ISS Flight 52: Basic Graduation

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This is my first attempt at anything like this so I hope it is not too terrible. There is a fair bit of backstory before you get to the action but it is there. I have an idea for a whole series so please let me know if you like this and want more.


After two years of extensive and detailed training Wing Commander Charlotte “Firebird” Cartwright was coming to the end of her basic training at the ESA astronaut training center in Cologne, Germany. She had been in the top percentiles during training across the board and had been top of her class in the “Human Physiology” and “Biology” modules. Having graduated from basic training she would now move into advanced training.

The graduating ceremony was an event of much pomp and ceremony not something that Charlotte bought into much. Like the majority of modern astronauts she had not pursued a career in space exploration for the glamour and fame, she had devoted herself to it for the chance of adventure and the opportunity to discover things previously unknown and to better study things poorly understood. So despite not being entirely engaged by the graduation itself she was incredibly pleased and excited to have completed phase one of her training.

That night her entire graduating class had a party planned at their regular watering hole. This she was excited for as it was a celebration of their achievement for themselves and not a public spectacle for dignitaries and program managers. It was also a rare, in their highly scheduled and monitored lives, and welcome opportunity to let off steam.

She was also excited, in no small part, due to the fact that she would be spending the night in her boyfriend, Dominic ‘s, company. They had not seen each other in over three months due to the intense work leading up to her final evaluations and his most recent deployment. He like she was from a military background, they had met at a mutual friend’s wedding which on the grooms side had consisted, unsurprisingly considering his family’s military heritage, largely of members of the armed forces.

She spotted him in the audience at the ceremony sat next to her parents and her two siblings, all waving furiously with huge grins on their faces. She nearly burst into giggles at the sight of them but managed to keep her composure to a smile.

After about an hour and half of handshakes and exchanges of official pieces of overly embellished pieces of parchment, which struck Charlotte as one a completely unrepresentative document lacking almost completely in any data on their strengths and weaknesses; secondly as an extraordinarily fragile object to convey such importance on; and thirdly obsolete in a digital age where it could be stored attached to all the data which it represented, backed up, secure and easily retrievable.

After the graduation Charlotte congratulated all her friends and classmates with a lot of hugs and plenty of jokes about various anecdotes from their two years in each others company. From there she quickly shot back to her living quarters and changed out of her official genwric all in one flightsuit. Into one of her favourite dresses which she happened to know was also a particular favourite of Dominic’s.

From there she met up with her family and Dominic and went on to a local restaurant where they all told stories of the various adventures they had enjoyed since they had last seen each other and ate great food with some wonderful local wine. One of the reasons Charlotte loved her family and Dom so much was that, like her, they did not really subscribe to over celebration. After all the initial hugs and “We are so proud of you”s the whole occasion became about being together catching up and just generally relaxing and having fun. Charlotte caught herself, more than once during the meal, just sitting back and grinning feeling incredibly content, happy and lucky to be surrounded by her favourite people again.

After a couple of courses Charlotte felt a slight pang growing in her lower stomach and popped off to go to the loo. After relieving herself and make sure nothing was dramatically out of place in the mirror she headed back to the table. As she emerged from the door and turned right she felt a familiar hand slip into her left and pull her in the opposite direction spinning her straight into Dom’s arms.

After the initial shock she relaxed and grinned as she draped her arms around his neck and joined the embrace to be met by the most delicious and delicate kiss, this quickly escalated into something more urgent as the passion of their protracted separation began to surface. Soon their tongues were engaged in a gentle dance that mirrored that of their hands as they explored each other re-familiarising themselves with their opposite’s anatomy.

As she began to push herself against him he responded by curling his fingers slightly pushing them into the small of her back and pulling her more firmly against him. This was too much for her and she reluctantly slid her arms up between their chests monsters of cock porno with her palms following the contours of his body and gently pushed him away lingering in the last soft moments of their kiss.

“Careful Dom,” she murmured in his ear as she pulled him back into a hug, “you know what happens when you do that and I haven’t got anything on under this dress and I’d rather not have a wet patch on the back when we meet up with the guys later” she said cheekily.

“Telling me that now is just mean.” Dom protested smiling and gently releasing her, “Although stopping is probably a good idea. I’m glad I haven’t been to the loo yet I’m going to need a minute.”

They both had a good laugh as they could feel the throbbing between their navels.

“Just you wait ’til later.” she said teasing.

Dom turned, grinning, to make his way into the men’s and Charlotte headed back to the table, to rejoin her family. Charlotte and her sister, Beatrice known to all as ‘Bea’, were soon deep in conversation about what science they had been taught and what methods they were trained in during phase one astronaut preparations.

Dom on the other side of the table was having a good conversation with Charlotte’s parents, Fred and Tilly, and her brother Johnny. They were all passionately putting across their differing points of view on the politics and budgeting of the military whilst constantly making playful jibes at one another about the fact they were all committing the ultimate social ‘faux pas’ of having a debate about both politics and money at the same time.

All the while Dom and Charlotte both kept throwing each other glances across the table. Neither of them able to keep their mind off their unfinished meeting earlier. Fred and Tilly had driven a long way from England the day before and we’re starting to feel it catching up with them as the evening drew in so they made their excuses and headed back to their hotel. Both of them had been drinking at the meal so they called a taxi left the car for Johnny to drive himself and Bea later as he had drawn the short straw ending up the driver for the evening.

After they had left the four of them stayed for a while and did more catching up Johnny telling everyone about his most recent wildlife filming trip in Honduras and the trouble they had narrowly avoided with all the civil unrest there. Bea bought them all up to date with her latest research and got massively over excited and nerdy about the whole thing which made them all crack up with laughter, much to her bemusement. All the while Dom batted away questions about which dictator he had been involved in conflict with recently and which drones he had watching Charlotte during training. All of these sliding off him without the slightest change in his composure apart from the occasional wink to elicit a laugh and show he was still game for the onslaught.

As night approached Dom and Charlotte realised it was time to leave. Not wanting to part with her siblings just yet, having not been able to spend much time with them since Christmas and seeing as they were all getting on like the proverbial house. She invited them along.

“Why don’t you two reprobates come to the bar with us?” Charlotte jested, “I’d love you to come and the more the merrier.”

Not needing much persuading Johnny and Bea agreed but said they would need to head back to the hotel first as they had both left their wallets in the room.

“That’s fine we’ll meet you there then. I’ll text you the address in the car Bea” she called to her sister as they crossed the car park to Dom’s car. He too had abstained up until now as he had driven over from Bielefeld, where he was stationed, that morning. He would be letting his hair down at the bar though and would pick his car up in the morning. They all climbed into their cars and Johnny and Bea headed off to the hotel.

Dom and Charlotte hung around for a second to share another kiss which by now they were both longing for. After a minute or two they pulled apart, both of them beaming at the other .

“I missed you.” Dom whispered

“You’ve no idea…” Charlotte muttered as she grabbed him in a tight embrace. “…I love you Dom.”

“And I love you Lotty.” he said teasing, Charlotte did not like being called Lotty by people and often protested when Dom called her it. If she was honest though she actually really enjoyed it when Dom called her Lotty, it was something that she would only let him do, something that was theirs and made her feel that pang you get in your chest and gave her butterflies that you get when something reminds you of why you love someone. She would never openly admit enjoying it to Dom though, although she was fairly sure he had figured it out already. So on this occasion she let it pass and just kept holding Dom close to her.

“We should get going.” Dom said gently prying himself loose.

“If you insist.” Charlotte protested.

They set off toward the bar. When Dom pulled onto the naught america porno autobahn and could do with only one hand Charlotte slid her hand on top of Dom’s while it was resting unused on the gearstick and interlocked his fingers with hers. They both sat listening to the radio enjoying being in each others company again.

After a few minutes the weight of Charlotte’s hand combined with his was making his hand uncomfortable as the knob of the gearstick pressed into his palm. So Dom gently lifted his hand, gripping Charlotte’s fingers between his to imply he did not want her to let go, and placed them on her left thigh where she gave his fingers a squeeze with hers to show her contentment.

As they drove down the autobahn, they were still about twenty minutes away from the bar, Charlotte’s mind began to linger on the warmth of Dom’s palm, through her dress on top of he’d left thigh. She tried to push the thoughts out of her head but as she relaxed in the warm car with the soft music she found it harder and harder.

She could feel the tips of his fingers just reaching around the beginning of the curve down to her inner thigh and she could feel his blood pulsing through his palm. She felt the warmth beginning to grow between her thighs and could feel the moisture beginning to lubricate her insides. Charlotte could not believe how horny she was, although as she thought about it, it made sense she normally would relieve her sexual desire frequently but with the hectic few weeks she had had she realised it had been over a month since she had felt anything like this.

Her thoughts were abruptly ended when she felt a squeeze of her inner thigh. Coming back to the present realize she had pulled both her own and Dom’s between her thighs and the tips of his fingers that had just massaged the most sensitive part of her leg were probably less than an inch from her outer lips. In her shock she clamped her slightly splayed legs shut gripping their hands between her, her now hot and clammy thighs.

“You ok there Lotty?” Dom teased.

“Call me that again and you won’t get this back.” She said in mock indignation, whilst squeezing her legs together tighter.

“I need that to drive.” he complained knowing that he did not really need it anytime soon. As he said this he began to slowly massage her inner thigh with his finger tips. “Guess I’ll have to get you to release it somehow” he joked as he felt Charlotte’s resolve beginning to fade and her grip began to loosen. This allowed him to soften his touch and began tracing small shapes on inside of her thigh, finally his hand was released as Charlotte’s thighs parted again. This was a mistake on her part because as her legs opened warm air from the car’s heating rushed between her legs and up to her now radiant lips. As the air blew across her clitoris and sent shocks through her body any semblance of protest was lost and she felt all the clenched muscles in her legs and stomach release and her thighs fell open against the sides of the footwell. As her head tipped back and rested against the seat she closed her eyes and released a soft but lustful sigh.

“Pull over!” Charlotte demanded softly but assertively.

“You sure?” Dom said not sure if she meant it whilst really wanting to as well.

“Please Dom.” was the pining response.

Dom was not going to check again as he became more and more turned on by his incredibly beautiful and horny girlfriend

“You’ll have to wait ’til the next lay-by, we can’t stop on the motorway” he said disappointed.

“Alright.” Charlotte conceded.

With this confirmation of what was approaching Charlotte pulled herself together as best she could removing their intertwined hands from between her legs. She lifted herself from the seat and hitched her dress up just below her boobs exposing her toned naked torso, her neatly trimmed pubic hair and her athletic legs. She stretched around and grabbed on of Dom’s clean gym towels from the back seat spreading it out beneath her and lowering her now naked bum onto it.

“Ever the pragmatist.” Dom joked looking over at what she was doing.

“Shut up you” Charlotte jibed back. Craving the stimulation she had just given up she grabbed Dom’s hand and placed it gently onto her groin.

“Woah! You’re keen” Dom smiled as he started gently running his index and middle finger up and down the crease at the top of Charlotte’s thighs, the inside of his fingers brushing gently against the tips of her labia.

“Mmmm hmm.” was the breathy response. Charlotte’s hips were beginning to lift slightly with each downward stroke of Dom’s fingers and she could feel the first drips starting to collect between her lips. As the first one accumulated enough fluid it rolled down between her labia and rested in the small depression that covered her entrance the trail of moisture it left felt exquisite as the warm air blew over it.

Feeling the rise and fall of Charlotte hips Dom took the cue and brought his fingers closer together nubiles porn gently trapping her now well lubricated lips between his fingers. With the next downward movement of Dom’s hand an intense bolt emanated from Charlotte’s groin through the rest of body as her clitoris was gently squeezed into the V between Dom’s fingers. The next stroke she was ready for it and rose to meet the anticipated contact. Dom knew this was slowly driving Charlotte wild and was restraining himself from venturing further partly to heighten her anticipation and partly because his increasingly carnal girlfriend was becoming more and more of a distraction.

Charlotte on the other increasingly craved the release she was now longing for. After enduring a minute of Dom refusing to act on his desire Charlotte started massaging one of her boobs with her hand circling and rubbing her nipper with her fingers through her dress. With her other hand she grabbed Dom’s hand and directed his fingers to her clit giving him little choice in the matter.

Breathing heavily now with ripples of pleasure sweeping over her and her juices running down between her cheeks Charlotte’s mind focused on one thing. She stretched across and ran her left hand up between his legs and ran her fingertips tentatively over his balls to find his trousers straining against his rock hard penis. Dom was glad to see the glow of a white ‘P’ on a blue background caught in his headlights as much more of this and his focus on driving would have broken. As he slowed to pull into the lay-by he withdrew his hand from Charlotte’s wet groin to maneuver.

With his arm no longer holding Charlotte back in her chair she leant over and Dom felt her unbutton his trousers and the familiar and stimulating vibration of his fly being undone. Then the tickle of Charlotte’s fingertips sliding under the hem of his boxers and with one smooth movement she drew them down letting the hem rub over his glans and down his shaft as he pulled to a stop.

Charlotte feeling the car come to a stop sat back up and pulled her dress up over her head leaving her naked. As she turned to Dom she saw he had the same idea and already had his trousers around his ankles. Not willing to wait any longer she pushed the lever to release the back of Dom’s seat and couldn’t help a laugh at the yelp of shock he released as he fell back laying him flat.

In one smooth motion Charlotte rolled over stretching her right leg across the car and placing her knee on the other side of Dom’s legs then lifted her other knee from her seat and placed it on the other side of him she slowly sat back on her calves pressing Dom’s twitching penis against his stomach as it pressed against her lips pushing them apart allowing her clit to press against his shaft.

Dom pushed himself up on his elbows and Charlotte met him as she leant forward to kiss him deeply, both of them felt the urgency in the others kiss and Charlotte began to grind herself against him as Dom lifted his hips to meet her movements. Soon they were both coated in the musky juices slowly escaping Charlotte.

Charlotte pulled back from the kiss and lent right back sliding herself down his thighs then she lay forward sliding her hands under his shirt as she pushed herself back up over him taking his shirt with her running her hands up over his toned strong abs and over his broad pecks that she loved so much to fall asleep on. As she reached his neck Dom lifted his head to let his shirt come up behind his head and as Charlotte tossed it onto the back seat she leant in and kissed him tenderly as she lowered her hips back down until she felt the tip of his glans press into her parting her lips slightly.

She then lent back pushing herself up on Dom’s chest lifting her hips and arching her back so his penis was held vertical between their two bodies. Then in one smooth delicious movement she let herself slide down around him taking his entire length until her clitoris pushed against his pubis. With this Charlotte released a moan of ecstasy and Dom a sigh of pleasure.

Dom could feel every inch of Charlotte’s insides as she began to rock back and forth on top of him and the familiar lump flicking over his glans with each of her thrusts that he knew sat right next to her G spot her reaction was confirmation of this as she bucked and let out small exclamations of pleasure each time it happened. Charlotte was picking up speed with a sense of urgency now, as if the stimulation internally was not enough her well lubricated clit was rubbing against Dom’s pubis and the texture of his matted wet pubes only added to the sensation.

Dom reached forward and took both of her breasts into his hands and gently massaged them as he flicked her nipples between his fingers this was the clincher for Charlotte and she grabbed Dom by the waist and started bucking hard and fast against him panting as she did letting out small involuntary noises as well. She could feel her orgasm building inside her and Dom was well aware that she was close.

Releasing her now incredibly sensitive nipples he grabbed her by the waist and began pulling her back and forth on top of him aiding her movement. A few thrusts later and Charlotte fell, with a small cry, forward onto Dom’s chest and her legs clenched around his as her orgasm rocked through her body her walls clenching around him.

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