Ice Cream

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“I’m in the mood for something sweet. You want anything, Mai?” Seline asked me while she put the movie on hold and stood up from the couch, walking over to the fridge.

“Sure,” I answered.

We were halfway through the movie and my mouth was a little salty from all the popcorn I ate. I always wanted salty after sweet and sweet after salty. Ugh, fuck my diet.

“Good… cause I’ve bought this…”

She held a bucket of vanilla ice cream in one hand and a bottle of chocolate syrup in her other while a spoon stuck out of her mouth.

This was my most favorite combination in the whole world. It made my mouth water. “Oh gosh, give me, give me,” I said while she sat down on the couch.

I wanted to snatch the spoon from her mouth but she turned her head so I couldn’t reach it. What the hell? She then opened the bucket and poured some syrup in it, then dug the spoon in all that fluffy creamy heaven and began to eat.

“Hmm…this is so delicious… Ahhmmm,” she moaned, licking her lips, and making all kinds of orgasmic sounds.

“Seline!” I grumbled as I tried to grab the spoon out of her hands, which she didn’t allow.

“Nuh-uh, this is for me… Hmm…it tastes like heaven. Ahh..hmm…so good. You want a taste?” She held a filled spoon in front of my mouth. Of course, I knew I was falling into her trap but still, I couldn’t resist so I opened my mouth and leaned in to grab the spoon between my lips, ready for a little taste. “Nope,” she said and snatched the bite of ice cream away from me before I could take it.

“Seline!” I shouted.

That… ugh, that woman always wanted to tease me whenever she could!

Seline laughed hard while she pushed me away when I wanted to grab it again. After a few seconds of trying to steal the dessert from her, and begging her to give it to me, I got an epiphany… Why was I acting so dumb? I could tease too!

Oh Seline, you gonna fucking get it now!

“Hahaha…” Seline still giggled, but when I stood up from the couch and opened the top button of my shirt, her smile slowly vanished. “Mai?” She said and swallowed.

Today was Sunday and Sunday was a bra-less day for me, meaning I wore nothing under my shirt.

“You wanna tease, hm? Well, I can tease too, you know?” my voice was deep and my hands opened the rest of my buttons. “I can’t touch your dessert? You can’t touch this…”

I ripped my blouse open and bartın escort Seline’s plump lips slowly parted, till she gazed at me with an open mouth.

This is a side I didn’t show often, but Seline just awoke the ambitious competitor inside of me and I slowly let my hands roam over my bare chest, pinching my nipples till they were all swollen and stiff in front of her.

Fuck, I have to admit, this kinda felt thrilling, especially after I saw the hungry look that started to form in her eyes. Suddenly the ice cream wasn’t that important anymore.

Seline swallowed again and I could see her nipples harden underneath her white chiffon blouse. She handed me the bucket with spoon and syrup without another word.

“That’s right, this is mine,” I said before seductively licking and slurping some ice cream off the spoon.

I rolled my tongue around it and thrusted it between my lips, in and out again, till I got another idea. I squeezed out some chocolate liquid from the bottle till it dripped on my chest, rolling over my nipples.

Seline’s breath hitched. “Fuck s-shit, Mai…” she whispered.

I lick my lips. “Ahhhmm… you’re right, Seline, this really does taste like heaven. So sticky and sweet in my mouth.” I said as I twirled my tongue around the spoon once more.

“Oh fuck, Mai.”

That’s right. Who is the one in control now?

“Wanna continue the movie now?” I asked.

“You fucking kidding me? No way.”

I chuckled, “What do you wanna do then, Seline?”

“I wanna take what is mine…” she replied.

“Well… I don’t know… You teased me just now. That wasn’t nice of you.” I told her.

She pushed one of her hands inside of her pants and started to rub. Such a desperate, desperate Seline…

“I’m fucking wet here. Please, baby. I will never do that again, ok? Please?” she all but begged me while she kept rubbing her hand over her private parts and looking at me with pleading puppy eyes.

“Get naked, Seline,” I said.

At the speed of lightning, she undressed and sat on the couch in all her naked glory.

She was so beautiful.

I did the same, but then slow and teasing. Pulling my clothes off one by one, taking bites of ice cream between each piece of clothing that came off.

Seline still sat on the couch and pulled me closer to lick my chest, lapping the chocolate stickiness off.

“Ahhmm…now bartın escort bayan it really tastes like heaven,” she said and sucked on my breasts, her tongue rubbing over my nipples.

“Lie down,” I instructed her.

She listened. Of course, she listened…

I took a bite of ice cream and kissed her, letting the cold melting vanilla flow into her mouth. We French kissed. Sloppy, sticky, sweetly. Her tongue tasted like paradise in my mouth. That tongue… I loved that tongue, it always gave me so much pleasure…

I poured some chocolate on her body and mopped it up with my tongue.

“Jesus b-baby, how are you suddenly so kinky?” Seline asked.

“Don’t like it?” I asked while I poured a little pink milk on her thighs.

“Oh J-jesus, it’s cold… ” She whined and arched her back, her eyes dark and looking at me, begging me. She knew what would come next and she wanted it as soon as possible.

Such a needy Seline, all for me…

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it hot again,” I promised while licking her thighs clean.

I crawled between her legs and slowly kissed my way to her warmth, burying my head between her legs, running my tongue over her soft folds.

“M-Mai, fuck, baby…!” Seline moaned when I licked higher and rolled my tongue over her sensitive hard clitoris.

I licked up and down, twirling around it before I gently took the little bead between my lips. Tugging on it, sucking softly, before I started to lick her at a steady pace, making her moan for me like her life depended on it.

“I..s-stop, baby, I’m close,” she whined. But I didn’t listen. She could finish first tonight. “Ahh…Mai!” She cried out while juices dribbled down my chin.

She tasted sweet.

I felt her contracting underneath me as she came, her legs clutching against my ears, shivering like a leaf in the wind.

She sat up straight when her high was over and snatched the bucket of ice cream which I had placed on the floor, right before I had pleasured her.

“Hey!” I shouted, pretending to be irritated. Which I was not. Horny was a better word.

“My turn now baby,” she said hoarsely.

Her face was so flushed and damped, glistening from sweat. Her lips were red from biting in them. This was my favorite kind of Seline. She pulled me close and kissed me again. I ran my hands through her soft long hair, escort bartın hugging her close, my breasts against hers, hot and sticky.

“Wait…” she said.

For a moment, she was gone, tiptoeing out of the room. I heard drawers being opened in the bedroom and got more excited.

When she came back after a minute, she pushed me on my back till I laid flat on the couch, and straddled me. Her pussy was still wet and I felt it slithering over my belly. She then started licking my breasts before her lips made a perfect “O” and she placed them over one of my nipples, sending shivers down my spine while she sucked at it until the bud was all hardened in her mouth.

“Like that, baby?” she asked while flicking her tongue over my firm nipple.

“Hmm…” I hummed in agreement.

Suddenly the warmth around my nipple was gone, as she slid lower.

“Ahh…fuck…” I moaned out when she started licking my most intimate spot, drawing her tongue all over me, from my hole to my beating clit and back again, sucking on my folds, repeatedly.

“Sweet,” she whispered.

She then pushed a toy inside, starting to fuck me with it, while her other hand spread my folds, pulling my hood up so her tongue found my exposed clit.

“Ahh..!” I moaned and dug my nails in her shoulders. Fucking hell, she turned me on so much. “Oh…ahh… Seline…” I gasped when the toy filled me, vibrating, every second harder and faster as she knew exactly how I wanted it.

Meanwhile, her tongue rhythmically stroked over my clit again and again. Alternating between soft flat licks, sucking on it gently, then a hard tip of her tongue that flicked against it, and firmly circling around. Jesus, she knew exactly how I wanted it.

It was almost too much to be assaulted this much.

It made the little hairs on my neck stand up straight and covered my body in goosebumps.

“I’m coming, Seline…” I warned when I felt my muscles already tighten around the toy.

And I did came, clenching myself all around the vibrations and arching my back, pressing my clit further against her tongue as my toes started curling, and body shivering. I saw white while her tongue kept stroking, helping me through my orgasm and I moaned it out with each jolt of pleasure that surged through my body.


“Damn baby, you were horny tonight,” Seline said, smiling.

“I’m hungry,” I whined.

The ice cream had melted when we were done, so in the end, I still didn’t get it (though I got something better…)

“I’m getting you a new one,” she said, walking to her shoes and putting them on.

“Thanks, babe.”

Seline kissed me, “Of course, I’ll do everything for you.”

I smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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