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When Kevin walked in, Liz was sitting cross-legged on her bed looking at a magazine. She looked up at him and smiled. She was sure he was enjoying the view. Liz knew she was a sexy young coed. Dark wavy hair framed her aristocratic face and bright blue eyes. Her skin was creamy white, and her large round breasts were currently covered only by a white sports bra which showed off her cleavage wonderfully. Her pale belly was taut and firm, sloping down to the ragged looking cut-off jeans, which showed off her long legs high enough to offer a teasing view of the lower curves of her firm ass.

“Hey,” Kevin said, “so, you called and said you wanted to do something this afternoon. What did you have in mind?”

With a single motion, Liz pulled her sports bra off and tossed it at Kevin. Her full breasts burst free in all their glory, big, firm mounds of white flesh tipped with nipples already hardening in the cool air of the apartment. She grinned from ear to ear at Kevin’s startled look.

“First,” she said matter-of-factly, “I’m going to suck your dick, and then I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

Kevin’s jaw actually dropped. Liz wasn’t all that surprised. After all, it wasn’t every day a hot coed told a freshman guy to fuck her in the ass. She hadn’t let on what she had in mind when she’d called him. She knew he’d be expecting sex, since almost every date they’d had ended in sex one way or another.

Liz really enjoyed sex. She loved watching guys staring at her full round breasts, like Kevin was now. She loved the feeling she got driving guys totally wild. Still, she had never asked a guy to fuck her ass before. In fact she had only had anal sex once before, with her bastard ex-boyfriend. She intended to change that today, and Kevin was the lucky guy who was going to do that for her.

Kevin was recovering from his shock with admirable speed. At least, he wasn’t standing there slack jawed anymore, and a pleased grin was spreading across his face. He pushed the door shut and walked over toward the bed.

“Well,” he said, obviously trying to sound like girls asked him to ass-fuck them every afternoon, “if that’s what you’d like.”

Still grinning, Liz hopped up off the bed and pushed her shorts down with one smooth motion. She hadn’t bothered wearing panties since she hadn’t planned to stay dressed long. Kicking the shorts aside, she faced Kevin, hands on her hips and chest thrust out. He obligingly looked her over, his gazing traveling from her dark, wavy hair, across her full tits with their big hard nipples, and down her taut belly to the naked pussy she had shaved just that morning. She pivoted canlı bahis slowly and pushed her firm round ass toward him.

“You like?” Liz teased.

Kevin reached out and cupped her ass-cheeks in his hands.

“Yeah,” he said as he squeezed them firmly, “very nice.”

“Ohhh yeah,” Liz purred. She turned suddenly, grabbing his shirt-front and dragging herself toward him. She stretched up and kissed him passionately, wrapping one hand around his neck while her other reached down to cup his hard dick through his jeans. “Get these damn pants off. I want that cock in my mouth right now.”

Her words had their intended effect. Kevin had his pants around his ankles in moments and pulled off his T-shirt without any prompting. Liz loved the sight of his hard, muscular body. Kevin had a firm, well defined chest, tight abs, thick strong arms, powerful legs, and hanging between them a long, hard dick and huge heavy balls. Liz dropped to her knees in front of him and wrapped her fingers around his long shaft. Kevin groaned as she stroked his dick and cupped his balls.

“Oh yeah,” Kevin moaned, “suck it.”

Liz leaned forward and ran her tongue along the length of his shaft, tasting his strong musky flavor. She licked her way down and nuzzled his balls, taking them in her mouth and rolling them around with her tongue. Kevin groaned and wrapped his strong hands in her hair. She kept tonguing his balls, until he started to jerk away as the sensations she was giving him became too much.

Liz grinned to herself, feeling totally in control even as Kevin pulled on her head trying to guide her up his shaft. She worked her way leisurely up his dick, enjoying its length and spongy firmness against her lips. Finally she reached the tip and lapped at the salty pre-cum that oozed from it. Opening her mouth, she took his tip inside her and lowered her face down onto his shaft. Soon, he filled her entire mouth.

“Oooh God,” Kevin moaned, “that’s it, Lizzy. Take it just like that.”

Kevin started pushing with his hips, trying to work his dick deeper into her mouth. She felt the tip pressing on the back of her throat. She gagged and backed off a little.

“Relax your throat,” Kevin said firml., “Take it all the way.”

He pushed again, and Liz forced herself to relax. Her throat convulsed around his shaft as he forced his way down again. He moaned and pulled back. Liz took a deep breath and tried to relax. Kevin thrust forward again and she took it. He was fucking her face with long, slow thrusts, grunting each time his tip pushed into her throat.

“That’s it, you little cock-sucker,” Kevin moaned. “You bahis siteleri are soooo good.”

Liz felt the increasing urgency of Kevin’s thrusts. With an inward grin she grabbed his hips and pushed him away while dragging her head up, off his hard dick. Saliva and pre-cum dripped from her lips as she took a deep breath into her bruised throat, forcing herself not to gag.

“Slow down, stud,” Liz said roughly, “that’s just the opener. Now it’s time for the main event.”

“Damn,” Kevin growled. “You want it, you got it baby.”

Liz smiled. Rising from her knees, she turned and sauntered over to the bed, making sure to wiggle her ass as much as possible over those few steps. She crawled up onto the bed, catlike and sultry, tossing a smoldering look over her shoulder. Kevin was watching her every move, a lustful look on his face and his hand slowly pumping his hard dick. Liz grinned and tossed a pillow under her hips, offering Kevin easy access to her backside.

“Come here, stud,” Liz purred over her shoulder. “I want that hard cock inside me.”

Kevin wasted no time clambering up onto the bed. He dropped his hot weight on top of her and Liz felt his hard shaft laying against her back. He shifted his weight and took his dick in his hand again. Slowly Kevin slid his long dick over her back and down between her ass cheeks.

“Tell me what you want,” Kevin growled.

“I want you,” Liz purred, lifting her hips to meet him, “to fuck my ass. Fuck my ass, baby.”

Kevin pushed forward, rubbing his dick between her cheeks. The tip, sloppy wet with her saliva and his pre-cum, pressed against Liz’s tight hole, and she shivered. She wanted this, Liz told herself. Her bastard ex-boyfriend may have taken her virgin ass, but it was hers to give away to anyone she damn well pleased. Kevin would fuck her ass, she thought, and she’d enjoy it.

Kevin’s voice brought her back into the moment. “Say it again, baby,” he groaned.

“Do it, you fucker,” Liz snarled, glaring at him over her shoulder, “fuck my ass, or get the fuck out of here and I’ll find someone… yyaaarrrrgggghh!”

Kevin’s dick shoved hard against her tight sphincter and Liz yelped in pain. She was too tense, too tight, and he couldn’t get in. He kept pushing anyway and it hurt. It really hurt. Liz forced herself to lay still. Relax, she breathed inwardly. Kevin backed off and she took the chance to unclench her body. When he pushed again, Liz did her best to let him in. The pain was intense and she wondered if something was going to tear. She forced herself not to think about that, to just feel loose and let it happen. Suddenly, she bahis şirketleri felt his dick slip into her hole. Liz groaned.

On top of her, Kevin was panting. He paused, twitching inside her, and Liz felt that she could have kissed him for that. She took the moment to adjust to the feeling of his hard dick intruding in her sensitive ass. Just having him there, not moving, was so intense it burned. She realized her face was buried in her pillow, her hands clenching the sheets. She took a deep breath and relaxed, feeling suddenly triumphant. She’d done it.

Then Kevin pushed again, and Liz shrieked. She’d felt completely full of him, but now she realized that it had only been the tip of his long shaft. He was pushing deeper into her. She moaned, and pushed her face back down into the pillow, gritting her teeth. Kevin stopped and she felt him pull back. Liz sighed. It felt good to have him slipping back out. He thrust forward again and she whimpered. Then she shrieked as she realized he was going even deeper this time. Over and over, he pulled out a little and then pushed even deeper in.

Oh god, Liz wondered, how big is he? She wondered how much more she could take. Finally, with a hard grunt, Kevin pushed his full length into her.

“Oh fuck, Lizzy,” Kevin groaned, “that feels so good.”

“It’s… intense,” Liz panted.

“Fuck yeah,” Kevin moaned, “you love it.”

Then he started to fuck her and Liz screamed. Each time he pulled back, she felt like she could relax. Each time he thrust forward, she felt like she was going to be split in two. It hurt like hell, but at the same time, Liz could feel herself getting wetter and hotter.

Struggling a little, she moved to get her arm under her and reached toward the center of that warm wetness. Her fingers touched her clit and Liz gasped. The intensity of the feelings coming from her ass was almost overwhelming, but somehow it magnified the sensations from her clit. Gritting her teeth, Liz started to rub herself furiously.

Kevin was grunting and moaning as if he couldn’t get enough. His thrusts were increasing in intensity. Liz bit down into her pillow to keep from screaming as he slammed violently into her abused ass. Suddenly, Kevin thrust as hard and as deep as he could and gave a wild cry. Liz felt him unload a flood of cum into her battered asshole.

He collapsed on top of her, panting. Liz knew Kevin was probably feeling relaxed and content after coming inside her. To her, he just felt heavy and he was still buried painfully deep in her burning ass. She squirmed a little. As Kevin pulled out, she sighed in genuine pleasure as his length finally and completely withdrew from her anus.

“That was great,” Kevin moaned, as he flopped beside her.

“It was… different,” she ventured. Not exactly according to plan, she thought, but it would do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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