I Came Down the Steps

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I came down the steps, turned the corner, and saw my wife sitting on the couch. The lights in the living room were off but someone had been in the kitchen and left the light on which filtered into the living room. Once my eyes adjusted, I could see fairly well. She was sitting at the end her head propped up with her right hand and Kris was lying on her side with her head in my wife’s lap facing out and her legs were drawn up slightly. She had her hand in front of her face, curled around my wife’s leg just above her knee. Her eyes were closed as my wife gently stroked her hair. My wife saw me and made a sad, pouty face. She really felt bad for Kris. They were very close. It was horrible what her husband was doing to her.

Kris couldn’t really see me from her vantage point because of the arm of the couch and I quietly sat down on the step, not really for any purpose, just to be there if they needed me. As my wife continued to stroke her hair for a while my thoughts soon started to wander. We had been getting pretty intimate when the door bell rang and being as close to her as she was I wondered if Kris could smell any hint of my wife’s arousal that may still be lingering. Kris had a nice rear and with her legs drawn up a little, showed off its shape to me through her shorts. I was just able to see up the legs to the panties which wrapped around her bottom. I shook my head to clear my thoughts a bit but still being horny from being disturbed with my wife it didn’t take long before my thoughts started to stray again.

When the doorbell rang, I had foregone underwear and just grabbed a pair of shorts. As I saw it was Kris and that she was crying I quickly called up to my wife who then came downstairs in a pair of my jogging shorts and a t-shirt. I had gone back upstairs for a while to give them some privacy to talk but eventually came back down when it was obvious this was going to be a long night.

They just sat there and my wife continued to stroke Kris’s hair for some time. Every once in awhile she would let out a barely audible moan, well more of a sigh then a moan. What ever it was, it was enough to perk my attention. My wife saw my sudden interest, knew what I was thinking, and gave me a “you’re a pathetic pig” look. I started to settle down when Kris slightly readjusted her head and gave my wife’s leg a tiny little squeeze. Her head readjustment had caused my wife’s leg to part just slightly, nothing really, but in my state, I was going to sit here all night for even a hint, real or imagined of sexual contact. Fantasies will do that to you.

After a few minutes of hair stroking Kris gave my wife’s leg canlı bahis another little squeeze and in doing so moved her hand up closer to her own face. Kris’s hand was now about six inches above my wife’s knee still wrapped around her leg. I’m not sure if it was the squeeze coupled with any lingering arousal from our time earlier coupled with Kris’s breathe on her thighs or a combination of the three, but I noticed my wife’s nipples slowly harden to two stiff peaks under her shirt. One look at that and I was rock hard in my shorts.

Another moan/sigh from Kris and she gave my wife’s leg another squeeze and moved higher, wrapping her fingers more under her leg as she did. Minutes later she readjusted her head again. Now her head lay atop of my wife’s upper thigh instead of in her lap. She had also curled her legs up higher and pulled her head down closer to her chest. To accommodate her new position she pulled my wife’s leg open a bit more as if readjusting a pillow also moving her fingers further under my wife’s leg. Her whole hand was basically between my wife’s legs only inches from her center. My wife’s nipples were definitely visible through her shirt as she gave me a nervous questioning look. I was enjoying her discomfort and to make it worse for her stood slightly and pulled my shorts to the side showing her my erection. I gave it a few short strokes and she responded with another “you pig” look. I knew the moment would be having an effect on her and the heat emanating from her had to be noticeable by now.

Another squeeze, this time higher and more inside and underneath my wife’s thigh. I could see Kris’s fingers wrapped under her thigh only about an inch or so from the opening of my wife’s loose running shorts. My wife stopped stroking Kris’s hair. I was crushed. She didn’t want it to go any further.

I have long wanted to have my wife masturbate in front of me or somehow have an orgasm while I watched except from another man. I was not about to share her like that, but this was different. She was, however, very shy and pulled her hands away every time I tried to get her to touch herself in front of me. “It feels better when you do it”, was all she would say. My wife looked at me again with a mixture of fear and lust in her eyes. All I could do was give her a loving smile and sit back down.

She suprised me by slowly laying her hand on Kris’s back and lightly rubbing back and forth in a tight little circle. I perked up with renewed interest and looked into her eyes. She locked on mine and we remained that way as she widened her circle. Responding to this, Kris began to ever so gently knead the flesh bahis siteleri of my wife’s inner thigh. She pulled her leg open a bit more and continued to knead, moving her hand higher in the process.

Stunned and breathless, I watched as her fingers made their first journey into the opening of my wife’s shorts. It was very brief and as they came back out I could see, but not hear the sigh that escaped my wife’s lips who in turn widened her circle even further, rubbing down to the waistband of Kris’s shorts and up along her rib cage barely grazing Kris’s bra strap as she curved back inward. Kris’s fingers again made their journey into the opening of my wife’s shorts, this time beginning to rub in their own tight little circle. My wife’s head bobbed backwards then back up again as Kris touched her. I cursed the lack of light that kept me from seeing all the details of what was going on though I knew it probably would not have happened at all if it were not for the security that the dim light provided.

Kris’s whole hand had now disappeared into the opening of my wife’s shorts. I could see the movement of her hand as it rubbed back and forth over my wife’s lips through her underwear. My wife looked back into my eyes as her hand dipped lower over Kris’s backside and up again. I so badly wanted to pull by aching erection out and rub it to completion but I did not want to brake the moment that was taking place in front of me.

Seeing a change in my wife’ s expression I looked back at Kris’s hand and saw she had wiggled the arm she was laying on underneath my wife’s leg to the front and was using it to pull aside the opening of her shorts. I could now more clearly see her rubbing back and forth pushing the fabric of my wife’s cotton underwear into her crease. There was clearly a wet spot forming as she continued to rub, becoming more steady and forceful as she did.

Kris turned her head slightly, never opening her eyes and began to delicately kiss my wife’s leg. She was slowly driving my wife crazy from her touching. My wife’s hand moved back over Kris’s backside and gave a gentle squeeze. Her right hand, which she had been using to hold her head up, was now sneaking glancing rubs at her nipples through her shirt. My wife’s head dropped back as I saw the fingers of the hand Kris was using to hold open my wife’s shorts move over to the leg opening of her underwear, hook under the elastic, and pull them aside. The hand she was using to rub along my wife’s lips through her underwear were now rubbing in the same fashion along her bare lips, gently pushing in between them, and opening them before my eyes.

My bahis şirketleri wife grabbed her breast with pure lust, twisting her nipple. She grabbed the opening of her shirt with her thumb and was able to wriggle her hand into it now rubbing her own breast, pulling on her nipples. Her other hand again moved down over Kris’s bottom cupping and grasping it more urgently this time. Kris twisted her wrist slightly and I watched as she inserted her index finger into my wife’s dripping opening. A unmistakable moan came from my wife. I almost exploded without ever touching myself. I had never seen anything so erotic in my life.

Kris slowly but deliberately stroked her finger in and out of my wife who was beside herself with lust. She reached down farther and cupped her fingers around Kris’s own very wet center through her shorts. Kris responded with a moan and moved to insert a second finger into my wife, her middle finger along with her index now made soft squishing sounds as they moved in and out of my wife who had since draped her right leg over the arm of the couch to allow for better penetration.

In a fit of pure lust my wife grabbed the leg opening of Kris’s shorts and pulled up hard, pulling them tightly into the creases in between her legs. Kris, her eyes still closed turned her head into my wife and her tongue snaked out, taunt, reaching for my wife’s core. On contact, my wife squealed and pushed her hand as far into the leg opening of Kris’s shorts as she could. Being closer to this end of the action I could see in agonizing astonishment as my wife pushed her fingers as far into Kris’s wet hole as her panties would allow. My wife pulled her other arm back out of her shirt and pushed Kris’s head tighter into her as she was being licked and fingered in maddening fashion. She curled her fingers under the elastic around the leg of Kris’s panties and pushed into Kris’s slick opening.

Kris was now practically pounding in and out of my wife and I pretty sure she had at least a third finger in her as well and the mere contact with another woman sent my wife into a screaming orgasm, her body convulsing uncontrollably, juices running onto the cushion of the couch. She grabbed the arm of the couch and pushed upward, arching her back, pushing herself into Kris. It seemed to last forever. I grabbed my throbbing erection through my shorts and with only a few strokes was racked with my own monster orgasm.

As my wife slowly regained herself she attempted to continue pushing into Kris who pulled back forcing my wife’s hand out of her shorts. She sat up, kissed my wife gently on the lips, and pulled them both down onto the couch so that they were lying down. They moved into a spooning position with Kris behind my wife and soon they were both fast asleep. I crept upstairs, wiped myself off, and began to think about what I just witnessed.

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