If You Lead, I Will Follow

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I nonchalantly try to check my hair in the reflection of the glass at the Arrivals gate. Anxiously I brush it behind my ears, argh, do my ears look too big? I shake the curls free and glance up at the monitor. You’ve been on the ground exactly 5 minutes but it feels more like 5 hours. I tug at the leg of my black jeans, maybe I should have worn a dress, what if I look too casual. Another glance in the glass, trying to see what you’ll see.

People begin strolling through the gate. I scan the crowd looking for … what? Is that him? What about that guy over there? Oh no, what if he changed his mind? Hmm, I wonder … and then there’s that cautious smile, that tentative step towards me and I know, without a doubt in my mind …

“Hi, welcome to the Frozen North,” I smile, giving you a gentle hug.

“Thanks,” you grin back at me, grabbing your luggage.

We walk out into the spring drizzle and hail a cab for the ride downtown.

“The Sylvia, please,” I tell the driver as we settle into the back seat, your arm around my shoulder. I look up at you as your finger traces a soft line down my neck.

“Lexi,” you whisper, your lips touching mine. I breathe in the scent of you as your warm tongue teases my mouth. My hand reaches around to caress the back of your neck as I press my breasts against your chest. You force your tongue deeper into my mouth, lips pressing against teeth as I moan deeply. On and on it goes, rubbing against each other, wanting you, disbelief that you’re finally here, kissing me.

“Uh miss, we’re here,” czech amateurs porno the driver announces tentatively from the front seat.

“Huh, what,” I gasp, turning from you to look through the steamy windows.

“The Sylvia, your hotel?” the driver says.

“Lexi, hon, I think we’re here,” you chuckle in my ear.

“Right, OK, we’re here, yep, we’re here, this is it,” I stammer, falling out of the cab.

You look up at the ivy covered walls, noting the building’s somewhat aged appearance and raise an eyebrow.

“Turn around,” I tell you, looking back.

English Bay lies calm in the glow of the moonlight. Japanese freighters lay anchored across from Spanish Banks while the faint hum of a sea plane echoes in the distance. I smile and take your hand as the doorman welcomes us.

“Please tell me that’s the view from our room,” you ask hopefully.

“Of course it is,” I reassure you as we check in, “and tomorrow we’re going sailing. You do know how to sail, don’t you?”

You throw your suitcase in the closet while I pull back the heavy drapes from across the window

“Come see,” I tell you as I look out the window. The drizzle has started again, sending people into the bars and restaurants along Davie Street. You cross the room to stand behind me in the dark, wrapping your arms under my breasts as we watch the rain fall.

I lean back against you, feeling your cock begin to stiffen against me. Grinning, I rub my ass in a slow circle against your crotch.

“Little czech bitch porno tease,” you murmur, turning me around, still holding so tight.

You lean down to kiss me again, your hands firm on my ass as we grind our hips together. I lift up my arms as you pull off my sweater, my tits covered in white lace. Dropping to your knees you undo my jeans, pulling them down. I stand there watching as you run your hands over my sides, softly kissing my belly.

As you stand back up I begin to undo the buttons of your shirt, lowering my head to tease your hard nipples with my lips. I follow the trail of buttons with my mouth, your fingers tangled in my hair. I undo the last button and your shirt slides from your shoulder. My fingers find the zipper of your pants and I feel a delicious warmth in my pussy. Tucking my fingers into the waistband of your underwear I tug both them and your pants down at once.

Now it’s my turn to look. To admire this incredible man who’s words every day arouse me to no end, who’s unheard voice runs through my mind when I touch myself, and who’s arms I imagine around me as I fall asleep each night.

Your cock is thick and hard as I brush my lips against the tip, then look up into your eyes, so filled with desire. I run my tongue along your shaft, tasting you. You push my hair back from my face, wanting to see me take you into my mouth. I sigh as my lips wrap around your hardness and begin to suck rhythmically, taking you in deeper and deeper.

“Lexi, sweetie, the bed,” czech casting porno you urge, your hand on my shoulder.

I shake my head no, wanting to make love to you this way. I rub my tongue over your balls, nuzzling them as my hand strokes you. I slide my fingers into my panties, covering them with the thick juice from my cunt. As I take you back into my mouth, I slide my finger between your cheeks, gently teasing your hole. You gasp as my finger slowly slides inside you, so careful, wanting it to be good, wanting this night to be about you.

“Yes Alexis,” you moan as I push deeper, “touch me baby, oh it feels so fuckin’ good.”

Your cheeks clench around my finger as I suck faster, the tight skin of your prick sliding over my lips. My finger moves easily within you now, as I fuck your ass, your cock deep in my throat. The white lace of my bra rubs against your thighs as you move your hips against my face. God, the taste of you, I could never get enough, the feel of your cock in my mouth better than I had imagined …

“Oh baby, suck me. Faster honey, I need to cum, I wanna cum,” you beg.

My lips move faster, your cock hot and slippery. I can feel you throb inside my mouth as I suck as hard as I can, my tongue dancing. I feel the warm juice from my cunt sliding down my leg as I grind into the carpet.

“Yes, yes,” you scream, thrusting against the back of my throat, as hot cum fills my mouth. I take it all, loving it, swallowing hungrily, oh God, it’s so good …

Later we lay on the bed, your breath deep and even as you sleep, my hand resting on your back. I glance at the clock and mentally calculate how many hours until you would be gone, missing you already. Outside in the breeze the trees sway, branches scratching against our window, the rain finally stopped.

Good weather for sailing tomorrow.

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