How I Lost My Virginity

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How I Lost My VirginityThis is the story of how I lost my virginity. I was 17 at the time – I live in England, so I was above the age of consent. I was still doing an evening paper round to help pay my way through college and one of my regular customers was a middle aged lady who lived on her own down the end of a country lane. I’ll call her Julie here. Julie had dark hair, a lovely friendly face, average height, almost completely flat chested, but with a lovely curvy bum. I completely fancied her. I was a very shy lad. I’d been to an all boys school and had very little to do with girls, and had no sexual experience at all. Julie was the only female, apart from family, who showed me any attention and, so, I completely fancied her. I was besotted.Anyway, Julie was always very friendly and always made time to chat. One hot summer evening, she invited me in for a cold drink. We sat on the sofa and, as we sipped the cola and chatted, I was very aware that I could see her nipples through her tee shirt. I tried to look without being obvious, She leaned in, took my glass and spoke softly, “Do you like me, Jim?” I nodded and felt myself go red with embarrassment. She rested her hand on my chest as she asked, “Do you have a hairy chest?” I didn’t know what to say as she tugged my tee shirt over my head. Her fingers were moving all over my chest and the inevitable happened – my cock became rock hard. She moved her head closer to mine and I felt her breath as she whispered, “Would you like to kiss me?” Julie was soon kissing me full on the mouth. I loved it and soon forgot my shyness. Our tongues were soon tangling and I loved the taste of her. With the impatience of youth, I pushed my hand up her tee shirt as we kissed. ‘You won’t find much up there,” she whispered.“Sorry,” I said, thinking I’d overstepped the line, as I withdrew my hand. She caught my hand, put it back on her chest as we resumed kissing. I squeezed her nipple, feeling it grow in my hand. “Gently,” she whispered. And I realised I’d been a bit rough.Her hand was running across my chest and stomach and I held my breath as I felt it rest on my cock which was ending bahis firmaları my jeans. I daredn’t breath. “Shall we see what you’ve got in here?”, she said as she tugged at my belt.I was mortified with embarrassment. I wanted her to touch me, yet I was scared. I struggled a bit as she undid my jeans and tugged at my underpants. What if I was too small? What if she laughed? I held my breath, my heart was pounding and I thought my chest would explode.“Oh my,” she whispered as she eventually freed my cock, “You do like me!” She smiled at me and said, “Breath, for gods sake!”I gasped as her cool finger traced along the length of my cock. I watched as it seemed to grow and swell under her touch. I’d never seen it so swollen and so red as it twitched in her hand.Julie was smiling as her hand wrapped around me. She squeezed and a drop of pre-cum oozed out. I watched as her thumb smeared it around my glans. This was too much for me and I came. My cock twitched in her hand as I shot streams of my cum over my own chest.“Ooh,” she said, “I think you need to learn to control yourself a bit better than that, young man.”I was embarrassed as I cleaned up and left.Over the next two or three days, I replayed that scene and wanked myself silly. In my fantasies, I was acting out scenes I’d seen in porn films.Eventually, I hatched a plan. I was red with embarrassment as I visited a florist to buy her some flowers. Next was the chemist for some condoms. My nerve lost me, so I bought some throat sweets, then threw caution to the wind and asked the girl behind the counter for a box of Durex.I cycled to Julie’s house and knocked on the door, my heart pounding. There was no answer. I rang the bell, knocked again and again. I was about to give up and go home when Julie answered the door, breathless.“Sorry, I was in the garden,” she gasped, “Oh, hello Jim.”My well-rehearsed speech was forgotten as I stood there without speaking. I felt myself go red and thought this was a bad idea.She pointed at the flowers. “Are those for me?” I offered them too her, feeling pathetic, wishing I’d spent more money, or not bothered with them. “They’re lovely, kaçak iddaa thank you.”I shuffled my feet, not knowing what to say. “Was there anything else, Jim? Did you want something?”“Yes,” I stammered, “I want you. The other day….. I just want you, so much. I don’t know how to say it, but I want you. I want more. I really fancy you.”She looked at me and smiled. “You do know how to say it. Well…. you’d better come in.”As the door closed we were soon kissing each other hungrily. My shyness and awkwardness were forgotten as we tugged at each other’s clothes.“Not here,” she whispered, “the bedroom.” She took me by the hand and lead me to her bedroom.We were both soon naked and, as she lay on the bed, I was kissing her face, her neck, her nipples. She took hold of my head and guided, pushed it towards her pussy. She was hairy, I breathed in her womanly scent. She pulled my head towards her pussy. I kissed it and gave it a little lick. It tasted lovely. Without saying anything, her hand parted her lips, showing me where her clit was. I drank in the view before kissing and licking her. Her moans encouraged me, her hips were moving in a rhythm as old as time itself and I realised that I was making her orgasm.“Stop now,” she gasped, “Oh god, that hit the spot!”I moved on top of her and we kissed. I guessed that she must be able to taste herself on my mouth and that thought turned me on.I felt her hand reach for my hard cock. She pulled it close to her wet pussy and I got in to position between her legs. ‘This is it,’ I thought. She was rubbing my glans along her wet pussy lips and I started to push. The condoms that had cost so much embarrassment were forgotten.“Gently, slowly,” she whispered as she guided me. Her hand were on my hips, controlling my movements.I must have held my breath as I felt my cock slide inside a woman for the very first time. I loved the heat and the wetness. It felt so good. I gave a few urgent thrusts before I could feel my orgasm building.Julie must have realised this as she whispered in my ear, “Cum for me, baby. Cum inside me.”I grunted as I came, she bucked her hips and grabbed my arse as I shot kaçak bahis my load deep inside her. I climbed off her, my cock was glistening with the mix of our juices. I was suddenly struck by embarrassment again and stammered my apologies for cumming too soon.“Now you just have to do that another five times before I let you go home,” she giggled.Anyway, after we recovered, she lead me to the shower and we explored each other’s bodies with soapy hands. My cock soon recovered and was ready for action again.Back in the bedroom, I watched as she dropped to her knees. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched her take me deep in to her throat. She winked at me as she licked all around my tip. “Do you like to watch?” She asked. I nodded as I watched my cock grow in her hand as she licked me.She pushed me back on the bed and was soon riding me. I loved the sight of her bouncing on me, but wanted to be more in control. I grabbed her round her waist and turned her over, my cock still inside her, and started to fuck her in the missionary position again. We were kissing passionately. I gave a few good thrusts and wanted to try something different. I pulled out of her and told her to turn over.She got on all fours on the bed, facing the mirror on the wardrobe door. I got in position behind her and drank in the view of her gorgeous curvy bum. I could see her anus as I stroked my cock along her pussy lips. “Fuck me,” she gasped, “fuck me.”I rubbed my cock along her swollen pussy lips, teasing her. Her expression in the mirror was a picture and I couldn’t help myself. I just pushed it deep inside her as I held her hips. I watched in the mirror as we fucked. She was moaning and I could feel her pussy clench around my cock. Her face was flushed and her eyes seemed to roll in her head as she came. This was too much for me and I started to cum. I watched in the mirror as I gave one last deep thrust. My face was flushed and contorted as I held her hips and shot my cum deep inside her. I tried to give another thrust, but the pleasure was too much and I shivered as I pulled out of her.We laid back on the bed, snuggled up together, as we recovered. Just cuddling and lazily stroking each other. Eventually, I had to go home and I reluctantly got dressed.That wasn’t the only time Julie & I spent time together. We became regular fuck-buddies for the next few months.

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