Jamie the Black Sheep Ch. 04

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This is the fourth chapter of the “Jamie The Black Sheep” story. I hope you enjoyed the first three. If you’re starting here, I suggest you move back so that you can meet the cast of characters.


After a few minutes the astonished stares from the kitchen table went away as people refocused on our drinking game. Rachel and Emily were certainly attempting to have their fun for the weekend. Their respective boys were paying them all sorts of attention. Every now and then one of them would spring up, like some nervous twitch. It was clear there was something going on under the table, but I mostly let it wash over me. I leaned back, sipped my mixed drink, and let the game go one without me.

“Ladies, are we going to make a night of this?” the boys said as they got up from the table. It was pretty obvious they were both sporting some wood. Emily and Rachel must have been giving as well as they received.

“Definitely,” Emily and Rachel said in unison.

“In that case there something we need to go grab at our place. Give us about ten minutes.”

“Sure thing.”

I turned my head to see that I had Emily and Rachel’s rapt attention.

Emily started it off, “There’s no way we’re letting that comment slide. What did you do? Or what did you not do?”

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” I said meekly. I was too tired to get started on this. Plus, I still wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I’d get from these two. They had been my friends for a long time, but I knew that if I laid out the whole story there’s a good chance our relationship would take a serious blow. This goes back to who these girls were: mostly good girls who had the occasional moderate dalliance. What I could tell them would go leagues beyond what they’d consider appropriate.

“Oh no, you’re not getting off that easy. Listen Jamie, we know what kind of weekend you’ve had. First Will, then Ryan, and now apparently this married dude. That’s one helluva weekend! I know you think we can’t handle something like this, but we HAVE to know.”

“I know Jamie, I’ve been so pissed that I haven’t had any fun this whole weekend,” Emily added in.

“Emily, you had plenty of fun the first night.”

“Wait what, I passed out before anything could happen, or that’s what I remember.”

“Yea, you passed out alright, but there was a lot that happened before that.”

Rachel looked at Emily and gave her a, “You little slut. Playing Ms. Innocent all day long.”

“I don’t remember! What did we do?”

“Well, after Rachel and Claire left we all started the dance party again. Will had hidden a mostly full bottle of vodka, and we started passing it around taking shots. Soon enough, we were all shots off each other.”

“The boys really cranked it up then.”

“Not just the boys Emily, you poured booze down my front and licked it clean.”

“No way, I’ve never done something like that to a girl.”

“Girl, you had almost my whole boob in your mouth. When I returned the favor, I couldn’t get half of one of those massive things in my mouth.”

“Good lord, what happened next?”

“Your naked, horny ass led an equally naked and horny Andy and Ryan to the pullout. You were begging to get double teamed, so I went to the bedroom with Will. The next thing I know Ryan comes into the bedroom and announces you had passed out.”

“Damn! I missed it. How did the girls find me with my clothes on?”

“Andy and Ryan put them back on you. They figured it would probably end badly if Claire and Rachel came home to you naked on the couch passed out, them naked sitting around, and Will and I going at it in the bedroom.”

“Look at foxy lady now!” Rachel screamed. “Jamie, all day Emily’s been swearing up and down that she was prim and proper last night. Looks like she was leading the charge of the Slut Brigade.”

“We were all right there together.”

“Alright. So now we know about that. Here’s what we DON’T know! What happened with Mr. Hot Dad from the pool?”

“Guys, I don’t know…”

“You’re going to tell us. Listen Jamie, we promise: no judgment, we just want to know. We won’t tell Claire.”

I had forgotten about Claire. God, she was such a problem. All of us were sitting and having a good time, Claire was on the chair (the same one I was bent over and nearly fucked on this morning) reading a book.

“Ok, ok. So we were at the pool, talking all afternoon. We started drinking. Then after a few hours in the sun stuff started heating up. We made out in the hallway going to the bathroom. The next thing I know we’re back at his condo, starting to get it on.”

“Where was his wife?”

“She was out looking at properties with her sister. She’d told him they were getting back late that night. I guess the plans changed.”

“So she caught you?”

“Yea, that was the humiliating part.”

I had to stop to think about that. It was totally humiliating, but not kind of humiliation a kid gets by peeing their pants in school. This was a savory humiliation. canlı bahis This was falling from a pedestal. I was the lowest of the low as those two astonished women looked on. A fallen woman. My body’s reaction was just like the rush of adrenaline hanging over a ledge. I had felt my stomach drop. There was a static fuzz in my mind. It was kind of like the moment before you think you’re about to crash. Total fear. But that quickly washed away and left me feeling very turned on. There’s no way I could tell these girls that.

“That’s some serious shit, Jamie. And totally fucking hot! And let’s not let you drop the admission that he was ‘buried in your ass.'”

This was going better than I’d expected. No revulsion. They both still seemed into it. And they’re genuinely curious about the anal. Maybe I’m not giving these girls enough credit.

“Yea, it wasn’t something I expected. It just kind of happened, and that’s when she walked in.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Like hell, at first.”


“Fucking amazing. One of the hardest orgasms I’ve ever had. There were some other factors at play. I’m not sure if I could even describe it. He was fantastic though. So much so that I doubt this was his first go-round on the cheating scene.”

“Mmmm,” they both let out in an approving way.

Just then the boys returned. They had grocery bags filled with some stuff.

“Ladies want some dinner?”

Just then Claire came back into the picture, “What? I thought we were all going out. Guys, we’re only here another two days. We only went to eat the first night!”

Claire did have a point. This was our vacation and we had been spending most of our time here in the condo. But at that moment I saw a deflated look on both Emily and Rachel’s face. They wanted to stay. They wanted the boys to stay. At that moment, I knew I was going to have to fall on this grenade.

“Claire, why don’t you and I go out? These boys brought some food. We shouldn’t waste it. Rachel and Emily, you two stay and eat. We’ll all go on a girls’ night tomorrow night.”

Smiles erupted from the four sitting at the table. Claire looked mildly displeased, but I think she knew by everyone’s expression that this wasn’t going to be a battle she was going to win.

“Ok Jamie, let’s go party and let these homebodies miss out on some fun! But girls’ night tomorrow!”

Somehow I doubted our fun would outpace what was going to happen in this condo, but I put on a good face and decided to make the best of the night.


I stood naked in the bedroom by myself. I heard the others outside, really picking up the pace of their drinking. I had just taken a long, luxuriating shower and it totally really recharged me. I did a great job straightening my hair. Next, I put on a good amount of makeup. Not complete slut mode, but enough to demonstrate that I meant business that evening.

Hmm, what to wear? I had no idea what Claire was planning to do, so I had to be ready for any occasion. Claire didn’t drink or put out, but that didn’t mean she was predictable. She was always game to go to the new or hip place in town. I think it was mostly so she could make appearances and then brag to whoever listened to her about those kinds of things. People at her work? Who knows.

I picked out a short little purple dress. It had really thin fabric with a plunging V neckline that tied around the back of my neck, leaving my back almost bare. I don’t have the biggest amount of cleavage, but this dress worked a little magic to make me look pretty damn hot. You can’t really wear a bra, so I put on some stickies that would give me some lift (and some volume!) but still not be seen. Next, the panties weren’t a big decision. I had to go with a small thong, because the dress was so tight and thin. The only hitch was that the skirt was pretty shot and flared at the bottom, so there was a chance of flashing people. Decision made: go with the tiniest thong I own. My final touch was the most exciting addition. Well, at least for the girl in me. I put on a pair of beautiful black, strappy Christian Louboutin heels with bright red soles. The heels were really high—at around three or four inches—but they were gorgeous!

With my outfit complete, I checked myself out and knew I looked ready for the club!


When I walked outside, I realized that Claire was not ready for the club. I had apparently seriously misjudged the situation. Claire was standing there in a cute, albeit extremely ordinary, top. The real kicker was her jeans. They were totally “mom jeans”—the kind that go up way too high above your hips, make your ass look flat, and not hug your frame at all. Uh, this was just sad to see.

“Jamie, wow I didn’t know we were getting so dressed up! I thought we were just going to dinner.”

“Oh, I thought after dinner you wanted to go do something. I can go change.”

“No, if we wait too much longer all the restaurants will be slammed.”

“Ok, point the way.” With that, Claire and I headed out the door. bahis siteleri As I left, I turned and gave the four remaining a wave and a wink. Emily and Rachel waved goodbye with great enthusiasm.

“Don’t hurry home.”

Right before I closed the door I saw one of the boys pull some kind of baggy out of his pocket.


Claire selected a semi-nice place to eat. The appetizers were delicious, the ambiance was nice, and the wine was excellent. I ordered a whole bottle of white wine expecting to share it with Claire.

“No thanks, I’m still probably going to drive home.”

“Claire, we can just cab home. You can sit back and enjoy yourself if you want.”

“I may have a glass, but you go ahead.”

Debby fucking Downer. We sat through the rest of the meal making very small talk. We completely avoided all of the incidents that had occurred over the past few days and talked about nothing. It was pretty lame. What I did succeed in doing, however, was finish my bottle of wine. As the check was coming, I saw Claire hadn’t even touched her glass. When the waiter took our final bill, I reached over and downed Claire’s glass.

“Let’s go grab another drink!”

“Jamie, wait! I thought we were going home.”

“Oh Claire, just one drink. I bet the people at home haven’t even finished eating yet. Let’s not disturb their dinner.”

“Ok, but just one drink.”

“Definitely, and you’ll be more than fine to drive.”


Ten minutes later Claire and I were in line for a very exciting looking club. The line outside was populated by very attractive people. All the guys looked really hot and the girls were dressed in their full club gear. Some had taken that idea to the extreme. I looked tame compared to a lot of them.

It took us another ten or so minutes to get to the front of the line. There were only three people left in front of us, and the bouncer was checking their IDs and taking the cover charge.

“Jamie, I really have to pee!”

“Ok, you head straight for the ladies room. I’ll run to the bar and get us some drinks! Let’s meet next to the DJ booth, there’s always one of those.” It seemed like a good enough plan and we both nodded our assent.

I gave my ID and cover charge to the bouncer. As I walked inside, I glanced around and saw Claire doing the same thing. I looked down to put my ID and wallet into my clutch ***Whoosh*** Wow, inside the club’s front door was a whole new world. The lighting was amazing. The people were all dancing like crazy. Most of all, the music was so powerful you could feel the bass beat move through you. This place was amazing.

God, everything about the place was nice. The temperature was set perfectly: warm enough so the girls could wear close to nothing but cool enough so that the place wasn’t a sauna. The dance floor was mostly comprised of these big, smooth dark panels. In between those were ambient lights shining up. It made the floor seem to glow. I had never seen anything like it.

I looked over and the bar was jammed with people so I scampered over to jockey for position. After a few minutes of elbowing my way to the front, I finally had some real estate at the bar. On either side of me were two stunning girls. They were both trying to win the attention of the bartenders by leaning over and giving them as much of an eyeful as they possibly could. Three can play at that game! I leaned in, pushed my forearms into the outside of my boobs. That pushed them together and created as much cleavage as I was going to have. I wasn’t the first one of the three of us chosen to give our order, but I was the second.

“Two Cosmos, please,” I said while handing the bartender a $50. He came back with the change and my drinks. “And you can keep the change.” I left him a fat tip hoping that he’d remember me and serve me as quickly as possible in the future. This place was too much fun to just have one drink!

I started moving to where I thought the DJ would be. It took a while to get there. There were tons of people dancing and moving through the crowd. I had to be extra careful, because I had two drinks that were very spill-prone. Somehow, I made it to that end of the club without spilling. I looked up, and the DJ booth was on a balcony overhanging the club’s dance floor. It wasn’t sticking out too much, but enough so that the DJ was looking out over everyone. You could tell he could see if people were into the groove or if he needed to change something up.

The music was amazing. I started sipping on my drink and moving with the music. It’s tough to dance while you’re double-fisting drinks, so my moves were a little limited. I did get some offers to dance though. I brushed them all aside, because I continued to scan the crowd for Claire. She should be pretty easy to spot in this crowd. The girls all looked ready for their stripper auditions, and the guys all had their shirts open.

As I waited longer and longer, I began to sense that something in our plan had gone awry. She should be here by now. I was at bahis şirketleri the bar for a pretty good while before I got served. Oh well. The girls’ bathroom is probably the biggest X factor in any bar or restaurant. Sometimes, the line takes forever. That must be what’s happening. I took out my phone to see if I could get in touch with her that way. I clicked on my Blackberry, and it showed that I had no signal. Crap. No way to call her.

I leaned back against the cloth covered wall to take a little pressure off my high heel-covered feet. Quickly, I found myself leaning back a little too far. I was falling through the cloth! There wasn’t a wall behind it!

I somehow regained my footing and hoped no one saw that. I had come pretty close to falling right on my back and spilling our drinks all over myself. Luckily, no one seemed to notice. I looked back through the cloth and saw a staircase going up. I figured it was the stairs the DJ took to get to his platform. Being a little bold after a whole bottle of wine and half a Cosmo, I headed up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, I saw the little gate that led to the DJ booth and equipment. The stairs veered to the right and went a little higher to some other room. I decided to stay here. From this vantage point, I could see the whole club: the dance floor, the bar, and the restrooms. It was neat, because you could see all the lights, speakers, and inner workings of the club from this angle. Down on the floor it was a bright, loud blur if you looked up. This would be the best place for me to spot Claire in this place. So I hunkered down and started eyeing the crowd.

About a minute later I heard someone trying to get my attention. It was funny, you could actually hear pretty well up here. Down on the floor, you would have to scream in someone’s ear to pass a sentence. Up here, however, you were above and behind the speakers pointed down at the floor. I looked over and saw the extremely cute DJ waving me over. I walked through the little gate and over to where he was standing.

“Hey lady, what are you doing up here? Bringing me a drink?”

I looked down and remembered I had two drinks.

“No, I’m just looking for my friend. She was supposed to meet me right below here, but I can’t find her. So I came up here to get the bird’s eye view of everything.”

“Technically, you’re not supposed to be up here, but exceptions can be made. What’s your name?”


“I’m Luc.” [as in Luke]

Luc was incredibly handsome. He was a little over six feet tall and strong built. He had his headphones on, but one of the earpieces was off so that he could hear me. He didn’t really look like what I thought I DJ at this place would look like. He had on nice slacks and a Polo. I figured a DJ would be a Jersey-ed guido, but this guy had conservative prep frat star written all over him. Just my type!

We chatted it up for a little while and immediately hit it off. I found out he graduated from college a few years ago (like me) who was really into all kinds of music. His family was somehow involved in running or owning the place, but I couldn’t get specifics out of him. Oh well, I wasn’t interested in that. I figured I made more money than he did.

Ten more minutes passed, and I realized that I’d subconsciously finished my own drink and had started sipping Claire’s Cosmo. More than that, I only had a sip or two left. Damn, if I found her I’d have to go get another round!

Luc saw that my drink was near empty. “Hey, can I get you another? What’s your pleasure?”

I didn’t know if I wanted him to buy me a drink. The past few days had been pretty crazy, and on some level I was kind of glad that I was out with Claire. When this night started, I figured there was no way I’d get into any more shenanigans. For one, I didn’t think my body could take it. I could still feel the tingle in my pussy and ass and interpreted that as soreness. If I took any more abuse, I might not be able to walk straight for a week.

He sensed my hesitation and said, “Hey, don’t worry about it. The drinks get comped for the entertainment. If I don’t enjoy them, it feels like a waste. I’m having a scotch, what can I get you?”

“I’ll take a Cosmo, thanks.”

He radioed down for someone to bring up our order and turned back to me.

“So where’s your friend?”

“I have no idea. I kind of forgot about her! Is that terrible? I suppose I’m a terrible friend.” I said that with some modicum of genuine concern. I didn’t think Claire was all that fun, but ditching her at a club was something else.

“No, I distracted you. What’s she look like? What’s she wearing? Maybe I’ve spotted her. I get a pretty good look at most people in this place.” He finished that line with a little smirk that gave me the impression he was hiding something behind his words.

“Well, she’d probably look a little out of sorts. She didn’t know we were coming to a club, so she dressed a little down. She’s in jeans and a pretty ordinary top.”

“Oh,” Luc said with an embarrassed/worried face. “There was something on the club radio about a girl getting turned away outside and making a little fuss. Something about her friend being inside. I suppose that’d be you?”

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