I Fucked My Teacher

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I had English class first and I noticed my teacher, Miss Flint had some really nice, tight, horny pants on. They made her arse look huge and she almost had a camel toe. Me and my friends noticed it straight away and all the boys were distracted by her bum.

She was flirting with me all through the lesson, I always managed to bring up the topic of my sex life and she would make sexy comments about it. She asked me to stay behind at the end of class. I was annoyed because it was Friday and last lesson.

So it reached the end of the lesson and everyone left. She told me to sit down and I wasn’t leaving for another hour. She knew I wanted to fuck her but did she want me? About 10 minutes into the detention, she ‘dropped’ her pen just under a table next to me and she got up and bent over the table to pick it up. Her pants got sucked into her arse and I could see her bum so clearly. I got up and smacked her bum.

She got up and started kissing me. I kissed her back and grabbed her bum cheeks. I love it when girls suck and lick my face so I canlı bahis stopped kissing and miss Flint was still kissing me and I was tasting her spit and licking it. I was squeezing her arse so hard that she stopped kissing me and said “I’m gonna bend over and you can do what ever you want”

I immediately got hard as she bent over the table and spread her legs apart. I knelt down and started kissing her arse. I then pulled her pants down with my teeth. She was wearing no thong underneath so I started kissing her bum cheeks again. She seemed to like it due to her moaning.

I said “Open them for me”. She reached her hands round and opened her bum cheeks. My ass hole fetish had taken over me and all I wanted to do was eat an ass out and here it was.

The smell hit me first, it was a mixture of poo and sweat, just how I like it. I looked at her arse hole, it was brown and so was the inside of her bum cheeks.

I asked “Did you not wipe?”

She said “Do it for me, dirty boy”

This turned me on so much so I licked the inside bahis siteleri of her bum cheeks which was complemented by the smell of poo which I love. I then turned to her hole, I pushed my tongue in and wiggled it around inside her poo ridden walls. I licked up all the poo and swallowed it. I pulled my tongue out and told her to fart. She unleashed a huge fart on me.

It turned me on even more. She then started pushing out a poo. I let it happen and I let it drop in my mouth. I chewed it up and then I spat it in my hands and rubbed her arse hole with it. She started moaning as I rammed my fist into her poo covered arse.

I ripped my fist out of her tiny arse and wiped my hands on her bum cheeks. There was poo everywhere and it turned me on on even more. I love it when girls let me play with their bum holes. I played with her poo even more and I rubbed it all in her arse crack. I then plummeted my face in between her bum and licked all the poo out of her arse. I chewed it up and then got back up and spat it into her mouth.

Miss Flint bahis şirketleri said “Ooh you are a dirty boy” as she ate her own shit.

She pulled me closer and we started kissing again. We both had poo in and around our mouths and she kept spitting her poo back into my mouth and then I’d spit it into hers. We stopped messing with her poo and she cleaned her self up.

I told her to bend over again. This time I squirted whipped cream into her tight little arse hole. I squirted as much in as possible before it started leaking from her arse. I lied down on the floor and she squatted above me. I could see her beautiful arse hole with whipped cream oozing out slowly. She lowered down and sat on my face. My mouth was below her bum hole and wide open ready for some beautiful cream. My face was engulfed in her arse cheeks.

I felt her arse hole open up and she shat whipped cream into my mouth. I let it fill up my mouth and then I swallowed it. I could taste her shit but it didn’t bother me. It kept on coming into my mouth. She then ran out and just farted in my mouth, I wasn’t complaining. She pushed that hard, a sloppy wet poo trickled into my mouth and I swallowed it.

I lay there for a few minutes eating nothing but the smelly remains of whipped cream and poo….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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