Intertwined Fates 02: Lust

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2: Lust

On her way home, Joy was enjoying remembering the pleasures she had enjoyed with her boss over the evening and thinking how his wife could have been foolish enough to let him get away. ‘Ah well, her loss,’ she thought. She wondered how long her boss had been interested in her and also wondered if it had been a one time thing. She planned to stay back as late as possible the next day and see if she could catch him with nobody else around.

The next day at work was rather uneventful and she was unable to catch even a glimpse of her boss. When she was about to give up and go home, her mobile rang. When she answered her phone she got chills up her spine because it was her boss asking her out to a fancy restaurant across town. Naturally she accepted and she started thinking of what to wear to her date but she needed to hurry because she only had three hours to get home and get ready.

When Joy got home she was greeted by her flatmate Kally. “You’re home early Joy for once. What’s happening?” asked Kally.

“I got a date with the most gorgeous guy. I’m about to get ready. He’s supposed to be picking me up at 8,” replied Joy

“You deserve it after all the hard work you’ve done at the office the last two weeks. Go and enjoy yourself. I gotta go to work now, so I’ll see you in the morning. Bye,” said Kally.

After Joy said her goodbyes to her flatmate, she stripped down and took a shower to wash away the hard day at the office. After she got out she looked in the mirror at herself and she realised why her boss was attracted to her. She had shoulder length hair the colour of raw umber with her Hispanic features and deep amber eyes she struck a memorizing figure. She went into her bedroom and dug through her closet looking for something sexy enough to turn Carl on the moment he saw her.

After a bit of deliberation she decided on her scarlet red lingerie and a shimmering bronze dress that matched her skin tone rather perfectly. She decided to keep her hair down, now knowing Carl liked it that way. After applying her best perfume she went out into the living room to await her date.

At 8pm Carl’s dark green Mercedes pulled up outside her apartment. When Joy opened the door they were both stunned at each other’s looks for their date. The sexual energy simmered hotly between them. Carl was wearing a dark bronze jacket with a silver silk button up shirt and a white tie. He was also wearing a studded black leather belt and black cashmere pants. That is what Joy saw after she managed to shut her gaping mouth and tear her eyes away from his deep passion filled dark blue eyes. She also noticed that he spiked up his short brown hair.

After Carl had recovered from his shock he asked Joy if she was ready to leave. When she walked past Carl towards his car she noticed his hardness pressing against his pants. She knew that she was going to have some fun tonight. Once they had arrived at the restaurant the sexual energy had become a raging storm as they looked at each other with burning, lust filled gazes. Stepping into the restaurant, they were led to their table by a waiter. Once they had ordered their drinks and food, they made an attempt at casual talk which was made difficult by their increasing arousal for each other.

Once their food had arrived Joy decided it would be fun to tease her sexy date by playing with her food. After putting the family stroke porno spoon in her mouth she sucked on it before pulling it out, grinning when Carl shifted in his seat uncomfortably. The waiter brought out the wine glasses and poured some wine while they waited for the main course. Joy decided to continue her teasing. She put the wine glass up to her lips but instead of sipping the wine, she licked the rim of the glass. Carl’s straining hardness was now attempting to bust its way out of his pants. He began sweating from his increasing lust. He refused to let Joy think she had him though.

Carl slipped off one of his shoes and used his cashmere sock covered foot to push up her dress and stuck his toe on Joy’s wet panties, massaging his toe against her. He grinned at her when she jumped almost right off her seat. Joy decided that two could play at that game. When the waiter came and served the main course she slipped off one of her heels and slid her bare smooth foot up Carl’s leg and rubbed at his crotch making him jump which made the waiter look at him strangely. After the waiter left the table Joy smiled at him evilly.

After Joy had finished eating she licked her lips sensually and sighed. Making Carl shift in his seat and groan, almost not being able to stand the pressure of his throbbing member pulsing against his confining pants. The waiter returned and replaced the main course plates with dessert, custard and ice cream. Every time Joy took a spoonful of the desert she licked the spoon clean, teasing Carl even further. After the desert dishes had been removed the waiter brought out the bill, Carl gladly paid the bill and was happy to finally get out of the restaurant.

Walking back towards the car Joy put her hands on Carl’s muscled shoulders and started to sensually rub his arms. Even when they were in the car, Joy did not let up on her teasing. Putting her hand on his leg, she started to massage him, frequently rubbing over his crotch to make him groan deeply. He had to tell her to stop several times so he could concentrate on the road. But Joy didn’t listen and continued her slow torture. As they approached Joy’s apartment, Carl put a hand on Joy’s supple breast causing her to sigh in pleasure at his touch.

Once Joy had opened the door of her apartment Carl was on her. Closing the door behind them, Carl pushed her up against it. His hands started to roam her luscious curves, as he reaches for the zipper of her dress. Pulling it down, the dress falls to around her feet in a shimmering pool.

“God you’re so sexy, Joy. Wow, scarlet lingerie,” murmured Carl. When Carl was about to unclasp her bra, she turned the tables on him and pushed him against the door. She pressed her mouth up against his and thrust her hot seeking tongue down his throat. Carl was too bewildered and surprised to react at first but when he recovered he thrust his tongue back at her, his throbbing cloth covered erection grinding deliciously against Joy’s crotch.

“I want you, Carl. But first I want to savour every inch of your wonderfully sexy body,” said Joy seductively. She pushed his jacket off leaving it on the floor with her dress. She then pushed Carl onto her couch. She then straddled his hips and pinned his arms down, not letting him move. She leaned down and started kissing and licking the side of his face and ear. She travelled down female taxi porno his neck to where his tie was before she rested her body down further grinding her crotch into his painfully hard erection, making Carl groan and struggle. Using her teeth she started undoing his tie. Once she had gotten it undone she grabbed one end with her teeth and pulled it off throwing over the table next to the chair.

She resumed her attack on his face and neck, making Carl groan and writhe underneath her. She then lowered her face down his neck and used her teeth to begin pulling the buttons off his shirt. Every time she pulled a button off she licked and kissed the newly exposed flesh until she reached the middle. She found she couldn’t move any further down without letting his arms go. She then licked a trail back up to his neck and used her teeth to pull the collar of his shirt off his shoulders and started the same process with his now exposed pectorals.

He writhed and moaned in pleasure under her intense teasing. She finally released his arms, pulling his shirt out of his pants and tore it the rest of the way open. She then started licking and grazing her teeth over his well defined abdominal muscles while Carl rested his hands on her head, moaning softly as she trailed her licking and kisses down to his beltline.

Her soft hair trailed down over his straining muscles, one of her hands then groped the bulging erection in his tented pants, making Carl cry out in pleasure. Carl was now almost to the point of begging his tormentor to do something to release the pressure. Joy decided to finally to have mercy on him and unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of the loops, tossing it to where his tie lay on the table.

Using her teeth again she unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down over his straining hardness while her hair stroked over his chest. She removed his shoes and socks, and then pulled his pants off his toned legs, leaving him in his dark green silk boxers that were completely tented by his hardness that was trying to get out of them.

Joy moved up to his tented boxers and plunged her mouth over the tent and tasted Carl’s pre-cum that was staining his boxers. Deciding to take pity on him after his further writhing and pleading, she pulled his boxers down over his hips and then off his feet leaving him completely naked, with his red weeping manhood standing tall. Joy started blowing air on the highly sensitised head of his cock, Carl groaned with pleasure and discomfort at the same time.

“Joy, please” moaned Carl.

“Please what, Carl?” asked Joy sweetly.

“Suck me, Joy, please” begged Carl.

Joy lowered her head down and licked from under his hardness, up his straining shaft and then around his engorged weeping head. She plunged her hot mouth down over his erection and started to suck him powerfully, eliciting deep groans and hoarse shouts from Carl.

Because she had been teasing him since they left for their date he didn’t last long. Soon with a deep growl of pleasure, he shot his load down Joy’s throat who eagerly drank up what he had to offer. After she had licked his softening member clean, Carl pushed Joy off the couch and on to the floor and started the same torture on her that she had inflicted on Carl the entire evening. He said to Joy in a very dark heavy sexy voice “Its time to female agent porno get my revenge,”

In response Joy moaned in anticipation. Carl licked and sucked her skin on her neck and upper chest, his hands moved around her back and unclipped her bra. He pulled it off exposing her erect nipples. He moved down her body and put his mouth over her left breast nipple and started to suck and nibble at it, causing Joy to moan in pleasure grasping his strong back.

After awhile of torturing this nipple he moved over to the other breast and repeated the same treatment. By this time Joy was writhing with pleasure under Carl’s strong body. She felt a surge of pleasure when her leg came in contact with Carl’s renewed erection.

After Carl was done with her nipples, he kissed a trail down her body down to her navel. He placed small bites around the edge of her bellybutton, making Joy to shriek in pleasure. Once Carl made it down to her panty line, Joy started digging her fingers into Carl’s back. He licked around and slightly under the band of her panties.

As soon as Carl stuck his tongue in her panties, Joy in a breathless voice panted, “Carl.. please!” Carl looked up at Joy and grinned as sweat streaked her face streaking lines through her makeup.

“Please what?” asked Carl slyly.

Joy let out a loud moan and begged Carl, “Carl!… lick my pussy.. make me come PLEASE!” Carl pulled down her panties and slipped off her heels.

He stuck his head in between her legs and thrust his tongue inside her wet opening, making Joy scream out her pleasure. He licked just outside her nether lips making her to squirm in pleasure. He made her wail even louder when he stuck two fingers in together stretching her opening wide.

“Please Carl! Fuck me with your fingers!” shouted Joy. Carl stimulated her nether lips with his other hand, while he used two fingers that were inside her pussy to push, as if it was his cock inside of her and not his fingers. Wailing with pleasure Joy felt her orgasm slam into her. After regaining her breath she said to Carl “Oh my god, Carl that was so totally amazing,”

“Yes it was amazing,” said Carl watching her with pleasure fogged eyes. He leaned over and kissed her softly.

Joy suddenly felt the desire to have Carl’s hard thickness pounding into her, an activity she missed out on feeling the previous night. She ran two fingers up the base of Carl’s erection and aggressively attacked his mouth, thrusting her tongue in, while she pushed him over and straddled him. After Carl recovered the shock, he pushed her over and quickly entered her steaming heat, making them both groan out in pleasure. Carl leaned back and asked in the same dark sexy tone “What do you want Joy?”

“I want you to ram your cock in me, hard and fast,” Joy responded huskily.

“My pleasure,” said Carl. He pushed his hard cock into her generating delicious friction making them both groan, Joy placed her hands on Carl’s sweat sheened chest while he rode her.

“Faster, harder!” yelled Joy as she bucked her hips into Carl’s now frenzied pumping. Carl could feel his orgasm coming in blinding flash of pleasure. They both rode their orgasms together, grasping at each other’s bodies screaming their pleasure.

Carl rolled off her after a moment of recovery. They hugged with their sweaty bodies for a few minutes, until Joy said “I think we need to have a shower. Why don’t you stay the night?”

“Sure, I’d love to stay over,” said Carl, they both headed off to the bathroom. A while later Joy was lying in bed with her head on Carl’s chest listing to him sleeping and thought ‘Wow, this man is so totally amazing. And we’ve only been together once,’

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