I.T. Support Pt. 02

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This is Part 2 of I.T Support.

(Please take a read of Part 1 for more context to the characters and storyline)


It had been a week since John had seen Maria around the office. His busy schedule was around the company made his days go quicker and more stressful than ever. He had seen Maria in the staff kitchen a couple times since their work affair.

John didn’t have a wife or girlfriend and was amazed that even in Marias semi divorced state she had sex with him. It wasn’t just straight sex, it was a session that John couldn’t get out of his mind.

He sat there at his desk thinking about what had happened the previous Thursday afternoon. Getting the call from Maria, watching her stress out, consoling her, then Maria gave him an ultimatum that at the time he thought was not the best idea.

She needed help, was upset and crying so she used her Latin American prowess to get John to help her do the work. It wasn’t that John was annoyed or felt used, he just wanted to know what the situation was.

Did she want to just ignore anything had happened or did she want more?

He replied to a few emails as the clock began to tick over to 6:30pm. He sighed as he got up from his desk, put his jacket on and made his way to the lift. Staying back an extra hour at work meant that he didn’t have to do anything at home that weekend.

The rain started to pelt down on the windows as he passed them. Awesome he thought, another wet and cold Friday night by myself.

He made his way to the elevator and pressed the down button. Usually there would be a mass exodus, but since he was leaving late, there was no one to be found.

At that moment as John walked into the elevator Maria walked in on her phone speaking to someone on the other end in her native Colombian tongue.

She didn’t look at him. He looked straight ahead as he pressed the basement level car park button. He listened to her in anger yell at the person on the other end. He seemed a bit uncomfortable, guessing that she was probably talking to her soon to be ex-husband.

The elevator continued to move down, the suspense was killing John. Should he say something? Should he ignore her. She continued yelling on the phone as the elevator doors opened and she mad her way through. John got a glimpse of that famous body that he had fun with last week. She was wearing that iconic dark blue skirt that she wore when they fucked. Her skirt hugged her hips as she walked away.

John walked over to his car and unlocked it. He got into the driver’s seat and put his head back and exhaled. He shook his head and went to start the car. A 2016 Mercedes hatch back with tinted windows. One thing he did love was his car. He went to turn the key but was shaken by a knock at the passenger window. It was Maria.

With a shocked look on his face he unlocked the door.

“Can we talk John?” Maria asked in a concerned tone.

“Sure, Maria,” he responded.

Maria opened the passenger door, put her bag in the footwell and sat down. The basement carpark was empty and quite dark. The rain and wind were drowning out any noise from the carpark.

She got in the passenger seat and shifted her weight and body to anime porno face John. He got a glimpse of her legs and thighs, and instantly began to become slightly aroused.

He kept telling his brain not to make this into a big deal and to not get excited.

“John, I’m sorry about not talking to you since last Friday,” she explained.

John nodded.

“Maria, its ok, I understand, you don’t have to explain yourself,” he responded calmly.

“No, its not ok John, I’m going through all sorts of things with my husband, we are going to get a divorce, but he won’t sign the papers” she said in an upset tone.

John continued to nod as he scratched his nose. He could see the outlines of her breasts in the tight dress she was wearing.

“Maria, you don’t have to explain, you are going through a-lot now, I don’t want to make you feel like you have to explain anything to me, what we did was probably not the right thing to do, and maybe I should of just helped you and not done what I did with you” John explained in a concerned tone.

Maria look a little puzzled.

“John, you didn’t make me do anything, I had fun last week and wanted to fuck you for a long time,” she replied.

John nodded and smiled.

“Ok, well that’s a shock,” he joked.

Maria smiled as she began to play with hair.

“John, I had the best time last week, I’ve been thinking about your cock since we last fucked,” she responded.

“Maria, I’ve been thinking about you as well, I didn’t know what to do or what to say to you,” he explained.

Maria moved her face over closer to John’s as she began to touch his face and neck.

“You should have just emailed me and said you wanted to check my computer for me,” she whispered as she smiled.

John smiled as he felt Marias hand reach for his crotch.

“Maria, what are you doing?” he asked.

She continued to rub his crotch as she leant forward more and began kissing him. Her tongue swirled around his mouth like a hurricane as he began to feel her amazing breasts.

He knew that feeling, he remembered now what they felt like. The past week had drove him made, trying to remember every inch of her. Now, here he was, in his car again with this Colombian beauty.

He continued to feel her breasts as she unzipped his fly and took out his erect cock and began stroking it.

He reached in further with his hand and took a handful of her breasts, they were warm and filling her bra up to the brim. Maria began to moan as she kissed him and stroked his cock. She pulled her head back from his face and continued stroking him.

“I want to eat your cock John, please papi, I need it now,” she demanded.

John shifted his weight and undid his belt and pulled his pants down a little bit.

They kissed again as she began to breathe more heavily.

“Mmm si, si, I want it now!” she yelled.

She shifted her body weight and knelt on the passenger seat. Her knees tucked together, she bent forward and arched her back.

Johns view was amazing, he took a quick peek in the rear vision mirror, no one was around. Good he thought. He began to run his hand down Marias back and felt her amazing ass. asyalı porno

“I’m gonna give you the best blowjob ever Johnny,” she whispered as she lowered her head onto his lap.

She licked the tip of his cock as he moaned in pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered.

“That’s nothing baby, take this” she responded.

Maria pushed his cock into her mouth, moaning as she sucked the top half of his cock up and down at a slower pace than slowly increasing.

John was crippled by pleasure as he held her head with his left hand began reaching for her pussy with his right hand.

He felt her panties and they were were already drenched. She continued to bob up and down on his cock, slurping and sucking sounds echoed throughout the car as the windows began to fog up.

She took him deeper as he took his fingers and pulled her panties aside and began to insert his index and middle finger in her pussy.

“Oh yeah, baby, touch fuck my pussy baby,” she whimpered.

He continued to finger her pussy, they were becoming drenched as she moaned and continued sucking his cock.

“Si, si,,” she yelled, as she lifted her head from his cock intermittently.

“Oh, fuck that’s good,” he said in an aggressive tone.

He began to push her head further down on his cock, Maria began to moan louder as the sucking and slurping sounds grew louder, the sounds changed to choking sounds as Maria took his cock deeper and made it more wet as it came out of her warm moist mouth.

“Oh yeah, fuck my face baby,” she whispered.

Maria reached her hand back and undid her hair bun. Her long brown hair swam around his pubic area and cock. It tickled him as she held his cock with a firm grip in her left hand and moved her mouth up and down his cock.

He continued to thrust his fingers into her in and out, he pulled back her skirt and could see her luscious ass in the darkness. He so badly wanted to fuck it.

She continued to take him deeper and deeper as he began to thrust his hips up into her mouth.

“Mmm, mmm, Mm,” she murmured.

He thrusted his hips up and down as he held her head in place. She lifted her mouth of his cock, leaving a large string of drool emanating from her mouth.

“I want to sit on your cock papi,” she whispered.

In that instant, she manoeuvred herself in the cramped space of the driver’s seat and sat on top of him. John reached his hand for the reclining knob and released his chair. They were in a laid down position as she sat on him.

She reached down and stroked his cock and tapped it against her pussy. Her panties were drenched as she shifted her knees in the small gaps on either side of the seat.

“Oh fuck, Maria, you’re amazing,” he whispered.

“Fuck me Papi,” she joked.

She lifted her body up and directed his erect and dripping cock into her pussy.

“Oh my God.” John said in an aroused state.

“Fuck my pussy baby,” she stated.

She began to rock and grind her body back and forth as she moaned. His cock was buried deep inside her and John didn’t know how long he could last.

The feeling was amazing and deeper than last week he thought to himself.

“Yeah, babes porno that’s it, fuck me,” he whispered.

She moaned and continued to grind and rock on his cock. John took a grip on both her ass cheeks as he helped her rock back and forth on his cock. She began to quicken her pace.

“Ai, ai, si, si, papi! keep fucking me! KEEP FUCKING!” she yelled.

The skirt was tickling his hands and balls as he lifted her on and off his cock as she grinded back and forth.

“Oh, fuck Maria, I’m gonna fucking cum,” he yelled.

She leant down and began to kiss him as she began to move up and down on him.

“Oh, oh , oh, oh, si, si, I’m gonna cum too baby!” she yelled.

They both continued to rock and fuck each other, it was as if it was a competition to see who could get the other person off first.

The temperature in the car began to rise as all the windows were totally fogged up now.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” John yelled.

Maria bounced up and down harder on his cock.

“Ai, Ai, wait for me baby, yes! Yes! yes!” She replied.

A few more thrusts and he knew he was going to blow his load, for a split second he didn’t know where he would do it though.

“I’m gonna fucking cum Maria!” he yelled.

“Cum inside me baby!” she replied in ecstasy.

He gripped her ass cheeks and felt his balls began to tense, he thrusted hard into her as he came inside her wam pussy.

“Oh FUCK!” John yelled.

He thrusted 3 times into her as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

“Si! Si! Im cumming! Ai, ai!” she yelled.

Her pussy clenched onto his cock as he continued to fill her up with his cum.

“Aaaahh, Oh, Si papi, Im cumming!” she yelled.

John continued to rock back and forth slowly, as Maria lifted herself off his cock and plopped herself back onto the passenger seat.

She breathed deeply as she reached into her bag, spread her legs and wiped herself with a tissue. John reclined his seat back up and was amazed at what had just happened.

He was exhausted with pleasure as he stared at her. Her legs wide open, she cracked the window open a little and lit a cigarette.

John wasn’t a smoker but was so turned on at this point.

“That was so good baby,” she said to him as she smiled.

He pulled his pants back up to his hips and did up his belt.

“Didn’t think that was going to happen today,” he joked.

She smiled as she blew smoke out the window.

“You know John, Im glad im divorcing that bitch husband of mine, he could never fuck me like you just did,” she said.

“Thanks Maria, where to from here?” John asked.

“I need to go home to that prick now, but ill text you next week, I think my computer might be wrecked again during lunch hour on Monday,” she joked as she winked at him.

John smiled and began to thank what ever God their wise up there in the sky. His sexless life was getting turned upside down by this Colombian Goddess and right now he was the happiest I.T. Support guy in the world.

“Maria, you have my number, you know where my office is, I’m a busy man, you come and see me, I can’t see you,” he winked to her.

She leaned over and kissed him deeply.

Maria took her bag and opened the passenger door and got out of the car.

“I shall my darling,” she whispered through the passenger car window.

John began to think what was next in this debaucherous relationship.

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