Janie and Me: How I Lost… Ch. 01

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Janie and Me: How I Lost My Cherry To Another Girl

I want to start by saying that this story is about people aged 18-21-who are of legal age and consenting young adults. This is a multi-chapter piece. Therefore the first chapter and the last may not contain complete sexual acts. Since this is my own true story I have done my best to capture the details in as accurate a fashion as possible. I have not written in any extra sexual acts to pad the story. As always your votes and comments on this and any other of my pieces are greatly appreciated. Happy reading friends…


This is the true story of how I lost my virginity, and to whom…and it was definitely not the average first time-unless a lot more girls than I know lost their cherries to-A GIRL! That’s right you heard me right…and if you’ll sit back and hold on tight I’ll do my best to take you on the wild ride that led to it all…

Janie and I met the beginning of my sophomore year. I had just turned 18 and she was 3 years older than me. She actually picked on me when I walked around before classes started in the mornings and in the lounge when ever she could…and I was actually a little intimidated by her bully-type nature. She liked casino oyna to joke and tease people, something I wasn’t really used to from other girls our age…I mean guys picked on me all the time…usually to get my attention and hopefully a date later on down the road.

When the big snowstorm hit you can believe that I was very surprised to get a call from her at home. She had called a mutual friend for my number. I didn’t think of it as weird that a girl had looked up my number and started calling me on a regular basis. Looking back I guess I should have…but what did I know I was a virgin.

That afternoon’s call was to ask if I thought I could get away from home and come out and tear up in the big trucks with her and Misty and some of the local boys…I said I could if I spent the night with Misty-she always went out whenever she wanted. Janie said that was cool and she said to have Misty’s boyfriend bring us up to meet them around 8 that night-in the old A&P parking lot. They were all having fun spinning out doing donuts, Jim Rockford turns and flying through the parking lot in shopping carts on the ice. Hell, they even tied the carts to the 4wheel drive trucks and pulled them along like they were tubin’.

That canlı casino was the night that I got my first taste of a drink they called “The Nightmare”-pink lemonade Kool-aid mix and vodka. Well after 3 super-squeeze bottles of mainly vodka and hardly any lemonade I was feeling no pain at all! Hell I was standing up surfing along in one those damn shopping carts like a pro!

Misty decided to go home with her boyfriend, 21 year-old Chad that night because his parents were out of town at a convention and he had the house to himself. Even though misty and I were 18…we mainly still lived at home and had to abide by the “house rules” which meant having a place to have was sex a pain in the ass and it usually ended up being in the back of a parked car. Misty went home with Chad…and that left me to spend the night with Janie.

So…here I was going home with this 21 year-old girl that I didn’t even know all that well…we were soaked to the bone from playing in the snow and I had left all my clothes at Misty’s. As I undressed in her room, she dug through her dresser drawers to find a t-shirt I could sleep in…I should have noticed that it was taking her a long time to find something…but I kaçak casino was so drunk at that point that I didn’t care. And I was back to her so she was staring at my g-stringed ass…and the pert and perky 34 C’s I sported back then…but from where I was standing I didn’t notice.

We sat up and talked for a while. Watched Friday night videos and Friday the 13th (the TV series not the movie) and then we decided to get some rest…or at least lay down and cut the lights off. My head was pounding and I knew I was gonna be staring at the ceiling fan all night-if I closed my eyes the room spun and I knew I’d be praying to the porcelain god if I tried to sleep. Maybe later I’d feel better…after the alcohol wore off a bit.

Janie headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth and stuff…I was already in her double bed-which I was finding to my displeasure to be a really wavy waterbed. When Janie headed back into her room she took a running start from down the hall and jumped onto the waterbed…sending me flying and my 94 lb little ass got stuck in the crack-the crack between the bed and the wall-and with a thud at that.

After laughing hardily at me Janie smacked me on my pretty much naked ass and then pulled me out. We cut out the lights and lay there talking in the still darkness of the room. I’m not sure when or exactly what was said that sparked the whole thing…but Janie leaned over and kissed me…and it felt good.

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