In The Spa

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My name is Corrina. I’ve got long, dark hair, a nice athletic body and I kind of get the impression that I’m fairly gorgeous. I hate saying that, but the fact is that I get told how hot I am by guys all the time.

This story is about something that happened to me a couple of years ago when I was living with a few friends in a house we were renting.

It was Saturday and I’d slept in a bit, but was still up early enough to go for a quick jog and be home before anyone else got up. I decided to have a shower before breakfast and got undressed in the bathroom before stepping into the shower. The hot water felt so good and I stood there for a few minutes with it washing over my face and down across my breasts and the rest of my body. Finally I grabbed the soap and started lathering up my body, paying extra attention to my breasts and pussy. I started getting really turned on soaping up my pussy and before long I was rubbing my clit.

It occurred to me that I was wasting water though, so I finished washing myself and turned the shower off.

Stepping out of the shower I grabbed a towel. As I was drying myself I heard a knock on the door.

“Can I come in,” it was one of my friends Emma.

“Yeah,” I said and continued drying myself.

Emma, opened the door and stepped into the bathroom.

“Been jogging this morning have you?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. I watched as she did a mock striptease in front of me. We were never worried about being seen naked by each other. She has an awesome body as well. Long legs, perfect ass, a flat stomach and big perfectly shaped tits. With her long dark hair and beautiful face she was an absolute knockout.

She stepped into the shower and I continued to marvel at the sight of her through the glass. I didn’t consider myself bisexual, but sometimes I got really turned on by the sight of a gorgeous woman and she was that.

I had a bit to do that day, so shaking myself out of the rapture I was in I finished drying myself and then got dressed and had breakfast before walking down to the bus stop.

I didn’t get home until that evening. Emma was just rinsing her wetsuit.

“Have you been surfing,” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she replied.

“Why didn’t you ask me?” I complained pouting.

“We just decided to go this afternoon and you were out, sorry,” she said.

I watched her finish rinsing her wetsuit and hang it out.

“I was going to have a spa, wanna join me?” she asked and gave me a cheeky wink. We always flirt with each other, it’s usually just a game, but today I was feeling different.

“Sure sexy,” I said and gave her a wink,

“But where is everyone?”

“Out,” she said and disappeared down the hallway.

I went to my room and got undressed, güvenilir bahis I put on my bathrobe and met Emma in the ensuite. She’d already turned the taps on and had half filled the spa.

When it was full we both dropped our robes and stepped in.

Carefully sinking our asses into the steaming water we, both sighed.

“That is so what I need,” I said.

We sat there for a while soaking on opposite sides of the spa, not saying anything. I had my head tilted back with my eyes closed when I felt a hand on my thigh. I opened my eyes. Emma had moved over closer to me and began running her hand up and down my leg.

“Mmmm, that feel’s good,” I whispered.

“You like that?” she asked me.

“Mmmm, yeah,” I replied.

“Well what about this?” she asked and moving down in the water to where her mouth could reach my tits, she began licking and sucking one of my nipples.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I moaned. Reaching over I began rubbing my hand up and down her back and across her ass.

“Yeah, that’s nice,” she said.

I felt her hand on my thigh slowly stroking higher and higher until it was pressed against my pussy. My mouth dropped open at her touch and a second later her tongue was snaking into my mouth. We kissed passionately before she pulled me up and bent me over the edge of the spa with my ass sticking up in the air. She ran her hands all over my ass for a minute before leaning forward and sliding her long tongue across my pussy.

Before long she had me groaning and shaking as her tongue tickled my clit and I felt an orgasm approaching.

Suddenly my body went rigid as it hit me and I groaned,

“Oh fuck!!”

When I stopped trembling I turned around and looked at her, she gave me a cheeky grin.

“Wanna do something for me now,” she asked.

“Sure,” I said.

She smiled,

“Wait here,” she said and getting out of the spa, she quickly ran down to her room.

She was back a minute later holding a pink dildo. It was one of those smooth ones with no ridges or anything but it was big, at least twelve inches long and pretty thick too.

Stepping back into the spa, she handed the dildo to me.

“Fuck me with this,” she said and took up the position I’d been in a couple of minutes earlier.

I grinned at her then, leant forward to run my tongue across her pussy for a moment as well, then when I was satisfied she was nice and wet I began to push the dildo inside her.

She moaned at the penetration and as I pumped it into her she started pushing back against it.

Reaching under her with my other hand I stroked her clit which made her moan even louder.

Turning her head to look at me, she rolled her eyes to let me know how much I was effecting her.

“Oh, türkçe bahis that’s so fucking good,” she moaned.

“You like?” I asked her pumping the dildo into her even faster.

“Fuck yeah,” she said, before asking,

“Can you use your tongue on my ass?”

I responded by leaning forward and licking down her back until I got to her ass and she arched her back so that her asshole was fully exposed. I circled my tongue around it for a moment before pushing it right against the hole and started fucking at her ass with my tongue.

“Oh fucking yeah, I’m cumming” she cried out and started shaking with an orgasm.

Just then the door opened, it was our other housemate Chris.

“What the…” he said, his jaw dropping open. Chris is really cute and works out a lot, so I just said,

“Hi, wanna join the party?”

He was undressed in a flash and stepped into the spa.

“What should I do?” he asked us, still standing.

Emma had stopped shaking from her orgasm and was the first to respond. Reaching up she grabbed his cock and gave it a few slow strokes before taking him in her mouth.

He groaned with pleasure,

“Oh fuck, that feels great,” he said.

Moving in closer to them I leaned forward and started licking at his balls, then Emma pulled her mouth away and I took his hard cock in my mouth slowly sliding forward until I felt his cock start to slip into my throat. He has a pretty big cock and it was almost too much for me, but I managed to fit the whole lot in and started bobbing my head back and forth loving the sound of his groans.

While I was doing that Emma had reached between my legs and was rubbing my clit again, I reached across and returned the favour, although I was having a bit more trouble coordinating my movements.

Chris was watching us and hissed through his teeth,

“You guys are so fucking hot.”

“Yeah, you think so?” asked Emma,

“Wanna see something REALLY hot?”

Chris and I both agreed and Emma got out of the spa and went to the cabinet and got out a tub of vaseline.

Stepping back into the spa she bent herself over the edge again, then scooping a big dollop of vaseline up with her fingers she reached behind herself and began rubbing the vaseline onto her tight asshole. I had stopped sucking on Chris’ cock to watch her but started stroking it hard and began rubbing my own clit as Emma slid two fingers into her ass, letting at small sighs of pleasure as she did.

Chris was going nuts watching her and suddenly cried out,

“Fuck I’m gonna cum,”

Emma spun around,

“Cum on our faces,” she said.

I kept jerking his cock and a few seconds later Chris let out a yell as cum shot from his cock.

I was pointing his cock at güvenilir bahis siteleri Emma’s face and the first couple of blasts splashed on her nose and mouth, then I moved in and caught a couple of blasts on my face. I let go of his cock as Emma grabbed me and we kissed passionately, Chris’ cum smearing over both our faces.

Chris sank down into the spa,

“Wow,” was all he said.Emma wasn’t finished yet. She wrapped her hand round his cock,

“I think there’s a lot of life left in this guy, let’s put on a bit more of a show babe,” she said to me.

I nodded at her and leant forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth, reaching up to massage her other breast with my hand.

She let me focus on her chest for a minute before grabbing me and dragging me over to the edge of the spa.

“Bend over,” she commanded.

I did and she grabbed the dildo and the vaseline.

“Ever had a cock in your ass Corrina,” she asked me.

I shook my head.

“Well it’s about time you did then,” she said.

Scooping out some more of the vaseline she began massaging my asshole. It felt great and when she started pushing her fingers up my ass I let out a loud moan of pleasure. She pumped her fingers in and out slowly for a minute before pulling them out and placing the tip of the dildo against my asshole.

“Ready?” she asked.

I nodded and she began to slowly push the dildo into me.

It felt huge, I almost told her to stop, but I still wanted to put on a show for Chris. Emma rubbed my clit as she pumped the dildo into me and soon I began to shake with the approach of another orgasm. She pulled the dildo from my ass,

“What are you doing?” I cried.

“Chris’ ready for some more action I think,” she said.

I looked at him and saw that his cock was rock hard again, he stood up and moved in behind me as Emma moved out of the way. Positioning his cock against my ass he pushed in. It went in a little easier than the dildo and soon he was fucking hard into my ass. My orgasm started to build again and when Emma reached under me again and began rubbing my clit, I exploded.

I let out a groan of ecstasy and slammed my ass hard onto Chris’ cock, that pushed him over the edge as well and with another yell he shot another load of cum right up my ass. I could feel his cock throbbing each time his cum shot out of it and I moaned with pleasure at the feeling.

Then he pulled out of me and Emma dove forward planting her mouth firmly against my ass, sucking and licking to get at Chris’ cum.

Chris sat down next to me and I moved my head around and took his cock in my mouth again. It was covered in cum and tasted of my ass but I sucked at it with vigour, feeling transported to another state of pure sexual indulgence. Glancing back at Emma I saw that she’d pushed the dildo into her own ass now and was groaning as she continued to suck at my ass.

We stayed in the spa for another hour, fucking and sucking until we finally exhausted ourselves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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