Into the Swing of Things

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I slide into my favourite room in the whole club, the ‘Desire’ room. Its semi-darkness envelops me like a soft velvet cloak. The red fairy lights strung across the blacked out window give a sensual glow to the room, and make it seem warm and hinting at the promise of what’s to come. A few guys linger about by the walls, eager to come forward, but hesitant as a matter of courtesy. I don’t look—this is one time where all of my senses but sight will be sated. I slowly untuck my towel from around my body, and let it slip to the floor. Climbing onto the large wide bed, I feel the soft sheets beneath my bare ass. I take the silken scarf that lies on the bed next to me and tie it securely round my eyes, blocking all sights of the room and its occupants.

My sense of hearing adjusts and becomes more acute, and I hear shuffling and I know that more men, and maybe even women have entered the room, where I lie naked on the bed. The minutes tick by, and the hum of anticipation in the room rises. I slide my hands to my huge breasts and began to squeeze and knead them with my fingertips. They feel so full and round. My nipples respond to the stimulation and stiffen, rising like large ripe berries from the silken mounds of my breasts, I roll them between my fingers, making them pert, round and ripe for sucking. I feel the bed dip beneath my body and know that someone has climbed into bed with me. They lie close to me, and their soft lips brush my ear, gentle breath teasing my neck. A hand slides over mine and cups my breast. I move my hand away and the unseen beau’s takes over, tweaking and rolling the nipple playfully. Then, it stops. Seconds pass and I feel nothing. My ears strain, trying to make out what’s coming next.

Suddenly, a hot mouth hungrily encircles my nipple and areola. casino siteleri Its tongue explores the nipple, covering it voraciously and flicking the sensitive tip. I inhale sharply, then give a slow languorous exhalation as one breast is expertly caressed and moulded, and the other is teased to an aching throb. A low moan escapes my lips as little prickles of desire travel up my chest to my throat. The bed moves again and I feel that someone else is there too, maybe two more people. A hand traces a line down my belly to my pussy and back. It makes my skin tingle and I arch into the touch. The tongue delicately biting my nipple swaps to licking the rest of my breast, swirling in tiny electrical circles over the soft tissue. I feel someone part my legs gently, and again I take a sharp breath in anticipation. A firm hand slides down and traces the outline of the slim patch of hair that graces my pussy and edges further down. The hand stops and goes back up again, then down to my opening again. Yet again it skirts around it and away, leaving me panting, praying for it to come back, for it to touch me where I am aching, where I am throbbing, where I need to be touched.

My skin is vibrating with a deep-seeded need for more—more than just touch, more than just play. I feel some wetness trickle from my cunt down towards my ass. I know I am aroused, so turned on that it feels like I am like I am drowning in longing, in an animalistic and wanton desire to be penetrated. Expert fingers slide over my clit, which is now swollen like a bud about to burst. They skate and skitter around it, making it fizz with sheer lust More strange fingers plunge deep into my wet cunt and I feel the knuckles graze my skin as they meet with my pubic bone.

I groan deep in my throat canlı casino at this new, invading sensation. I am silenced by a rough, deep passionate kiss, and an eager tongue probing my mouth. I respond to the kiss, returning it with equal fervour, tasting sweetness and savouring the searching tongue within. Another mouth is on my aching pussy now licking and flicking in every sensitive fold, tracing lines up and down, sucking and kissing and tasting my sex, making me wetter than I ever thought possible. I smell how turned on I am, I can smell my musky cunt juice and it only serves to drive my ardour closer and closer to climax.

I am swirling in an oblivion of sensory explosion. I don’t know how many hands and mouths now explore me, I only know I am lost in my senses. I don’t know where I end and the others begin. Fingers thrusting deep inside me now seek out and find my g-spot, massaging it, engorging it, so that I feel I may pass out from the delirium. Two hands tweak my rock-hard nipples as another rubs my clit hard and fast. My g-spot is being rubbed to peak excitement. A feeling of unbearable ecstasy washes over me and I can’t stop myself from squirting. The hand fervently rubbing my clit makes the fluid splash over my thighs and belly, each drop feeling like an ice cold needle pricking at my burning skin. I feel the warmth spread out under me as I leak all over the bed. Still the hands keep on moving, until I am spent of all fluid.

My breath is ragged and fast, my head is spinning, and my body aches with a heat that comes from my very core. My nerves jangle with a rapturous bliss, and my ears are filled with the sound of heavy breathing, panting and low moans. I can’t tell if the moans are my own or the others’. The air is heavy with the smell of sweat, kaçak casino semen and my own scent, and it embraces me in its heady mix. Fireworks dance about my blindfolded eyes and I know they must be imagined, but they spark and arc in time with the pulse of my thudding heart.

I begin to start my descent from the heavens when another hand, a softer hand this time, strokes at my pussy. Long nails trace over the tip of my sensitive and quivering clit. I gasp louder than I mean to, but the sensation is so divine and unexpected. Gentle lips suck and kiss my cunt as the feminine delicate fingers perform their erotic dance over my aching bud, and I feel a climax building deep within me.

It starts as a tingle in the tip of my clit, building into an almighty fizzing, crackling electricity that explodes at my moment of orgasm, radiating out through my pelvis, down to my toes and up to my head. I shudder and gasp as wave after wave of ecstasy swoops through me and back again, over and over. I am trembling with the feelings swarming my entire body. My teeth are clenching, and my hands rake at the black sheets covering the bed, but still the tongue keeps up its steady unrelenting rhythm, greedily lapping up my wetness until I stop trembling and am gasping for breath on the bed.

I feel a mix of giddy elation and physical ache that bears testament to the unadulterated pleasure I have just experienced. Bubbles of warmth and happiness rise and pop through my body and I feel like I am floating. As I lie there, I feel the bed move and rise as people get off, There are murmurs of low conversations that I cant quite catch. I slowly return to Earth and remove my blindfold, my eyes taking a moment or two to adjust to the semi-darkness. It appears that I am alone, and the room is quiet save for the loud drumming of my heartbeat. As I rise from the bed and collect my towel from where it lies discarded on the floor, a low masculine voice from a corner of the room enquires, “Same time next week?” I smile, knowing I am hooked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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