Izzy Wants a Married Man Pt. 02

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I couldn’t stop thinking about Jake on Christmas Day and the week that followed. How I wished we could be naughty together again, but I knew he had family obligations. I was just the horny slut whose mouth he used to relieve all the sexual frustration from a sexless marriage. We reminisced about that encounter for the next week or so whenever he could sneak a text.

Me: What was your favorite part?

Jake: How naughty you were. How you swallowed all my cum. All of it.

Me: Is that so? Do you want me to do that all over again?

Jake: Yes, I’d love to fuck your slutty mouth. What was your favorite part?

Me: When you said, “Let me taste you, and then used your whole tongue to clean up my wet pussy.” Oh, and when I told you to put in three fingers, you were so shocked but so turned on. And when you moaned “oh my god” as you came. I want more of you.

Did I feel some sort of shame? Absolutely. But that all subsided when he texted me on New Years Eve and told me he had scouted a couple of discreet locations for us to meet up. I really wanted his mouth and cock on NYE but that didn’t pan out. He had a curfew, leaving me to I go to bed without a cock. I pretty much decided that chances of us ever meeting up again wasn’t going to happen any more.

But to my surprise, a week later he texted me.

Jake: Hey, I can come over around 9, if you’re free.

Me: What’s your excuse to leave the house?

Jake: Going to the gym. We’ll have an hour.

Me: Text me when you’re outside.

Of course I knew all of this was bad, some might even say immoral, but I was hooked. I needed to see him and see what else he could do. Reluctantly I told him, we couldn’t fuck. That was off the table. It had to be. He’s married.

We had decided he would just pleasure me in his car in some parking lot. I really didn’t want to invite him into my home. I was doing something I found to be wrong, but why did it feel so right? When he arrived to where we had met the first time I changed my mind. I told him to park and walk a block to where I lived.

I was naked when I opened the door for him. We didn’t even say hello. As soon as he walked in my mouth was on his tuzla escort and my hands were on his cock, his cold hands were pinching my nipples and grabbing a handful of my ass. I quickly help undress him and he pushed me towards the sofa. Within minutes, his mouth was all over my already wet pussy.

He sucked on my clit, as I whimpered, “Yes, yes, yes.” His tongue worked it’s magic. Although I had only gotten a small taste of what he could do on our first encounter, I knew he’s tongue skills were going to be superb. His kisses were already top-tiered, and that always translated to amazing pussy licking-eating skills.

I was on a sex high and it only got better. He began to suck on my clit as he finger fucked me. I could hear how wet it was down there, I could see how excited he was, tasting me, I could feel dampness dripping down my pussy. Then, Jake took his mouth off my clit, stood up, lifted my ass with one hand, and with other he started to finger fucking me in a way no man had ever done before. I was in a state of sexual bliss that I did not know was possible.

And then the unexpected, there was the sound of what sounded like splashing water, I was cumming in a way I had never before. I was, unimaginable to me, squirting, something I had never thought my pussy could do, something I had only seen in porn. A former fling had said I squirted one night when I was drunk fucking, but I didn’t believe him. Using my pussy juices to lubricate my clit, Jake began rubbing it feverishly.

He was suddenly back on his knees, devouring and tasting me. He lifted my ass in the air, and began to work on my asshole. Warming it up to what I knew would only make me orgasm even more. This sexual high was going to last much longer than I had dreamt. Jake was clearly here to pleasure me.

He came back to my mouth and kissed me passionately, letting me taste myself. I slowly sat up as he played with my tits, giving attention to each nipple, licking it and nibbling on it. I straddled him, but only for a second, I wanted to ride his face, and that’s exactly what I did.

He obliged, his tongue out, and his eyes telling me he tuzla escort bayan wanted it just as much as I wanted it. I rode his face, changing my pace, slowly then fast, then back to slowly. His hands on my ass as I pinch my nipples, savoring this wild moment. Then he pulled me down even harder, making me suffocate him. He was naughty. I held him down with my pussy until he was ready to tap out. But as soon as he got a breath of air, he pulled me down again. He didn’t need to tell me, he enjoyed suffocating underneath my pussy. Was begging for it. This turned me on even more. I rode him faster and harder, every now and then letting him also taste my ass.

“Keep your bottoms on. We can’t fuck,” I told him as I saw him taking the rest of his clothes off.

“I can’t…” he was stroking himself as I continued to use his mouth. Then he flipped me over and was in charge again. His fingers in my pussy making me scream in pleasure, telling him I wanted more of him. This time he used my juices to lubricate my asshole. My asshole opened right up for him.

“Finger both,” I begged.

“God you take it so good.” He flipped me over on the couch. I was on my stomach now, with two fingers in my pussy and one in my asshole. I turned back and looked at him.

“You like this little slut don’t you?”

“Yes. I love what a good little slut to you are.” I smiled at him as he continued to bring me to another orgasm. He kept going until my heavy breathing slowed down. Then he slowly removed his fingers from me. He lowered his head and gently kissed my clit, my inner thighs, and back to my pussy.

He was still teasing me, knowing that I could go more rounds. He reached up and wrapped his hand around my neck.

“Slut. You’re my slut. I love using you.” He knew this was all needed for him to own me. “Tell me you’re my slut.”

“I’m your slut. I’m your slut,” I quickly spatted out but was barely audible as he had a firm grip on my neck and his fingers were solely inside asshole now.

I could tell he was ready to fuck me. His cock was hard and oozing with pre-cum. He had been pleasing me all this time, never once asked escort tuzla to suck his cock, even touch it. But now he was ready for what he came for, to fuck me like the dirty slut he knew I was.

“Noooo…” I manage to let out.

Anger and frustration appeared across his face. “What?!”

“I said no fucking.” I was scared. Was he just going to have his way with me? Use me like the slut I crave to be? My eyes must have said something my pussy clearly wasn’t, because his frustration subsided.

“Ugh.” He took his cock and rubbed it against my hard clit. Then he wetted it by sliding it up and down and all over my drenched pussy. This calmed him. He teased himself for a good moment, giving me time to also recover from the ass fingering orgasm.

When he felt like I was ready for another round, he went down on me again. And when he thought I deserved it, he pounded my pussy and my ass until I had the biggest orgasm of the night. My back was arched up, my ass up off the floor, and his fingers were deep inside of me. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…” I whimpered until I didn’t make a single sound. He had made me cum so many times that this last one had me over the edge and beyond. I finally exhaled a breath. I fell to the floor, filled with slutty joy.

Jake looked over to the clock. Our time was up. He had pleasured me for the whole hour. As he got dressed, I passionately kissed him.

“I want you to go home and fuck your wife while thinking about fucking my pussy.”

“God…” he put his hands around my neck again. “You really are a slut.”

That was my cue. I loved being a slut but I also loved teasing a man, especially this married man. I lowered myself onto my knees and took out his cock and begin bringing it back to life.

“You sure you want to go home?” I teased. I sucked the tip until he was hard again and then took all of it into my mouth. He moaned.

I smiled. That was all I needed to know I had him. I quickly removed his cock from my mouth, stood up, and kissed him. “Go home and fuck your wife.”

“Ugh,” he grunted, then he leaned in one for one final kiss before he went back home to his wife.

As I crawled into bed, I had instant regret. Did I really just let a married man finger my pussy and my asshole? All of it felt too good. I had a feeling I was going to become addicted to him. I desperately wanted to be his slut. I certainly was not going to deny myself of being pleased a man, especially by this married man who knew what he was doing.

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