House Party

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The day I picked up the invitation from my mailbox was like any other morning. The early morning mist covered the suburbs and the birds were in sync with my morning lark attitude. I was a morning person AND a stay-at-home loner so I guess a lot of people didn’t like me. So I really didn’t expect to get invited to a party.

It looked like I was invited to some rich person’s house party. The card was gold with a glittery undertone and had a fancy-looking red glittery design as a border. It was the period between Christmas and New Year’s, so the colors fit. The letters were black and in bold. There was my name at the top saying I was invited and everything, and underneath it was the date it was being held and the address of the place.

The host didn’t put their name.

At first I thought it was an ISIS trap so I didn’t take it seriously.

But I thought about it all day. It was pretty mysterious and I liked to think that I was important. I couldn’t help thinking that the girl I had an obsession with for the past six years had something to do with it. But it could have just been wishful thinking.

It got more mysterious when I went on Facebook and saw almost everyone from my former year group in high school complaining that they got an anonymous invitation, and the pictures they posted of their invitations looked like the same thing I saw in my mailbox.

Most of them said they weren’t going. That was the more sensible decision to make. But my obsession, curiosity, and boredom made me choose otherwise.

When Friday came I picked out my favorite pair of jeggings and a t-shirt. I wore my Converse shoes and tied my hair in a pony tail like I always did. I sprayed some Axe on myself and put some money in my bra, and then I headed out on foot to the mystery house.

I left my house somewhere between half six and 6:45 pm. The party was supposed to start at seven. It was about a fifteen minute walk so I was supposed to get there when it started.

When I got to the house with the number 59 on the gate I was met by a security guard with a notebook. He watched me as I awkwardly marveled at the huge ass house with all its bright expensive Christmas decorations.

When I turned to face him he asked “Are you here for the party?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Name please.”


He looked at the list and I could tell he spotted my name.

“I’ll need to see your I.D.” he said.

“Oh, okay.” I took it out from my back pocket and showed him.

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and then handed the card back to me. “So you’re Rebecca. It says here that you’re a VIP guest.”


“As a VIP guest you’re invited to join the host in the after party.”

“Sounds fun.”

Then he pushed open the gate so I could pass.

There were a few arches with vines adorning them here and there. There were red string lights wrapped to some arches and gold on the others. The overhead string lights were gold and went horizontally from one pole to the other across the rectangular space.

Apart from the house it was a fairly large compound. There were circular tables with three or four chairs belonging to them covering the floor, with adequate space between the tables for walking.

It was early so there weren’t many people. There were mostly guys around my age (I was twenty), and most of them were in groups. They were all watching me up and down and I tried my best to ignore them.

I went straight to the open bar which was at the far left. I got a glass of red wine and found a spot to stand against the canlı bahis wall. I was sipping it slow, listening to the music, and trying not to meet anyone’s eyes.

Every now and then I would see a curtain shifting in one of the rooms upstairs. By the fifth time I saw it I was a little tipsy and so I kept my eyes on that window until I saw someone.

Our eyes met for a second. I instantly recognized the frame of her glasses and the intensity in her eyes. When she saw me her eyes had widened and she immediately closed the curtain.

“Well shit,” I thought, as everything was coming to me. This is her house. She must have moved here within the past couple of years because I knew where she had lived before. She invited me here. No wonder I was listed as a special guest. And she was planning something for me.

This party just got exciting.

Over the next couple of hours I was drinking and talking to people I knew from high school. Some of them decided to come anyway.

I was waiting for her to come out and maybe address everyone. Maybe an “I hope you all are having a good time” or something like that, but she hadn’t come out at all. After our eyes met she stopped shifting her curtain to see me.

At about ten the security guard came through the gate and said that everyone except the special guests had to leave. I could tell from peoples’ reactions that they wanted the party to go on for longer. I couldn’t blame them. It was going pretty well.

When everyone was filing out I looked around to see who the other special guests were. A couple of guys stayed, but the guard ushered them out.

Then I was the only one left.

The guard walked up to me and told me the host wanted to meet me inside of the house, and then he pointed to the huge front doors some distance behind me.

I walked over to the doors and pushed one open. I stepped inside and looked around. I was met with a dining room illuminated by a large chandelier at the center of the ceiling. To my right was a hallway ending with a door. To my left was an archway leading to a living room, with a spiral staircase near the wall leading to a dimly lit upper floor.

I walked into the dark living room and admired the design of the staircase.

There wasn’t a sound. Until I heard footsteps on the wooden floor upstairs. I looked at the opening where the staircase ended and saw a shadow of a girl emerging and growing until a body came into view.

She stopped right before the opening of the staircase. She put her hand on the railing and took a couple of deep breaths. She hesitated before turning her head to look downstairs.

Our eyes met again. But this time the party was over and we were alone together in the silence.

With a wave of her hand she beckoned me to come upstairs.

When I reached the top and came face to face with her I was overcome by an overwhelming anticipation. I was hoping it didn’t show on my face but she seemed to be feeling something as well.

“What’s all this about?” I asked her. I already kind of knew.

Without saying anything she grabbed my hand and led me down the hall.

“Where are we going?” I asked her.

She stopped at the door at the end of the hall. It was slightly ajar and she pushed it open for both of us. When we were both inside the room she closed the door behind her, and then turned to look at me. She gulped once and still had that look on her face.

“Is something wrong?” I asked her.

“Do what you want with me.”


She took off her t-shirt, revealing a pair of breasts that were bahis siteleri a bit smaller than mine, and a nice toned stomach. Her skin was always perfect.

“Are you serious? This is what you brought me here for?”

“You don’t like me anymore?”

“I-I still like you…I love you, actually.”

“Then let’s fuck.”

“Just like that? You said you weren’t into-“

Before I could finish she hugged me tight and plunged her mouth into mine.

We were sharing each other’s air and mouths in a frenzy, that moved blindly towards the bank of a bed. She fell on top of me, our mouths still connected.

I released myself from her and lay the side of my face on the quilt, breathing heavily. I felt her warm air on me and smiled when I realized I had finally got what I wanted for the past six years. And I saw her smiling too.

She got off of me and lay on her back with her head on a pillow, and pulled her sweatpants and underwear off.

“So we’re doing more,” I said, looking at her small trimmed pussy.

She spread her legs and I got to see her layers. She rubbed her vaginal opening with her index and middle fingers and then showed me the string of wetness as she moved her fingers away.

I suddenly felt hungry. I moved closer to her and put my arms around her thighs. Then I plunged my head towards her inviting pussy.

She moaned and trembled as I licked the layers. Then I got my fingers involved. I moved my thumb to her pink knob and massaged slowly in a circular motion. I kept my other hand on her right breast at the same time.

I decided to up the pace on her clit. I went fast on her all of a sudden and she blurted out my name.

Her long pointed nails dug into the pillow next to her as she screamed in her climax. Then I stopped rubbing and let her feel it out.

Her breathing was heavy as her clit pulsated. Then I moved in to lick her soft cream-colored neck.

After her neck I went down to her nipples. I took one between my lips and pulled gently. I licked around the erect nipple and then flicked the nipple with my tongue. I did the same to her other breast and then came close to her face so I could give her a peck on the lips.

She stared into my eyes intensely. The smirk told me she was satisfied.

“I spent a long time wondering where you were,” she said.

“Same here. How long have you been living here? We’re close to each other now.”

“I moved here about a month ago. I needed a change.”

After a couple of seconds of staring at each other, I said “What should we do now?”

“Spend the night with me.”

“Of course. I’m assuming this is your bedroom?” It was pretty huge. She responded with a yes.

Then I started taking my clothes and shoes off. If I was gonna sleep (and get fucked) I needed to get comfortable.

When I became completely naked I lay next to her. She moved closer to me and passed her hand over my pubic hair, rubbing in a circular motion and looking into my eyes with a smile. She slowly went lower and I was beginning to feel the tickling sensation.

I spread my legs for her, knowing she wanted to do more. She put her thumb on my clit like I did to her earlier, and instead of going slow she went rapid, rubbing up and down.

I was breathing heavily and my legs were trembling. Her smile had turned into a smirk as she was rubbing. Within a few seconds I reached a strong orgasm.

She bent towards my face to kiss me as I was pulsating. Our mouths interlocked as she went straight for my tongue. She touched every corner of my mouth while her hand bahis şirketleri gripped my throat.

Her hand didn’t leave my neck when she released her mouth from mine.

She was looking down at me and smiling.

“Damn you’re good,” I said.

She responded with a kiss on my cheek. Then she said “Would you let me cuff you to my bed?”

“Oh yes.” I gulped. She felt it under her hand and her smile broadened.

She released her grip and got off the bed. I sat up and saw her walk into a closet at the corner of the room and she disappeared for ten seconds or so.

She came out carrying a fairly large box. She rested it on the bed and I moved closer to take a look at what was inside.

There were some blindfolds, each a different color. There was a cane, a pair of handcuffs, a strap on with a dildo attached to it, wrist and ankle spreaders, and a magic wand vibrator.

“You’ve used these before?” I asked.

“Only on myself. But I’ve been saving them for a special someone.” She looked at me with a smirk. “Well, pick something.”

I picked up a dark blue blindfold. She took out the handcuffs and ankle spreaders.

I lay down and got in position for her. I put on the blindfold and she cuffed my hands to the bars of the bed post. I was already extremely wet by the time she attached the ankle spreaders to my wide open legs.

She slowly slid one finger into my slippery vagina, and then slid in another. She didn’t like slow, even in fingering.

Her fingers moved in and out so fast that I hardly felt anything, but I got even wetter. There were squelching noises and I felt drops escape to my crotch.

Then I felt her slowly slide the dildo over my vagina to my clit.

“You think it can fit?” she asked.

“Let’s see.”

She moved the dildo to the opening of my vagina and gently pushed it inside. She pushed all of it in, all seven or eight inches of it.

It was the first time I took in something like this. I felt like I was hugging something big inside of me.

She pulled out and then said “I’m strapping up now.”

I waited for her to put on the strap on and adjust it. Then she moved her hand over my pubic hair to signal that she was ready.

I felt her position her legs to either side of me and slip the dildo in again.

She pushed all the way and then slowly extracted half of it, and repeated this a couple of times before getting faster.

Both her hands held on to my breasts and she was going the fastest she could. The loud noises coming from the rocking of the bed and the squelching wetness seemed to overpower the noise from the fireworks outside.

I admired her stamina. She wasn’t stopping. And with each passing second I was enjoying her even more.

I was close to climax when she said it was 11:59. She was going to fuck me into the new year.

When she said “12” I climaxed hard as the noise of the fireworks outside became louder. She fucked right through the orgasm, timing three or four pulses.

When she pulled out she immediately dived towards my face and gave me a kiss. When she released herself from me she undid my restraints. When my hands were free I took off my blindfold and we dived into each other in an open-mouthed kiss that almost lasted a minute.

“Happy New Year baby,” I said when we were finished making out.

We were done fucking for the night. She opened a drawer and handed me a short black satin robe. She took one out for herself as well and we put them on. She was slightly shorter so it looked smaller on me.

We were both exhausted, so we decided to lie down. I fell asleep within a minute.

When I woke up it was daylight. She wasn’t next to me, but she left a note: “Meet me downstairs in the dining room. I want to treat my new lover to breakfast.”

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