Jake’s Saga – Ch. 07 – Weekend with Katie 2

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Jake lay blindfolded on his girlfriend’s bed, his cock flaccid resting in between his splayed legs, wondering what his girlfriend Katie had planned for him. His mind wandered to the many encounters he had with his teacher, Ms Dyers where she had him blindfolded and used him for her sexual pleasure, not that he minded it of course. He was looking forward to meeting with her the next morning at school, and draining his balls in the same classroom he would have class a few hours later. Jake snapped back to reality as he heard the muffled pitter patter of footsteps as they moved towards him. He could feel the bed shift as his girlfriend climbed on, and felt her lay down in between his legs.

Katie’s fingers ran their way along the inside of his thighs, before reaching his scrotum and proceeding to fondle his balls. Jake felt her free hand grasp the base of his flaccid cock before he could feel her warm inviting mouth descend on his member. Katie proceeded to slowly and sensually suck his flaccid cock into life, within seconds the blood started to flow, his cock rapidly hardened until it was fully erect. Now at full mast, Jake felt Katie’s mouth remove itself from his cock, a few seconds later he felt her knees on either side of his hips as she lowered herself onto him. Within a few strokes, Jake’s cock was slick with her juices and she was riding him at a solid pace. Jake started roaming his hands along his girlfriends body, finding her breasts, he gave them a squeeze and tugged on her nipples before moving up, grabbed her buca escort bayan face and pulled her down passionately for a kiss. As their tongues danced, Jake’s hands moved down her back, and squeezed her ass. As he was down there his fingers found her asshole, only to find and object already in there.

“Surprise,” his girlfriend said, momentarily breaking the kiss. Kate removed the blindfold for him, “I had to get it stretched out before you to stick your cock in my ass” she said before resuming the kiss. He left one hand on her ass, his fingers gently pushed on the plug inside her ass, causing her to moan in response. His arm wrapped around her back, pulling her in tight, and he thrust his hips up wildly, fucking her with the intensity of a jackhammer. Jake kept the pace as Katie broke the kiss, playfully nibbled on his ear, “I want you to fuck my ass, then cum in my mouth” she whispered, pulling her hips off his cock. Jake knew what to do as she got on her elbows and knees. Her ass was tilted up with her cheeks spread as he kneeled into position behind her. Jake spit on his hand, gave his cock a few strokes ensuring it was lubed up before withdrawing the object from her ass. It was slightly thinner than his cock at its widest part, and not much longer than four inches. He tossed it on the bed before lining the head of his 7” cock at the entrance to her back door. As the head of his cock made contact with her skin, he could feel Katie push her hips backwards, as she pushed herself onto the head escort buca of his cock he could hear her squeal in a mix of pain and pleasure. “You want me to stop babe?” he asked. “No, it feels good, just give me a few seconds to adjust” was her reply. When her hips continued backwards, Jake took it as a sign and continued to slowly ease his cock into her newly deflowers anus. He continued his slow stroke until his pubic mound was resting against her ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck! I’m so full” Katie moaned out loud before Jake started to withdraw his cock pulling all the way out, “stick it back In!” Katie whimpered, Jake re-entered her ass and slowly fucked her ass, picking up the pace of his thrusts until he was fucking her at a steady pace. Katie adjusted her body so she was now resting on her shoulders, giving Jake a deeper angle to fuck her ass with, as well as allowing a hand to reach back and rub her clit. As Katie rubbed her clit, Jake could hear her orgasm approaching. Reading the situation, Jake let the full amount of his body weight sink onto Katie, her knees gave out and she was now on her belly, his cock was now deeper inside her ass than it had been before. Katie cried out in bliss as the orgasm hit her. The couple lay like this until Katie recovered from her orgasm, Jake supported his own weight again as he resumed fucking his girlfriends tight ass. He picked up the pace and was soon close to his own orgasm. Jake withdrew his cock from Katie’s ass, reveling at her tight sphincter gripping at the buca escort shaft of his cock during his last thrust out before commanding Katie on her back. After she flipped over, Jake straddled her torso and fed his cock to his girlfriend’s eager mouth. Katie sucked off the tangy mixed juices of his saliva and her ass with in eagerness that Jake had not seen from her before. Within seconds, Jake announced that he was going to cum. Katie’s hands grabbed his ass and pulled him in deeper to her as Jake unloaded his seed into her throat. Katie continued to suck him, even after his own orgasm subsided, Jake tried withdrawing his cock from her vaccum like mouth, with no luck. Katie wanted every last drop of cum out his cock. Jake grinned as he had an idea; his hands grabbed either side of Katie’s face as he shoved his cock as far down Katie’s throat as he could, causing her to gag, Jake took the opportunity to withdraw his spent cock.

Jake lay down on the bed next to her, exhausted he muttered “holy fuck, what got into you? You haven’t been that into sucking my cock before” “I don’t know, the taste of my ass was to good, I just had to have more!” Katie said, as she adjusted herself so that her head was now on Jakes abdomen, looking at his cock, she moved down and resumed licking the rest of her juices off his cock before getting up and heading to the shower, Jake in close pursuit. The couple was sexually drained after the day’s experiences and only had the energy to clean themselves up. They quickly washed, rinsed and dried off. After getting dressed Jake noticed the time. “I gotta get going babe, I gotta finish up some homework, see you tomorrow” he said, giving his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek. Jake grabbed his gear and drove home.

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