International Relations Ch. 01

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This is chapter one of a short series of stories inspired by a love from 23 years ago now refound.

A drink in the countryside

It was a few days into the trip and most people had settled in with their host families well.

There were a couple of issues with one family that meant the teachers in charge had to focus on that leaving the rest of us a little more freedom than we expected, and not an opportunity we were going to let slip by.

It was Friday night and a group of around ten of us had arranged to go to a local country pub, we were quite used to this having been trying to get into the pubs since we were sixteen (failing), managing to just about get served by seventeen and now at eighteen didn’t give it a second thought. It was different for you being American, normally the age limit being 21 and this new found freedom to legally drink was like having the prison guard hand you your cell keys and walking away. Your intentions were not alcohol focused tonight as your mind quietly planned the evening ahead.

The Pub was the Green Man just outside Middleton, not a pub we could walk to but between the ten of us we had enough cars to easily drive the five or six miles to our chosen destination for tonight.

Even though it was midsummer the pub had its open fire burning away in the bar area, adding to an already barmy evening temperature in the bar.

We all got drinks from the bar, yours was a vodka and coke with loads of ice and we settled onto some large leather sofas in the lounge area away from the heat of the fireplace.

The pub was not overly busy with a couple of dozen people in the bar and lounge with maybe double that number outside in the beer garden enjoying the warm nights air.

Conversation was free flowing and revolved around a mixture of the trips we had happening over the next few days and the experiences that were different between ours and the American culture. Every so often a comment causing laughter as the American meaning of a word or phrase not quite translating to its British understanding. As the evening progressed and a few more drinks flowed I notice you were still on your first drink and just topped it up with coke and ice every now and then, while the others seemed to be trying to get enough liquid in them to see them through a drought.

A seat opens up to you and I take the opportunity to slip into the seat and slyly hold your hand and giving it a little squeeze to let you know it was a deliberate move and not just an accidental coming together. You respond by linking your arm around mine and giving me a small hug, you then lean closer to me and ask if I can take you home as you don’t feel too well, face deadpan not giving any hint of what was running through your mind.

A quick check with the rest of the group that they are all ok for lifts and we quietly slip away, leaving the pub and heading off down some small country lane and into the darkening night. As we drive slowly along we are chatting and making small talk when you gently place your hand on my thigh and it starts a casual caressing movement up and down extending from my knee to the top of my thigh, it feels wonderful and I begin to think güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you may not be as unwell as you led me to believe.

Your fingers continue to trace up and down, as I force myself to concentrate on the narrow roads in the dark, my mind seriously struggling with the sensations you are causing and the reactions I am having to your touch.

Your voice mesmerizes me as your tone changes and lowers a little invoking a primal response from my groin encouraged by your wandering hand. Still caressing up and down but now stroking my inner thigh occasionally low at first but encouraged when I wriggle in my seat and part my legs in response to your advances. Your hand strokes higher up my thigh and at the point where you usually slowly drag your fingers back down you stop and dwell. Your hot hand resting high on my thigh, your fingertips dangerously close to the tip of my now straining cock.

A small movement from you and your fingers find me, tracing the shape of me through my jeans, I’m in heaven but in no position or capacity to continue driving safely. I slow the car down and quickly turn off the road onto a small side lane which runs for about ten yards and then curves around so the car is out of sight of the narrow lane. I assume the road is a farm track maybe leading to a house but my mind is so foggy from your administrations that I just don’t care.

The second the car stops you are leaning over me kissing me hard on the lips, tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I kiss you back, my hand on the back of your neck, not hard but providing pressure so I can prolong the kiss.

After a lengthy kiss, you pull away from our embrace. Clicking the release from your seat belt and turning in one smooth movement to open the car door and stepping out into the night.

I am not far behind you and walk around the car to where you are smiling at me and leaning back against the side of the car. I can’t control myself and I have to kiss you again my body pressing against yours, one hand in your hair the other at your waist. Your hands pull me closer to you a hand on the small of my back, the other one squeezing between us and onto the bulge in my jeans. Your delicate fingers closing around me, applying pressure and gentle movements driving me wild with lust for you.

In my state I have to take control before I lose it completely and grasp both of your wrists firmly moving them up and behind your back controlling your hands and preventing you from working me further into a frenzy, now it’s my turn.

With one hand now restraining you the other is free to roam your body. I start by pushing your hair away from your neck and kiss the skin I have just exposed, softly, delicately, like there is no longer any urgency in the world. My kisses travel across your face and I repeat my kissing on the other side of your neck. A sigh escapes your lips and any pretence at resistance fades into pleasure as my lips find your and our tongues dance together.

I move my foot to position it between yours and gentle apply pressure up the length of my leg and my thigh against your crotch, the pressure has the desired effect and you part your güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri legs a little to allow my thigh to press for firmly against the growing heat inside your jeans.

Still kissing deeply I drift my hand from your waist up to the base of your throat palm resting just above and between your breasts, I pause waiting for an objection but sensing none I slowly lower my hand to cup your breast and get my encouragement as you press your chest against my hand urging me on. Still over the materiel of your Cure t-shirt and bra I lift and squeeze, pressing and feeling for your hard nipple confirming you like the attention. Still working your breast and nipple, my other hand slips away from restraining you and connects with your warm silky soft skin of your lower back just above you jeans waistline and moves up to find the clasp of your bra, quickly snapping the hooks apart.

In a flash of control you grasp both sides of your t-shirt and swiftly lift the shirt and bra clear of your body in one fluid movement tossing the clothes half behind you and onto the bonnet of the car.

With the moonlight streaming onto your now half naked body I lean back to admire the sight of your free breasts and the light sheen of perspiration glowing on your chest.

Your eyes are watching me carefully for my reaction and the delight and awe in my eyes is clear for you to see making you smile and relax in my hands.

We kiss again, tasting each other. Teasing each other’s mouths with our tongues and lips.

I break the kiss, planting smaller kisses on your neck and shoulder, then back across to the other shoulder before kissing down your chest and locking my lips onto a waiting hard nipple.

Your eyes close at the sensation of my tongue circling your nipple your other breast having identical attention from my fingers. You taste and smell delicious, a mixture of perfume, body spray and your hormones fuelling my passion to explore every inch of your body.

Above me I can hear your sighs of pleasure as I enjoy your breasts, nipples wet from my mouth glistening in the dim light of night.

Your sigh turns to a small groan of displeasure and I move my head away from your chest and step away from your body, yours eyes flick open to see what is happening but you are already being pulled to where I want you.

Now I’m leaning back against the car and I have pulled you in-front of me facing away so your back is pressed against my chest and your head rests against my left shoulder. My arms are around your waist one holding you tight against me the other immediately re-commencing my assault on your breasts, squeezing your nipple hard and rolling it between my thumb and finger.

Your hand comes up to my face to turn my chin so you can kiss me and we hold another long passionate kiss.

My hand around your waist begins tracing circles on your belly going lower and lower towards the top of your jeans.

My fingers release the top button. You continue to kiss me, another button. The last button pops undone and I ease the top of your jeans down a fraction on your hips before my hand grazes down over the front of your lacy knickers.

We güvenilir bahis şirketleri both gasp a little and break our kiss, you because of the incredible need for me to touch you, me because of the heat and wetness I find through the thin slip of materiel under my hand. Over the top of your panties I slowly start to work a finger up and down feeling your pussy lips through the materiel, down to dampest part of your knickers, up to the area above your pussy where I can feel the soft public hair. Down – again pressing a little harder, feeling the materiel pressing between your lips, up – applying gentle force just below your hair making your groan into the night air your head now resting on my shoulder, eyes closed, lost in your own needs.

My hand moves the materiel to one side exposing your wet centre to the cooling night air allowing my fingers now to have unrestricted access to your virgin pussy so far untouched by another man.

A finger presses into you dipping between your lips coating me with your juice, but it doesn’t penetrate by more than a finger tip, instead moving the slick fluid around and up towards your clit slowly starting to circle it and gently rub it feeling your breathing increasing and growing heavier with each passing moment.

Another delve between your pussy lips to capture more juice provides enough lubrication for direct and prolonged contact with your throbbing clit and I begin to rhythmically apply more pressure and rub you towards your goal.

A sharp squeeze of your nipple reminds you that I have a second hand and elicits a gasp and a moan as my other hand continues its now relentless assault between your legs.

Your hand comes up to your breast where I am still toying with your nipple and you press my hand firmly on to your breast begging me to squeeze harder, your breathing now difficult as waves begin to rise in the pit of your stomach spreading out to your loins, signalling the tip of an orgasm about to rock your body.

Your moans drive me on, I love the sounds you make, involuntary and dripping with a desperate need and want. My fingers on your clit continue, working you harder and driving you beyond the point of no return. Your orgasm hits, fire spreading through your pussy, bucking, moaning, grinding back against me. My fingers still moving trying to coax every last ounce of pleasure from your climax, but softening and slowing as your bucking subsides and your moans turn from uncontrolled pants to a softer sated mewing, as you come down from your high and try to regain touch with the world around you.

My arm is around your waist supporting you from collapsing and your body is slumped firmly back against mine. My other hand now still just cupping your sex and allowing contact without further stimulation, I can feel your cum on my fingers as I hold you, support you in a very intimate embrace.

You twist your head and your eyes open to see me smiling at you. We kiss again and tell me you quite liked that and might want to do it again at some stage then laugh.

You turn your body to face me and we kiss again long and deep but somehow with a greater connection than before.

You get re-dressed and we climb back into the car before heading back towards your hosts house, where we kiss and you suggest you need a shower before lightly rubbing my still hard cock and getting out of the car.

Just before you head inside you lean back in and suggest a shower for me too but recommend a colder one.

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