Independence Day Ch. 01

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MMMMM. 4th of July weekend. I went to the Green with a friend and her son. While standing in line to get her son an Ice Cream, Sarah and I spotted an attractive man walking towards us. I told Sarah that I would be right back I pulled out the winder on my watch and changed the time. I walked toward him and like an innocent child I told him that winder on my watch had gotten snagged and was wondering if he could tell me the time so that I could reset it. He told me the time and I began my flirting. Knowing what I wanted I went for it. I cast out and he bit the hook. I found out that he was on the green with his daughter but that the next day was all open. I asked if he had any friends that might want to join.

When I met up with Tony the next day he had 3 friends with him, Bryan, Billy, and Chris. WE got a room in the next town and went straight to it. As soon as the door was closed Tony took his clothes off and then his friends followed. Tony came up to me as I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my hair and put his cock in front of my mouth. I went right to it taking his big hard cock into my mouth, canlı bahis moving my lips up and down the shaft. HE stepped back and I looked around the room and noticed that Bryan, Chris, and Billy were all stroking their cocks. He had me lay on the bed and he straddled my face and stroked his cock as I licked and sucked on his balls. I felt someone pull at my shorts till they were off but I couldn’t tell who it was.

Once my shorts and underwear were removed I felt a very nice tongue hit my clit sending shocks through my body. It was such an exciting feeling not being able to see what was coming next. It heightened the sexual pleasure so much. Tony still stroking his cock backed up a little so that I could get his cock into my mouth. As Tony was fucking my mouth The tongue on my clit started to flick sideways and then I felt a finger enter my wet pussy tickling me from the inside. Then as I sucked Tony’s cock I felt the tongue stop and the fingers stop. I then felt someone’s cock slowly enter my pussy. They pulled out just a bit and then thrust back inside and started to thrust hard and fast. Before bahis siteleri I knew they pulled the cock out of my pussy and I felt something hot hit my thigh. He had already Cum. With Tony’s cock in my mouth I couldn’t say much and I then felt someone wipe the cum away with what felt like a towel.

I was so disappointed. Tony leaned forward and was fucking my mouth straight down so his cock was actually starting to go down my throat making me gag a little. He then pulled up some and let me move my head to suck his cock. Tony began to cum and as he did he pushed his cock back down into my mouth. I drank it all down. He then moved and then I could see that Bryan and Billy were still stroking their cocks as Chris sat on the other bed and Tony went into the bathroom to clean himself off. Bryan and Billy both moved up so that their cocks were on each side of my mouth. I began to suck on Brian’s and then turn and suck on Billy’s. Tony came out of the bathroom and left the room.

I was still sucking on Brian and Billy’s cocks as Tony walked back into the room with a bandanna. He told me to sit up and bahis şirketleri he then blindfolded me with it. He told me to get on all 4s and I did so. I then felt a cock hit my lips and I took it into my mouth. I then felt another cock enter my pussy and almost at the same time they began to thrust into me. I tried to let out a moan but a cock thrusting toward my throat silenced it and in turn I gagged instead. I felt the man behind me grab my hips and push his cock all the way inside. Once there he started to grind his hips in almost a circular motion. The man in front of me was holding onto my head as he fucked my mouth as deep as my throat would let him. I then heard the man in front of me moan just slightly (I realized then that it was Bryan) and he came into my mouth.

After swallowing I leaned my head down to enjoy the cock inside of my pussy. Then he stopped and told me to turn around. I did and he inserted again in the missionary position then lifted my legs so that they were on his shoulders. He leaned down just a bit and started to thrust deep. Then his thrusts became shallow and he pulled out and I felt his cum hit my stomach. I immediately started to wipe it with my hand so that I could taste it. I licked my fingers clean and then the bandanna was removed. All of us cleaned up and then went and got something to eat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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