I Love to Play Tennis (Kelly’s story)

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It was a typical Saturday morning, I woke up and had to shower and dress for my comp tennis match….. this morning I was fresh, relaxed and feeling so so very sexy, so I thought that today I would be a little bit naughty and wear my white lace thong under my skirt… after all no-one but me would know……..

I jumped into the shower and enjoyed the feeling of the water against my skin…. I made sure that I paid extra attention to my nipples which were standing as erect as two little soldiers, engorged, pink, and very, very sensitive, standing as erect as two little soldiers…..

I reached down and slowly ran my finger around my clit… I shivered with pleasure a let out a tiny moan of delight. I felt my juices flowing and mingling with the water from the shower…..

Damn it! I don’t have time or I will be running late…

I decided to go braless, after all my t-shirt was tight, so I didn’t think that it would be very obvious.

I got into my car and started driving, my pussy was kissing the leather seats through the thin material of my panties, and I could feel how slippery I was.

I pulled up at a red traffic light knowing that I had to rectify this situation. No other cars were around so I reached down and lifted up my skirt and peeled my panties to the side….. I started rubbing my clit with my thumb, while sticking my forefinger into my hot little hole… my cum dribbled down my hand…. I moaned and writherd in delighted and pumped harder and harder until I shuddered and my pussy convulsed and spurted juice all over my hand. This only took a few seconds as I had been hot since the second that I woke up…

I looked to my left and saw that a truck had pulled up next to me… I looked up and the driver had his big hard dong in his hand…… my mouth watered for it… but, I was running late!

I pulled up at the tennis courts and greeting Misty my opponent for the doubles. Today we were playing mixed doubles, and Misty and I are very competitive. My partner for the day was to be David, a gorgoeus six foot tall honey, who was very good with his racquet.

We all played well, playing hard and fast, keeping the pace up throughout the whole game, but I excelled myself and smashed the ball into their court with such force that there was no way that they could stopit.

David and I won, and he came over and gave me a congratulatory hug.

Everyone said there goodbyes, but it was my turn to clean up..

I grabbed all the racquets and balls and put them in the locker, then went to have a shower.

I was still as horny as all hell and playing tennis didn’t help, whenever hit the ball my big tits jiggled and rubbed against the cotton of my shirt, and when I canlı bahis worked up a sweat, it was almost unbearable.

I went into the shower room and bent over to pick up my bag…..

My skirt lifted and I felt the air on my dripping pussy, and knowing that I was alone I reached back and rubbed my clit through the material, I moaned softly as I felt the wet material rubbing against me… I shivered in anticipation as I knew that I was going to cum hard….

I slowly peeled the material off my sopping wet pussy and started rubbing my dripping slit…… “oooooohhhhhh” I moaned I was SO hot!

Then I felt someone else fingers stroking me and I looked back in shock…. David was there!

“I’ve wanted to fuck you all day, Kelly ­ the whole day I have been watching those tits of yours bounce, I felt them pressed against me and you made me hard… catching glimpses of your tight arse didn’t help either”

I sighed and braced my arms against the wall and bent over further and opened my legs for David…

My juices were running down my thighgs and David said “oh baby, you are soooooo wet” and he slowly licked the cum from my thighs, his hand rubbing my clit…. My juices were flowing, I threw my head back and moaned, and stuck my pussy further into his face.. he opened my lips and lapped at my wet hole, I almost screamed in ecstacy……

David rubbed my clit harder and licked my cunt, tonguing in and out of my hole….

I leant back further and mashed my pussy on his face, bucking wildly as I came with a gush. I turned around and sat on the bench, still panting and breathless, trying to recover from my orgasm.

“I’m not finished with you yet” he told me. He reached down and kissed me, his tongue probing mine gently… I could taste my cum in his mouth and I started to get horny all over again…..

His hands found my tits and he plucked and rubbed my nipples through my shirt until they stood to attention, which didn’t take long.

I ws hot and wet again, so I stood up and took my shirt off and set my luscious tits free they were sensitive and engorged, the nipples hard…

I went up to David and gently stroked his big cock through his shorts… he was very well endowed and very, very hard.

I stuck my tits in his face and jiggled them, bouncing them up and down and almost slapping his face with them.

He grabbed my right tit, and nibbled on it, while his other hand kneaded my other tit…. I have more than a handful and he was kneading it wonderfully….

I reached down and ran my finger down his cock through his pants, and I felt his cock twitch underneath my finger….. I undid his shorts and his throbbing cock sprang out…. His precum glistening on the bahis siteleri tip. I leaned down and flicked my tongue across the tip of his cock and lapped it up…. He tasted fantastic…. I slowly licked up one side of his shaft and down the other…

David was panting so I gently licked his balls knowing that this would drive him wild…..then I got down and rubbed hic cock all over my tits and squeezed them together engulfing him… I then wrapped my lips around his tip and sucked up and down…. titfucking him while giving him a blow job…

David pushed my head down, so I knew that he was close, I sucked and slid harder and harder, and I felt him swell and he spurted his load all over my mouth and tits, I licked my mips and swallowed while I rubbed his spunk all over my tits, then licked my fingers….

I leant back and closed my eyes briefly thinking about how much I loved his cock….I opened my eyes and I was shicked to see that he had his donger in his hand…. And it was hard again!

I jumped into his lap and squatted above him and lowered myself onto his shaft… he filled me completely.. David sucked on my nipples and stroked my clit as I rode up and down his shaft…. He filled me to the brom and my clit hit his pelvic bone on every down thrust…. I was moaning and screaming and thrashing wildly as my pussy spasmed around his cock in orgasm, and my juice ran down to his balls… He came with a bang and my cunt gobbled his cum…..

He pulled out, and played with my tits… I reached down and rubbed our combined cum…and I stuck my fingers in my mouth and tasted our combined cum…. After watching this it wasn’t long before he was hard again….

He sat me down on the bench and put my legs over his shoulders while he stuck his big dong back into my throbbing cunt….

He slid in and out of my slowly, torturously, while I played with my clit and tits… I tossed my head from side to side, wriggling and moaning and thrusting his cock in and out of me…

It was then that I noticed Misty at the door….. I don’t know how long she had been there for….

She walked up to us and took of her dress… she wore nothing underneath… she had pretty perky breasts, and a tiny triangle of auburn hair… her pussy was at my eye level and I could see that she was very wet…

She leaned down and kissed me, her tongue rolling with mine, her hand rolling my nipple…..

I couldn’t stand it any longer and I had to taste that succulent pussy, I leaned over and ran my tongue down her slit…. She tasted like heaven…..

David pumped my pussy as I tongued Misty’s hot cunt and he played with both of our tits, Misty juice was running down my face, she squirmed and wriggled on my face…. David was bahis şirketleri pumping me hard and I was moaning, she felt these vibrations on her clit, David thrusted harder and I sucked Misty’s cunt like there was no tomorrow… I came hard, moaning and sreaming and shuddering, I milked all the cum out of David’s cock as he came… Misty thrashed wildly and came, saturating my face.

Misty had just got warmed up and she demanded that I let her clean me out, she bent down and lapped up David and my cum with relish, savouring every last drop delving deep into my pussy in order to lick up every last drop……

David was hard again, he came up behind Misty and fingered her dripping cunt….. then proceeded to stick his fat cock into her. He was wild by now and he was fucking her so hard that her nose was banging my clits, my tits were bouncing,… I was so horny that I was sceraming and I came all over Misty’s face…..

Into the shower block walked Ulana, the cleaner, with big brown eyes, early 20’s with tits as big as mine……. She stood stock still her eyes wide open in shock.

I jumped up and gently dragged her to our group. She told me that she had always fantasised about having girls ‘do things to her’.

I softly kissed her mouth, gently biting her lips, my tongue playing with hers, she was very soft. She deepened the kiss and let out a little moan. I unbuttoned her shirt and took it off…. The bra quickly followed.

She had magnificent tits, big with brown nipples… but the same size as mine… I rubbed my nipples against hers…. Misty got in on the act and lifted Ulana’s skirt took off her panties and puried her face in Ulanas pussy while she fingered my cunt…..

Ulana groaned in pleasure, her knees almost buckling, so we sank down to the floor..

We changed positions and Misty licked Ulana’s clit, while I drank from her hole…. I was straddled across Ulana’s face as she licked my gash…..

David was watching us, mesmerised… but he was all fucked out….

We thrashed about wildly, a tangle of tits, asses, and wet pussies, all exploring every inch of each other…..

We bucked and fucked and sucked and we all came…. And decided that David had rested for long enough….

We told him to fuck Ulana… hard. He bent over her doggy style and rammed his rod right up her, I straddled Ulanas shoulders so David could lap my pussy, and Misty was behind him sucking on his balls while he pumped Ulana. Ulana thrust backwards towards David, his cock was bureid to this hilt, he had his face in my pussy and Misty was sucking his balls…. He grunted and groaned and we bucked wildly, on big jumble of bodies…..

He was coming, so Misty and I went down one either side and licked his cock as he pumped in and out, and we drank the combined cum when he finally spurted his big load all over out tongue and Ulanas pussy…

We decided that tennis would be SO much more interesting from now on….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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