Jackie and Rhonda Ch. 03

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Bill was pissed. Who could blame him? His brother had thrown his computer out the window. Yes, he was using it to record porn for the internet. Yes, he had set up his brother. Yes, he had just sent out a streaming video of him popping his sister’s best friend’s cherry. How had that happened? What did it matter? His computer was a worthless piece of junk now. The dvd recording was gone. Well, the first payment is usually the best, guess he could check his account status.

With that, Bill went into his sister’s room and accessed his account on her computer. It was a shitty little computer, nothing like the one that had just dropped from the second story window. It had taken him a long time to put that one together. He needed to remember to collect all of the camera transmitters. He should be able to salvage their receivers from the computer. Finally, his account came up. There had to be a mistake. There was over $5000 in there. He barely made that much last month. Next stop was his email account. It was flooded. Most of it had been filtered as spam but he knew most of that was actually his fans getting caught in the filters. The important one was there, the admin from his company’s site.

“Bill, this was the best show yet. The guy you had on first was good, but getting that girl in there was terrific. We switched you over to the hetero site and it went crazy. Too bad it did not last longer. Who was the second chick? With another 30-45 minutes we could easily market this as a full length amateur video. Get us the original asap. We need to re-air this quick. We also need the waivers for the new girls.”

Bill got on the phone. “Chuck, bad news I don’t have the dvd or the license forms. The second girl was my sister and the first was her best friend. They went balisitic and destroyed my computer after stealing the dvd. I doubt either of them can be convinced to sign any waiver.”

“Shit happens man. Well, the $5000 you got earlier will replace your computer won’t it? Either way, you have got to get me that dvd. I’ll give you $10,000 for it with the waivers. You get some more footage and we can double that. And I can’t tell you how much the residuals will be in the long run.”

“Thanks Chuck, I’ll see what I can do.” Bill hung up and put his head down.

What the hell had happened today? He finally gets something going and it falls apart all at once. Maybe Jackie will sign the waiver. After all, she had come down to me… No way. What would convince her to sign it? He had started more because he needed the money and did not want a real job. Hell, if he was going to jack off, why not let people watch for money? Would she do it for the money? Jackie and Rhonda were going to college next year. Chances are they could use the extra dough. Getting them to listen, that’s another story.

In the mean time he needed to get a new computer set up. His brother’s lap top would do for now. After all, his brother had thrown his computer out the window. He went into his brother’s room and dug around until he found it. It was a newer model, good enough to play WoW on anyway so it should handle his programming. It did not have enough ports for all of his cameras but two would do for now. He took it into his room and put installed the software. He collected his cameras and managed to salvage four of the six receivers. The others would have to be replaced eventually. One of the cameras might have come straight from a James Bond flick, or rather Austin Powers. It looked like a gaudy pendant guys used to wear in the 70’s. “I can’t believe rappers wear crap like this now.” He put it on and made sure it was being received by the lap top.

Thirty minutes later he found himself in front of Jackie’s house. He knew that was where they would retreat to. He had taken the last of his immediate cash, $1000, out of his checking account. He stuffed half away and rang the door bell.

After waiting a couple of minutes he considered ringing again. And then Jackie was there, “We don’t need any cocksuckers today, thanks anyway.”

“Five minutes, that’s all I ask.”

“Why should I? You’re an ass! You fucked me, recorded it, and put it live on the internet. Then you threatened me and Rhonda. And I won’t even mention what happened with your brother.”

“Look in the peep hole again.”

He held of the spread of $100 bills. “Does that get me five minutes?”

“Put it through the mail slot.” She counted it. “Ok, $500 gets you five minutes, but don’t try anything.”

The door opened and there was Jackie. She was wearing a white tank top and shorts. She obviously casino siteleri was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were sticking out and you could see the areola through the thin material. “What are you doing answering the door like that?”

“If you remember I was not going to open the door. For $500 I figured, what does it matter since you saw them not more than two hours ago.”

Great, money is a motivator, Bill thought to himself. “Listen I came over to apologize. I did not intend you to go out live. Heck, I had no idea you were even there until you jumped in the room. Believe me. If I had it do do all over again, I would have been totally up front with you.”

“Like you were with Bobby?”

Damn, she had to bring that up… “Bobby knew I was making money jerking off on the internet. If he was stupid enough to start jerking off at the same time then it serves him right.”

“You’re running out of your five minutes. What do you want that’s worth $500.”

“Straight to the point, I like that. It’s actually more than that. Your performance made five times that. The dvd is worth that much again plus residuals. We could make a lot of money if you give it back and sign a release.”

She couldn’t believe she was even considering this. “How much is a lot?

“That depends, different things pay different amounts. The more footage the easier it is to market it. My boss says with 30-45 more minutes we could release it as a full length amateur video and make a lot more. We just have to get your release and Rhonda’s.”

“Why Rhonda? She’s not even naked.”

“Well, my boss wants her in it too. Says she is too hot to waste. We just have to find a guy she’ll do it with. As hot as I think she is, I am not fucking my sister. Getting a guy to sign a release is a lot easier. and you don’t have to pay them as much.”

“Tell that to your brother.”

“Would you get off that already?”

“Your time is up. I’ll think it over. I’ll talk to Rhonda as well. Oh, and I think there is already a guy for her as well. If we agree, we’ll want to talk to the boss as well.”

Great, I low balled the numbers and she’ll find out about it. I have to cut this off at the pass…

“Stop those gears in your mind buster. Either you’re low balling or he is. I don’t care. I’m not plastering myself for every guy in the world to jack off to for a couple thousand bucks. It’s my way or the highway. Now, get out! We’ll call you later with our decision.”

Jim was laying back in the tub. Between his head and the wall was an ice pack covering where he had bashed his head on the sink. Laying on top of him and passionately kissing him was Rhonda. Her tits were rubbing against his freshly soaped up chest. Her stomach was mashing his dick against his stomach. His hands were squeezing her ass cheeks. Occasionally a finger would find its way into her crevasse making her shiver. Her hands were all over the place. They tweeked his nipples. They brought a tit up to his mouth to suck. They reached down and fondled his balls. They stroked his cock and rubbed his purple head. And then they stopped. Always, right before he was going to shoot another load.

“Are you feeling better yet?”

“I was feeling better a while ago, but please, don’t stop on my account.”

“Do you think you could sit up for a few minutes outside the tub?”

“Probably. We ought to anyway. The water is cooling off.”

“Stand up for a second and I’ll turn the shower on to rinse off.” She moved behind him to help him balance. Her tits were pressed firmly against his back. The warm shower started and her hand reached around and grabbed his cock again. Her other hand started fondling his balls and she kissed his back between the shoulder blades. Finally she reached down and turned the water off.

“Don’t you need to rinse off as well?”

“Yes, but to do so now would be a waste of time. Here, sit on your throne,” she joked pointing to the toilet.

Jim lowered the plush top and sat down. When Rhonda knelt in front of him he had an idea why she did not rinse off. He also figured out why she did not let him cum when he had come so close so many times in the past twenty minutes. She looked up at him and smiled. “Like I said, I may not want to go all the way yet, but you will never have blue balls when I’m around.” With that she grabbed his rod and directed his head into her mouth.

It was like nothing he had ever felt. Her tongue went to work immediately, seeking the tender spots she knew were there. Her right hand went underneath and cupped his balls, rolling them canlı casino around like oversized marbles. She let go with her left hand and Jim saw her reach between her own legs. Over the music he could hear the sloshing sound as she fingered her wet pussy. She popped his cock out of her mouth and started licking up one side and down the other. She sucked first one nut and then the other into her warm mouth. When she got back to his head, her tongue darted out and touched the underside of the glans. She then puckered her lips and softly blew on it sending cills up his whole body. Then she engulfed him completely and started bobbing up and down.

“Oh god Rhonda! Oh God! Oh Rhonda” He started bucking his hips and fucking her lips. He could feel the churning in his balls that had been building up for so long. “Squeeze my head!!! Lick the tip… Oh God I’m cumming! I cumming unh unh!!!!”

She did as he asked and backed his dick out of her mouth squeezing and licking the head. Suddenly he started shooting, the first almost knocking her backwards. Another rope hit her face as well. She put her lips over his head again and took a couple of big swallows. As his bucking became less she pointed his cock at her chest and smeared the head against her nipples.

“That’s for being such a great guy.”

“I only hope I get to return the favor later,” Jim sighed in relief as his spasms subsided.

“We can discuss that…”

There was a knock on the bathroom door, “I take it from the lack of noises you two are almost done?”

“We’ll be out in a minute Jackie. I just need to rinse off again. Jim’s got a towel on if you want to help him to his bedroom.”

Jackie came in to see her cum drenched best friend stepping into the shower. “You’re not going to belive who that was at the door. Hurry up because we have a lot to talk about.” She turned Jim towards her room instead of his own. “Don’t get any bright ideas. I’ll got get you a new ice pack and some shorts to put on. We all need to talk and I’d rather do it in here.”

Jackie returned before Rhonda. After Jim had pulled his shorts on she looked at the bumps on the back of his skull. “No blood at least. I doubt you have a concussion. You have to have a brain to have one of those,” she jumped away before he could poke her in the stomach.

“What’s this all about anyway. You two have been acting way too weird. I mean, Rhonda would never give me the time of day before and she threw herself at me today.”

“I don’t know if you telling her giving you a blow job is weird would be a compliment. Truth be told though it has been a very weird day. And it just got weirder. Can you put this disk in my computer? It’s all ready to go.”

Jim popped the disk into the drive and six files showed up. They were all time stamped video files of some sort. He double clicked one of them and there were Jackie and Rhonda looking at a desk. He turned up the volume and Jackie heard Rhonda saying, “I can’t believe Bill has this on his computer. I’ll bet they are down there right now. What does he think he’s doing?”

“What the hell?! Stop playing that!” He stopped the playback. “How the hell did he record that?”

“What is this anyway? What are you and Rhonda talking about?”

Just then Rhonda came into the room with a towel wrapped around herself. Seeing Jim was in the room she dropped it and asked Jackie for something to wear. She turned towards Jim, once again giving him the full view. Jim was enthralled once again. He started to stand up but thought better of it when the dizziness overcame him. “Oh, my poor baby…” Rhonda came over and stroked his hair pulling his gaping mouth to her waiting tit.

“Here put this on and quit acting like such a slut,” Jackie was smiling from ear to ear, “Unless you really want to be an acting slut.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Rhonda pulled away from Jim and put on an oversized set of pyjamas.

“That was your brother at the door.”

“What did that ass hole want?!”

“I’ll tell you in a minute, first let’s watch this video. Apparently he has more cameras than what we knew about. Look, here we are watching his monitor.” With that she hit the play button and the past came to life. “Look, there I am getting ready to go downstairs. Oh shit. Jim close your eyes.”

“No way! Oh my god. Did you just say you fucked Bill? Is it on the disk too?”

“Yes, and that’s only part of the problem. This went out live over the internet.”

“Did Bill ask you to give this back to him? Is that why he came over?” Rhonda was getting kind of antsy.

“Partly. kaçak casino There was more to it than that.”

“Ok we’ve seen enough of this scene, let’s get to the basement section,” Rhonda was eager for this part to be over before Jackie or Jim saw what she did next. Of course, that made the others suspicious and they just kept watching. Rhonda’s hand slipped into her pants on the screen and then she stepped away.

“You were worried we would see that? You’ve got to be kidding! After all we’ve shared today, that makes me love you even more.” Oops, he dropped the “L” word. The girls looked at each other and giggled.

“Don’t worry, bro, we won’t tell anyone.”

The screen went dark for a second and then it came back up. Jim felt the need to provide a running commentary, “I see, he must have a motion sensor on that camera. It came back on when you went back in the room. Hold on! Who is this? Isn’t that your brother Bobby? He’s buck naked on the camera!!!”

“This was when I decided how I was going to break his computer. I was spur of the moment. I hope you don’t think less of me.” And with that they saw Rhonda’s hand reach around and start wanking her brother’s cock! Jackie and Jim let out a collective “Oooooh”. She turned away embarassed as Bobby’s spunk went flying.

Jim started laughing, “Ruin the computer? My god you ruined a $35 key board!” He hit the pause key, stood up, turned to Rhonda, and kissed her full on the lips. “I love you. I don’t care. Just don’t ruin my key board that way.”

Rhonda reached back and punched him in the gut doubling him over. It wasn’t that much of a punch but it took him by surprise. “This was when we discovered he was transmitting live. He got an IM from one of his cronies. I told Bobby to pull the disk and throw the computer out the window which he did while I ran downstairs to get Jackie.”

Jackie was still watching the scene unfold while the two new lovers, Jim and Rhonda, were kissing again. “You might want to take a look at this before you get too excited.” She hit the back button and replayed the last thirty seconds. They all watched as yes, Bobby pulled the disk, but not before apparently making a copy.

“That rat bastard.”

“We need to get him over here quick before your brother catches up to him also! If he finds out there is another disk we’re screwed!”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I told you it was Bill at the door. Look what he gave me just for five minutes,” Jackie said holding up the five bills.

“What did you have to do for that?” quipped Jim.

It was Jackie’s turn to hit her brother and she slapped him up the back side of his head, aiming for where he had hit the sink. She calmly sat down again and started to explain the conversation she had with Bill. When she was done she turned to Rhonda, “I don’t know about you, but I could use the money for school. My parts already filmed although he wants to add some more… We can probably negotiate a better deal than Bill offered. I’m pretty sure he was holding back.”

“Wow,” said Jim.

“Wow,” echoed Rhonda. “I don’t know. Are you sure you could put yourself out there like that?”

“I didn’t think so, but for the right money, maybe… I mean, look at those girls that do it for just a t-shirt. And its not like it wasn’t a blast knowing I was being recorded. I think that made it even better at the time. If I had known it was going to get out I wouldn’t have done it, but now that its out there, why not? You little brother is at Frank’s jerking off to it right now! To tell the truth that kind of excites me a little.”

“So you think I should screw your brother, let my brother record it, and let it be sold to perverts around the world? You just said yourself you would not have done it if you had known in advance.”

“Am I a pervert? I would buy a copy for sure. How much do you think we would get?” Jim had to get his two cents in. Rhonda slugged his shoulder. “You two keep hitting me and I might never do it again!”

“Oh baby, I’m sorry. Is this really something you want me to consider? Do you really want me making a porno?”

“Well, if you’re apologizing like last time, hell yea. As long as its me doing it with you. It wouldn’t be that sleazy porn where some old guy tricks a young girl to suck and fuck. It would be you and me making love, the first time for both of us.”

“Oh Jim…” Rhonda sat on his lap and they started kissing passionately yet again.

“Oh gross, c’mon you two get a room. On second thought, you two should with hold your urges for a while until we can negotiate a payment and get the cameras set up. Get dressed both of you. Let’s go get Bobby and head back to your place.”


I think there’s another chapter in me.

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