Hubby Learns Cleans Up

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“OK, OK, we can do it but not until you put a rubber on.”

She knows I hate wearing one but she doesn’t like the ‘mess’ I leave inside her when I go bareback. She lay there watching me with her legs splayed and her finger rubbing her clitoris. It was so exciting watching her I was afraid I might cum even before I could get inside her. She stopped me before I entered her,

“Come on baby, first make me wet with your tongue.”

As I put my face to her sex she held my head in her hands and rubbed her pussy all over my mouth and nose as she instructed me how to make her cum. Finally she said we could fuck and as I worked my dick inside her she smiled and pulled my lips to her nipple.

“God, Roger I love the way you lick my pussy, it feels much better that when we’re fucking. If I could talk you in to licking me clean I wouldn’t have to make you wear a rubber all the time.”

We’ve had this talk before and the thought of Becky feeding me my own cum excites me, that is until I actually cum and then it disgusts me just as much and I always refuse.

After I’d finished I rolled off of her and just lay on the bed too spent to even take off my condom. Becky decided she wasn’t done with me and canlı bahis crawled up and on my face. I sucked her clit as I hoped I could get her to cum fast so I could take a quick nap. She leaned back and pulled the rubber off my limp dick, then as I watched from beneath her she dipped a finger inside it and put it in her mouth.

“It’s really not so bad,” I shook my head no and she squeezed my head between her strong thighs.

“Hold still she demanded, here just take a sniff,” and she held her finger to my nose.

“What if I put it on my clitty?” and took another finger full to rub her clit.

I think both us knew that I had a submissive streak and the humiliation of the predicament I was in had brought back my arousal so much that I lifted my face and took her cum coated finger in my mouth She took her finger from between my lips, then upended the rubber and let it dribble across her clitoris and down her slit. I lapped up my own jizz as my cock got harder and harder. When she noticed my erection she slid down and stuck it inside her. As she fucked me she kept feeding me my cum, finally putting the rubber in my mouth and demanding I suck it clean. I came in seconds and without asking, she bahis siteleri rose up and planted her knees on top of my arms, then her cum filled pussy on my face. When I refused to open my mouth she began to rub her pussy all over my face covering it in cum until I gave in and stuck my tongue out.

“Such a good boy, now lick all that nasty cum from mommy’s pussy. Oh, don’t stop, you’re making me cum again.”

This became our regular routine when making love, I was so accustomed to my clean-up duties that even when I was on top, when finished I would automatically slide down until my mouth found her cum filled slit. Becky not only was enjoying all the extra oral she was getting from me, she seemed to get off humiliating me as I performed my duties. Her favorite position was sitting on my face and watching me lick my cum from her, she enjoyed calling me her pussy-boy or her cum sucker. As she became more and more aggressive I found I was becoming more submissive to her and although this was arousing to me I worried about how it would affect our future dynamic.

She began to demand more oral from me and at the same time refusing to give me a chance for release. It seemed I was constantly bahis şirketleri begging for the chance to make love to no avail, then one night as we watched TV together the Klondike commercial came on. “What would you do for a Klondike bar the ad sang,” Becky grinned and asked me what I’d do for some sex. After saying I’d do anything she asked if I’d kiss her feet. My answer was get on my knees, remove her sneakers and kiss and lick her foot, then suck her toes one by one. She liked this attention and soon she became inspired, “would you kiss my butt,” she asked as she turned, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. She bent over and not only did I kiss it I spread her cheeks and stuck my tongue up her. This seemed to appease her for she told me to undress and lie on the floor, then she sat astride her stuffing my dick in her pussy. When I came instead of sitting on my face for clean-up she stood over me and let my issue dribble out of her and on to my face and upper body. Then she sat on my face and rubbed my cum into my skin with her pussy until she came before I was allowed to clean her.

Where will all this lead us, in reality I’m afraid to think about it, but right now, I’ve never been so turned on, so I guess I won’t worry about the future? What can I say, I’m living a fantasy I’ve had most of my adult life. A fantasy so embarrassing I’ve never told a soul, so I guess the best thing is keep going and let our lives play out as we go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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