Hot Lemon Drops

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What started out as a relaxing solo trip to the Bahamas turned into the most exciting vacation of my life. By the second day of my three-day trip, I’d adopted a laid-back Caribbean attitude and really began to unwind. That afternoon, I was lounging by the swim-up resort pools. I had just ordered my second Rum Runner, when I saw the three of them. Two really hot girls in sexy bikinis and cute guy were splashing around and heading my way. For some reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I’d been working so hard over the last few months and had recently ended a relationship. I wasn’t looking to hook up, although at the age of twenty-nine, with a shapely body and big tits. I’d already attracted the attention of several guys at the resort. These three were cute, but I wasn’t particularly interested in any of them. However, for some reason they caught my eye.

The jovial trio swam over to the bar and ordered the fixings for Lemon Drops as they started joking about doing body shots. Then one of the girls came over and asked me if I wanted to join them. I couldn’t say no, so I slid over next to them.

We quickly introduced ourselves, and I learned that the brunette in the blue bikini was the guy’s girlfriend, and they had been on vacation for three days already. They had met the blonde in the black bathing suit the day before at the beach. Just as they started telling me about their wild night together the liquor arrived. They asked me if I wanted to give or get the first one. I wasn’t sure what they meant so I said I would give one. They seemed thrilled and told me to lie down on the pool bar. They must have seen the confusion in my eyes because the blonde whispered in my ear to describe what a body shot was. I couldn’t believe it, but I said casino oyna it sounded great and climbed up on the bar.

I lay down and the blonde placed a lemon wedge in my mouth. Then she leaned down, licked from my neck down to the edge of my bikini top and reached over for some sugar she sprinkled it over my wet flesh, grabbed her shot and looked into my eyes. A she did this I felt the guy and the other girl softly touch my ankles. The blonde lowered her face to mine and slowly circled my lips with her tongue before biting the lemon and downing the hot and then sensuously licking my chest, not missing a bit of sugar. I was turned on and breathing so erratically that my breasts were heaving. It was the sexiest thing I had ever done and it was happening in public no less! I expected the other people at the pool to stare at us, but no one seemed to notice our frisky behavior in fact the few people who were around seemed to be in passionate little clinches of their own. I asked if the bartender would mind what we were doing. But the blonde explained that she knew him and he could care less. Then, the brunette asked me if I was ready to get my shot. I uttered an enthusiastic, “yes!”

The brunette lay down. Placed a lemon wedge in her mouth and closed her eyes. Her boyfriend told me that she loved being licked and encouraged me to lick her body anywhere I wanted. I felt more excited than I had in years. I’d started licking just above the brunette’s cleavage, when the blonde reached over and slid off the other girl’s top, exposing the dark-haired girl’s breasts. The blonde looked at me and said “go for a nipple, shell love it.”

I looked around saw that nobody was watching us and lowered my head I started licking circles around her left nipple, then canlı casino took it in my mouth and sucked on it. The brunette moaned and I sucked harder forgetting that I was only supposed to lick her to make her wet enough for the sugar to stick. I reluctantly released her nipple and sprinkled sugar along her undulating body. She was gorgeous, with her tits out and a lemon wedge in between her pouty lips. I leaned over and bit the lemon, our lip brushed temptingly together, and then I downed the shot and again sucked on her nipple. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed her sugar coated nub, relishing her moans of ecstasy as I teased her with my lips and tongue.

Suddenly, I felt a mouth on one of my nipples. I glanced down to see that it was the blonde, who had slid underneath me. The brunette took the lemon wedge out of her mouth and asked her boyfriend to suck her other nipple. As he moved around behind me, he brushed his hard cock up against my let. The sexual tension was thick in the air. I reached underwater with my free hand and began to stroke myself between my legs. When the brunette noticed the motion of my arm, she winked at me and said “There’s even more good stuff down there.” Her boyfriend smiled at me invitingly o I reached over and grabbed her guy’s cock. It was rock-hard and I slowly started stroking it through his bathing suit while I continued to tongue her pink nub. I looked over to watch the guy licking his girlfriend’s nipple, just inches from where I was doing the same thing to the other. His girlfriend upped the ante by pushing my head closer to his, so we were both lapping at the same nipple, in between giving each other passionate kisses.

As all this was going on, the blonde slid around behind me. She urged me up onto a nearby kaçak casino step o that my hips were above the water. I managed to move without disturbing the action in front of me. Once I was positioned properly, the blonde dipped her hands in my bikini bottoms and teased my pussy lips. She lowered her head and pushed the crotch to my bottoms aside so she could get at my dripping pussy. She licked me slowly at first, teasing my clit. When I moaned, she rolled my swollen clit between her fingers and began lapping at my slit. Then I felt one of her fingers brush against my asshole and start to work its way inside me. I was in heaven, teasing a nipple while kissing a hot guy and stroking his cock under the water, while a hot blonde was eating and penetrating me. Soon she had one of her fingers all the way in my ass, and she slid another into my pussy. She started fucking me harder and I started stroking the up faster. I was close to an orgasm when the guy said he was coming and I felt his cock pulse in my hand. I kept stroking him under the water as my other hand found its way inside the brunette’s miniscule bikini. She was sloppy wet, and I flicked her clit rapidly, wanting her to go over the edge with us.

My body started shaking with the strongest orgasm I had felt in years. Even as cried out, I did my best to keep pleasing the brunette, whose moans soon joined my own as she shivered under my hand. When we had finally recovered, I looked up and my new friends and saw we were all glowing. The blonde told me that she had rubbed herself to a few orgasms while she was licking me, which explained he pretty blush on her face. We all decided that we would have a few more body shots for dessert. After that, we headed back to my room for another wild group sex session.

I never saw the three of them again during the rest of my stay, but I see them in my head every night, as I get myself off while reliving memories of that sexy day in the Bahamas.

Ginger Starr

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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