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Big Tits

Kay could not have been more frustrated. She was due to go out tonight to a club to meet a couple of the girls from work who were celebrating a late birthday. At that moment her husband had turned on the new CCTV cameras in the house and something had gone wrong as nothing worked. James was out in the shed trying to fix it now.

He wasn’t having much luck and had texted her saying did she know anyone as the CCTV gear checked o.k. but the mains power to it was dead and that meant getting a qualified electrician in to check out the power to the house and from the consumer unit. She had texted a few of her friends and one of them recommended a couple of guys that were great at sorting out electrical problems. She got their number and rang. Luckily they could come round soon. She smiled at the thought of someone, two someone’s seeing her in this outfit and turned to look at herself in the mirror.

She looked amazing. She knew there weren’t many women her age that looked this good and could still attract men half that age. She was wearing the red bikini briefs and bra that she knew her husband loved. She also had on the black seamed stockings and heels that she felt made her legs look amazing. When she added her favourite black dress that hugged her curves and showed off her amazing double D breasts she looked good enough to eat. That effect had been one of her plans for the night but now time was ticking on.

She frowned again in frustration, having texted her girlfriends to say she probably wouldn’t make it. She never went too far on nights out, but loved the flirting and the implication of what the casual touches and pats plus the comments could have led to. She smiled at the memories of hands having a quick play with her gorgeous boobs, hands attempting to undo buttons and clips before she would playfully beat them off and resume her proper wife stance and mother hen to her younger office mates. If only some of her young admirers knew her secret fantasies for the kind of fun she played out in them.

There was a knock at the door and she opened it to see two young men stood there smiling at her. Their polite, friendly smiles took on a bit more of a predatory look when they saw this amazing, hot, well dressed woman stood in front of them.

“Hi, you must be Kay?” Said the first, he was a dark skinned young man, late twenties with cropped black hair. He was wearing dark pants and a white shirt that accented his dark skin. “I’m Tom…”

“And I am Nick.” Said the other pale skinned guy who had dark brown hair and green eyes.

“Thank you so much for coming,” she said as she looked up at the both. They towered over her as they were both over six foot and followed her into the house. “We were just going out and my husband was setting our security system when it failed. I was hoping you would be able to help?”

“Sure – let’s take a look. Why doesn’t Tom check out the breaker and I’ll look at the system reset in the house.”

Kay walked canlı bahis after Tom smiling at him and chatting, she adjusted her bra inside her top that made her full breasts bounce and she loved how Tom’s eyes couldn’t leave her alone. As they made their way to the breaker he leaned into her as they went round the corner and she felt his back against her breasts. She pretended to stumble into him and smiled as his hands automatically came up to catch her and cupped her breasts.

“Sorry Miss…”

“Don’t worry hun… I quite enjoyed that.” She said with a grin.

Tom smile back again, she was sure he must have noticed how hard her nipples were getting in her bra – the dress was quite thin and no doubt they were poking through. Tom flipped the breaker and then smiled as the system came back to life.

“I think that has fixed it – let’s just go and check on Nick.”

They quickly made their way back to the kitchen where Nick was just testing the system. It seemed to all be working and as Nick and Tom quietly talked she noticed they kept looking at her. The looks they gave her were not that of professionals discussing a bill. More like people enjoying the view of a meal they were about to eat. She felt a thrill run through her body and felt her pussy dampen.

Both Nick and Tom stood, walked over to her and moved to be either side of her.

“Looks like your system is sorted. We were hoping to go out tonight so if you had the money right now that would be good.”

“I don’t actually have any money on me at the minute…”

“Well I am sure we can come up with something .” Said Nick.

As she turned to Nick as he spoke then Tom moved behind her and she could feel him against her.

“I don’t know what you mean…” She said trying not to notice the thick shaft she could feel growing against her ass.

“Really… I am sure my friend and I can enjoy some thanks from you.”

Tom was against her back and Nick moved closer in front of her. Almost close enough to touch her. She was frozen between them – unmoving as she felt both of them sandwiching her.

“I’m married… I can’t do this…” She whispered as she felt their hands begin to touch her.

Outside in the garage James had been trying to get the system online and working when suddenly it came to life. On the large screen in front of him all the different cameras sprang to life. He could see every room in the house – all the different rooms, including the secret ones in the bedroom. Throughout the building he had new cameras equipped to pick up the sound. As he watched he saw his sexily dressed wife walking through the house followed by a young black man. It must be who she had called. As he watched he picked up on the two guys names. Nick and Tom. They appeared to be flirting with his wife. He settled back into the chair to enjoy the show.

As she stood there Nick’s hands slowly rose to cup her large full breasts. His thumbs rubbed over them hard nubs and she bahis siteleri moaned. Her resistance melting away as he teased them. Tom’s hands slid over her hips, down to between her legs, teasing the top of her pussy through the thin material of her dress.

She whimpered slight, mouthing the word ‘no’ even as Nick’s mouth closed over hers and kissed her hard. She felt Tom’s hands behind her slowly drawing her dress up, even as Nick began pulling the straps off her shoulders. Within moments her dress was simply a bunch of cloth around her waist. She kissed Nick back as she felt his fingers toying with the straps of her bra, Tom’s firm fingers rubbing her slit through the thin material of her panties.

She had her eyes closed now, kissing and her arms wrapped themselves around Nick’s chest as they teased and explored her helpless body. Nick stopped kissing her and flicked the catch on her bra off. Leaning down he slid it away as he leaned in, capturing her nipples with his teeth and teasing them, before sucking on them, switching from one to other. At the same time Tom started kissing her neck from behind.

Tom slid his hand up and took a handhold of her long blonde hair pulling her head to one side so his teeth could graze the side of her neck as he kissed. His other hand was now slipping inside her panties and sliding through the blonde bush there to trace gently over her clit. Shivering as her legs nearly gave way Kay tightened her grip on Nick as his bit her breasts making her moan louder.

“Oh stop, please stop doing that” she moaned at Nick.

“Why?” said Nick “You love it, your tits and nipples are solid, so why should I stop?”

“Because you’re making me want sex, I’m a married lady and shouldn’t do that with strangers”

Between Nick’s attention to her breasts and Tom’s increasingly talented fingering she felt herself growing closer and closer to the edge of her first orgasm. As it peaked she tightened her grip on Nick, her fingers digging in as she relied on him for support – sandwiched between the two young men.

Unresisting she allowed them to lead her back through the house to main bedroom. Once there she was roughly shoved onto the bed by the two men who proceeded to strip with a minimum of fuss. She lay there recovering and wondering what was going to happen next as Nick and Tom revealed very hard cocks. Tom’s was longer but Nick’s was thicker – she was enjoying the view as Nick and Tom slid onto the bed next to her. Tom quickly took hold of her hair and pressed his cock to her lips.

Out in the shed James pressed his hand to his groin, checking his hard on…he could see everything on the hidden cams and loved the way they were getting his demure wife to behave. He often fantasised sexy scenes with her and this was real and so hot!

“You are a fine piece of sexy slutty wife material… we are gonna have a lot of fun with you.”

As she opened her mouth to reply he simply slid his hard cock inside bahis şirketleri her mouth and all the way to the back of her throat as she struggled to accommodate him she became aware than Nick was spreading and lifting her leg. With her on her side sucking Tom she could do very little except lie there and take it as he slid his bare cock deep into her pussy. It felt even thicker than it had looked and she whimpered around Tom’s cock as Nick filled her to her core.

Within minutes the two of them had built up a good rhythm – it was obvious that this wasn’t their first time as Nick pounded her tight pussy and Tom fucked her mouth. She did her best to please them both but they were taking their pleasure from her rather than it being a choice on her part.

Tom grabbed her bra from where it had fallen on the bed and twisting it round her hands he looped it over the metal railings of the bed, totally helpless now she felt herself totally surrender to their poundings as they fucked her from either end.

Her muffled cries signified another orgasm ripping through her body and as they increased their tempo she knew they were getting close. She struggled – taking Tom’s cock deeper in her mouth, trying to bob her head to his hard thrusts, the saliva coating her chin as he used her mouth.

Nick teased her “Beautiful pussy on a beautiful lady who is a whore in bed for young cock. I’m going to cum deep in your pussy married lady”. Kay gasped out a reply to Nick as Tom pulled his cock from her mouth and slid it across her lips letting her taste the precum on it “No, you mustn’t, it’s bareback, you mustn’t, I’m a married lady!”

Even as she gasped her protest her body betrayed her and clenching her pussy muscles she was rewarded with a groan from Nick as he rammed his cock as deep inside her as he could and exploded. He came for an eternity and with the thickness of his cock she could feel every pulse and spurt of his cum as he filled her with so much she knew it would be leaking out of her for days.

As Nick slid out of her Tom moved in to mount her, letting her see the darkness of his cock, sliding it over her clit with hard firm strokes he teased her about a mature married lady taking black cock as he rammed his cock into her already cum filled cunt and pumped another massive load of cum into her already spunk filled cunt. Nick walked unsteadily round the bed and gripping her hair presented his cock which she obediently licked clean of their mixed juices before Tom did the same.

They dressed slowly eyes feasting on the gorgeous blonde there on the bed, exhausted, legs spread with lots of cum slipping out of her pussy, sliding down the crack of her ass to pool under the bed. Nick leaned over smiled, kissed her forehead and dropped their business card on her breasts.

Tom kissed her pussy hard, then flipped her wrists free of the bra as they left.

“See you again sexy…”

With her pussy and tits telling her how well they had been used and her mind telling her how much she’d enjoyed it ,she headed for the shower, knowing James would be tinkering in his shed for an hour or more yet. Little did she realise what James had seen and what the guys meant with that parting shot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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