Hot ‘n’ Wet Ch. 01

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These are some of Marilyn’s adventures when she was young and wild. She’s a petite, average looking blonde with a pair of tits like casaba melons — high, round, and firm on her chest. Her ass is tight and fine, but her best feature by far is that superb rack. She gets her share (and more) of male attention which is the biggest problem she has. Rather, her libido is the biggest problem she has. She’s always enjoyed sex, perhaps too much, but she’s never had too much sex, not yet. She’s a twenty-three year old college dropout who fucked her way through the first five semesters finally flunking out in the sixth. She’s promised herself that she’ll go back some day but that won’t be anytime soon. She has an apartment and a car payment. Not to mention a cell phone, girl stuff, clothes and partying to fund.

The past couple of years she’s been trying to deal with her ‘problem’ — a hot clit and an imagination to go along with it! She’d like to find a nice guy, settle down, live right, all that but there’s that sex drive to deal with: She hasn’t found a man yet who could take charge of her coochie and she wasn’t sure that she would. The urge was just too powerful. She’d heard the old joke that men think about sex every five minutes and women every six, she wished it were true. She couldn’t go two days without a hot fuck; scratch that, she hadn’t gone a day without sex for the past four years! Some days it was only four sessions with the vibrator but it was sex, nonetheless. Even if she did get a good, hot one there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t be plugging that damned thing in later. She talked to her mom about it after she left school and, although she was sympathetic, she told Marilyn:

“Just wait. It gets worse.” She laughed, but she was only half kidding. “It’s a curse that women in our family have to live with. I thought that it would ‘go away’ when I got into my forties but ask your Grandma — she’s still whoring around even though she’s past sixty. She’s just lucky that Grandpa is such a good, understanding man. I wish that your dad could have been just a little more sympathetic with me, but…” She trailed off. Her parents had been divorced nearly ten years and her mother had gone through more than a dozen boy friends and live-ins. That’s just the ones that Marilyn knew about, she was sure that there were more — her mom was an older version of herself, slim-hips and big-tits. She hugged Marilyn then and said, “You just have to find the right man who can handle you or your appetites. In the meantime, be safe, have fun, and enjoy being a woman. It’s a great gift.”

It wasn’t much consolation.

She was trying hard to settle into her new job at the country club. The concierge service desk offered very similar services as the luxury hotel that she’d just left but the Whitewater Creek Country Club was much smaller and more intimate than the Marbury. The Whitewater was just as elegant, perhaps more so, than the Marbury.

She hoped that she’d be able to restrain her horny self in this place. She didn’t need to get into the same situation that got her ‘transferred’ from the Marbury. The different atmosphere helped, but this place was full of handsome, successful, older men who were active and very sexy. This was their environment. They came here to relax and play. So did their wives and families. That was one factor that helped restrain her but not much. It only made the men seem more attractive. They were friendly enough and that was natural but she couldn’t help getting all hot and wet when certain ones stopped to chat or make arrangements for activities. So far, none of them had affected her like Roger Marbury had.

Roger Marbury was the owner of the Marbury hotel where she’d previously worked. She was working the front desk on her first day when she met him:

It had been a fairly busy Sunday afternoon with a bunch of check-ins for the week ahead. The usual stuff but when a tall, older fellow showed up and introduced himself as Roger Marbury (she’d already heard that the owner lived in a penthouse suite) she felt the world around her come to a stop. He welcomed pendik escort her to the Marbury team and hoped she’d enjoy working there. His eyes and smile dazzled her. He was affable and quite nice looking. She was like a deer caught in headlights; unsure about what was happening, unable to get out of the way. He excused himself and left her standing there mesmerized. Her nipples were tingling. She smelled her hand where they’d touched.

A hand waved in front of her face. It was Colin, the senior desk clerk.

“Earth to Marilyn, Earth to Marilyn,” he teased, “Come in please.”

She blushed, embarrassed. He laughed again. “He’s mighty cute for an old guy.”

Colin was relaxed, funny and gay; they had hit it off right from the start. He was ‘training’ her, but the system was user friendly and simplified so she had focused on being attentive and friendly (his advice) to the guests as they checked in or out. He helped her with the unfamiliar stuff. Colin leaned close to her and whispered, “It’s a good thing he’s straight or I would’ve thrown myself at him ages ago!” He rolled his eyes.

“Stop it!” She laughed, “Behave!”

“If you insist,” he smirked. “But I saw that ‘moment’ between the two of you.”

“What are you talking about?” Now she was embarrassed. “A ‘moment’? Right!”

He shot a predatory glance at her tits and then sniffed the back of his hand while batting his eyes. She narrowed her eyelids and made a mock fist.

He retreated, saying “At least wait till the end of the shift to beat me up! I’d like to get into something more comfortable.”

She shook her head laughing at his antics. She was glad to be working with a man who wasn’t interested in fucking her. That was a change of pace. She loved sex but had found out during college that it tended to complicate relationships, especially in the workplace. As the afternoon wore on she thought about Mr. Marbury. She was smitten by the ‘moment’ that was for sure! She thought about his eyes and smile, his calm, self-assured demeanor, and his touch. It made her wet just thinking about him! So taken by him that she fingered herself in the employee women’s washroom during break. It was one of those orgasms that she should’ve avoided — no real satisfaction; it just primed her pump.

She had coffee with Colin after work and found out more about the hotel and Mr. Marbury. He lived in a penthouse suite on the top floor with his trophy wife who

Was thirty years younger, maybe more, than he was. He was nearly seventy, worked every day with no sign of slowing down. It was rumored that he had a mistress who’d formerly worked at the hotel. She was careful not to ask too much about Mr. Marbury, Colin was her friend but she didn’t know him all that well. She wondered if he’d gossip about her. Probably not, he wasn’t talking about mean about any of his coworkers. She felt comfortable with his easygoing and kind manner. That was also a change of pace. She was really glad to be working with him for a number of reasons, not the least of which was his orientation.

He did tell her that the bell captain had taken notice of her.

“Mark was checking you out as soon as he saw you.”

“Really? We only met briefly. I didn’t notice.”

“Probably not, he was short-handed today and left early. He’s got a girl friend but that doesn’t stop him from scoring with the girls at work from time to time.”

“Colin, really!”

“No, really, he has quite a few opportunities: there’s women working the front desk, banquets, housekeeping, maintenance, the restaurant, and the event center.”

“It sounds like you’ve got them scoped out too.” She winked.

He rubbed his palms together and smiled, “Oh yes! My future conquests!”

They both laughed.

She had a serious case of ‘the horn’ when she got home. She got into bed and turned on the vibrator. She didn’t even bother to put it away anymore, not for months. She couldn’t stop fantasizing about Mr. Marbury. She wanted him. She needed to touch him and be touched by him. The ten-inch vibrator with the nubby skin was ok but she needed a escort pendik man! She needed to suck some real meat and taste some cum. Needed to feel his hands and lips on her body. His tongue on her clit, yeah! She woke up in the middle of the night with that damned thing still humming away. She turned it off and wondered how she was going to deal with this libido thing. It wasn’t going away and it seemed like it got worse every day. Why was it that men wanted to fuck your lights out for three or four weeks and then decide that the pussy belonged to them? And start neglecting it? She’d tried to explain that to her last couple of boy friends: She needed it hot and hard twice every day, three was better and she wouldn’t complain about four!

She’d only met a couple of guys that horny and they were married. By the time she’d gotten over that fact and realized that they were gonna be boning someone if not her or their wives, she’d lost their phone numbers. She hoped that one of them would call her sometime. She was willing to be a booty call if it could take care of her lil friend.

The next few days at work she got aquainted with quite a few of the men who worked at the Marbury; Mark the bell captain included. She was glad that she was cute, not beautiful. It was easier to make friends with the women and the men found it easier to approach her. All of them were nice to her and she found herself attracted to most of them for one reason or another. She just couldn’t get Roger Marbury off her mind. Seeing him every day and knowing that he was ‘off-limits’ was frustrating. He was so energetic and self-assured. She thought that he liked her, but then, he was a people person so he was going to be more outgoing. She became better friends with Colin and started regularly going out after their shift to have coffee, shop, discuss their lives, ‘all the girlie stuff’, – as Colin described it. He listened sympathetically to her venting about the hard time she was having finding a man.

He nodded and said “You think you’re the only one having trouble? Try walking on the wild side sometime! Besides, I have to complete with women for the straight and the bi-guys, it’s not fair!” He winked and flashed a lascivious grin.

“Oh you’re impossible.” She blushed.

“Actually, I’m quite easy. Not nearly as easy as you are, but easy, yes, very easy.”

She laughed and laughed at his silliness. She really liked Colin. He was funny and honest.

She asked him: “How do you..” She wasn’t sure how to ask him about his own needs. There was understanding in his smile.

“Never, ever, at work. Never. Ever. Nada. Zip. Aside from that, It’s a jungle out there; so many men, so little time!”

“I’m serious”, she protested.

“So am I. I’m seeing someone right now. He works as a steward on transatlantic flights, so he’s gone for a week, maybe more, at a time. He doesn’t fool around when he’s working overseas and I wait for him.” He gave her that mock leer: “I don’t have that hot coochie calling to me day and night.”

How the hell did he know about that? He’d probably been able to figure it out; they’d talked about her being horny enough. Besides, it was the truth; her lil friend always wanted some attention.

“So what do you do when ‘nature calls’? She cocked an eyebrow.

“I take the problem in hand, of course.” He held up both hands and wiggled his fingers. “You know it takes two hands to handle a whopper!”

She sputtered into her coffee; some of it ran out of her nose, as she reacted to his antics. The barista came over and asked if she were all right.

“I’m fine,” she was still laughing at Colin, “could we have a wet rag to wipe up this mess? I’m sorry.”

“S’Ok, I’ll get it.” The barista ducked under the counter to get a bucket and sponge.

Colin whispered: “What about her? She’s hot, and she was checking you out.”

Marilyn frowned, “Oh sure.”

He looked straight into her eyes: “You’ll see. Next round?”

“You’re on.” She backed away from the table as the barista came over with a bucket and rag to wipe up the mess. She looked to be pendik escort bayan about twenty-five, about 5′ 8″, ink on her right shoulder and a diamond stud in her left nostril. Her hair was black with streaks of blue and red. Her features were regular and pretty.

Colin said to her, “She does this all the time. I don’t know what to do with her.”

The girl laughed and flashed Marilyn a smile as she wiped the coffee up. “You could buy her another latte.” She was even prettier when she smiled. Marilyn felt the tug of attraction for this sexy woman. She felt like killing Colin when he asked the pretty barista if they could buy her a drink in the Alligator Club down the block.

“Sure you can, I get off in about a half hour.” She winked at Marilyn and rolled her hips as she walked back behind the counter. Colin was smiling slyly at Marilyn.

“I’ll have a Cosmo,” he smirked.

The barista’s name was Delia and she joined them at the Alligator. She pounded a shot of tequila, ‘It was a long day’, then asked Marilyn to dance. The band was playing some funk and Colin winked at her as she followed Delia to the dance floor. Delia led with really dope moves and cued Marilyn when and what to pop. She made her pop those tits a few times. Marilyn could pop one up and the other down, just like the hoochies in the hip hop vids. They had a great time workin’ it. The next dance was slow and Delia pulled her close.

“You had the twins poppin’ girl!” Delia’s lips touched her ear. She’d worked up a little sweat from the dancing and smelled fine. They wrapped up close and moved together to the music . She put a hand on Marilyn’s butt and nuzzled her neck. The blood was flowing to Marilyn’s ears and face. Her nipples were stiff from the poppin’; Delia rubbed her own tits against them. She was enjoying this so much she wanted the song to go on for another hour. She kissed the other woman’s ear, touched it with her tongue. Delia shivered. Then she gripped Marilyn tighter, bit her earlobe. Marilyn’s clit started to send waves of heat through her groin and jolts of electricity to her nipples and brain.

All of a sudden the song was over. Delia put her arm Marilyn and led her back to the table. Colin was gone and so were their purses. The waitress showed up a moment later with a couple of drinks and told them that the purses were with the bartender.

“Your friend said to have fun but don’t be late tomorrow.” She winked.

Marilyn sipped her Cosmo and enjoyed Delia’s closeness, the smell and feel of her. This was good, Colin was right.

Delia kissed her ear and suggested that maybe they should go if Marilyn had to be at work early.

“One more dance.” Marilyn kissed her back.

Delia lived about five blocks away and Marilyn parked behind her flat. They made out some more in the car. She was ready to get jiggy right in the front seat if Delia wanted, but she broke off and took Marilyn upstairs.

Her place was small and neat, well kept. She opened a beer and offered one to Marilyn. Marilyn put it aside and took Delia in her arms.

“Maybe later, right now I want some of this.” She kissed her deeply letting her hands roam over the taller woman’s body, searching for those special places. Delia did the same to her as they helped each other out of their clothes. Delia pushed her onto the bed and began to explore Marilyn’s ripe curves in earnest. She ravished Marilyn, worshipping her tits and licking her clit till Marilyn wrapped her legs around her head and exploded on Delia’s face. She rolled the other woman over and went down on her to return the favor. Marilyn tongued and teased the pussy lips and finished her by rolling her tongue, then fucking her clit. She tasted so good! She pulled Marilyn’s face hard into her pussy and writhed as she came and came again on Marilyn’s tongue.

Afterward they lay together kissing and tongue wrestling while they fingered each other for what seemed hours and endless orgasms. Marilyn couldn’t remember when she’d enjoyed anyone, man or woman, so much.

Delia’s tongue woke up her. She was tasting and teasing her clit. She loved being tongued by this woman. She really knew how to make her hot! She pulled Delia’s trimmed bush onto her face and gave that spicy quim some tongue of her own! This was the right way to start the day, no doubt.

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