying,” he replied, “your boobs look great from where I’m sat, just waiting to be played with, nice and perky just the way I like them.”

I was getting a bit bolder now and said to him, “you can play with them as much as you want, but you won’t get a blow job if you do, and that goes for my pussy as well.”

I lowered my head onto Chris and with growing confidence in both my arousing sexuality and awakening talent took him gently into my mouth.

I didn’t take him all the way in as I had initially with Steve but began to roll my tongue around his head and lick the end of it; I could tell it was starting to get him on edge so eased back a bit.

Then all of a sudden, I felt a strange feeling, my pussy was starting to tingle and throb and get very very wet, my God I was getting turned on by giving a blow job and knowing that four guys adored my body.

I quickly got back to work on Chris increasing the pace again and trying to get him deep, and I was beginning to like the sensation, I trusted myself to control him with just my lips and mouth and reached my right hand out to grasp Paul’s throbbing member. God, it was thick.

My left hand drifted to my boobs and began playing with my nipples. I gasped at how sensitive they were. Chris must have felt the sensation as he took that opportunity to push even deeper into my mouth, almost into my throat, I tried to keep him there for his pleasure, but my gag reflex took over, and I had to back off, there was no way was I going deep throat at this time.

I needed to get Chris off quickly. I was in too much turmoil with what was going on with my body. I wrapped my lips around him and sucked hard and began a frantic pace of bobbing up and down as fast and far as I could, it worked as with a groan he exploded, and I got my second mouthful of cum in a couple of minutes. I had more control over this eruption and tried to swallow it for him, but some leaked out of my aching mouth and onto my chin, I did, however, lick it up. The taste was different from Steve’s not as salty.

Chris smiled gently at me and said, “thanks, Jenny.”

Then he bent down and gently kissed the top of my head like I was his little sister or something. I’d just given him a blow job for God’s sake.

I was halfway through my forfeit and felt o.k, not as bad as I thought I would, a bit slutty and ashamed, but I’m afraid to say I was beginning to enjoy it, I was feeling sexier and more aroused. I also knew I had a power over these guys.

I was still experiencing strange feelings in my pussy as I bent to take Paul’s cock into my mouth, and I was right because it was thick, I thought I’m never going to get that in my mouth. I looked at it and sighed and began to lick his head and pulled his foreskin back and rolled my tongue around his bell end as I saw some pre-cum dripping from the opening, I pulled back and looked shyly up at him from under my eyelashes, smiled and licked it onto my tongue and took it into my mouth.

“Why didn’t she do that to me?” moaned Steve.

“Probably because you shot off in her mouth in about ten seconds. She didn’t have chance,” said Paul.

That spurred me on I opened my mouth as wide as I could and managed to get the head in at first, then inch by inch, it wasn’t the length but the girth that gave me problems. I took my time and eventually got him in my mouth and started to build up a gentle rhythm, but after a while decided I wanted to get this finished kaçak casino but surprisingly found I was also keen to suck on Mike.

I took Paul long and slow and deep and just let him push it in and dictate the pace for a while.

All the time I had been playing with my nipples rolling them around and pulling on them creating a pleasant sensation and frantically rubbing my clit, and suddenly I found I was ready to come. I couldn’t hold back as my first ever orgasm hit me I uttered a half scream and sank my head deep onto Paul’s shaft.

He took the chance to push his cock in as far as it would go and gained access to my throat. In the space of two seconds, I had had my first orgasm and also given my first deep throat.

Paul stayed in my throat until I started to gag, then pulled back, I began to work him as fast as I could, using my tongue around his lovely head and trying to get him as deep as I could. In the end, it worked, and his load hit the back of my throat in deep spurts of hot sticky cum.

Three down, one to go and this was the one I had secretly been looking forward to ever since I knew what I had to do. I had found new confidence in myself and my sexiness, and I was going to take my time, make it for Mike, not just get him off as quickly as I had the others.

I stood up slowly said, “Sorry Mike I just need to rest for a minute and to get a drink, I know you’re ready, but it will be worth it I promise you.”

I took my time getting a drink realizing that I was naked and found I wasn’t bothered, I turned around to face the guys and entirely different to my original shy self at the start, began sauntering towards Mike. Knowing that all the guys were staring at my body, I slowed my walk even further but increasing the sway of my hips keeping a shy grin on my face, at the same time letting Mike see me play with my nipples and pussy. I was pushing my fingers in and out. I stood in front of him for a while, then pulled my fingers out and licked them. “Mmm nice,” I said.

From the look on their faces, the guys couldn’t believe the change that had come over me.

I very, very slowly dropped into a squat in front of Mike spreading my legs so he could get a good look at my womanhood in all its virgin glory. Then even more slowly bent my head over his throbbing cock, blew on it and whispered, “I think I’m going to like this one.”

Mike could not sit still he was so excited. I had trouble getting it into my mouth at first, but when I did, I took him long and slow, long and slow time and time again, he was enjoying it and appreciating what I was doing to him. Long and slow became longer until I forced myself to open up and gave him entrance to my throat.

He didn’t force it but just took his time savouring that intimate moment, he pulled out just a little as my gag reflex took over. Then pushed in, deeper this time and stayed there longer until again pulling slightly out, we got into a rhythm as I continued to deep throat him, I wanted him to come deep in my throat.

I wasn’t disappointed as he suddenly jerked grabbing hold of my head holding me onto him crying out, “I can’t wait, Jenny, I’m cuummmming.”

He exploded deep into my welcoming throat and mouth, and I held him there for as long as I could, feeling him soften and slowly slip from my sore lips and aching jaw.

What a time, I couldn’t believe I had managed to suck off four guys in one session and in the end liked it.

At the end of the session my jaw was hurting, and I was sticky and sweaty, and had a funny taste in my mouth, well it wasn’t a surprise four guys had just come off in my innocent mouth. The guys were lying about with stupid looks on their faces.

“Where the hell did you learn to suck cock like that Jenny?” asked Steve.

“Well I had a couple of good teachers,” I replied. “It was you guys; I’ve never done anything like that, I’m cherry, I’ve only ever given three hand jobs before.”

They couldn’t believe it.

“No wonder you didn’t want to get naked then,” said Mike.

I just smiled at him for a while he was the cutest, and I had enjoyed him more than the others. I’d wanted him to be the first but was glad he was last, as by the time I did him I had a bit of experience.

With that I gathered my clothes and left.


To be continued: – Will Jenny remain a virgin? How does she explain what happened to Charlotte and Kerry? Read more in episodes two and three.

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