James , Jasmine Ch. 04

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Thursday – Paris to Nice

The next morning was a whirlwind as James and Jasmine met early for breakfast and prepared to depart Paris for Nice. Henri met them under the porte cochere – the same place he had dropped them off only a few short days ago – and they sped through the early morning Paris traffic to Gare de Lyon where they would board the TGV train to Nice. James had relayed how the train would travel up to 200 miles per hour at times and would deliver them to the Cote d’Azur in under six hours.

They boarded the train – a double-decker – and settled into first class accommodations in an upper cabin. Jasmine had taken a few American trains before, but had never seen a train so well-appointed and classy. This was going to be a very nice ride, indeed. They settled into their seats and awaited departure.

The train eased out of the station right on time and as they passed the outskirts of Paris and raced into the countryside, they began to gather speed. Soon the train was hurtling along at close to cruising speed. It was a strange sensation, traveling on the ground at such a high velocity. The ride was smooth and it wasn’t until they looked outside that they could tell how incredibly fast they were actually moving.

They talked as they watched the rolling fields and endless vistas whip by and spent the better part of their journey learning more about one another. James shared an abridged story of his life – his early years growing up in the Boston suburbs, college in Virginia and his eventual move to New York. He gave an honest account of his meeting Paul and of his tempestuous marriage. Jasmine asked questions, but James was forthcoming and needed little prodding to share his story.

Eventually the conversation turned to Jasmine and she began to recall her own story – growing up in Chicago, an undergraduate degree in art from a small college in Oregon and then working in the Portland area for a while. She eventually drifted down to the San Francisco area, following a boyfriend, Alan, and that is where her story got interesting and James began to gently probe.

“So, Alan was worth pursuing?” James asked.

“Well, I’d had a number of boyfriends prior to Alan, but he was the first I got really hooked on. We had amazing chemistry. I don’t know how else to put it,” she stated unabashedly.

“Chemistry? How so?”

“I don’t know,” Jasmine responded absentmindedly as she looked out the window at the countryside speeding by. “He was interesting, handsome, great body, funny…” She hesitated slightly before continuing. “And he was incredibly exciting sexually, to be quite honest. He just knew how to touch all my buttons and was constantly keeping our sex life fun and varied. There was never a dull moment,” she added. James could see that she was temporarily lost in a very pleasant memory, but he wanted to know more, so he waited a moment before continuing his questioning.

“Tell me more,” he prodded. “It sounds fascinating.”

“Well, I guess I began to find out things about myself that I didn’t know were there. He was so adventurous sexually, constantly pushing the envelope and challenging me. And it worked. Actually, the more I learned about him and his fantasies, the more I learned about my own. He opened me up to many new and exciting experiences. There was never a dull moment.”

James was intrigued and knew he could learn some things to benefit his own attraction to Jasmine. He wanted to know more, but didn’t want to appear like he was prying. But he also sensed that Jasmine was open to talking about it, so he continued his line of questioning.

“Well, give me an example. What kinds of new experiences?”

Jasmine hesitated for a moment, unsure how much she should share. But she was finding thinking about the experiences to be a turn-on, so she took a deep breath, looked James in the eye, and continued.

“Well, for one thing Alan liked to watch, like, watch other people having sex.” She stopped, looked to see James’s reaction. Seeing nothing untoward, she continued. “And he liked to be watched too. And in exploring that realm, I found that I did too. I liked both – I liked to watch someone having sex near me – and I liked having someone watch me. I know that sounds a bit strange or kinky,” she said drawing a deep breath. “But it was so fucking hot,” she hissed. She hesitated for a moment before adding, “Still is.”

“Ohh,” James reacted. “Now you have to tell me more,” he laughed. He could see that Jasmine was enjoying sharing the memory, so very little encouragement was needed to keep her talking.

“You really want to know the whole story?” she asked, knowing exactly how James would respond. He just smiled and she knew she should continue.

“Well, we lived together in the Mission. Alan was doing early high tech stuff and I was working in a gallery. It was a fun and carefree time. Our sex life was nothing short of amazing, to be quite honest. Alan was a big bear of a man: very masculine, broad casino oyna shoulders, muscular, but very soft hands. I love the contrast of our bodies and always felt protected by him.

James smiled at the image of Jasmine’s slender body being dwarfed by a burly male specimen.

“Anyway, we became very friendly with this other couple – friends of Alan’s. His name was Bruce and hers was Abby. He was a big strapping guy too, an Aussie with a great sense of humor to go with his accent and she was a gorgeous slender model type – absolutely beautiful. She was one of those women that just oozes sexuality from every pore.”

“I know the type,” James joked. Jasmine smiled at the compliment and continued.

“It all started innocently enough, and Alan had often talked about what a sexy couple they were and what amazing sex they must have. We’d occasionally weave them into our sex play at home – just imagining them fucking. We’d pretend they were sitting next to us, watching us have sex. I don’t know why, but we both found it incredibly hot. It was all fantasy and hot fun.” Jasmine took a swig of water before continuing. “But there was always this undercurrent, like, ‘maybe this could really happen.'”

“One weekend, after we’d been hanging out with them for a month or so, we all took a weekend trip up to Napa. We rented this really cool villa with an amazing view of the countryside. Alan and Bruce were both doing pretty well for themselves, and we had an amazing couple days, wining and dining on great food and wine. The second day we’d spent the whole afternoon at a winery and then gone to dinner. By the time we got back to our place that night we were all pretty drunk.”

James could tell Jasmine was getting into the flow of the story now and all he had to do was be a good listener. He touched her thigh lightly to let her know he was enjoying the tale and she pushed on.

“We were all sitting on this big wrap-around sofa. Alan and I were cuddled up next to one another and Bruce was encouraging Abby to dance, which she loved to do. This hot electronic music was cranked up and she began to dance and sway – so damn sexy – she had an amazing body and really knew how to work it and show it off. And while she was dancing at Bruce’s request, she kept looking over at us as she was bumping and grinding her tight sexy hips. She had this dreamy smile on her face and Alan and I were transfixed.”

Jasmine was on a roll now and James was right there with her, nodding and making short affirmative comments as she got engrossed in her story.

“Bruce was encouraging her and clapping – we were all hooting and hollering. Suddenly Abby jumped on top of Bruce and straddled him on the couch. She had her hands in the air and she was grinding down onto Bruce’s lap – he was getting his own personal lap dance. I’m not doing the moment justice, but it was hot, James. And every so often she and then Bruce, or both of them together, would look over at us. Then, all of a sudden, Abby had her hands in the air and Bruce was lifting her top up and over her head. She was wearing these impossibly tight low rider jeans and a sexy little blue bra – very sheer. She arched her back and reached back to lean her weight on Bruce’s knees. I’ll never forget the outline of her perfect breasts, her nipples straining against the thin fabric. God…” Jasmine stopped to regain her composure as she got lost for a second in the thought of the moment.

“How were you feeling at that moment?” James inquired. Jasmine smiled and flushed a bit before answering.

“So incredibly turned on. It was like one of the fantasies we had shared was coming true – right in front of our eyes. Maybe Alan had expected this, but I hadn’t. I remember reaching over to touch Alan’s thigh and sliding my hand up to graze this huge bulge in his pants. God, he was hard and he was a big boy. He was soooo fucking turned on – and so was I.” Jasmine took a deep breath and another swig of water,

“As Abby ground down on Bruce, giving him this incredible lap dance, he reached behind with one hand and expertly unsnapped her bra. She shrugged her shoulders and in one quick motion she threw her bra across the sofa at us. Without missing a beat he leaned down and began to suck on her nipples, just feeding on her incredible breasts. He had both hands wrapped around her behind and was grabbing and squeezing her cheeks, guiding her sexy movements. God, she groaned out loud and closed her eyes as Bruce sucked her nipples. I just remember being so incredibly turned on – watching this display and wondering where all this was going, but kind of knowing. I’d never experienced anything like it; we’d just talked about it in the past.”

“Anyway, Abby looked over at us and I saw her gaze go down to my hand as I was lightly stroking the enormous bulge in Alan’s jeans. He moaned loudly as I squeezed him and soon both Abby and Bruce were watching us.”

Jasmine looked a little flushed as she continued the story.

“Suddenly, Abby said, ‘I think canlı casino we should take their dicks out.’ God, she was such a pisser. And so we did. She got off Bruce and unbuckled his pants and slid them down while I did the same with Alan. The guys just looked at one another like they were the luckiest dudes on earth,” Jasmine laughed. “And they were.”

“The next hour is just a blur in my mind. I suddenly found myself on my knees between Alan’s thighs, sucking his big thick cock for all I was worth. And I’d look up at Alan and then over at Bruce and Abby. She was absolutely devouring him and he’s a big guy too. God, it was so fucking sexy. I mean I was doing something I’d done a hundred times before – Alan loved getting head – but here we were next to our friends doing the same thing and we were watching them and they were watching us and it seemed so wrong, but also seemed so right,” she laughed. “It’s hard to explain. All I knew is I was more turned on than I had ever been.”

“I understand,” said James. “It’s turning you on just talking about it. Isn’t it.”

“Yes,” Jasmine admitted. “Well, you don’t need to know all the gory details. Let me just say that I’d never experienced same room sex before and I was dripping,” Jasmine laughed. “It was so hot – watching our friends and them watching us. Pretty soon Bruce had pulled Abby back up onto his lap and we watched as he guided his big cock into her tight little pussy. She was in complete ecstasy as she slowly impaled herself on him and began to ride. God, they were fucking right in front of us, James! And they kept looking over at us – it was like they were performing for us in a way. Pretty soon Alan had me on my knees on the couch and he was fucking me doggy, being rough, kinda the way I like it,” she said with a devilish grin. “He knew how fucking hot I was and he was just slamming into me and we could see that this was turning on Bruce and Abby. Everything just kept ratcheting up in hotness. It was crazy!” she exclaimed.

Abby was flush from recounting her sexy tale and took another swig of water. “Sounds incredibly hot,” James offered.

“It was. It was truly an amazing night. And that was just the start of the craziness. That night we stayed with our respective partners and just fucked our brains out while watching each other. But things progressed from there,” Jasmine admitted, almost a bit shyly.

“Really? Tell me more,” James prodded.

“Well, we were in Napa for one more night and the next evening the guys got Abby and I to start dancing with one another and stripping for the guys. We were pretty drunk again and high too, as I recall. The guys were sitting on the big sofa, encouraging us and egging us on. I felt really drawn to Abby and she was into it and pretty soon we were making out in front of the guys and they were laughing and carrying on. Before long they both had their big dicks out and it was just crazy!” Jasmine hesitated. “God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

“Don’t be silly. I love it. Had you been with a woman before?” James questioned.

“A few times, back in college. But nothing like this,” Jasmine replied. “I do like women,” she stated without blinking as she looked to gauge James’s reaction.

“I had a feeling you did. Just a hunch,” he smiled.

“You did? How?”

“I don’t know. Just watching you with Nicole, and dancing last night with Sophie. Let’s just call it intuition,” James explained. “So, go on.”

“I don’t know. You probably don’t want a play-by-play. It was just a majorly hot night and Abby and I got off on one another big time – and the guys were loving watching us eat one another and finger our pussies. And then we started tribbing and the guys were going wild with lust and stroking their big hard cocks. God, I came so fucking hard that night – watching both guys jacking while Abby and I rubbed our clits together like we’d done it a million times before. Damn. Abby is gorgeous, as I said, and a very tasty lady.”

“As are you,” James added with a smile.

“Thanks. Anyway, we had several other trips and evenings with Bruce and Abby and explored all sorts of combinations. The borders of just watching another couple blurred pretty quickly and soon we were exchanging partners and doing all sorts of combinations. I know this sounds weird, but I loved watching Alan with Abby. There was something so hot in watching my partner fuck another woman – especially her. And I loved feeling free enough to fuck Bruce. He’s probably the biggest guy I’ve been with and it was a trip. Then, one night, Alan encouraged me to join Bruce and Abby and I had my first threesome. Alan just sat back and watched and enjoyed. Then we switched and both took on Alan while Bruce watched.”

Jasmine hesitated again, aware that she was sharing information that James might find offensive.

“I’m sorry. I’m sharing way too much. You don’t want to know all of this,” she stated, embarrassed.

“No. Don’t be silly. This is hot as hell. I love hearing all kaçak casino of it, especially given where we’ll be Saturday night.”

“Mmm. I know,” Jasmine seethed. “God, that has the potential to be so hot.”

“Yes, I know it does. So, keep going,” James exhorted.

“Well, over time we did just about every combination you can think of. They were just such a fun-loving couple and so sexy. It just all happened so naturally.”

“What was your sexiest memory of that time?” James asked. Jasmine pondered the question before responding.

“Hmm. Well, one night Alan and Bruce teamed up with Abby and they did a threesome while I watched. God, that was so damn erotic, watching my man have great sex with another couple. At one point they did this double penetration thing. Oh, James. It was outrageous.” Jasmine stated, clearly excited by the memory. “I’d seen it in porn before, but never in real life. God, Abby was beside herself with pleasure. She’d been riding Bruce, hard, and sucking Alan as he stood to the side while I watched. I was so turned on. I was only a few feet away, naked, my legs spread, and I was finger-fucking myself furiously – I was so turned on. Then Abby reached behind and spread her cheeks and told Alan to lube up and fuck her ass while Bruce was still deep inside her. And he did. I’ll never forget the sounds she made as he slid his hard stiff cock into her tight little asshole. There was something about watching two cocks slide in and out of Abby’s body as I sat a few feet away. But, there was this one point, James, where they were all fucking and they all looked over at me at the same time. I’m watching Abby literally fucking two cocks and they’re all watching me shoving two fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy. It was the hottest moment – just incredible. I remember rubbing myself to an incredible orgasm watching that.”

“Did you ever experience that? Two men?” James queried.

“No, actually. I would have, it just never happened. Before I ever had a chance Bruce got transferred to Dallas and our relationship ended rather sadly and abruptly. And not long after that Alan and I broke it off and I moved to New York,” Jasmine explained. “God, I’m telling you way too much, aren’t I. I’m sorry, James.”

James feigned boredom, yawning and curling his fist to his mouth. He smiled facetiously.

“Oh, yes, Jasmine. It’s a total bore hearing about you having group sex.”

Jasmine socked his arm and chided him for making fun.

“I am seriously not bored, Jasmine, and pretty turned on too. I can’t wait to get to Nice and get you in bed. Mmm, the things I want to do to you,” he whispered as he reached across and put his hand between her thighs. “I bet I’d find a very wet young lady if I went exploring right now,” he grinned.

“That you would, James. God, I am soaked right now.” She leaned in close to his ear. “I wish you could fuck me right here. Right now,” she seethed as she spread her legs and allowed him access further up her sleek legs. At that moment they saw the conductor wending his way down the aisle of their car, so their coital plans had to take a back seat to the moment at hand. They straightened up and dealt with reality.

They spent the rest of the trip talking about intimate subjects and keeping their arousal on a slow simmer. As the train began to near the Cote d’Azur, they let the scenery attract their attention again and watched the landscape turn into a scene of mountainous peaks rolling down lush valleys to the sea. Before long the train was slowing as they eased into the outskirts of Nice.

Soon they were at the station and disembarking. A short cab ride from the station along the Med brought them to a grand white edifice facing the sea.

Jasmine was not sure she had ever seen such luxury. The lobby was understatedly ostentatious – tasteful, but rich. Their bags were brought to a beautiful suite on the top floor over-looking the pool and the sea and Jasmine had to pinch herself, feeling like she was dreaming. Everywhere she looked were the finest details and materials. She had certainly never been exposed to such wealth and grandeur, yet all done with a subtle elegance.

The suite was arranged with two large bedrooms areas flanking a central living area. The materials, the details, the furniture – everything was top shelf.

She walked out on the terrace off the main living space and looked down over a beautiful turquoise pool and the French Riviera beyond. She could see the stony beach and the Promenade des Anglais stretching in a long arching curve to the east and west. The view of the coast line was stunning.

The five story hotel was arranged in a large flat U with the pool in the center of the two parallel wings. She noticed that their suite was on the top floor at the end of one of the ells and realized then that they had to have one of the finest accommodations in the house. She gazed down on the pool and noticed a bevy of beautiful bodies, most of them topless, lounging on chaises, sitting at the open air bar or swimming lazily in the crystal clear water. She immediately wanted to be down at the pool enjoying the sun. She turned and saw James eyeing her suspiciously.

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