Innocent Amber Ch. 03

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“It’s the weekend. You just finished your final paper. You have no excuse!” Chrissy was standing over her roommate Amber in their dorm room, hands on her full hips, trying to convince Amber to come along with her for the weekend. “David has his parents’ beach bungalow all to himself this weekend. You have to come with us. It’ll be sooo fun.”

“Why don’t you two just go alone? I don’t want to be a third wheel.”

“You won’t be because the moron already told his best friend, Jon, that he could come. Jon is such a bonehead; they’ll probably end up drinking beer and playing video games the whole time. Besides, it’s almost break and we won’t see each other all summer. Com’on, keep me company… it’ll be fun.”

“Okay, just don’t ditch me and leave me alone with Jon while you and David are off doing, uh, stuff. When do we leave?”

Two hours later, they were on the road to Santa Barbara, arriving mid-evening. Everyone settled into their rooms; Chrissy and David were going to share his parents room, Jon got David’s old room, and Amber got his younger sister’s room. They spent the rest of the night hanging out on the deck, David and Jon drinking a 12 pack and everyone having a good time, but by ten o’clock Amber and Chrissy decided to head in to bed. They wanted an early start the next day.

The next morning was picturesque. The ocean was glassy, the sky clear blue, and surprisingly not a lot of people were out to spoil the sand. Amber and Chrissy went for a pre-breakfast beach stroll, and than spent the entire day just hanging out on the beach. They tanned in the hot sun, read fashion magazines, and sipped on glass after glass of rum mojitos. By the afternoon, both Amber and Chrissy were beginning to feel overheated and a bit drunk.

Chrissy had early on taken off her bikini top (‘I hate tan lines’), but Amber was too conscious of the occasional passer-by to dare. Besides, David and Jon were only 100 feet away; she didn’t want to give either of them an eyeful. Amber couldn’t resist taking peeks at Chrissy. She was lying on her back now, rubbing some more tanning oil all over her thighs, stomach and breasts. The oil was making her olive-toned skin glisten, and her ruby nipples were crowned with two little gold loops that sparkled in the hot sunlight. Looking at Chrissy’s gorgeous tits made Amber’s own tingle and tighten, just begging to be released from her tiny white string bikini top. Reaching for their two empty mojitos glasses, Amber volunteered to get refills. Chrissy had gone the last two times.

Amber’s arrival at the beach house was heralded with whistles and a “Hey, hot stuff!” Curing their hangovers with rum and cokes, David and Jon were very vocal in their appreciation of the vision in front of them. Standing 5’3″ and weighing only 115 pounds, Amber possessed a slender tight body with just enough curves to give both of the boys semi’s. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through the thin white material of her suit, and a little bit of dark blond hair was teasingly peaking out of the side of her bikini bottom. David’s and Jon’s eyes were glued to Amber’s ass as she strolled past them into the kitchen.

“Hey, Amber, can you bring us both some more coke?” Amber agreeably brought them out two fresh cans.

“What have you guys been doing all day?” As she spoke, Amber raised her arms to pull her long blond hair into a tighter ponytail, causing the bottoms of her firm tits to become exposed. Getting no response, she gave them a funny look and repeated her question.

“Uh, we, uh…” David cleared his throat, “Drinkin’. Talkin’ bout chicks. You know, guy stuff.” A little unnerved by the heated look David was giving her (by now she was numb to the lecherousness of Jon), Amber excused herself to finish pouring the cocktails and return to the beach. She herself was beginning to get turned on by the way those boys were looking at her, obviously appreciating what they saw. She especially liked the way David was looking at her, almost like he already knew what she looked like underneath her bikini naked… Amber shook herself out of the fantasy. What was she doing? This is her friend’s boyfriend she’s lusting for! Even so, she was very aware that her whole body was tingling. Shifting casino oyna in his seat, David was also uncomfortably aware of how attracted he was to Amber. Ever since that night he and Chrissy had watched Amber get off in her dorm room… Excusing himself to the bathroom, David went in there to take care of his raging hard-on, jerking off in less than a minute with the image of Amber’s sweet ass swaying in his face.

Returning with a couple of mojitos, Amber’s pulsing pussy got wetter at the sight of Chrissy’s long and curvaceous body lying in the sand. Leaning over Chrissy to hand her the drink, she watched beads of water drip off the cold glass landing on Chrissy’s stomach and breasts. Amber’s own nipples tightened in response as she watched Chrissy’s tits pucker.

“Perfect timing. What are those idiots doing at the house? No, don’t even tell me. I can already guess. Hey, do you mind doing my back? I want to flip over again.” Chrissy tossed Amber her bottle of tanning oil, rolled over, and adjusted her bikini bottom so it was wedged between her ass checks. Amber’s disappointment at not being able to look at Chrissy’s tits anymore was replaced with excitement for the opportunity to rub oil all over her smooth brown skin.

Pouring out a palmful of oil, Amber slowly began rubbing her hands all along Chrissy’s back. The feel of Chrissy’s warm skin slick with oil was so sensual. Her hands began to slow down, and took pleasure in touching Chrissy in this intimate way. Her hands rubbed circles all along her body, imitating the path Chrissy had taken on her own skin during last month’s shower experience. Amber shivered remembering the way it felt having Chrissy’s soapy hands explore every part of her body. Maybe it was time to return the favor.

Amber’s fingertips found their way along the sides of Chrissy’s full tits, and stroked all the way down to her hips. Amber thought she heard a moan of pleasure. Without even asking, Amber poured more oil into her palms and began to massage Chrissy’s pert round ass. Feeling very naughty, Amber slipped her fingers under the elastic band and down into her crack rubbing along her asshole. Chrissy shifted slightly pushing her ass a little higher into the air, forcing Amber’s fingers to stroke along her wet pussy. Amber continued to massage her ass, occasionally letting her fingers subtly slide along Chrissy’s wet slit. Feeling conspicuous of the few remaining people who were scattered along the beach, Amber continued her path down Chrissy’s long legs to complete the job. Not being able to resist, Amber ran her palms all the way up Chrissy’s thighs with her thumbs stroking along the insides. She let her thumbs press into Chrissy’s sopping pussy one more time before continuing up her back and down her arms.

“Done,” Amber whispered. Still kneeling over her, Chrissy rolled onto her butt, raising onto her elbows, causing her 36C’s to thrust into the air inches away from Amber’s full lips. Resisting the urge to take them into her mouth, Amber sat back on her heels in the sand. She didn’t realize that her new position gave Chrissy a full view of her pussy through the transparent dampness of the white bikini bottom.

“Mmmhh. That felt great. Let me do your back also. I would hate to see that pretty pale skin of yours get burnt.”

Amber loved the idea of Chrissy rubbing her hands all over her body again, but definitely needed a few sips of her cocktail first. She was feeling overheated. A bit tipsy, and very excited, Amber rolled over to let Chrissy lotion her backside. Using Amber’s SPF 30 lotion, Chrissy began at her calves.

“Open your legs a bit so I don’t miss a spot.”

Amber complied, giving Chrissy an incredible view from her position. The damp cloth of Amber’s suit had bunched a bit between her butt checks, and had also shifted enough to expose one of Amber’s pink pussy lips. Running her hands in long strokes up Amber’s legs, Chrissy let her tight nipples trace an erotic trail along the same path. Amber let out a shiver at the feel of not just Chrissy’s hands on her body, but also her cherry red tits. Wanting further contact, Amber let her thighs fall apart even more, causing her pussy lips to spread even farther. The aroma of Amber’s arousal had canlı casino reached her roommates senses, and Chrissy knew at that point that her prudish roommate was finally going to let her fuck her.

With firm strokes, Chrissy massaged Amber’s buttocks and thighs, repeatedly allowing her thumbs to dip into Amber’s soaking wet pussy. Amber’s teeth clamped down onto her bottom lip, trying to keep her whimpers inaudible. Chrissy could hear every sound she made, and those little whimpers were driving her crazy. Amber almost lost all of her self-control when Chrissy softly asked her, “Does this feel good?” Her breath felt inches away from Amber’s pussy, causing Amber’s only response to be limited to an affirmative moan. Chrissy continued her way up Amber’s slender back, running her breasts along Amber’s sensitive ass and lower back.

“Roll over,” Chrissy demanded. Draped over her, Chrissy began to untie Amber’s bikini top, sliding it off of her skin. Lightly straddling Amber, Chrissy reached over to grab more lotion. Spreading it along Amber’s back, Chrissy traced circles in the lotion with her stiff nipples. She ran her hands along Amber’s ribs, stroking the sides of her breasts. Amber leaned up on her elbows, just enough to let Chrissy reach under her and cup her firm tits. Chrissy by now was curved to Amber’s body, with one leg placed between Amber’s thighs. Tugging on Amber’s inch long nipples, rubbing her own tits along Amber’s back, Chrissy nibbled on her neck and shoulders causing Amber to moan in pleasure. Amber rocked against Chrissy’s thigh, sliding her pussy and ass up and down her roommate’s oiled leg making it more and more slick from her own pussy juice.

Amber loved how it felt, but was desperate to touch Chrissy back. Rolling both of them over, Amber became the aggressor. Doing what she had wanted to do for so long, Amber took Chrissy’s rigid pierced nipples into her mouth; she sucked and nipped at each one. Amber couldn’t get enough of Chrissy’s tits. Kneading them with her hands, manipulating the aching nipples, Amber had Chrissy writhing beneath her. Chrissy’s moans became louder and louder. Leaning up to kiss her, Amber silenced Chrissy with her tongue.

They were wild, no longer caring if any one should happen to see them. And what a sight they made; two young gorgeous college girls naked except for their tiny bikini bottoms, one a tall and curvaceous brunette, the other a lithe slender blonde. At this point there was only one person who could see them clearly, an old fisherman. In appreciation of the show he reached into his full rubber pants and began to rub himself. Eventually he came, and just went right back to his fishing.

In their own world, Amber rode the thigh Chrissy had placed back between her legs, loudly moaning as she came closer to her orgasm. Rolling Amber back onto her rear, it was Chrissy’s turn to take charge. Pinching and tugging on Amber’s inch long pink nipples with one hand, she stroked her other along Amber’s smooth skin. Chrissy tugged on the strings keeping Amber’s bikini bottom on, finally exposing her soft pussy to the salty air and Chrissy’s eager touch. Sliding her fingers through Amber’s blonde thatch, Chrissy at last reached the pot of liquid gold. She slid first one finger, than two, into Amber’s wet pussy. As she finger-fucked her roommate, Chrissy told her how much she had wanted to suck on her tits and finger her hot cunt. Amber went wild hearing Chrissy talk dirty to her, and begged her for more.

“You like this don’t you. You like me sticking my fingers into your wet pussy. I can feel your hot cunt pulsing on my fingers, getting wetter and wetter… You need this. Acting prissy all of the time, when really you’re just a little femme slut. You’re begging for this. Your pussy can’t get enough of me. Tell me, do you like me fucking you? Say it…”


“Yes, what? Say it or I’ll stop!”

“No! I mean, yes, I love it. Oh Chrissy,” Amber was slamming her pussy against Chrissy’s hand by now, frantic to reach her peak, “Yes, Chrissy, I’m your fuck slut. Please keep fucking me. Ohh… fuck me!”

Amber had never been talked to like this, and loved it. With Chrissy’s fingers deep inside Amber’s drenched pussy, Chrissy leaned kaçak casino down and took her swollen nipple into her pouting mouth. The combination was too much for Amber, and with a shout she began to buck and shake on Chrissy’s fingers, riding out the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

“Oh, you’re not finished…” Chrissy hadn’t yet done what she had most fantasized about. Flipping Amber over onto her stomach, Chrissy positioned herself between Amber’s weakened thighs and brought Amber’s ass up to her face. Starting low between her legs, Chrissy searched out Amber’s pussy with her hot tongue. Running her tongue along Amber’s pulsing cunt, she finally got to taste the salty-sweetness she had been eagerly inhaling. Chrissy cherished Amber’s pussy like it was a ripe peach, licking and sucking on her dripping juice, getting every drop, taking the time to give just as much attention to her tight pink asshole as her swollen pussyhole. Sticking her face in Amber’s pussy, licking from her pulsing clit to her tight ass, Chrissy ran her tongue up and down devouring it, bringing Amber to her second screaming orgasm.

Amber collapsed to her stomach, jerking every other second from the intensity of the aftershocks of her orgasm. She looked up at Chrissy and realized that while she had been brought to two incredible orgasms, Chrissy had yet to have one. Time to fix that. Reaching up to grab Chrissy for a kiss, they passionately rubbed against each other’s naked and oiled bodies. Amber pushed Chrissy onto her back and sensually removed the last of Chrissy’s bathing suit, slowly pulling them down her mile long legs. Lying between Chrissy’s spread thighs, Amber slowly rocked her own still throbbing pussy against Chrissy’s soaking wet one, rubbing her tits against Chrissy’s, passionately sucking on Chrissy’s full bottom lip.

“I want to lick your pussy, but I’ve never… I don’t know if I can do it right,” Amber whispered to Chrissy.

Chrissy just laughed and assured her, “I’m sure you’ll be a natural at it. All women are. I want you to lick my pussy too, so bad. I promise you that you’ll do awesome.”

Still feeling a bit shy, but very eager and excited, Amber skimmed her body down Chrissy’s and positioned herself between Chrissy’s thighs. Taking in her first up-close look at Chrissy’s pussy, she found it very erotic. Chrissy’s full lips were mostly exposed, shaven except for a neat strip of dark hair right above the clit. The skin of the inner lips was swollen and cherry red. She couldn’t believe how soaked Chrissy’s pussy was from her arousal; Amber watched Chrissy’s pussy trickle juice down into her crack and onto her butt. It was flowing out so much that Chrissy’s towel was soaked beneath her. Wanting to taste Chrissy’s musky cunt, Amber leaned down and slowly began to lick her clit. Chrissy jerked in response, but her moan told Amber that she was doing well. Eagerly, Amber threw herself into the new experience. Licking and sucking, Amber had Chrissy in a frenzy. Chrissy was frantic. Reaching down, she grabbed Amber’s head by the hair and fucked her face until she reached her first explosive orgasm. Yet, one orgasm not being enough, Chrissy continued to thrust against Amber’s face.

Chrissy begged Amber, “mmooa… ahhh… Amber…fuck me. Pu-ut your finger in me. Oh, fuck me fuck me…”

Amber did. She sunk her first two fingers into Chrissy’s pulsating pussy, fingering her and licking her, driving Chrissy out of her mind. Chrissy was on the verge of her second and more powerful orgasm, but couldn’t quite reach it. Reaching up to pinch her own tits, Chrissy continued to thrust against Amber’s tongue and fingers. Chrissy looked down at the sight between her legs; Amber’s naked ass was sticking up in the air arching down to her slender back, ending at her shining blonde head half hidden in Chrissy’s pussy. The erotic sight was all it took to bring Chrissy off again. Screaming this time, Chrissy writhed beneath Amber’s sensual attention, continuing to thrust and thrust through her orgasm, and actually reaching a third orgasm seconds later. Shaking from the intensity, Chrissy let her legs sink to her side, and let out a sigh of contentment. Amber removed her flooded hand and drenched face from Chrissy’s pussy, and collapsed next her.

Snuggling for a few minutes in silence, Amber eventually leaned up and asked Chrissy, “You want to be roommates again next year?”


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