Hot Summer Night Continues

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Adrian shook with nervousness as he stepped from the shower. Looking in the mirror he shook his head and his long brown hair fell into his bright green eyes. He knew he was handsome his high cheekbones and clear complexion added to his 6’2″ frame with six pack abbs made all the girls drool.

But he wasn’t interested in them,they were just skinny little girls. He was interested in a real woman, a BBW with long blond hair and bright blue eyes. A woman with breasts that filled his hands and a butt big enough to squeeze. A very beautiful mature woman. His cock got hard just thinking about what tonight might bring. If he guessed right she would welcome him back. He sure hoped so. His hard throbbing cock sure hoped so.

He whistled as he got dressed. Should he wear jeans or kakis? Should he wear a tee shirt or a muscle shirt that would show off his muscled arms? Did it really matter? Either she would welcome him or she wouldn’t it was that simple!

God if it only was simple! He didn’t even know her name and he wasn’t sure he could trust anything his friends said about her. They didn’t know what he did. They said she was a crazy old lady who would shoot you if you walked on her property. But he didn’t think she would shoot him and he certainly didn’t think of her as old, at least not after last Monday night. No sir, she wouldn’t shoot him. At least he hoped she wouldn’t.

Ellen sat in the swing and fanned herself. Damn it sure is hot again tonight. Might as well slip off some of these clothes they are way too hot to bear touching her sensitive skin. As she stood up and wiggled out of her pants she thought back to last Monday night and her little encounter with the neighbor’s son. What was his name? Adrian, that’s right, Maddie said his name was Adrian and he just turned eighteen on Sunday, before Memorial Day.

Well she sure gave him one hell of a late birthday present! And no doubt he would always remember that Memorial Day. She chuckled to herself as she thought back to their steaming sexual encounter. He was young and green but eager to learn and boy would she love to teach him. Yes, she sure would!

Oh well, he probably won’t have the nerve to come back. Too bad she had such a bad reputation for being a “crazy old lady”. She sure didn’t want to shoot him. She wanted to fuck his brains out!

She dreamed of squeezing him between her ample thighs and taking his cock deep into her wet hungry cunt. she dreamed of pushing his head to her breasts and having him suckle her firm double D breasts and rub his hard cock between them and sucking the head as it poked thru, over and over again. God, she loved the sound of a cock sliding between her breasts and the sucking sound as it popped in and out of her hungry mouth. Just thinking about it got her hot!

Signing to herself she got up and went inside the house. Might as well get a glass of wine and watch some TV. There is supposed to be a new porno film on Sex TV tonight. Yeah, it’s about some randy old dudes and a young girl they gang bang. Learning From Your Elders, that’s the name of it. Well maybe it will be good.

As she sat down she heard a sound on the porch. As the door bell rang she thought to herself damn who would come by on a Friday night? Especially after 10pm? Sighing she put down her glass of wine and went to the door.

OMG! It’s the neighbor kid she fucked! Adrian! With a nervous pat on her long hair she opened the door, forgetting she was only wearing her tee shirt and panties. Adrian stood there with a bouquet of flowers in his hand looking very nervous and hot in his tight jeans and muscle shirt.

As they gazed at each other Adrian thrust bursa escort the bouquet forward, “these are for you” he said is a deep sexy voice.

Ellen smiled it had been a long time since anyone brought her flowers, especially a hot, sexy man. Ellen reached out and took the flowers and stepped to the side so Adrian could come in off the porch.

Adrian thrust out his hand to shake hers but his hand hit her right breast at nipple height instead and it was like lighting struck her! They both jumped from the electrical discharge and laughed.

“My name is Adrian and I picked these flowers for you myself” he said proudly.

Ellen looked him up and down analyzing his stance and confidence level. She smiled at him and said “Thank you, they are lovely. It’s been a long time since anyone brought me flowers. My name is Ellen. Would you like to sit on the porch and talk?”

Adrian let out a big sigh, looks like I’m not going to get shot tonight he thought to himself. “Yes I would like that very much.” He said.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” Ellen asked him.

Surprised he answered “Yes.” He had never tasted wine before.

As they walked to the porch he watched the sexy swing of her hips and the way her red silk panties pulled over her plump ass. Smiling over her shoulder, Ellen thought at least he is looking.

“So, what brings you here tonight?” she asked with a hint of a smile.

Adrian looked into her eyes and said in a strong steady voice “I was hoping I could fuck you again.” Ellen almost choked on the wine she was drinking. With a laugh she tossed her long hair over her shoulder and smiled up at him. Damn he is good looking and so sure of himself!

“Well,” she said, “I was just wondering if you would be brave enough to come back. I guess I have my answer. How many girls have you had sex with and what ages were they?”

Adrian was surprised at her question, “well,” he said “I have only had sex with one girl before you and she is 17.” Ellen smiled; yep this is going to be an interesting summer she thought.

“Would you like to learn more positions and techniques?” she asked with a smile.

“Oh yes!” he said, “I sure would!”

Ellen smiled and reached out and patted his leg then squeezed his thigh and said “Good, I was hopeful you would.” She stood up and taking him by the hand led him into her bedroom and closed the door.

Her bedroom was huge! With a big four poster bed with sheer red lace curtains around it and a dim light glowing on each side. The overhead and headboard were both mirrors! Damn it was a beautiful seductive sight.

Ellen led him to the bed and pushed him into a seated position. “Well” she said, “No time like the present to start your lessons. Why don’t you get undressed and I’ll be right back.” She rose and went into the adjoining bathroom and closed the door.

Damn it was going to be fun he thought as he hurried to take his clothes off. As he slid onto the bed she opened the bathroom door and standing silhouetted by the light he could see her shapely full figure thru the flimsy silk scarves around her hips and the bells on her ankles tinkled as she moved. Her naked breasts swayed as her body moved and her bright red nipples peaked thru the ropes of pearls draped over them. Her peach scented perfume wafted through the room and her long hair danced in the breeze created by the overhead fan.

God she was sexy! A vision of pure seduction outlined in sheer red silk scarves and creamy pearls with her lovely long blond hair curling in a halo around her head and her bright blue eyes sparkling with a sexual hunger he had only seen in her bursa escort bayan eyes. She made him feel like he was the only man in the world!

As she walked into the room, she stopped and turned on the small stereo and Middle Eastern music started to play. She moved to the middle of the room and began to sway to the music. As he watched she picked up the tempo, moving with a grace that belied her size and her sensuous body shimmered with a fine sheen of sweat.

As she twirled and gyrated, her ample belly and hips in constant motion rolling and enticing him, she dropped the scarves one by one on the carpet. He was mesmerized! He had never seen a real belly dance before and he couldn’t take his eyes off her body.

She unwound the pearls and dropped them to the floor revealing her lovely huge breasts and their bright red nipples. How did she get her nipples so red he thought. As the last scarf fell to the floor she sank down on the carpet in a prone position with her hands up toward him. She was a vision, like a Pagan Goddess offering herself to him.

Instinctively he knew what he was supposed to do. He rose from the bed and took her by her hands and drew her to her feet, wrapping his arms around her he pulled her close and kissed her, long deep and wet.

She sighed and leaned into his kiss and wrapped her arms around his naked hips. All she now had on was a chain around her waist and a bracelet of bells on each ankle. “Did you like my dance?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Oh yes” he said, “I have never seen anything like it before. It was so, so damn sexy and exciting.” “How did you get your nipples so red?” he asked.

She pushed gently at his shoulder and he landed on his butt on the bed. “I used rouge, a red powder that tastes like strawberries, would you like a taste?”

She moved so that her lush breasts were even with is hungry mouth and he eagerly licked both nipples, holding her breasts squeezed together so he could draw both nipples deep into his mouth.

Laughing she reached up and kissed him again. “Now” she said, “The lessons begin. When you kiss a woman don’t go at her with your mouth wide open, wait until your lips touch hers then gently slide out your tongue and run it around her lips, like this.” She said as she demonstrated to him. Damn it was so sexy and exciting!

She felt his cock rise against her naked belly. She could feel the drop of pre-cum on the tip as it slid along her skin. She scooted down on the bed and lay down beside him. “Would you like to learn how to get a woman so hot she will cum multiple times for you?” she asked.

“Oh yes I sure would. I know I don’t really know much about sex, Amy and I only did it twice and she was so loose and dry and she is so skinny. Nothing like how hot and wet and tight you are and how good it feels to stroke your body.” He said.

“Well how about eating pussy? You like it?” she asked. “Well” he said, “I only ever did it that night with you so I guess I don’t really know what to do.” He admitted.

“Well it is easy and you have a natural talent for it!” she laughed. “Start with caressing her breasts with one hand while licking her other breast, that’s it just like that.” She said as he cupped her right breast and licked her left one with his wet tongue. “Ummm that’s good” she murmured. Boldly he licked and sucked both her breasts and felt her body spasm as she had an orgasm!

Damn she was hot and so responsive. Every move he made she would squirm and coo and groan to let him know how much she was enjoying what he was doing to her sexy body.

He slid down her belly kissing all the way and stopped at her escort bursa belly button to tongue it good. Her moans were all the encouragement he needed.

Sliding down where his face was level with her hot wet pussy he inhaled her heady scent. As he dipped his head to lick her clit she almost jumped off the bed! He knew he was on the right track so he put his tongue out and wrapped it around her stiff clit and licked it then he nibbled it gently with his teeth as she squirmed under his assault. He opened her soft outer lips and licked down the inside of them. She tasted so sweet, like honey. As he licked her he became so aroused he was sure he was going to explode soon.

Looking up, he saw their bodies reflected in the mirror overhead and it made him even hotter. She looked like a pagan sacrifice laid out with her legs open and her hair pooled around her lush body. The fine sheen of sweat added to the sexy glow.

He inserted a finger in her cunt. It was wet hot and tight, real tight. She wiggled on his finger dancing for him. He licked and sucked her clit and inserted another finger in her tight cunt.

Finger fucking her he ate her cunt and licked the heavy cream that gushed out of her as she came in his mouth and her moans of pleasure were music to his ears.

As he slid back up her body she kissed him long and deep plunging her tongue into his mouth and licking her cum off his lips.

She smiled at him and slid down his body taking his erect, so erect hot cock into her hand. She gently squeezed it and slid her fingers around it and pumped it a few times, bringing a drop of pre-cum to the tip and she stared into his eyes as she slid down and licked it off!

OMG! Still staring intently into his eyes she licked around the head and then sucked his cock deep into her mouth! As she licked and sucked him she continued to look in his eyes, he was unable to look away. She looked so hot, so sexy, and so happy. Just before he could cum, she slid up his body and mounted him.

Settling her hot wet cunt over his erection, she slid down over it slowly. Then, riding him like a cowgirl she flung her head back and her long hair slid down between his thighs to tickle his balls and ass.

Sitting up she leaned down so her lush tit was right in his mouth and he sucked it deep into his eager hot mouth!

Looking up at their reflection was such a turn on it was like watching a porno and being in it at the same time!

As he sucked her tit she rode him harder and harder until with a cry they both exploded and as lighting flashed behind his eyes he had the strongest orgasm ever.

She slowed her pace and her inner cunt muscles squeezed and milked his cock until it had every drop. She collapsed against him and groaned. “OMG! I haven’t been fucked that good in years” she moaned with obvious pleasure.

Then she slid down his belly and taking his now flaccid cock into her hand she began to lick him clean. She licked his cock and balls until he was completely cleaned of all traces of cum. “Damn” he said “that feels awesome, where did you learn that?”

Chuckling she said “My first lover was a very meticulous man and he told me it shows a man how much you enjoyed his fucking when you clean him after, so I have always done it. Did you like it?”

“Damn straight I did, it blew my mind” he said.

“So” she asked, “How long until you leave for college and do you have a summer job?”

“Well as a matter of fact, I don’t but I am looking for one. And I don’t leave for college until late August.” He said.

“Well, how about you work for me this summer?” she said “I need my barn painted and the house painted inside and out, that should take you most of the summer and I will pay you for the work you do. And of course, we will continue your lessons on how to be a great lover.”

So begins a very long, hot and happy summer!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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