In for a Penny Pt. 04

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“You wanted to see me, sir?”

Craig glanced up from his computer as Penny, their new office assistant, appeared at his door. Once he looked up, he couldn’t tear his gaze away. She was mostly naked, just wearing her heels, a pile of clothes in her hands. And she looked freshly fucked, with her hair a mess and her lipstick smudged. He also smelled a faint whiff of sex, wondering which of his partners had gotten to her first that morning.

“Yes, please come in,” he responded. “Just place your clothes on the table next to the couch. Then stand against the wall with your arms above your head and your legs spread,” he demanded as he rose. He moved around his desk slowly, allowing her the time to follow his instructions, which she executed perfectly. He moved up behind her, noticing that a small stream of cum was dripping from her pussy down her right thigh.

Craig moved in closer, allowing one finger to trail up her leg, catching the cum, before lifting it to his lips. “Ah, you’ve seen Mark this morning, haven’t you?” he asked, knowing the taste of each of his partners. As Penny nodded, Craig pressed his fully dressed body against her nakedness, leaning in so his mouth was right next to her ear. “And did he explain that he’s the easiest of the three of us? That I’m going to use you in ways you’ve never imagined? That I’m going to make you feel incredibly dirty but so good at the same time?”

Penny nodded again as Craig’s hand moved between her legs, feeling her become wetter with each second. “If you need to stop, just say so,” he said. “But think before you do. You can’t imagine how good I can make you feel, but I’m not going to be happy with a quick suck and fuck. I like water sports. Do you know what that means?”

Penny’s eyes screwed up tight and her breath came in uneven gasps. He was betting she’d never tried anything that kinky before, but she nodded again and didn’t say no, making him let out a tight smile. Not many women would let him do what he wanted, what he needed. He knew it wasn’t for everyone, and Jason and Mark barely tolerated it. But based on Penny’s increased panting and that half his hand was now coated in her juices, he knew she’d give it a try and would probably love it.

Craig moved away, opening a well-concealed cupboard and pulling out some bags and towels. He casino siteleri laid out the bags on the floor then spread the towels over top, stepping back towards his desk. He removed his jacket and draped it over his chair before turning to Penny who was still up against the wall. He allowed his gaze to rake over her, appreciating that she wasn’t skinny as so many women tried to be. Her lush ass and hints of her overly full tits had already made him hard.

He removed the rest of his clothes, lying down on the towels. “Come sit on my face, sweetie,” he said, running his hand quickly over his cock which had started to weep precum in anticipation. Penny moved away from the wall quickly, lowering herself over him until her twat was just above his mouth as she went down on all fours.

Craig inhaled deeply, loving the smell of her freshly fucked pussy. He glanced down, noticing that some of Mark’s cum had begun to dry around her lips and a few more drops were clinging to her. His tongue reached out, lapping at her, causing her to jump slightly before moaning and dropping her pelvis. He allowed his mouth to latch onto her clit for a moment before moving back to thrust his tongue as deeply in her hole as he could reach.

Penny groaned, still probably sensitive from her last orgasm. But Craig persisted, driving into her, cleaning her out until she tasted only like her, then going back to suck on her clit. Her head dropped down to rest against his abdomen, pressing in slightly and reminding him that he’d had a few cups of coffee that morning but hadn’t yet relieved himself. He sucked harder, wanting to make her cum so he could focus on the next part of his plan.

Craig stuffed two fingers in Penny’s cunt, curling them forward to rub against her g-spot. She arched her back, letting out a high-pitched whine, and began rubbing against his pelvis, licking out to touch her tongue to his cock before gasping and shuddering as she came on his face. Her pussy continued to spasm as he brought her slowly back down, removing his fingers and lapping softly at her cunt. A moment later she collapsed on top of him, causing him to chuckle before rolling her off him onto her back.

He moved himself around, smiling into her glazed eyes. “Ready for the next part?” he asked, not waiting as he grabbed her hips canlı casino and turned her over. “Hands and knees,” he demanded roughly, pulling her up until he had her how he wanted her. He knew she probably needed a bit more time to recover, but he couldn’t wait.

He moved in behind her, sliding his hands around her ass, squeezing and massaging, waiting for her to acknowledge what was coming next. After a couple of seconds her hips rocked back against him and she let out a small murmur, what sounded like “fuck me”.

Craig didn’t waste any more time, lining his cock up with her pussy and sliding in all the way to the root. He stilled once inside her, absorbing her heat, relishing in her hot cunt. He slowly withdrew, then pushed back inside, repeating this a few more times before pushing in and not moving. A moment later Penny gasped loudly, and he knew she felt what was happening.

A small trickle of piss began to leave him, entering her tight channel and filling her up. As he relaxed a bit more, the trickle became a gush and soon began to leak out where they were joined. Craig clenched tight to cut off the flow, pulling halfway out and beginning to fuck her wildly, so turned on by how dirty it was, how good it felt, and how she seemed to like it, her moans getting louder. He pulled all the way out, piss splashing out of her and over his thighs and onto the towels.

Craig immediately pushed back inside, fucking her slowly again before stilling and relaxing his muscles, allowing more urine to spill inside her, again leaking out where they were joined. This time he let himself empty his bladder, slowly pulling her back and forth on his cock until he finished.

“You’re such a dirty whore, letting me piss inside you,” he said to Penny, rocking slowly. “But it’s so fucking hot, watching it leak out of you, knowing your belly’s full of it. Knowing that I’m going to fuck you hard, not letting the rest out until I cum inside you. Then when I pull out it’s going to be a mix of cum and piss oozing out of you, down both of our legs, making a mess.”

With that he began to pound into her, not stopping when she began to moan louder or when she came, her pussy milking his dick, begging for his cum to jet inside her. He kept fucking her hard, allowing her to cum one more time before pulling kaçak casino her against his wet thighs and pushing deep, a loud moan escaping his mouth as he creamed inside her, his jizz mixing with the piss already filling her up. He stayed there a moment longer, her hips moving in slow circles, until he pulled back, eyes on her pussy as his cock released the seal keeping everything in.

Urine and cum splashed out, more than he’d ever seen. It trickled down her thighs, some landing on her calves, and some spilling onto his half-hard cock and moving down his balls, dripping onto the towels. He’d never seen anything sexier. His hand reached out, two, then three fingers thrusting into her cunt, sloshing around before pulling out and rubbing all over her lips and around her ass.

Penny kept rocking gently, still coming down from two hard orgasms. Craig sat back on his heels, continuing to stare at her sex, trying to get his breath back.

He stood slowly, leaning down to help her up as well, and without a word moved them into the washroom connected to his office. It held a toilet, sink, and large shower where they stopped while he leaned in to turn on the water, Penny’s hands running up and down his chest and arms as they waited for it to warm. After a moment he pulled her inside, pushing her up against the shower wall as his tongue thrust into her mouth.

“You alright?” he asked, worried he’d taken it too far to fast. He couldn’t remember having had such an amazing experience before with someone who seemed so into something he knew wasn’t the norm. He moved his head back when she didn’t say anything, searching her eyes while frowning. But her expression seemed serene, and he relaxed as a smile crept across her face.

“That was… I don’t even know how to feel about it,” Penny said. “But I think I’d like to try it again. I’ve never felt so full. And so naughty.”

Craig laughed in relief. “I think we can arrange that. Now let’s get cleaned up. I have a conference call in ten and I know Jason wants to see you after lunch.” They washed up quickly, drying off before redressing. Craig moved to roll up the towels and plastic, throwing it all in another bag and moving toward the door.

“Thanks, sweetie. That was amazing. Your talents know no bounds,” he said with a smile, before heading out to take away the garbage.

As he returned to his empty office that smelled faintly of piss and sex, he breathed deep, thrilled with how his morning had gone and looking forward to the dinner they’d planned to welcome Penny to the office.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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