In Search of Warmth Ch. 03

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“Come on slow poke!”

Beth looked up smiling as she finished repacking her pack with her mostly dry clothes. Her sleeping bag and tent were still soaked, but at least they were not too heavy.

“I would have been done a long time ago if you two wouldn’t keep kissing me!” Beth laughed as Corinne and Tom shared a smile between them. Their laughter echoed around the camp with Beth’s.

As if to prove a point, Corinne walked over and helped up Beth from where she knelt next to her backpack. Rising into her arms, Corinne laid a heavy kiss on her as Beth felt Corinne grab her ass and pull her against her hard.

“I don’t know, it could speed you up if you knew what I am going to do to you later love,” smiled Corinne as she let up on Beth finally.

Beth moaned slightly as she caught her breath. All morning since getting dressed, she had both of them flirting and caressing her. Not that she minded, as she tried to give as much as she received. Beth felt in a constant state of arousal though, as lurid thoughts continually flirted through her mind.

Beth grabbed her pack and slung it up on her shoulders, buckling her waist and chest straps as she adjusted it.

Looking around the camp, she made sure to leave it better than she found it. The top of her pack had a small bag of trash she had found around camp and she had restocked the wood pile under the fir.

Her dad’s lessons came easy to her as she gave Corinne a quick kiss and lightly smacked her ass as Beth laughed. Corinne gasped and then smiled at her, grabbing her hand as they walked over to Tom as he stood ready at the trailhead.

“So big boy,” flirted Corinne, “ready to lead us home?”

Beth and Corinne swept up on him, each snuggling on either side of him. Tom looked slightly worried as looking up at him were mischievous grins, while he felt their hands fondling him through his jeans.

“You keep doing that, we’ll never get there,” he rumbled softly as he found himself hard quickly from their questing hands.

Pouting, Corinne pushed her lip out playfully in response to him. He watched as Beth moved over and lightly sucked on Corinne’s lip before kissing her deeply in front of him.

“Mmm, ok, point taken Beth,” Corinne said breathlessly as they broke away. “Let’s get going and back to civilization.”

Corinne set an easy gait as Tom followed with Beth bringing up the rear. Beth glanced back at the camp, sunlight filtering down through the trees and realized she’d never forget her night here.

Smiling, she caught up with the group as they headed down the trail.

Beth found herself watching Tom’s body as they hiked. Muscular but not overly so, she noted how he picked good lines to not over exert himself with his heavier pack.

She enjoyed watching his legs and arms flex and move, idly wondering how he’d look naked. She found herself daydreaming about him over her as she wrapped her legs around him as he moved in and out of her.

When they stopped for a drink overlooking the last valley before the trailhead, Beth sat down next to him on a fallen log as they rubbed shoulders.

“Thanks again Tom. I don’t want to think what could have happened if two hadn’t shown up,” Beth said honestly to him.

“No problem at all, honest! Anybody would have done the same,” Tom said humbly, his toe idly rubbing a circle in the dirt.

“Well, I wouldn’t have done the same this morning for anybody,” flirted Beth as she kissed him lightly. “I just mean it, thanks.”

She watched as Tom blushed slightly from sexual innuendo and from her honesty. He had that ‘ahh shucks’ look about him as they smiled at each other.

“And you!”, Beth exclaimed laughingly as she jumped up and grabbed Corinne, swirling her around in her arms.

Kissing Corinne slowly and deeply before smiling at her, “You…I have much to thank for.”

Each smiled at each other before hand in hand, went and helped up Tom with their free hands held in Tom’s. They stood briefly in a circle, hands clasped before letting go and setting back down the trail towards their vehicles.

The trail flattened out as they reached the lowlands, easing their travel as Beth was in the middle with Tom in tow. She watched Corinne with a critical eye as she hiked, trying not to be distracted by watching her body move.

Corinne hiked like a puppy; purposely jumping off rocks, kicking sticks to knock them off the trail and with her natural smile, Corinne seemed happy in general as the miles added up.

Beth smiled at her as Corinne glanced back, checking on her pace compared to the others. Catching her eye, Corinne blew her a kiss and laughed when Beth caught it.

Still confused by the strong attraction Beth had for her, she mulled it over as she hiked. She definitely was not a lesbian, as she shivered slightly thinking about Tom behind her.

Glancing over her shoulder, she caught Tom staring at her ass as he blushed when he looked up quickly. Beth smiled at him and had a delicious thought run through her head.

Beth stopped as Tom got close and rubbed fake taxi porno her ass slowly against him, feeling him getting hard for her as she ground back on him. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled seductively as she enjoyed feeling him respond to her.

“Look as much as you want Tom,” Beth said with a sexy smile. She pulled his head down to kiss her over her shoulder. “What are you thinking about?”

“Hey you two,” Corinne said smiling, “you’re holding up the show!”

Laughing, Beth gave him one more quick kiss as she ground her hips back against him lightly as she heard him moan. Dancing away, she kissed Corinne as she passed her, taking lead of the group.

As she neared the trailhead, Beth decided that whatever happened with these two, she was not going to try to fit herself in some preordained box. She liked Corinne and Tom and if that made her bisexual or whatever anybody wanted to call her, then let them. Beth realized she only had to answer to herself, so long as she was happy and content.

Strolling over to her worn Jeep, she smiled at her old friend. Digging her keys out of her pack, she unlocked and popped the back of her hardtop before throwing in her pack.

Turning around and walking across the small parking lot, Beth watched as they finished stowing their gear away in a newer model Toyota. She still felt amazed how her life changed in the last two days.

“So what’s the plan?” Beth asked with her hands in her pockets.

“Want to grab lunch, those granola bars we munched on the trail won’t last much longer,” answered Tom.

“Always thinking with your belly,” laughed Corinne as she slid against Tom, wrapping her arm around his waist.

“Hey, I am just watching out for you two!” smiled Tom as he raised his hands defensively in front of him.

“Lunch sounds great guys,” as Beth’s stomach grumbled, “maybe the soup/sandwich place off of Edison? They have that little patio to sit at too, since it is a nice day.”

And a nice day it turned out to be, Beth reflected. Off the mountain, the temperature had warmed so she no longer needed her jacket and the sun felt good on her.

“It’s a date!” smiled Corinne as she looked up at Tom. “Think you can wait that long?”

“I don’t know…” As Tom playfully bent down and nuzzled Corinne’s neck.

“Mmm, not that kind of eating, you!” said Corinne chuckling at Tom’s antics.

Beth blushed slightly at the couple even as she smiled at how relaxed everyone was with each other. She walked up to each and gave them a kiss before walking back towards her ride.

The drive was uneventful as Beth trailed them down out of the canyon as she absently listened to music. She slowly re-played her weekend on the mountain to a smile and a quick sense of sexual want.

Pulling into the parking lot, Beth glanced in the rear view mirror. Brushing her fingers in her hair, she smiled and hopped out of her Jeep.

Jogging over to her new friends, the three of them walked in to grab a table.

Beth pushed away her plate as she watched her tablemates. She had not realized how hungry she was; she had decimated her lunch before they were even halfway done theirs.

Beth caught them looking at her, as she blushed self consciously with a wry smile.

“Somebody was hungry,” motioned Tom with his sandwich, “it’s like you hadn’t had a thing in days.”

“Oh, I had something,” Beth countered with a smirk, “it really was a mouthful.”

Tom fell into a coughing fit as Corinne laughed loudly, Beth’s zinger catching them unaware.

“She got you on that one love,” smiled Corinne as she recovered, still chuckling.

Tom cleared his throat as he got ahold of himself, still slightly abashed at Beth.

“Why, are you looking for seconds?” Tom smiled at Beth, flirting back at her.

Blushing even as she smiled at him, Beth closed her eyes behind her sunglasses as she looked up into the sun, feeling the warmth on her face.

Beth bused their table clean, making sure to peck a kiss on each of them as she took their plates. When she got back, both were standing and broke off their conversation.

“So now what?” asked Beth, curious about their previous conversation but didn’t want to be rude and pry.

“Tom here smells like a woolly mammoth on a parade,” laughed Corinne as Beth watched Tom smiling as he protested. “So I told him he needs to go shower.”

“A shower does sound good,” admitted Beth as she knew she looked and smelled like she just got done camping.

“Why don’t I ride with you Beth to your place and then we can head over to ours. That is if you still want to hang out today?” asked Corinne with hope in her facial expression.

Beth smiled at both of them as she nodded her approval.

“No judging on my place Corinne,” laughed Beth, “I’m a poor college student.”

Corinne laughed as she told Beth, “Why do you think I am sending this lout home first? He needs to clean up his mess and make the house ready for company!”

Corinne jumped as Tom goosed her ass in response, family stroke porno then kissing her good naturedly.

“I’ll make sure to pick up your clothes last,” said Tom smiling at Corinne.

“What a gentleman,” as Corinne rolled her eyes sarcastically.

They walked out to their cars and Beth watched as the couple said their good byes. As they hugged, Corinne whispered into Tom’s ear before kissing him. Beth could see something passed between them, yet was unsure or even if she should ask.

Corinne walked over and nonchalantly slipped her arm around Beth’s waist as they watched Tom jump into his ride and drive away. Beth idly thought how even three days ago, she would not have been this forward with another woman in public.

She felt Corinne squeeze her hip lightly before taking her hand as they walked to her Jeep. Beth clicked the door locks, letting them both slide in and shut the doors.

As Beth pulled out of the lot, she worked the gearshift up to third as she drove towards her place. Switching on the radio, Beth put it on softly as they chatted.

Beth felt Corinne slip her hand over and put it on her thigh, drawing slow circles against her jeans as they talked.

Distracting but not overly so, Beth enjoyed feeling Corinne’s touch as she moved to stroking up and down her inner thigh. Close enough to make her shiver when Corinne brought her hand closer to between her legs, yet not enough to distract from her driving.

As she pulled into her condo, her heart sank as she saw a familiar car parked near her assigned spot. Leaning against it was James, who looked up as he heard the familiar growl of her Jeep.

“Welllll fuck,” Beth muttered.

“What?” asked Corinne, her hand frozen on Beth’s inner thigh.

“My ex-boyfriend, which I should actually thank him as he’s the reason I met you,” as Beth looked at Corinne.

Corinne looked at Beth oddly before asking, “Are you going to be ok? Want me to call Tom?”

Beth shook her head, “No, I just have no desire to see him. It’s fine, let’s get this over with,” she said as she whipped into her parking spot.

Hopping out, Beth walked to the front of her Jeep as James came up to meet her.

“Hey, you weren’t answering your phone,” stated James in concern.

“Yeah, I went for a hike and had my phone turned off,” explained Beth.

“Oh ok. Could we talk?” asked James as he watched Corinne hop out of the Jeep.

“This works for me and is as good of place as any,” answered Beth, getting annoyed.

“Alone, please?”

“No James, if you want to talk, here works. You broke up with me, remember?”

Beth watched as Corinne swung around James and leaned against the hood of the Jeep, closer to Beth than James.

Sighing, James ran his hand through his hair. “Fine. I screwed up, ok? This weekend made me realize how much I care for you. It was a stupid thing I did and I am sorry.”

Beth looked at her shoes for a minute as she gathered her thoughts before replying.

“James, what we had was special, at least for me. You hurt me though, do you understand that? I don’t want to fight with you over this, I just don’t.

I had a good weekend to think that over and had some things happen that opened my eyes. I’m in a different place now.”

As she finished talking, Beth looked over and reached out her hand to Corinne. Smiling, Corinne took her hand as Beth lightly pulled her next to her.

Beth wished she had a camera for the look that James had on his face. He looked like somebody had hit him with a car and he was looking for his shoes.

“What? With her?” sputtered James, “She’s a woman!”

Corinne laughed, “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

Beth could tell James was moving from shock to anger, so she tried to ease him down.

“James, this,” as she held up their clasped hands, “was from this weekend. Not from you nor when I was with you. I didn’t sleep behind your back.”

Beth could tell James’s ego had been gut punched at finding out about Corinne. Beth waited as James processed what was before him, letting him speak next.

“Fine,” he said exasperated with a look on his face she hadn’t seen before. “If you want to go play lesbian, who am I to tell you no. Good luck bitch, don’t come crying back to me when you need only what I can give you.”

Beth felt slapped at the sudden vitriol in James’s voice. As he turned and walked away to his car, she felt Corinne squeeze her hand in comfort.

“So I guess this means I can’t get my hoodie back, huh?” asked Beth sarcastically.

His only response was his middle finger in the air as he got into his car. Pulling out, Beth felt the daggers coming from his eyes as he peeled out of her parking lot.

“Well that went fabulous,” joked Beth shakily. “I am sorry to involve you in that, I shouldn’t have.”

“What? Of course you should have!” exclaimed Corinne as she gave Beth a hug.

“Thanks again, I seem to be saying that a lot this weekend,” Beth said with a slight smile.

“Don’t mention female agent porno it,” Corinne said as she lightly kissed Beth. “Are you going to be ok?”

“Yeah…yeah. Is it ok to be glad that you were here with me? I don’t think anything would have happened,” started Beth before Corinne interrupted her.

“But better safe than sorry?” Corrine asked as Beth nodded her head positively.

Beth went and grabbed her pack out of the back of the Jeep before leading Corinne to her place.

Opening her door, she led Corinne into her place, before shutting and locking the door out of habit. Slipping her pack off her shoulders, Beth glanced up as she began stripping down her pack to hang the wet gear.

“Not much to look at,” laughed Beth nervously as she was still recovering.

“Relax, honest Beth. I don’t place a lot on a person to how or where they live. Now book choices on the other hand…,” Corinne said, chuckling to ease Beth’s concerns as she walked over to Beth’s bookcase to peruse the titles.

“Be right back,” as Beth stood up with her hands full of a wet sleeping bag and tent.

Her heart skipped as Corinne looked back and smiled an affectionate grin to her.

Blinking, Beth walked to her spare room to hang up her gear. Turning on the fans before softly shutting the door, Beth felt a little weight slip off her shoulders from her ordeal in the mountains as her dad’s voice carried in her head.

“You take care of your gear, it takes care of you. You did good today.”

Mission accomplished, Beth smiled at Corinne as she came up and softly wrapped her arms around Corinne as they both looked at what Beth called her micro library. They spoke of books and authors as they enjoyed the company of each other.

Feeling Corinne in her arms felt good to Beth as she pulled Corinne’s hair back to kiss her neck. She felt Corinne’s pulse against her lips, turning her subtly on at feeling her closeness.

Corinne softly moaned to Beth’s advances as she felt her grind herself back against Beth.

“Mmm, Beth, you have me all alone in your place. What are you going to do with me?”, whispered Corinne.

Beth spun Corinne slowly in her arms as she kissed her passionately. Beth felt closer to Corinne than before; whether from her interaction with James or just this feeling more real, she liked how this was going.

“Well I think first I need a shower,” laughed Beth as she looked in Corinne’s eyes.

“Promise, you don’t smell like a woolly mammoth,” said Corinne, smiling as she kissed Beth deeply.

“Just the same,” Beth said breathless, “I do need to get cleaned up.”

Beth laughed as she watched Corinne pout her lower lip out, as she kissed Corinne to wipe away that pout.

“Want to join me?”

Corinne’s face glowed at Beth’s offer, “Definitely.”

Beth led Corine by her hand into her bedroom, where the master bathroom was attached to.

“Hmm,” as Corinne sat down on her bed, lightly bouncing on it before leaning back on her elbows. “Comfy bed Beth.”

Beth smiled at the inflection and innuendo in Corinne’s voice. Turning, she walked over to Corinne and surprised her by climbing up on the bed, straddling her waist.

“It is very comfy, when I have someone in here with me,” Beth said as she eased down on her elbows as her face was inches from Corinne’s.

“Got anybody in mind?” flirted Corinne as she moved up to almost kiss Beth.

“Oh, I’ve got her,” as Beth kissed Corinne hard and deep, their tongues dancing against each other.

Beth pushed Corinne down on the bed as she laid down on her, not breaking their kiss.

“Mmm, now come on, let’s get cleaned up,” Beth said breathless as Corinne was turning her on.

“You sure you want to?” asked Corinne innocently as her fingers began to undo Beth’s jeans.

“No, I want to strip you down and ravage you Corinne,” said Beth as she looked into her eyes, passion evident. “I want to hear your moans echo in this room.”

Corinne bumped her hips up against Beth’s, causing her to gasp and fall slightly forward to Corinne’s kiss.

“You do know how to turn on a girl,” Corinne moaned against their kiss.

Beth felt Corinne finish undoing her jeans and then slide her hands under her long sleeve shirt. She could only moan as Corinne insistently pulled on her shirt, trying to get it off her as they kissed.

“Here,” Beth said after kissing her, rising up and pulling off her shirt as she tossed it in the laundry hamper.

“Mmm, perfect Beth. Did I mention you look sexy?”

Corinne smiled as her hands found Beth’s waist and was running her fingers against her skin and in between the zipper of her jeans.

“Alright you,” as Beth rose up and off the bed before taking Corinne’s hands in hers.

“You have no idea how much I want to stay in bed with you. No idea,” said Beth shuddering slightly as she fought the urge to hold down Corinne and take her hard.

Corinne must have seen the want in Beth’s face, understanding how much self control Beth had and how hard it was to not be in bed. She smiled at Beth and nodded her head in acceptance, letting herself be pulled up off the bed to sit on the edge.

Beth bent down and undid Corinne’s boots, before unlacing hers. They both kicked them over to the side of the bed, as they added their socks to their boots.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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