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It was the summer after my high school graduation. I was staying at my best friend John’s house. Him and his mom lived together in a one-story house with a pool in the back. Even though John and I grew up together, it was hard not to think of his mom in a sexual way. She was about 5’5”, 135 lbs. And, even though in her mid-thirties, she had perky 34D breasts. Her hair was light brown and her eyes were an alluring emerald green. She had these pouty lips men fantasize about and these lovely legs that ended in these well-kept feet. She was a knockout.

I guess it all started the morning she noticed me. When at John’s house, I would sleep on the sofa bed. Since it was the summer, I had kicked off the sheets in the middle of the night from the heat. That morning, I woke up with Janice standing over me in a light blue terrycloth robe. At first, all I noticed was how her robe was showing some of her cleavage. I then shook my head and realized that she was telling me that she made waffles for breakfast. I nodded and said thank you as she started to walk away. As she did so, she looked at me and I noticed that she wasn’t looking at my face. I looked down and saw that she was looking at the tent that formed in my boxers. She then smiled and left the room.

The next afternoon, the three of us decided to take a swim in the pool. Janice came into the backyard wearing a red bikini top that looked like it was struggling to keep her breasts in and a red thong that really showed off her shapely, tanned thighs and her firm, round ass. We swam for about an hour before she got out and lay down on a lawn chair. She picked up a bottle of suntan lotion casino oyna from under her chair and started rubbing it on her legs and thighs. She then moved up to her arms and chest. I couldn’t help but watch her breasts jiggle as she rubbed the lotion into them. She then laid back and put on a pair of sunglasses. About fifteen minutes later, John said he was going in to shower off. After he went in, Pamela called to me, “Adrian, can you do me a favor sweetie?”

“Sure, Ms. G. What can I do for you?”

“Can you lotion my back for me?”

I stammered an okay as I climbed out of the pool. While I approached her, she looked at me as she untied the back of her top, using her arms to keep it against her breasts. She smiled as she noticed a bulge forming in my swimming shorts. She lay on her stomach, waiting for me. I took the bottle and poured some of the lotion into my hands. I heard her moan as I started to rub some f the lotion into her back. My cock was throbbing as my hands moved up and down her smooth back. As I finished and started to get up, she said, “You forgot a spot” and patted her ass. She turned around and must have seen the nervousness in my face, because she smiled and said, “I don’t bite.” I put some more lotion in my hands and started to massage her cheeks. My member felt ready to explode by the time I was finished.

That evening, Janice told John to drive to the market while I helped her get dinner ready. After John left, she told me she was going to be right back and went upstairs to her room. A couple of minutes later, I went to the fridge to get something to drink. As I was bent over, I felt something pinch my canlı casino butt. I turned around and saw Janice standing behind me. She was wearing a white-laced teddy and white stilettos. “You like it?” she asked me. Before I could answer, she pulled me to her and kissed me deeply. I could feel her tongue probing my mouth as she started grinding her hips into my groin.

During the kiss, Janice started moving backwards until she was sitting on the edge of the table. She put one of her stiletto-covered feet on the table and pulled up the bottom of her lingerie, exposing her shaved, glistening, pussy. She gestured with her finger, beckoning me to come closer.

I moved to her and started kissing her again. She unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it on the floor. My heart was racing as she unzipped my shorts and let them fall to the floor, leaving me standing there in my boxers. Next, she pushed my head down between her legs and moaned. I stuck out my tongue and moved it up and down the walls of her pink pussy. She kept moaning my name as I teased her clit with my tongue, alternating between flicking and sucking it. Her moaning became louder and faster until I was rewarded with the taste of her warm tangy juices flowing into my mouth. She then pulled my up and kissed me, using her tongue to taste her on my lips.

She pulled down my boxer shorts and grabbed my hard, throbbing cock. “I want you inside me,” she said as she pulled the teddy over her head. I took my hands and started massaging her full breasts. She inhaled deeply as I lightly tweaked and pulled her pink nipples. She laid back on the table and spread her legs, inviting me in. kaçak casino She held her breath as my head reached the entrance to her waiting womanhood. She let out a sigh as I entered her and started moving. Janice wrapped her legs around my ass, pulling me in further. I took in a mouthful of her breasts while she started rubbing her hands on my back. I could feel the warmth of her pussy surrounding my cock as it slid in and out. We started breathing heavier as we lay on the table grinding together. All of a sudden, she pushed me off and stood up. She turned me around, laid me on my back, and stood over me. “I want to ride you,” she said as she climbed on top of me. She slid down easily on my cock and started and started grinding and bouncing. I watched the hypnotic bounce of her breasts and she ran her nails down my chest. The sensation sent chills down my spine. She kept bouncing faster and faster, harder and harder. Soon, she leaned back her head. She arched her back and stuck out her breasts. I felt her walls tighten around my penis as she let out one last scream of pleasure, sending her cum dripping down my cock into my lap.

Next, she dismounted and stood me up. Janice then got on her knees and wrapped her lips around my wet dick. She bobbed her head back and forth as I played with her hair. She used her hand to pump me and played her tongue around my head and shaft. She looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes and that sent me over the edge. I let out a loud groan as I shot my cum into her mouth. I could feel her sucking the seed out of me as she swallowed every drop.

After we were done, we got dressed and started dinner. John came home and we ate like normal. Every so often, while at John’s house, Janice and I would get together at night. John never found out about us and couldn’t understand why I would smile when I walked into his kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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