Hotel Love

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My boss requested me to participate to a workshop which will require for me to go in another city for three days. I accepted, so all the arrangements were made and I got there on Tuesday, late afternoon and should return Friday evening.

It was a pretty cold late October day and since I was all alone and I didn’t know anybody in this town, I went straight to the hotel to rest for the hard working days that are coming.

I arrived to the hotel, which was a medium size one and I got the best surprise, as I noticed that I have a big, two person hot tub in my room. I’m a big fan of long, relaxing hot baths, so the room was perfect for me.

The next day was very busy for me, so as I was driving back to the hotel I could only think about that hot tub. I stopped at a store and both a bottle of wine and some candles to make everything perfect.

I very much enjoy staying naked when it’s possible so all my clothes were off the next second I entered my room. I’ve put on some music on my laptop, light up some candles in the bathroom, got a glass of wine and jumped into too hot water.

All the lights are off, the music is playing in the room and some candles are creating the perfect atmosphere in the bathroom. I couldn’t wish for more…except maybe for some nice company. I’m very tired and tensed, so this thought quickly passes through my mind.

As the atmosphere is starting to work and I get more and more relaxed, I hear a soft voice: “Sorry to disturb you. Do you need anything?”

I realized that I forget to put the “do not disturb” sign on the door, so the cleaning guy is on the bathroom door now.

Kind of embarrassed and surprised, I throw a quick “NO.”, hopping he will disappear, but he insist: ” Sure? It’s my last room, then I’m going home and will be back only tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, I’m sure. Thank you”

“OK. But you really look like you need some company.”

Only then I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was a good looking, tall man, dark haired with a beautiful smile on his face.

“I wouldn’t want to retain you at work. You said you’re going home.”

“It’s OK, I don’t have anything to do at home and like I said, you look like you really need some company. I’ll be back in two minutes.”

He no longer waited for my reply, he just turned his back and left.

I found myself thinking: “He is such a gorgeous man…I hope he’ll be back.” And before I finished, he was back on the bathroom door, taking his shoes off.

“I just hate shoes. I wish I could walk barefoot everywhere.” he said.

“I totally agree!”

I have a foot fetish, so I love to admire some beautiful man feet and his are just perfect.

“I’m Alex.” he said as he came into the bathroom.

“I’m Mike.” I replayed, a bit embarrassed because he could now see I was getting harder, but I found myself continuing “Would you like to join me?”

I’m casino oyna gay, so it wouldn’t be the first time I’m naked with a guy, but I’m usually shy and don’t jump into invites like that.

He looked straight into my eyes, smiled and said “Only if you ask me very nicely.”

“Please join me in the hot tub.”


“And I will do whatever you want.”

He give me a big satisfied smile and put a foot on the tub edge right next to my face.

He analyzed me from head to toe: “So, you will be my obedient bitch!”

With the way he looks and the way he talks, I really am pleased to do anything he want me to do just to have him near me.

“You can start with kissing my feet so I can see if you deserve more!”

I turn to his feet that is on the tub edge and start with some soft kisses and then to lick it and suck his toes. It’s feeling perfect…he has a very soft skin and a light manly smell that is making my hormones go crazy.

“Enough for now!” he stops me as he takes his clothes off showing his perfect,

harry body and a 9 inch uncut and stiff dick.

Alex steps into the tub facing me and puts his legs on me.

“Massage my feet!” he said and I execute immediately.

“Can I kiss them while I’m massaging?” I asked, not wanting to upset my new master.

“Yes, you are allowed to kiss them.”

I am thrilled to feel his feet in my hands, kiss them and to suck his toes.

After awhile, he pulls he feet from my hands and get up. I am now hypnotized by his erect member as I have it right in front of me. I go towards it to taste it, but Alex stops me.

“Did I tell you to suck it?”

“No, you didn’t. I’m sorry.”

“You will have this privilege later! Now get up and let’s go into the bedroom.”

He dried fast and throw me his towel “Use this one!”, he said and turn his back.

I’m robbing his wet towel against my body to absorb the water on my skin and go anxious into the bedroom.

Alex is sitting on the couch exposing his gorgeous naked body and his perfect erect dick.

“Come sit here!” he said with a soft, but commanding tone and pointing to his lap.

I get into his lap with my legs around him and our cocks touching one another. He put his strong arms around me, pull me closer and we start a deep, passionate kiss.

I’m slowly move up and down, making our cocks and our naked bodies rub. His soft skin is feeling wonderful and his manly discreet smell is pushing me close to cumming.

His hands are sliding down on my back until they grab my but chicks, squeeze and spread them. He take his cock and push it under me, right against my crack.

Now my movement is making his dick rub against my ass. He riches the side of the couch for a tube of lube which he broth.

“Move up a bit, baby.” he said pushing my ass up.

I close my eyes for the moment that is about to start and canlı casino I feel two of his well lubed fingers testing my gay pussy hole. I’m so aroused and eager to feel him in, that I completely relax my sphincter, giving him an open way. His fingers are sliding in, giving me a good lubrication for the big one.

He finally lubed his cock and asked “Are you ready, baby?”

“I’m waiting for this since I first saw you.” I mourned, lowering my ass until his cock head is at the entrance.

I so want him to fuck me that my ass puts no resistance to be penetrated, so his dick slowly start going deeper as I lower my ass on him. As I can feel his entire manhood inside me I release a big, satisfied mourn.

“You like that, don’t you?! You little pussy!”

“Yes Alex, I love it! Please fuck my ass!”

We start to passionately kiss as he grabs my ass again and starts moving it up and down his rock hard dick.

He stops and push me on the side.

“Come! Get on the bed with your face down!” says Alex as he get up and give me a hand.

I lay on the bed as he said and he gets on top of me, spreading my legs and placing his dick in position.

“You have a great ass. I’m gonna fuck you all night!”

This position doesn’t give me much space to move, so I’m now all under his control. He is slowly pulling his cock almost all the way out and then push hard back in until his hips splash on my but.

“I want you to cum and I want to see your face, so rollover!” he said, pulling his cock out.

He is right. I am close to cumming and I need to feel his cock inside me. I roll and pull my knees up on my chest as he is also getting on his knees and puts his cock in position.

This time he is no longer tender as he was, pushing his cock fast all the way in and he starts to fuck my ass hard.

“You like that bitch?! Now cum for me!”

He didn’t have to say it again. I just

touch my dick and it starts to throw shots of hot sperm all over my stomach.

That pleased Alex and made him fuck me even harder. My whole body is trembling from the big orgasm and the hard fucking.

Without any warning, I hear a big mourn and feel his cock shooting a big load inside me. He stops and he falls on his back breading heavy.

“That was great! You really are a good fucking bitch!”

I’m almost unconscious from the intense pleasure. Alex moves next to me and kiss me. I’m getting back to my seances and a can feel his manly juice dripping out of my ass.

“How long are you staying here?”

“I’m leaving Friday.”

“I want you to stay over the weekend! I want to fuck you more!”

“I want that too. I’ll stay if you want me to. But now I have to take a shower.”

“OK. Let’s take a shower.”

He gets up, give a hand and follow me.

“You look great all covered in cum. You make me hard again.”

I am exhausted but still horny kaçak casino and eager to get fucked by this perfect guy, so I turn my had, smile at him and start shaking my ass while waking.

“You really are a naughty bitch!” and he catches me from behind.

I can feel his cock getting hard again and pushing on my crack, while his hands are on my chest, squeezing my nipples.

As we enter the bathroom, he pushes my back to bend over. I rest my hands on the wall and push my ass back again his now fully erect cock. My ass is still covered with his sperm, so he is now sliding very easy all the way in.

He grabs my hips and start to fuck me. He is very aroused and he is fucking my ass like crazy.

“Now is time to suck me! Get on your knees and let me fuck that cute mouth, bitch!” said Alex and suddenly stops from fucking my ass.

I get on my knees and I can see his cock covered with the shiny cum I have in my ass. His balls have drops of cum that dripped out of me. I find this irresistible and I start licking his balls.

The taste is perfect. His sweet cum and his salty sweat are great. I continue until the balls are all clean and I go up on his gland, finding more cum for me to enjoy. Finally, I put my lips on his cock and I start moving my tongue round its head.

His cock feels perfect in my mouth as I take more and more of his length until it hit the back of my throat. He grabs my head with both hands and start to fuck my mouth.

I grab his ball with my hand and soon I feel his load rushing into my mouth. I swallow every drop of his sweet cum and then lick the top of his dick.

“Its your turn now.” Says Alex while he sits on the tub edge and plays with my balls with his foot.

I start jerking myself as his big toe is testing my ass hole and the other foot is playing with my balls. Its not long until I start cumming on his beautiful feet.

“Now clean up my feet!”

“Thank you.” I say as I go down and start lick my cum from his feet.

Its the best I can say and I really thank Alex for a great fuck.

We get into the shower, we wash each other and then we get into bed and fall asleep.

The morning wake-up call came too early and was very unwanted.

“Wouldn’t you get into trouble if someone find you here?” I ask Alex after our morning kiss.

“Well, I kind-off lied last night. I actually own this place and I saw you as you arrived. Ever since that moment I was hopping I can get in touch with you and that was the best idea I had.”

“No problem, is still you no mater what you are doing.”

“Great! I’m glad you understand. I will make the arrangements to move your staff in my apartment and you will stay there with me.”

The whole day, all I can think of is last night and Alex and I can’t wait to get back in his arms.

As I get back to the hotel, the guy from reception smiles and give me the apartment key. I stayed until Sunday, enjoying every moment spent with Alex.

Thought I never believed is possible, I do have strong feelings for Alex and I only want to be in his arms and to feel every inch of his body.

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