I’m Happily Married…But Ch. 05

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Gail was surprised to receive a call from Mona on the day after their last therapy session. Mona quickly noted that it was a social call and expressed a desire to get to know Gail better in a social context rather than as therapist and client. She suggested they get together for lunch the next day since she only had appointments in the morning. Gail agreed.

At lunch Mona said, “I’m not going to ask you about your ‘afternoon delight’ with Bill that I assume followed our last session. You two got me pretty aroused. I called my husband, Tim, during the afternoon and invited him to tit fuck me as soon as he got home from work. We had a great time.”

Gail blushed and said, “Oh my. Nobody’s ever talked to me about their sexual experiences before. You hinted at the session that you might invite your husband between your breasts. I thought of your comment later. I’m embarrassed to admit that it was arousing to visualize you doing that with your husband shortly after Bill and I had done it. I guess with our breasts we’re both naturals for our husbands to want their penises there.

Mona said, “Relax. You can say ‘tit fuck’. Our tits are perfect for tit fucking. Let me hear you say it.”

Gail smiled and after glancing around to assure their privacy said, “Our tits are perfect for tit fucking.”

“Good. So, I don’t need details but did you enjoy it? Oh, and did you actually insist that Bill go down on you first before you’d let him have your tits?”

“Gail said, “Yes to both questions. Getting off first seemed fair. If I didn’t get my pleasure first I figured he might be too tired to pleasure me after he’d ejaculated so that was the deal. Obviously, I enjoyed the cunnilingus and I liked the tit fuck more than I’d expected. It made me feel powerful.”

“You are powerful. As you said at our session your tits give you power over almost every man you see. They’re helpless to resist your tits. Might I suggest that nobody says cunnilingus or ejaculate? We’re not in a science lab or at a church social in the mid west. Take your language down a few social levels. It’s okay to use off color words like eat, going down on you, and cum when you’re talking to Bill or me.”

“Yes. I know. I’m trying.”

The women had a nice lunch and learned more about each other’s backgrounds, interests and the like. They spoke a little of the fashion challenges of being top heavy. Mona told Gail about a shop and a website she frequented for bras and some brands she favored for tops and dresses. They agreed to meet for lunch again the following week which they did.

Toward the end of the second lunch Mona said, “I have some friends I’d like you to meet. It’s actually a club of sorts. It’s only six of us; you’d make seven. We all have similar physical attributes- everyone is at least a D or DD cup and no one is fat. By that I just mean we’re all quite busty on otherwise average bodies. Some of us are perfectly proportioned and some are ‘top-heavy’. All of our chests attract a lot of male attention and we all have similar fashion issues. We’re all proud of our tits but try to dress discretely and not look like hookers. Our ages range from 22 to about 40. We’re each married to a guy who obsesses over our tits. You can see why I think you’d fit right in. They’re all nice people. Rest assured that while I’ve described you a little to them I haven’t shared anything that we discussed in our sessions and of course won’t do that in the future.”

Gail was intrigued. She asked some questions and then said she’d love to meet the group. Mona told her they were meeting the next evening and gave her the address. Mona then told Gail that the women had been friends for several years and had very occasionally gotten together with their husbands. She said, “We’ve never done anything but talk but I need to give you a heads up about an idea that’s been discussed lately. It would involve some physical interaction with the husbands that’s- well, it would be rather kinky and I don’t want you to be shocked if the subject comes up.”

“I’m listening. With that introduction I don’t know if I want to hear this or not.”

“We’ve been talking about a sexual treat for ourselves and our husbands that focuses on our breasts. We haven’t done anything yet but I want to warn you just in case it would be too edgy for you. We’re not talking about swapping partners or anything. Well, not for intercourse. The idea that’s been floated is that those of us participating would wear hoods or blindfolds and our husbands would also be hooded. We’d get topless and sit in a row and the men would be able to feel us up- not knowing who they were fondling and we wouldn’t know who was who either. There would be one non-hooded ‘monitor’ to move the people around.

“One member of the group has said she wouldn’t get topless herself but would serve as the monitor. If you wouldn’t want to participate that’s fine. I just wanted to warn you the subject is being discussed when the group is together.”

“Wow. You’re full of surprises.”

“There’s youporn porno potentially more. At least one of the members has said if the fondling session works out she’d consider hooded tit fucking as well. That wouldn’t be at the same time. If it occurred it would be at a later time for only those who opted in. We haven’t seriously discussed that; it was just an idea from one of the women.”

“Before I respond let me understand this better. You’re suggesting that if I were to join your group I’d be invited to get topless- with a bag over my head- and have a strange man grope my tits? Would this include my husband? Would he be groping someone else?”

“Yes, but we’re not talking about total strangers. We’re all friends. The couples have socialized with each other a few times. I know you haven’t even met the women yet but we’re friends and we’ve at least met the husbands and know they’re not perverts. As I said you wouldn’t have to participate. If you did it would be assumed that Bill would too- by definition it would be couples.”

“I’m certainly taken aback by the idea. It’s intimidating yet I guess it’s also arousing. Bill’s the only man who’s ever touched me. I wouldn’t do it without his approval but I guess you’ve all but guaranteed that if he gets to fondle other big breasted women. He’d never say no to playing with big tits.”

“That’s probably true. Each of our husbands would probably object to our plan if he wasn’t getting at least as much pleasure as we will. I should clarify that each of us is very proud of her body and especially her breasts. The idea arose when somebody said it was a shame her tits were only being enjoyed by one man. Somebody joked it was a waste of a natural resource but someone else said her tits weren’t natural so that didn’t apply. In her case she said it was more about her pride. She loves her tits and would love to have more than one guy salivate over touching them.”

“Salivate? Is this event only hands or would mouths be involved too?

“That was mentioned. We haven’t worked out the ground rules yet. They’ll all be in writing and everybody- men and women- will have to sign on and accept the rules before participating.”

“What about arousal? Aren’t you getting everyone all hot and then not giving anyone sexual relief? Did I miss that part?”

“Again, it’s been discussed but not decided. We thought of using a hotel where each couple could promptly adjourn to their own room for husband-wife sex. For the actual fondling session we envision 4, 5, or 6 women in a row with the corresponding men in front of them. After a set time the monitor would call out for the men to stop and would assist them in moving to the woman next in line. The monitor would help the last man to navigate the longer distance to the first woman. We weren’t sure that a hotel room would be large enough for the women and the matching men plus the monitor. Everyone would have to get dressed to walk down the hall- there are lots of issues. We may be able to use one of the women’s homes and then most couples could stay there and go to a bedroom.”

“Oh. So, now I’m being fondled by 5 or 6 strange men. I thought it was only one. What about the monitor’s husband? Does he get to watch or participate?”

“We haven’t discussed that. Since his wife isn’t getting fondled I’d vote that her husband is excluded from the whole evening. It’s something to discuss.”

“Okay. I’m not signing up yet but I’ll admit the ‘wasting a natural resource’ comment strikes a chord with me. I sometimes think my breasts are wasted on my husband. It’s nothing personal about him; it’s just that he spends a very limited amount of time with them. For the vast majority of time I’m carrying around these top caliber breasts and they’re not receiving the attention they deserve. The idea that another guy could enjoy them anonymously is kind of exciting. I’d love to meet your friends and I won’t run out of the room screaming if they talk about being fondled. I’m not ready to commit beyond that.”

“That’s fair.”

Gail enjoyed meeting the women. They all seemed warm and friendly. Mona hadn’t exaggerated their common figure attributes. Gail had never seen so many busty women in one room. Mary, the hostess for the evening, was probably the least well endowed but even she was sporting D cup breasts on a skinny frame. The others had larger breasts. Mona was an “E” and two women in the group-were probably in the range of F or G cups. Amy, Susan and Allison were in the DD range which also included Gail. Gail hadn’t intended to focus on the women’s breast sizes but found she couldn’t help it. After years of having the tits everybody stared at it was refreshing to be of just average size.

Her fascination included more than just size. With so many large breasts to compare Gail noted how some seemed rounder and some rode higher on the chest. There were other subtle differences in shape. She wondered how many of the differences reflected the wearer’s choice of bra and couldn’t zenci porno help but think of the women all naked so that a true comparison would be possible. She smiled inwardly at the thought that touching each set of naked tits would be the other way to compare them even if the judge were blindfolded. If the group’s plan for a kinky evening proceeded and if she agreed to join the group she’d be giving Bill the pleasure of making that comparison. Perhaps she’d call it an early birthday present.

After an hour or so everyone had consumed some wine and seemed to be more relaxed. Sally, perhaps the woman with the largest breasts in the group confided to Gail that her breasts had been created surgically as an anniversary gift for her husband. Gail flushed and didn’t know how to respond. Sally assured her there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Sally pushed her chest out and said, “I’m proud of my tits. My husband can’t get enough of them and that means he keeps me sexually satisfied.” Gail smiled and admitted that her husband, Bill, was also obsessed with her breasts and agreed that a husband’s lust for your breasts had certain sexual benefits.

Sally casually asked if Gail had heard about the special evening the group was planning. Gail acknowledged that Mona had told her a little but had also said there were many issues to work out before they could decide to go ahead. Gail’s admission that she knew of the evening prompted Sally to tell the other women that Gail knew of the idea and it was alright to discuss it. They all seemed relieved and anxious to talk about the evening.

Everyone present contributed to the discussion. Amy said, “I’ve been thinking about how we can keep our identities a secret. If one or two of us speaks they’ll be recognized and by elimination the others will be too.” Mona agreed and asked how the women felt about wearing gags. This prompted some disagreement but it was finally agreed that gags for the women made sense. Susan said her husband had lots of old neckties that could be used as gags. It was agreed that ties would be a little less extreme than formal BDSM equipment.

Mary asked about gags for the men but that idea was quickly squashed when Amy said she was looking forward to having the men’s mouths on her nipples and two others agreed. Amy agreed to shop on line for the blindfolds.

Allison wondered aloud if the women should have their hands tied or be bound to the chairs. Mona responded that the evening was about willingly getting their tits fondled and not bondage. Allison agreed. Gail was silently disappointed since she thought being helpless would add a whole new sexual element to the evening. Mona then said to Allison, “If you’re into bondage think of yourself as being virtually bound to the chair. Blindfolded and almost naked with almost a dozen others in a structured evening doesn’t allow for much freedom. Once you’re committed to the evening you owe it to everybody to offer your tits to the men exactly as planned.” Allison nodded her agreement. Gail’s pussy clenched at the realization that Mona was right; ropes weren’t always needed for bondage.

To further assist in keeping everyone anonymous it was agreed that each couple would be assigned a number which would be written on their upper arms with a felt tip pen. The monitor could then use the numbers to give verbal instructions. Everyone’s number was to remain a secret during and after the evening to maintain anonymity.

It was established that nobody had any piercings or other unique attributes that would identify her by touch. Sally volunteered that her implants would feel different from the other women’s natural breasts which might reveal her identity but she was okay with that. Allison said, “I haven’t broadcast it to you but I have implants, too. I don’t think anyone but my husband knows. If I feel different to the guys I doubt that they’ll immediately think of me but if someone does, I can live with it.”

Mona said, “Nobody should mention implants. Some of the guys may not notice or if they do they won’t remember which woman had them. In general, there should be a rule that if anyone thinks he or she recognizes someone it must be kept secret. To keep the guys from being too inquisitive we need to tell them that we take being anonymous very seriously. I’d suggest each of us should casually mention to her husband that if this evening goes well we might have a future session with tit fucking. If we can’t remain anonymous that’s never going to happen. That ought to help them respect the rules.”

“You’re very devious,” said Allison. “Devious but smart. The men will be good if they’re afraid of losing a shot at tit fucking.”

Someone raised the subject of sexual frustration. After a whispered confirmation with Gail that it was alright to say it, Mona mentioned Gail’s approach in sometimes requiring her husband to go down on her first before allowing access to her tits for sex. Mona said, “I thought that was a great idea. Perhaps we could incorporate it.”

Amy xhamster porno immediately said, “I’m not ready for a stranger to eat me. Could we arrange it so that each husband does his wife and only his wife?” No one offered a response but several women nodded in agreement.

Gail said that she didn’t view herself as a member of the group for such an intimate event but felt she could make some suggestions and raise questions that might help. To her surprise the discussion evolved and she seemed to be in charge of the discussion. Everyone looked to her to assemble the various ideas into a coherent plan.

Under her plan the blindfolded women would sit in a row with as much space between them as the size of the room would allow. Each of them would be wearing only panties, shoes, a gag and a blindfold. Each blindfolded husband would be shirtless but otherwise clothed. He would be guided to kneel in front of the woman to the immediate right of his wife. Using a kitchen timer the monitor would give each man 5 minutes to fondle the woman’s breasts. He could use his hands and mouth. Her body was off limits at the shoulder level or above and below the waist. The woman wasn’t allowed to touch the man and wasn’t allowed to play with herself sexually.

At the end of each 5 minute segment the men would walk back a pace on their knees and shuffle to their right to the next woman- guided if needed by the monitor. The last man on the row would be escorted by the monitor to the first woman. In this way each man would reach his wife as the last woman for his evening. At this point, after the monitor confirmed that the couples were properly aligned she’d direct the removal of the women’s panties and each man would be expected to go down on his wife to bring her to orgasm.

Each couple’s evening would end as the woman achieved orgasm. She and her husband would be escorted out of the room by the monitor. They could remove their blindfolds only when they were in the next room. They could then proceed to a bedroom if one was available or get dressed and go home. It was assumed that in either case the men would receive sexual relief when alone with their wives.

Sally offered her family room for the event. She had four bedrooms that could be used for the second part of the evening but reserved her master bedroom for husband and herself. Her den had a couch that could also be used. Allison lived down the street so she volunteered that she and her husband would go home for privacy.

Amy suggested that there should be a penalty if someone-probably a husband- broke the rules. Mona agreed but wondered what penalty would be taken seriously. Amy responded, “My husband would only care if it were significant money or losing out on sex. We could make the offender leave immediately but that would be distracting for everyone else. What if the offender’s wife agrees in advance to deny him sex for a fixed time?”

“I love it,” said Mona. “If the monitor declares a violation the wife is off limits sexually for a certain number of days. How long should it be?”

Amy said, “Three weeks.” No one objected which Amy took as an approval. “Can we trust each wife to live up to her commitment?”

“Yes, I think so,” said Mona as she looked around the room to each of her friends. Each woman nodded her assent in reply. Mona then said, “We should get the husband to agree that he won’t masturbate during that time either. We can’t enforce it but if he’s honest at least his wife will be rewarded with a horny lover when the time is up.” The others murmured their agreement.

Mona volunteered to write up the formal outline and rules that would be circulated for approval and signature by all of the participating women and their husbands. By the end of the evening the planning was essentially complete and Gail was being pushed by all of the others to agree to participate. She demurred but said she hadn’t ruled it out. She jokingly said that she needed to explain everything to her husband and ask if he’s willing to participate.

Amy pushed out her tits and said, “Be sure to tell him about these.”

Sally cradled her breasts sensuously and said, “And these.”

Gail laughed and held up her hand saying, “Stop. We already know that with even a general description of this group’s attributes he’ll jump at joining the evening and be pushing me to sign up.”

It took Gail several tries to explain the proposal to Bill. He thought she was joking or had misunderstood the women. He suggested that perhaps they’d been teasing her. After explaining her earlier luncheon talk with Mona and giving more detail about the meeting she’d been at he finally listened with more interest. When she noted that there would be a formal written outline and a set of rules that each person would be required to review and sign he finally took her seriously.

As expected Bill eagerly agreed to participate once he assured himself that Gail had given the matter serious thought and was willing to participate herself. She told him she was nervous but actually looking forward to the experience. She explained that everyone’s anonymity made all the difference. It relieved her of any guilt or social pressure. Having her breasts appreciated and enjoyed by multiple men would be a fantasy come true.

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