I Missed Your Touch…

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I shift uncomfortably in my seat, close my eyes. Breathe slowly. I have been waiting for the moment when you will wrap your arms around me for months. The last hour before it happens is almost excruciating.

The plane descends, I am impatient. I stand up in my seat before the seatbelt light turns out. I groan out loud while the woman in front of me stops to fumble with her purse as we move off the plane in single file. I bypass the bathroom where I had planned to stop and refresh my lipstick and fix my hair. I am so overwhelmed with the impending moment that I suddenly can not imagine delaying it for makeup.

The escalator is too slow and I look down, scanning the crowd. You are there. I feel my face and chest flush and I look down, smiling. You’re right there. You are seconds away. The escalator is moving in slow motion. My heart is beating faster and my eyes feel damp.

You hold me. “I forgot how beautiful you are,” you say. I slump against your strong body, inhaling your scent, absorbing you, hearing your voice rumble in your chest. I feel your jeans rising against me, I feel a tightening in my groin. I am madly in love with this boy.

In the car, we laugh and talk. I touch your hair, your lips, your brow. I lay back in the seat and tease you. I pull up my skirt to reveal black thigh highs, black panties. I moan and you reach over to touch me. You inhale sharply and say, “Oh baby. Damn, girl. What are you trying to do to me? Oh…God…baby.”

At your apartment we sit in a heap on the sofa. Our legs are tangled together. We talk softly, you touch my hair. “Such a pretty girl…” you whisper. I kiss you. I excuse myself to freshen up.

In the bathroom, I change into a black lace corset and matching boy-cut panties. I have a black skirt and knee-high black boots on. I adjust my thigh-highs and straighten out my pigtails. I apply deep, ruby lipstick and black eyeliner. mobil porno I reach down and feel a wetness already penetrating my thin, lace panties.

When I emerge from the bathroom, I don’t say anything to you and you don’t say anything to me. I immediately kneel in front of you and quickly unzip your jeans. You moan softly and gently stroke my head and face. I look up at you and smile deeply, eyes bright and lustful. I take your cock in my hands, which has been sprung since I arrived at the airport. It is warm and thick and rigid, it seems to be straining in my hands. You stare at me with your lips slightly parted, watching in anticipation.

I turn my face down and take you into my mouth, burying your cock in me to the hilt. I swallow as I go until my nose is filled with the musky, wild scent of your pubic hair and it tickles my face. You gently lay a hand on top of my glossy red hair and I come up for air briefly before going back down, deeper this time, tonguing your shaft on the upstrokes and swallowing it on the down. My mouth is hot, wet, tight around your cock. You reach down, eyes half closed, and gently pinch one of my hard nipples between your fingers, rolling it and massaging it. I rub the head of your cock against my tongue and lips before bobbing down again, taking you all inside. You begin to whimper and groan and pant and I taste precum on the tip of your beautiful head. I stop to lick it off and you instinctually thrust toward my mouth, trying to put your cock back between my soft, crimson lips. I tell you, “Wait…not yet,” knowing that if I were to take you back inside you would not be able to stop yourself from cumming into my mouth.

I step back from you, on my knees, and lift my skirt around my hips so that my lace-clad pelvis is exposed to you. Pulling my panties to one side, I show my pussy to you for the first time in 3 months. mofos porno It is shaven bare this time, soft and pink and inviting. As I part my lips and drag one finger down the center of my pussy, a long string of slick, clear juice strings out to my finger. I taste it and smile at you. I throw my head back and spread my thighs further apart, sinking closer to the ground on my knees and sighing deeply as I slide a finger in and out of my sodden, bare cunt. You remove your jeans as you watch this, then your shirt and lastly your form hugging boxers.

I roll my head around to look at you, now naked before me. You pull me to you and kiss me deeply, tenderly. You lay down and ask me to sit on your face, a request I am delighted to fulfill. I position myself over your face and feel your hot breath on my inner thighs. Your tongue strokes my lips and darts in and out of my dark, wet hole. It flicks around my swollen clit. I begin to moan and grind my box into your mouth. You reach up to massage my ass and pull me into your mouth, licking my entire pussy with deep, broad strokes. I grip the edge of the sofa to keep from falling backwards as I feel my pussy beginning to contract in an orgasm that is rising up in the center of my body like hot, pulsating white light.

As I slump back, you sit up and slide out from underneath me. I am dazed and limp with my orgasm and you turn me over and position my ass high in the air. You begin to knead my small-but-supple ass cheeks and I feel your stiff cock poking urgently into the back of my thighs, between my thighs, bumping against my ass. Finally I feel you push my panties aside and the head of your cock resting at my entrance. I moan loudly, awakened by a new lust, pushing my hips back against you, needing you inside of me.

You take my hips into your hands and enter me slowly, deliberately. We let out a mutual moan and sigh, naughty america porno finally together again after so much waiting. All the patience pays off at this moment. I feel you slide out and in again, filling my hungry pussy with your thick, solid cock. I love your cock, I dream about your cock. You fuck me deep and purposefully, exactly the way I had been wishing for. My pussy is tighter and wetter than you had remembered even, my juices are dripping from us and covering the backs and fronts of our thighs. You begin to quicken your pace and before long you are slamming into my cunt hard and fast, your weight pushing me forward until I am nearly flat on the floor with my legs spread as wide as they can be spread. My fingernails dig into the carpet as I let out a lustful scream and you cum into my throbbing pussy as you hold my small body against yours. You thrust forward and forward and forward as your load of hot, thick cum gushes out mercifully, after so much waiting. You rest your head between my shoulder blades, chest heaving and sweat dripping off of your forehead, onto my back.

We lay together in a wet tangle for a few moments. You slowly stand and take me by the hand, leading me into your bedroom. “Let’s go to bed, baby,” you say, walking backwards to look into my eyes as you guide me. I am completely disheveled, lipstick smeared, hair mussed. I am grinning and my eyes are glassy. I can’t remember when I felt this satisfied.

The bedroom is dark and warm. You take me by the waist and gently, easily lift me onto your bed. I lay back into the deep, velvety softness as you unzip each of my boots and pull them off. I lift my hips as I feel you unzip my skirt and tug it away from my body. You roll my stockings down carefully, pulling them from my dainty feet. You crawl onto the bed with me and slide my body to the head of the bed, gently lift me onto a pillow. I am tranquil, peaceful, utterly happy to feel your strong hands on my smooth body. I close my eyes as I feel you parting my legs, your face sliding down my body, resting at my navel. I feel your hot breath and my pussy contracts once, involuntarily.

I missed you, baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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