Intimate friends

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Everyone in this story is (of course) over 18.

Windy Swimming helped me with the dialogue. Thanks Windy 🙂


The wind rushed against James’ face. He was cycling towards Michelle’s house where they would play some games with friends. The group of friends always hung out and were very close.

He stalled his bike in the garage with the rest. It seemed like some were already inside. When James opened the door he heard people chattering. The gang was almost complete, except for Jena, she was always late.

On the table stood a bowl of chips and all kinds of drinks. They talked about school and that they were glad it was spring holiday.

“So… where are your parents?” Dan asked Michelle.

“They’re away to see the music festival in town. That’s why we could hang out here.” She replied happily.

The door opened and in came Jena. The only girl in the group with blonde hair. Her eye’s blue as the sky. She definitely was the hottest girl of the group. Followed by Michelle with her Long black hair and green eyes and then Xia. Xia was the least pretty girl, had short hair and brown eyes, but she was always very excited.

The group talked about school, games, clothes and much more while the table slowly filled with more glasses and food.

“Wow, look at the mess.” Xia said.

“Yeah, who’s going to clean that up?” Michelle asked.

“Well, obviously you since you live here.” Said Dan, with a big smile.

“You know what, let’s make a game out of it. The loser has to clean up!” Michelle suggested.

Everyone agreed and started thinking of a fun game to play.

“I know what,” said Jena. “we could play the dare game!”

“The dare game?” James asked.

“Well, it’s really simple, you just dare someone to do something and if they’re to chicken to do it, they lose!” She said as if it was obvious.

“Isn’t that going to be weird?” Someone asked.

“Nah, you just think of funny things to do. James, I dare you to do a handstand.”

“What. . . Me. . . I don’t think I can do that.” He said with a worried look on his face.

“So, you want to clean up, chicken?” Michelle laughed.

Cleaning up the mess wasn’t something he’d like to do, and he also didn’t like to be called a chicken. So he got off the couch and tried to stand on his hands. After he fell over everyone laughed.

“Now, my turn!” James smiled while he said it. “Xia, I dare you to do a funny dance.”

That wasn’t much of a dare because you could see that Xia enjoyed doing it.

“You have to think of more daring things to say James, else you’re never going to win.” Michelle said with a wink. “And you will be the one cleaning up.”

It was Xia’s turn. “I dare Dan to tell me his most embarrassing moment.”

Dan talked about the time he stood in his underwear in the changing cabinet, when an old lady came in and hadn’t seen him. Xia approved the story and gave the turn to Dan.

Dan looked around the room and tried to think of something. “I dare Jena to show me her bra.”

The group stopped laughing and Dan turned red.

“Isn’t that a bit… weird?” Jena said as she also turned red.

“I thought it was a dare game?” Asked Dan a bit shocked.

“Well,” xia said “it is weird but he also has a point. If you don’t do it, you have to clean up, and be called a chicken for a long time.” Xia mentioned.

The group all looked at Jena, would she take the dare, or would she take the shame.

For a while it looked like Jena wouldn’t do it, but eventually she chose ‘dare’ and pulled up her shirt for a short time and then put it back. But it was long enough to see she had a blue bra and Dan guessed around C cup breasts.

The group stared at her for a while.

“You’re crazy! I love it.” Yelled Xia.

“Maybe we should stop.” Said Michelle.

“I’m not stopping” Announced Dan still looking at Jena.

“Me neither, I don’t want to clean up and I am not a chicken.” Xia said.

“And I already proved I’m not a chicken.” Said Jena, a little bit pumped on adrenaline.

“So, we keep playing?” Asked James.

They all agreed, as nobody wanted to be called a chicken and even though it was weird, they also thought it was exiting. But nobody wanted anyone to know.

“Jena, it’s your turn.” Announced Michelle and added softly speaking: “And hopefully it stops there.”

Jena looked around the group for someone to target. She didn’t want to make anyone do anything weird, but she also wanted to win very badly. Because she always lost at every game. Her Blue eye’s stayed at James, and he got nervous. What would she ask of him?

Jena smiled and spoke to James: “I dare you to take of your shirt.”

That wasn’t so bad, he thought. It was nice and hot in the living room, but he sensed that this game got a bit out of hand.

“I still think we should stop at this point.” Said James while he took off his shirt.

Xia and Dan made chicken noises and flapped their arms. “Chicken!”

“Okay, Okay, I’ll keep playing. But you two casino siteleri just got my next target.” James smiled. Both stopped and looked at each other.

“Xia, I dare you to kiss Dan on his cheek.”

Xia slowly leaned towards Dan and gave him a small kiss, just right of his lips.

You could almost hear the heartbeat of everyone in the room as it was as silence as the night.

“Well, let’s see, who hasn’t had a turn yet?” Xia looked around the room.

“Michelle, I dare you to show your ass.”

James felt like the game was getting out of hand, but he was also a bit turned on. So he watched.

“Can I keep my panties on please? It’s weird enough already.” Asked Michelle and Xia agreed.

Michelle stood up and turned away from the group, then she lowered her pants a little. Two ass cheeks were visible, separated by a small red thong. James felt something move in his pants, as he watched her.

When Michelle turned around her face was red, but even though she still thought this whole night was weird, she also started to like it.

She had dreamed of doing something like this with her friends sometimes, but to actually do it was a different story.

“You have a nice ass, Michelle,” xia said. “i wished I had such a round butt.”

Everyone laughed and it broke the tension a little.

Michelle got a little more comfortable and started looking for the next victim. “I dare Dan to show me his underwear.”

At first Dan conceded and offered to clean up. But Xia and Jena got him to do the dare anyway.

A little shy he unzipped his pants and pulled them down. His camouflaged boxer was sticking out like an army tent.

“Wow, dude!” Xia said. “You got turned on by Michelle’s butt didn’t you.”

Dan admitted, James was glad because it meant that he wasn’t the only one with a boner. He could see the girls looking at his crotch to see if he had a boner too.

After Dan put his clothes back on, he thought of another dare. “Jena, I dare you to lick my nipple.”

Jena was shocked, but also a little turned on. She walked towards Dan while he pulled his shirt up. Jena’s tong slit over the bare skin and felt the little bump. Dan got goosebumps and his boner upgraded to rock hard.

Jena felt her body tremble as she finished licking. The excitement rose in her lower belly.

The group realized that one of these turns, someone was going to have to show a special part of their body, and it was going to be the one that Jena chose.

“I dare you, James, to show me your dick.”

“Well, this is where we have a loser, I think.” Said Xia mockingly, but James didn’t give in. He wasn’t going to be called a Chicken. Also the fact that he was pretty horny and full of adrenaline from what he saw this evening made the choice somewhat easier.

His belt came off and he slowly lowered his zipper. When he pulled his pants down, all the girls were looking at his underwear, Dan slightly looked away. His hard dick nearly poked through the fiber and he had to move it a little to take off his underwear.

His dick sprung out intro fresh air and all the girls looked at it with open mouths. He didn’t have a very large one, but it was pretty thick. He then Quickly put it back in his underwear as it was the only thing left he was wearing.

It had become clear that no one was going to give up yet, and they had to continue till someone dared someone to do something they absolutely don’t want to do.

James looked at Xia and said: “I dare Xia to show me her breasts.”

“Come on, I’ve shown everyone my dick so now it’s your turn to show something.” James added when he saw her reaction.

Xia hesitated, which was not a usual thing for her. But then she pulled her t-shirt over her head and out popped two little breast, not bigger than a small B, held in place by a white bra. She then continued to fold her arms behind her back to open the clips. Her bra slowly slid from her breasts.

What they lacked in size they made up with perfect nipples. Pointing out, ready to be licked and played with. “I, I’ll keep my bra off.” She said, sounding a bit horny.

“Jena, I dare you to lick my nipples. You did such a good job on Dan.”

Jena looked at Xia.

“Your nipples? Well, if that’s what you want.” She said as she walked towards her.

With the same tenderness she slit het tong over the goosebumps filled skin around her breast, slowly working up towards her little bump. At her nipples she stopped and twirled her tong around them in a circular motion. Xia’s eye’s turned to heaven as she was clearly enjoying it.

When she stopped licking Xia was smiling and Jena turned to Michelle: “I dare you to show me your pussy.”

Michelle agreed, which was a very different reaction from what she would have said at the beginning of the evening. She took her pants off and threw then in the corner. James saw a little wet spot on her panty’s as she slowly dragged them down her legs.

Michelle’s pussy was a clean stripe and looked like it had never canlı casino been touched by someone before. But everyone knew she had sex a couple of months ago with her formal boyfriend. The base of her pussy was glistering in the light of the lamp. She had become very wet.

She chose to keep her clothes off as well. Half naked she suddenly walked away. “Be right back.” She yelled.

Everyone looked at each other, all of their faces were red from excitement. Michelle came back with something in her hand.

“I stole this from my brother. Found it when I searched. . . when I cleaned his room the other day.” She corrected herself.

It was a box that said, ‘Sex cards’. “It contains some cards that tell you what to do. And I think it would be fun to try it out, seeing that we’re all a bit naughty tonight.”

The group agreed. The mess on the table was put somewhere else, as they all forgot about the cleaning, and two stacks of cards was placed in the center, one for the girls and one for the boys.

“It’s just the same as before, but now the cards say what to do. I don’t know what they will say so it’s a surprise.” Michelle said. “Xia, you start.”

Xia was exited and jumped towards the table with her breasts hanging freely. She picked a card and read it for herself.

Jena encouraged her “Come on, say it out loud.”

“Jerk off the first boy on your right.” Xia turned a little she, not something for her.

Dan was the one, so he unzipped his pants and took them off. This time he left them off. His underwear dropped to his knees and dick sprung out, just like last time. But this time, Xia was going to jerk him off.

She sat down on her knees in front of Dan and grabbed his dick with her right hand. It was warm and she could feel the blood rushing inside. She then slowly moved it up and down, making the uncircumcised dick shake and tremble.

You could see it felt really good because Dan lifted his head up and closed his eyes. After a while she let go and sat back in her chair.

Dan put his underwear back on and had to take a deep breath, he never had experienced something like that before, Xia was experienced and now, very horny.

The next person was Jena. She also took a card from the girls stack and read it aloud.

“Let a male of choice lick your pussy for 1 minute.”

She chose James, because Dan already had his head in the clouds from his experience with Xia. Jena took off all her clothes except her bra and panties.

James moved towards Jena and sat in front of her, Jena’s breath stoked as James lifted her panties from her body down towards her feet and over them. She spread her legs and a scent of wet pussy shot up James’ nose. The smell made him want to taste the juices even more and he stuck his tong between her lips. Upwards and downwards, tasting her entirely. Jena moaned softly while her hands firmly grabbed his hair, pushing him deeper inside. His tong now went inside her, as far as it could and tasted a rush of fluid coming out of it.

One minute turned to three until Michelle started to get impatient and said the next one should go.

James was the next one. With his mouth still feeling the warmth of Jena’s pussy he read his card.

“Choose two persons that have to make out. It can also be you. Well, I choose Xia and Dan, because Dan seems to want more.”

The two kissed for a while.

“Wow, get a room you two.” Said Michelle, hoping for her turn. “Okay, okay, it’s your turn. But before you go, isn’t it easier if we just take off all our clothes?” Said Xia.

They agreed and took everything off. Michelle’s breast, revealed for the first time, were without a doubt the biggest of the three girls. A big C.

Michelle picked a card from the stack: “Lick the asshole of the person in front of you.”

Jena looked a little worried. She liked how James licked her pussy, but her asshole? And by a girl?

“Stand on your feet and try to touch the ground.” Michelle commanded.

Jena stood in position and her asshole was clearly visible. No hair to be seen anywhere on her body and her little pink hole was very clean. Michelle grabbed a butt cheek with every hand and stuck her tong between them. Jena gasped at first but the gasp quickly turned into a soft moan as Michelle licked her hole. She made small circles around it and even tried to push it in a little.

When they were finished, Michelle wiped her mouth with her arm and sat down.

Dan was the last person in the row and picked a boy’s card. But before he turned it around he said: “Is there also a card that says, you know, to put it in?”

“Have you never done it before?” Asked James.

“I know the rest of you have, but no, I haven’t.”

He turned around the card and read: “Fuck the first girl on your right. . . between her breasts.”

“Well, at least it’s not in her pussy.” Said James. “This way you can learn.”

Dan put his dick between the two large breasts of Michelle and she squeezed them together. Dan’s face made the same expression kaçak casino as when Xia jerked him, only three times worse. He slowly started moving it back and forth.

“I love the warmth of your dick between my breasts.” Michelle said as they both moaned. “It is pretty long too.”

Dan suddenly stopped, a little bit of cum dripped out of his dick onto the breasts of Michelle.

“I nearly came!” He said.

Michelle swept the drop of cum on her finger and swallowed it. “I see.” She smiled.

It was Xia’s turn again. And she picked her next card.

“Suck the dick of the first boy on your left.”

James laid back as Xia grabbed his dick with her thumb and two fingers. Her mouth touched the tip and slit it further in. His entire dick was now in her mouth. She then took it out and in again, even further. So far that it made her cough. After a deep breath she jerked him off while sucking the tip. James felt like he was in heaven.

When she was done she gave him a quick kiss on his balls and it was Jena’s turn.

She looked like she was going to put down the card but then said; “Oh why not, let one male of choice fuck you for 5 minutes. Dan, you’re up.”

Dan looked scared at first but quickly recovered himself. His dick was still hard and his balls swung around while he walked towards her.

Jena swung her legs apart and pulled Dan towards herself. She then took Dan’s dick and rubbed it over her soaking pussy. Dan couldn’t take it any longer and stuck it in her little hole. Both moaned very load and grabbed each other firmly. His dick went in and out while Jena grabbed her own breasts in excitement. The cushion on the chair got a big stain of pussy juice after Dan pulled his dick out just in time.

“That was amazing.” Jena said. “Your dick is fantastic.”

Jena needed some time to recover from the amazing feeling she just had, but then took a card from the stack. “Fuck someone with an object for 2 minutes.”

She looked around and grabbed the cucumber from the kitchen table and walked towards Xia. “I hope this fits inside you.” She said teasingly.

Xia opened her legs. With two fingers she spread her pussy wide open. The cucumber touched her pick wet hole and slowly sunk in. The thickness hurt her at first, but quickly felt amazing. She never had such a big object inside of her. Jena started pumping in and out and the moaning of Xia loudened. When she finished Jena pulled out and licked the tip of the cucumber.

James took his next card.

“Finger the asshole of the person left of you.”

James wasn’t even finished talking or Michelle sprung on her knees with her ass towards his face. “Come on, put your finger in me.” She dared him.

James felt the outside of her hole, it was a bit dry but he managed to make it wet with the juice from her pussy. Slowly he stuck his pinky finger inside her as she moaned.

“Put your thumb in there, please!” She begged.

He pulled out his pinky and stuck his thumb in. A gush of juice sprung out of her pussy over his body, she squirted all over him. “Faster!” James used his other fingers to finger her pussy. She came again and fell over. “That was amazing.”

Michelle was also the next in line to pick a card.

“I don’t want to pick a card anymore. I want a dick in my ass.” She said whilst fingering herself.

“Can you please fuck me James. I have some lube in my room, I’ll get it.”

Michelle ran and came back with lube. “Now take me, please.”

She sat on her knees with her ass pointing up. James pored some lube on her ass and jumped up. He soaked his dick with the combination of lube and pussy juice and finally pushed it in her ass. The tip went in very slowly but the rest followed easily. Michelle screamed his name and grabbed the couch. James began slowly trusting himself into her. “Harder! Take me James, take me!” She screamed.

At the same time, Jena wiped the cards of the table and laid herself on it.

“Do whatever you want with me.” She yelled.

Dan sat in front of her and put his dick inside her while Xia threw her legs over her and stuffed her pussy in her face. Jena immediately started licking her while her own pussy was penetrated by Dan’s long, hard dick. With her hands she spread Xia’s ass and licked her clean. Dan kissed with Xia while his dick went in and out of Jena.

“Dan, I want your dick inside my pussy while James fucks my ass.”

Michelle was incredibly horny. “Go fuck her Dan, I’ll lick her pussy like she never felt before.” Said Xia.

Dan stopped and positioned himself under Michelle. Two dicks pounded in her little holes. Dan had to stop for the massive squirt that Michelle had, her body twitched at the overwhelming sensation.

On the table Xia and Jena Licked each other in the 69 stance while hearing the hard moans from Michelle. The whole group was turned on beyond measure.

“I have to cum soon!” Said Dan.

“Me to, can I come in your mouth?” Asked James in his turn.

“Yes, please. I want your cum, James.” Begged Michelle.

“Dan, please save your cum for us!” Was heard from over at the table

Dan got off the couch and walked towards Xia and Jena.

“Please cum over my ass Dan.” Begged Jena as she got on all fours and pointed her ass towards him.

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