Hot Southern Passion Ch. 1

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Katherine Martell Harrington awoke to the sound of a lawnmower starting up outside. At first she thought it was coming from next door but it sounded too close, like it was right underneath her window. Pulling herself out of bed she went to the window and peered down below. She saw Mr. Ferguson standing next to a lawnmower. Floyd Ferguson was a middle-aged gentleman who owned Ferguson’s Landscaping. He’d been maintaining the well-manicured lawns of the residences of Magnolia Hill, the exclusive and wealthy community of Richland, South Carolina for more than thirty years. Katherine checked the clock on the bedside table.

It was 9:00 am. She was about to turn away from the window when another man joined Mr. Ferguson at the lawnmower. He was a handsome looking man in that wild, untamed rebel way. He had long, shoulder length sandy brown hair worn in a long ponytail. He wore jeans that showed off his strong legs and thighs despite being rather loose. His powerfully muscled chest was barely covered by the blue denim, sleeveless, button up shirt that he wore. She watched as they talked and she noticed that he moved and held himself like a wild animal forced to be caged but longing to be free. Unconsciously she ran her left hand across her breasts, the nipples were starting to get hard. The longer she watched him the more she touched her breasts. Then he looked up, unexpectedly. Katherine stopped. Startled and embarrassed. He flashed her an arrogant smile and she moved quickly away from the window.

Katherine quickly strode to the master bathroom and turned on the shower. She was annoyed with herself for loosing control like that after all she was a widowed mother of a teenaged daughter. A woman with a successful career as a businesswoman and leader in her community. Stripping off her nightgown she stepped into the warm shower and began to lather up her firm lithesome body. Katherine was thirty-five years old with long auburn hair and vivid blue eyes. She still had the body of a twenty-year-old thanks to workouts and a carefully watched diet. When she was seventeen she had met and married Randy Harrington a year later they’re daughter Victoria was born and five years after that he had died in a fatal car accident. She had never remarried and through herself into her work and her daughter. But there were times that she just needed and wanted a man.

As she showered she let her hands linger and languish over her body. Her soapy hands touched her breast and played with her erect nipples. Goosebumps formed on her skin as her hands moved down slowly towards her pubic area. As she lathered the pubic hair, she let her fingers tease her vagina. She inserted one long finger inside herself and she gasped in pleasure. She moved her soapy finger in and out slowly as she played with her firm breast and twicked her nipples. She was soon lost in the sensation as pure lust and desire took over. She fingered herself faster and faster as she felt herself coming closer to a climax. She fondled her breast and pulled her nipples. Her thighs rubbed together and she began moaning and groaning. Then as she felt herself starting to release to a great climax the face of the young man on her lawn jumped into her mind. His vivid blue eyes filled with desire, his big, hard calloused hands all over her body. His hot mouth taking her. Katherine’s knees grew weak as she reached a powerful climax. Panting she stepped out of the shower. She had to begin her day.

“Good Morning Miss Katherine,” Emma said in greeting as Katherine came downstairs. Emma Landy had been her Uncle’s housekeeper for as long as she could remember. The shapely, older black woman ran Martell House with the effectiveness and efficiency of an Army General. “Did you sleep well?”

“Like a log. Where is Victoria and my uncle?”

“Having breakfast by the pool. Are you going to join them?” Emma asked.

“Coffee only Emma,” Katherine said. “By the way Emma. Who is that with Mr. Ferguson?”

Emma’s face frowned. “That is A.J McNeil. He’s Floyd’s no account nephew.”

“A bad apple, huh?”

“He is nothing more than a hustler. He’s always messing with girls getting them pregnant and running out on his responsibility. He’s trash.”

“Thanks Emma. I’ll be by the pool.” Katherine said. Heading out towards the pool. Sitting around the poolside table was her beautiful blond-haired daughter Victoria. casino siteleri She was seventeen years old. A gorgeous young lady. Next to her sat Lucas Hampton Martell, one of the wealthiest men in Richland. He was owned Magnolia Enterprises and was a very influential man around the city and the state. He was fifty years old, handsome with a mane of silver hair. Katherine had been living with Uncle Lucas since her parents died when she was little girl. He was like her surrogate father. She was about to join them when Floyd Ferguson and his nephew appeared. Katherine stopped in her tracks. AJ McNeil was definitely a very handsome man. He looked to be all of thirty years old. She watched as he flashed a charming smile at her daughter and uncle. ‘C’mom Katherine. Let’s be an adult.’

“Good Morning everyone,” Katherine said in a cheerful tone. She tried to avoid AJ’s eyes but it was hard to do.

“Good Morning, dahlin’.” Lucas said greeting her with a kiss on the cheek.

“Good Morning Momma.” Victoria said.

“Good Morning Miss Katherine. beautiful day.” Floyd Ferguson said.
Lucas turned to AJ. “Katherine, this young man is Andrew Jackson McNeil, Floyd’s nephew.”

AJ looked at Katherine and smiled. He nodded his head and replied, “My friends call me AJ.” AJ couldn’t help but stare at this exquisite woman in the conservative blue business suit with her hair pulled up in a tight, stuffy bun. Looking unapproachable and desirable at the same time. He wondered what it would take to bring out the animal in her. The tightly pinned up and contained wild, sexual animal. He knew there was something wild beating within her after all she was spying on him from her bedroom window while playing with her breasts.

“So Mr. Ferguson,” Katherine said ignoring AJ. “You’ve finally hired someone to help you.”

“Actually he’s more than just helping me. He’s going to be taking over the business.” Floyd said.

“Finally going to retire, hey Floyd.” Lucas asked.

“It’s about time. I’m not getting any younger and Betty wants me to spend more time with her.”

Lucas smiled, “We should all have someone as sweet as your Betty.”

“Well Mr. Martell we better get back to work.” Floyd said.

“Nice meeting you all.” AJ said, though his eyes remained on Katherine.

Lucas looked at his niece. “That AJ is quite a handsome man.”

Katherine shrugged. “I guess. I better get to the office.”

“What is the rush?”

“I have several meetings.” Katherine kissed her daughter and uncle and departed.

Katherine walked to the garage where her green jaguar was parked. She opened the door and was about to get in when she heard a voice behind her. “Nice car.”
Katherine turned around startled. Standing there was AJ McNeil looking at her with a sexy smile on his face.
“Thank you.” She said.

“Where are you rushing off to?”

“If it is any of your business, I’m going to work. I have a very busy day ahead of me.” Katherine said. She was feeling uneasy talking to AJ. There was something magnetic about him that she could not resist.

AJ slowly moved towards her, like a lion stalking his prey. “You are a very beautiful woman.”

Katherine tried to look affronted but couldn’t pull it off. “Thank you. You’ll excuse me.”

“Why haven’t you remarried?”

“You ask a lot of questions that aren’t your concern Mr. McNeil.”


“Look, Mr. McNeil. I’m aware that you are a casanova and all but I’m not interested.”

AJ’s eyebrows rose in humorous surprise. “Is that why you were looking at me from your window and rubbing yourself?”

Katherine was speechless. AJ walked closer his eyes burning holes into her. His presence overwhelming her. She started feeling claustrophobic. “I’m sure…I don’t kno..”

“You are a fiery, passionate woman. Why do you keep it all pinned up?”

“Mr. McNeil…I think you have said enough.” Katherine said about to get into the car. AJ was there holding the door. His blue eyes peering deep into hers. Katherine felt mesmerized by his eyes, by his presence.

“Katherine…” he said in a hot whisper. “I would love to get to know what fires beat with in you.” He leaned closer to her and breathed in her sweet perfumed scent. He stood closer to her letting her feel the heat from his body and to smell is musky, manly scent. “Did you fantasize canlı casino about me in your morning shower?”

“Yes..No!” Katherine said

“Where did I touch you?” AJ asked as he raised his hand to lightly stroke her cheek. Katherine closed her eyes. His touch was electric. Her skin was on fire from his gentle touch. “Did I touch your cheek? Did I touch your mouth?” He moved his fingers to her mouth his fingers tracing her full red lips. Katherine tried to control her breath. She couldn’t believe this was happening. “Did I kiss you on your lips…like this?” AJ moved closer and gently placed his lips to hers. The kiss was soft at first but as the intensity grew so did the kiss.

“Did it feel like this?” He whispered in her ear.

“No.” She sighed and she kissed him. This time she took his tongue into her mouth, held him close to her body. His strong hard body pressed and crushed against her. She could feel his hard cock bulging in his jeans and she grinded against it and his body. Her body was on fire, her soul was on fire, her loins burned with need, lust, desire.

“Do you want to feel it?” AJ asked, looking deep into her eyes and soul.

“Yes.” Katherine breathed.

AJ gently took her hand and placed it on the bulge in his jeans that was his throbbing manhood. He moaned as her fingers closed around it. They kissed again..hungrily, passionately. He placed his hands all over her body. Her face, her breasts, her thighs, her legs and as his hands moved up her thighs towards the center of her being and desire she let out stifled cry. His strong fingers worked their way past her panties and into the hot, pulsating core between her legs.

“Oh God!” She moaned as she ripped off his shirt to feel his powerful chest. She moaned as she feverishly worked at his zipper. She gasped as his cock sprang out without being confined by underwear. She wiggled down her panties and pulled him close to her. “Do it! Take me now!”

AJ kissed her hard as he prepared to enter her. Katherine held onto him preparing for that feeling that she hadn’t felt in such a long time. Not since the death of Randy had she been with a man. She dated but nothing intimate. She didn’t know if she wanted AJ or if it was just sex that she was hungry for but she wanted it now.

“AJ!” the voice of Floyd Ferguson calling out made them both jump apart.

“AJ!? Where are you boy?”

Katherine and AJ quickly straightened themselves up. Both were flushed and red of face from desire and passion. Katherine quickly got into her car, fired up the engine and sped away. Floyd walked into the garage right after she left.

“There you are. What are you doing in here?” Floyd asked.

AJ cleared his throat. “Nothing much. Just getting to know Miss Katherine.”

Katherine was distracted all day after the scene in the garage with AJ McNeil. She couldn’t believe that she allowed that to happen. Damn it Katherine! Have you lost your mind. You don’t even know this guy. And yet AJ McNeil had gotten under her skin like no else had. She went through her day feeling like everyone knew what had almost happened. And her meeting with her uncle was just as tense. If she had not known better she would have sworn he knew something had happened between her and AJ. She was glad when the day ended. She would go home and forget all about what almost happened…what she wanted to happen.

Evening dinner at Martell House found Lucas, Katherine and Victoria sitting around the table in the formal dining room. Emma had prepared another fantastic meal. Afterwards Victoria departed to do her homework and Lucas retired to his study. Katherine decided to walk through the rose garden before going to bed. All through dinner she thought of AJ McNeil and the more she thought of him the more her body betrayed her. Carnal lust. That’s what it was. Pure carnal lust. What she needed to do was to get that out of her system.

“Good Evening, Katherine.”

Katherine gasped and turned. Standing there was AJ McNeil looking as sexy as he did in the garage that morning. He had that hungry look in his eyes and she felt drawn to him and yet afraid of her mounting passion and his strong animal lust and magnetism.

“What are you doing skulking in our garden?” Katherine demanded. Annoyed that she was glad to see him.

“I wasn’t skulking. I was coming by to pay you a visit when kaçak casino I saw you come out.”

“I don’t see where we have any…”

AJ grabbed her and kissed her forcefully and passionately. At first Katherine tried to resist but soon she was giving in and kissing him back forcefully and passionately. Katherine pushed AJ away.

“AJ we can’t.”

“Damn it Katherine! What is it about you?”

“AJ…This is just lust…That’s all. Lust.”

“Lust?” AJ replied. “Is that what this is?”

“Yes. Pure lust and I won’t give in.” Katherine said defiantly.

AJ smiled. “Why not. Are you afraid?”


“Prove it. Make love with me.”

Katherine gasped. “You are crazy. I don’t even know you.”

“If it’s lust it doesn’t matter. Or are you afraid that from lust will come love?” He taunted.

Katherine turned to leave and AJ seized her arm. “Let me go.”

“Not until you admit that you want me as much as I want you.” AJ demanded.


“You want me and you know it.”

“No!” and with that Katherine stormed off leaving AJ behind in her wake of emotion.

Katherine was asleep. It wasn’t a restful sleep. She was tossing and turning. She lay in the bed in the darkened room wishing and longing to sleep. That was when she felt it. Someone was in her room. She wasn’t alone. She tried to turn on the bedside lamp but it didn’t work. Then she heard the voice…his voice.

“I’m here, Katherine.”

It was AJ. But how did he get in the house. “What are you doing here?”

“You know what I’m doing here.” AJ walked towards her bed. There was a full moon
and it illuminated most of the room. As he came into view she realized that he was completely nude. His hair was no longer in a ponytail but was loose and hanging about his shoulders. His body was magnificent like a Greek god. Rock hard and chiseled. She was in awe of his body. He moved towards the bed with determination. He had come to seize and conquer. He stood at the foot of her bed his arousal very evident.

“AJ,” Katherine said a look of apprehension on her face. AJ crawled into the bed from the foot of it and towards Katherine. He loomed over her like a victorious warrior before he took her in a passionate kiss. Katherine fought it at first but soon gave in. Before long all the pinned up passion she had she released. AJ kissed her lips and moved down to her neck, her breasts sucking on her erect nipples causing her to gasp and moan in delicious joy and pleasure. His hands moved down between her thighs, his fingers working into her hot, wanting vagina. She moaned as his finger went in and out of her womanhood. Katherine arched her back and thrusted her hips upward.

“Oh yes AJ! Oh yes!” She moaned as AJ moved down her body, his mouth and tongue touching untouched places until he was between her thighs.

“Oh God! Oh God..Yes!” She cried out as his tongue entered her doing the work his fingers had done. Katherine couldn’t control herself nor her desire. She wanted to feel him inside of her and she wasn’t going to wait.

“AJ! Now! Take me right now!” Katherine pleaded.

AJ smiled as he looked into her face and slowly and gently entered her. She arched her back and thrusted her hips upward to receive every inch of him. As he entered her he moaned and she whimpered and cried out. He began to move inside her slowly as she moaned and rocked with him. His raging, throbbing cock filled her to the hilt. it felt wonderful as he moved in and out with powerful thrusts driving her closer and closer to an orgasm. Katherine wrapped her arms and legs around him as she rode the passion filled ride he was taking her on. It had been so long…too long and now at last sweet release. Blessed bliss. AJ continued until she was out of her mind with wild desire. She was ready to explode. She couldn’t wait any longer she had to let it go.

“Oh yes..Oh yes…I’m going to cum!” She cried out. She scratched his back as a powerful orgasm overtook her.

“Oh my God! Oh Katherine!” AJ moaned as his own orgasm erupted. He twitched and convulsed before resting on Katherine’s body. “Oh God!”

Katherine awoke covered in sweat. The sheets on the bed were tangled and disheveled. Her nipples were erect and she felt satisfied and horny at the same time. She looked next to her expecting to see AJ but saw nothing. That was when she realized she had been dreaming. She felt her finger in her vagina. Damn that AJ McNeil. Katherine sat up in the bed and held herself. What had he done to her. What was she going to do?

To Be Continued…

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