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There’s nothing quite like a good daydream to relieve the monotony of a boring situation. Gazing out the window on a sunny afternoon as the lecturer drones on interminably about the merits and pitfalls of higher order functions (or something equally uninteresting) my imagination sweeps me away to another place. The location doesn’t matter. It could be my bedroom, a hotel room, a beach or a deserted forest glade. It could be anywhere, it makes no difference, just as long as it’s far away away from this stuffy lecture hall.

Wherever it is, I’m never alone. Sometimes it’s just one person, a man or a woman, sometimes it’s more. Today it’s the man who sat opposite me on the train and with him is one of my classmates whose name, I think, is Kyle.

The man from the train, I’ll call him Max, Is tall, good looking and in his mid thirties. Kyle is of medium height, a wiry, athletic build and, like me, is in his early twenties.

They begin to undress me slowly, exploring every inch of newly revealed flesh with their mouths. My jacket comes off and they kiss my neck. Next to go is my t-shirt. I sigh softly as their lips caress my arms, my shoulders, my back, my stomach and the exposed swell of my breasts above the cups of my bra.

Kyle unbuttons my jeans and they both help to ease them down over my bum. Max on the left, Kyle on the right, they kiss and stroke my thighs as they push my jeans down my legs. When, at last, my jeans are round my ankles, I lift my feet and let them be removed.

Taking one leg each, they work their way back up, showering my skin with kisses as their hands explore my body. A warm glow, deep inside me, begins to spread through my body.

As my desire rises, I turn towards Max and begin to unbuckle his belt. As his trousers slide down his legs I notice Kyle pull off his t-shirt to reveal a taut, well muscled torso. He begins to pull off his ripped jeans as I push Max’s boxer shorts towards the floor. Max’s cock is long, thin and hard. I reach out to stroke it. He moans softly as I wrap my fingers around his rigid member and begin to work them long its length.

With Max’s cock in one hand I turn to face Kyle who is standing naked in front of me. His cock is maybe two inches shorter than Max’s but is incredibly thick and every bit as hard. As I reach out to stroke it with my free hand Kyle reaches behind me to unhook my bra.

I let it fall, the straps sliding down my arms only to be stopped at my wrists. Briefly, I remove my hands from their dicks as I let my bra be removed. As my hands return to task of stroking their proud male organs, they both lean forward and begin to lick my tits and suck my nipples.

I moan softly as their tongues flick over my tits, coating their surface with a warm film of saliva. Max and Kyle run their fingers lightly up the inside of my thighs as their illegal bahis mouths give pleasure to my tits. Someone’s fingers begin to stroke my pussy through the wet material of my knickers, occasionally slipping inside to brush against my moist labia.

With a long sigh of pleasure I lie back. I sense rather than see Kyle move up towards my head. He smiles down at me as he presents his short, fat, succulent cock to my hungry mouth. My lips part and I eagerly suck his cock into my mouth. He begins to thrust, his cock slipping in and out between my lips as he fucks my mouth with short, sharp strokes.

I feel Max begin to tug at my knickers. I raise my bum off the bed allowing him to pull them down over my hips. He pulls my wet knickers down my legs and off over my feet. A tingle of anticipation pulses through me as I allow him to spread my legs. As I suck Kyle’s cock, Max runs his tongue up the inside of my thighs, slowly working his way inexorably closer to his goal. Without warning, his lips brush against my labia. I squirm with pleasure as he slips his tongue between them. I want to cry out as his tongue explores my pussy but Kyle’s fat cock in my mouth prevents my release.

I begin to play with my tits. Cupping them with my hands and squeezing my nipples between my fingers as Max feasts himself on my pussy. Kyle holds my head in his hands as he stabs his cock in and out of my mouth. Small tremors, slowly increasing in intensity begin to spread out from my womb to engulf me. Max sucks my clit between his lips and begins to hum softly. He begins to push one, then two fingers into my cunt, thrusting them in and out and twisting them around inside me while his mouth focuses on my clit.

I begin to lose control. I suck harder on Kyle’s cock as my body responds to the sensations in my throbbing clit. My body begins to shake. I push Kyle away as the need to give voice to my climax overwhelms me. Moaning loudly, my hips begin to buck and my back arches off the bed as my orgasm possesses me.

Distantly I hear myself say, “Fuck me! I want one of you inside me. Fuck me now!” Max and Kyle exchange glances. They change places. “Get on your knees,” demands Kyle as Max positions himself in front of me.

I eagerly get onto all fours. Max’s long, thin cock stands erect before me. Kyle puts his hands on my hips and I feel the tip of his cock press against my entrance. My moist lower lips part as he pushes forward. “Ohhh!” I moan as he slowly slides all six fat inches into my cunt.

Kyle begins to thrust. The walls of my cunt stretch around his shaft. Max moves closer. “Suck it,” he commands, “suck my cock you little slut!”

I open my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head, Max stabs his cock between my lips, forcing me to take him deep. Kyle plunges into me from behind. The force of his thrusts pushing me forward, forcing illegal bahis siteleri more of Max’s cock into my mouth.

There’s no tenderness involved as they fuck me, using my cunt and mouth for their pleasure, it’s simply sex, pure and raw and I love it. I lose myself in the sensations. My body becomes no more than a receptacle for their cocks as the abuse me from both ends. Kyle hammers my cunt with short, powerful thrusts as Max stabs his cock in and out of my mouth.

Over and over, they impale me with their dicks, treating me like some cheap whore to use as they desire. Max fucks my mouth mercilessly as Kyle rams his cock into my cunt with ever increasing force.

Somehow I manage to support myself with one hand. The other reaches back to play with my throbbing clit. A fleeting contact, the merest brush of my finger against my bud is all it takes to set me off. The walls of my cunt contract along the length of Kyle’s thick shaft. I begin to suck harder on Max’s cock. My finger keeps a constant pressure on my clit, feeding the intensity of my climax.

Without any warning Kyle’s cock erupts. Jet after jet of his thick, hot sperm flood my pussy as the walls of my cunt milk his shaft. Max begins to moan. “Here it comes,” he gasps, “I’m going to fill your mouth with my cum.” The tip of his cock swells inside my mouth and, with a moan that’s almost a growl, he begins to empty his load into my mouth. Still thrusting he moans, “Swallow it! Swallow it all you little slut!” Eagerly I comply, savouring its rich, salty taste as it pools on my tongue and trickles down my throat.

Milking his cock with my fingers I suck every drop from him. Almost reluctantly, I let his spent cock slip from my mouth before turning my attention to Kyle. Cum still oozes from his cock. His shaft glistens with my juices. I lean forward and run my tongue from root to tip along his dick, licking our mixed secretions from its length. He sighs. I open my mouth and wrap my lips around the tip. Sucking gently, I draw the last drops of his cum into my mouth.

To my surprise, his cock responds to my ministrations and begins to stiffen once more. I begin to work my lips up and down his shaft, sucking hard as I take him into my mouth. Kyle’s cock swells even more and soon it’s as hard as it was when he fucked me only minutes before.

Feasting hungrily on Kyle’s cock, I don’t even notice as Max take up position behind me. I almost jump as he grabs my hips and begins to push the head of his cock past my entrance and into my cunt. He begins to thrust with long hard strokes. The walls of my pussy contract to grip him tight.

This time it’s slower, more measured, less frantic. Max’s cock strokes effortlessly in and out of my cunt as I slide my lips along Kyle’s shaft. In and out, in and out, I allow myself to be impaled on their cocks canlı bahis siteleri over and over again, relishing every stroke.

Max pulls out. “I’m going to fuck your arse,” he says, pressing the tip of his cock against the puckered entrance of my back passage. His well lubricated cock begins to push past the resistance of my tight rear hole. It stretches to accommodate him as he sinks his cock inch by inch into my bowels.

Kyle smiles at me as Max begins to thrust in and out of my arse. “Think you can take both of us?” he asks.

His cock slips from between my lips. “Too fucking right I could!” I announce proudly.

Kyle lies down. Max pulls his cock out of my arse and I move over to straddle Kyle. I reach behind me. Taking a firm grasp of Kyle’s cock I guide the head to the entrance of my cunt. Pushing my hips back I take him inside me. As I impale myself on his dick, sliding my hips up and down a few times to accustom myself to having his fat cock inside me once more, Max grabs my hips. “You ready for me, slut?” he asks.

“Sure,” I reply, “I’m ready for anything!”

The head of his cock presses against my rear entrance once more. With a single thrust Max sinks his cock into my arsehole and begins to stroke in and out. Below me, Kyle begins to thrust. I push my hips back to meet their thrusts and cry out as I feel both holes being filled with cock. Kyle props himself up and begins to suck and lick my tits as he jabs his cock into me from below.

Speared upon their cocks, I feel a familiar warm glow spread over me. Max and Kyle stroke their cocks in and out and I push back, taking them as deep as they’ll go. As the tension builds within me I begin to moan. “Oh yes!” I cry. “Fuck my pussy! Fuck my arse! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!

Max increases his pace, ramming his cock in and out of my arse with increasing force. Below me, Kyle sucks and squeezes my tits as I grind my cunt up and down his dick with increasing abandon.

My body begins to shake. My womb contracts and I cry out as my climax grips me. My hips buck, taking their cocks deeper into my cunt and arse. As the walls of my cunt begin to flex rhythmically around Kyle’s shaft he begins to breathe hard. With a sudden involuntary thrust of his hips he forces his cock deep into my cunt and begins to unload inside me. Seconds later, thrusting his cock deep into my arse, Max begins pumping his seed into my bowels.

As my cunt and back passage fill with sperm the sound of a bell dimly intrudes into my consciousness. I shake my head as my daydream shatters into fragments. All around me people are tidying away books and leaving the room. My knickers are damp, my clit throbs and I realise I’m going to have to find somewhere quiet before my next class so I can relieve my overpowering sexual tension.

As I get up to leave Kyle turns and catches my eye. I gave him a smile that’s just slightly naughty and he replies with a slightly puzzled frown. I guess he doesn’t realise just how much pleasure he and an unknown man from this morning’s train have just given me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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