Hunter hunts

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Hunter watched Paige from across the room tapping his foot while holding his phone in front of him to look inconspicuous. After their brief hangout she was avoiding him like the plague and Hunter was pissed off at her. Not only for blowing him off, but being a hypocrite because during their talk she had said that she hates people who cut ties with someone for no reason. Well, Hunter thought, sometimes when you cut ties you unleash something. Hunter continued to think of his plan of teaching Paige a lesson in respect and knew that nothing could go wrong. She had so graciously snapped out her address because she wanted to show the bouquet of flowers that were delivered to her apartment. He had written it down and checked out her apartment and had started clocking when she and her father arrived and left, and after a month he found a huge window of opportunity. Since her apartment was on ground level there weren’t any stairs for him to worry about stairs and on Thursdays she arrived at her apartment a little after three and her dad didn’t get home until after nine. Today was Thursday and it was two-thirty. He got up and left to beat her to her apartment and prepare his attack. He drove to the parking lot of her complex and waited, he had clocked the exterior of the complex multiple times and knew that the only security camera was facing the door and wouldn’t have caught his car enter the lot. He pulled up his hood and sat in his car and waited. Little less than ten minutes later she pulled into the lot and parked closer to the front door. Hunter got out and pulled out his phone, feigning sending a text with one hand while gripping his knife with the other. Paige got out of her car, walked to the front door and punched the entrance code and opened the door. Without looking behind her she held the door open for him and he muttered, thank you, and closed the door behind him; glancing back to make sure they were alone. He pulled the knife out of his pocket, putting his phone back, and waited for Paige to unlock her apartment. She turned the key, not paying attention to Hunter, and opened the door slightly; as she did this she felt a knife blade on her throat and a gloved hand over her mouth.
“Go inside, do as I say, don’t make a sound, and you don’t die. Got it?” Hunter growled into her ear and Paige lifted her hands in compliance. Forcing her inside he pulled a zip tie from his pocket and zipped her hands together. Dropping her bag on the floor Hunter found her bedroom and forced her inside throwing her onto her bed. He looked at her, face down, and admired her ass in her yoga pants and he could see the outline of her underwear through it. He heard her crying into her pillow, and he knew that it was because she was scared. Pulling the duct tape out from his sweatshirt pocket he flipped her over and forced the tape over her mouth and she saw his face. He didn’t care at her surprise and her shouting at her, what he had planned; he didn’t worry about her going to the cops. Seeing that her bed had posts at the base of it he went to her closet and found some scarves and belts hanging and pulled them out. As he did this Paige tried to roll of the bed izmir escort bayan and make a escape attempt, but Hunter caught him and threw her back on the bed, sat on her and pulled his knife out again he forced he placed it against her throat and pressed down hard enough he actually drew a line of blood. “I really thought you were smarter than that.” Hunter said as tears streamed down her face. He then sat up, grabbed her shirt and stuck the knife in it and slashed upwards exposing her chest. He then finished ripping her shirt off and tossed it aside. He then carefully stuck the knife under the middle of her bra and cut it as well. Cutting the straps he grabbed the bits of bra and tossed them behind him. He got off her and grabbed her right leg, pushing the leg of her pants up, and tied a belt to her ankle and tied the belt to the post. He did this with her other leg. He grabbed the waist of her pants and the lining of her under wear and forced them down to around her knees, grabbed his knife and cut through the materials making her totally naked. He pulled his phone out and started taking photos of her naked body from different angles. He got back on her taking a photo of her tits and face, which was smeared with makeup from her crying and Hunter sighed. He grabbed her sheet and cleaned her face up a little so know the area around her eyes was messy, but her cheeks were clean; he also wiped away the blood on her neck. Hunter got the knife out and placed it against the freshly cleaned wound and leaned in close to her face. “I am going to take the tape off, shout for help and the cut becomes a lot deeper. Understand?” He asked her and she nodded her head frantically. He peeled off the tape and Paige panted, catching her breath.
“Please Hunter, why are you doing this?” Paige asked and Hunter grinned wickedly.
“Well, couple of reasons. One you completely blew me off after our little chat. Not just that ignored me and dodged me. Second, you doing that goes against what you say and I thought that you should feel the effects of your actions. Does that make sense?” He replied getting right in her face.
“I… Look, let me go and I won’t tell.” Paige said trying to free her legs, but couldn’t.
“Oh no, no, no. There’s so much more to go.” Hunter said getting his money shot, her tits and face all in one shot. He got off her and went over to her dresser and started rifling through her drawers. From their one talk he knew that she had a vibrator and found it in her underwear drawer at the back of it. “Not very original with your hiding spot, but it is a good one.” He said pulling it out and was happy to see it was battery powered. “No cord to get in the way, I thank you for that.” Hunter said, turning it on to make sure it worked.
“Please Hunter, please…” Paige pleaded as he placed the vibrator in between her legs on the bed. “You can’t do this, it isn’t you.” Paige said looking at him in the face, but Hunter smirked.
“Well you’d be right, but lately I’ve become someone else, taking the mask off and embracing my true self. You should appreciate that, me showing you my true self.” Hunter said getting on her and leaning over her face. Suddenly buca escort he reached in and kissed her on the lips and she couldn’t do anything to fight back other than try to twist her head away.
“You’re crazy, let me go.” Paige said firing up and Hunter just laughed in response.
“Maybe I am, but what does it matter?” Hunter said and he ripped his shirt off and pulled his pants and underwear down so that now he was at the same level of undress as Paige. His cock was already hard and Paige tried to not look at it. “What’s the matter?” Haven’t had sex in so long you forgot what a dick looks like in person?” Hunter asked her laughing getting closer to her. He got up on her bed and put his naked body on hers, with the shaft of his cock rubbing along her pussy. She tried to not to think about it, but he grabbed her jaw and forced her to look at him. “Want to get things started?” He asked her, forcing her head to nod before she wrenched it away from him. He reached back and grabbed the vibrator and turned it on taunting her. He stood up beside her and rubbed his hand on her inner legs getting closer to her pussy before he placed the vibrator on her clit and let the vibrator do its work. He also grabbed her left tit, squeezing and tugging on it. Her b-cup breasts fit perfectly In his hand.
Paige couldn’t believe what he was doing to her, this was someone who she always thought a little weird, but not a dangerous person. She also couldn’t believe that her body was actually responding to it. He couldn’t see it, but he did hit the nail on the head earlier when he said that she hadn’t had sex in awhile. Sure she had had orgasms, but the sexual frustration was still there and she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of giving her satisfaction. But with the vibrator on her clit and the tug of her nipple Paige pursed her lips as time went on and Hunter noticed that she had gone rigid.
“Trying to keep it in?” He asked taunting her applying more pressure to the vibrator and in turn her clit. She finally let out a gasp at this and Hunter laughed. “I knew you would enjoy this, after all how many guys have you slept with?” Hunter said stopping his tit play and moved to the base of the bed so he could get a view of her pussy. He chuckled, remembering a snap that she had sent out saying that her dad had texted her to make sure she didn’t have camel toe when they went out. And he could see why, her pussy was wet with excitement and Hunter made sure to keep the vibrator on her clit. Her toes started curling uncontrollably as the orgasm built up and Hunter saw this and pulled his phone out and started recording her. Paige saw this, but couldn’t say anything because if she opened her mouth she would give him what he wanted. Eventually it was too much for Paige and her hips bucked as she climaxed and she let out a small scream when she did it. “That was awesome, don’t you agree?” Hunter said, pulling the vibrator away and turning it off momentarily. He grabbed pulled her nightstand and dragged it to the base of her bed and placed his phone on it, deciding it wasn’t high enough he grabbed all the books she had in there, stacked them, and placed his phone on top izmir escort and checked and was pleased to see the camera caught her entire bed and body. He pushed the record button and got back on the bed.
“Please, please…” Paige said as Hunter with his dick in one hand and vibrator in the other got on the base of her bed and started rubbing the tip of his dick against her pussy and even stuck it in her, feeling how wet she had become.
“Don’t worry, I don’t want that. Too many people before me.” He said, further humiliating her. He withdrew his dick and turned the vibrator back on and put it to her clit for the second time in five minutes. He lifted her hips up with his other hand and guided his cock towards his asshole, and he knew no one had been there before.
“No, no, please no.” Paige pleaded, but Hunter ignored her and stuck it in her and she screamed in pain as Hunter started thrusting in and out of her. She had only once had anal sex and once was enough for her. But she felt Hunter’s dick slide in and out of her ass. The worst part was that he was larger than the guy who had done her ass. He thrusted with powerful thrusts, causing his crotch to collide with hers over and over again; Paige gasped each time he went balls deep into her ass, but the gasps were turning from pain to pleasure. Paige felt another orgasm begin to build inside her and now her moans were all pleasure as her body responded and her mind was slowly giving in as well.
“You like this don’t you, you slut?” Hunter asked continuing to pound away and could feel his own orgasm begin build.
“Mm. N-oh, oh.” Paige said, lying through her gritted teeth as she came closer and closer to another orgasm.
“Yes you do. Don’t lie to yourself, you enjoy this, becoming my slut you’re enjoying it aren’t you?” Hunter said emphasizing each word with a powerful thrust. She gasped and let out a small scream at the end of it and her hips bucked as the orgasm cascaded over her again, Hunter used this seized on this and pulled out of her ass and stuck his cock in her pussy and expelled his cum into her pussy as Paige recovered. She realized what he did and started to cry at the humiliation and ultimate violation. Hunter kept his cock inside a few moments, to ensure his cum stayed in her and then pulled out causing his and her fluids to leak onto the bed. He retrieved his phone and brought it in close to get his handiwork. He turned the camera off and got close to her, brushing the hair off her face. “Now, if you were to go to the cops and point them in my direction, I will find out, and post those photos and the video online. And once it is out there it is out there forever. So save yourself further humiliation and clean yourself up you whore. Getting off on being raped.” Hunter said motioning his phone while untying her legs. He then flipped her over, took one last photo of her back, and cut the zip tie. Paige just lay there not moving except for her sides as she sobbed into her pillow. “I’ll be going, so see you around.” Hunter said leaving, but stooped down and took her panties as a trophy. Paige waited for her apartment door to shut and when she heard it she rolled off her bed and went to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror. When Paige looked in the mirror what she saw was a broken woman and someone who was completely helpless.

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