Hot 4-some May ’19

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Hot 4-some May ’19
Hot 4-some May ‘19
Every few weeks I have meeting with 2 friends, they are a gay-couple and
together already for many years. After an monogamous relationship for many
years, they now are more open to new adventures with other guys, I am one of
them. A few days ago they called me again for a chat and meeting. I know they
are both versatile, like many things and sure love shaving guys. They shaved
my balls and dick already many times, I did same to them. Always fallowed with
a horny evening full of sex.
So last evening I went to see them, I ring the doorbell, and a very young guy
opened the door. Wow he was very cute and about 20 years old, he smiled to
me and said, you must be Rob, come in we were waiting you. I went in to the
living room and gave a kiss to Patrick and Rudy and sat down in the sofa. This is
Ryan a friend we met on the net last week Patrick said to me. He came here to
see us because he like to have a full shaving once. Good I answered to Ryan,
and meantime I asked him are you gay bi or straight. Ryan laughed, I had some
girls in my life, never men, but surely open on many things to get some more
experience in my life. So you are still a virgin in gay-life I replied him, and we all
start laughing. We had a few more drinks, while Rudy explained to Ryan how
we do the shaving. I was wondering in the meantime how he would react and
how far he would go.
Time to do the shaving Rudy said, he had made 4 papers with names on and
had fold them, each had to take a paper and the name of the person that you
have to shave was marked on it. The others could help you with the work and
assist you with it. New game Rudy invented, many time he like to do things like
this, specially with new guys around. I took a paper, and lucky I had to shave
the new guy Ryan, I became horny thinking about this. Rudy had to shave me,
Ryan had to shave Patrick and Rudy will be shaved by his boyfriend Patrick.
Lets go to the playroom Rudy said, this is a room with full of toys, a massage
table a sling also and a walking shower. Patrick and Rudy had already years ago
made a room like that for fun, I would like to have it also but no space at home.
We all went to the room, and undressed. Ryan was a little bit shy I saw, sure he
never been naked with 3 guys. Take shower first, I went in the walking shower
fallowed by Ryan, we all showered quickly. Ok Ryan Rudy said, you gone be the
the first, lay down on the massage table. Ryan lay down on the table and
meantime asked Rudy to film him while he was being shaved, for me this is ok,
my body but not my face that I don’t like, not to be misused. Next to the
massage table on the small cupboard was everything ready, soap mach3
shaver, electric shaver cream and more other things. Ready for me to start
shaving Ryan. I looked at his pubic hairs, hair on his dick and balls. I told him
first I have to trim his pubic with electric shaver, they are much too long to do
with shaving razor. He was laying down and just listening to me, Rudy had
started filming with small camera. I took the electric razor and started trimming
his pubic hairs above his dick. I had his soft dick in my left hand to be able to go
around all, sure first time for him a guy had his dick in his hand. I shaved all
above his dick to about 2 mm long, then went over his dick down to his balls. I
felt his dick was waking up a little bit, but continued without let him know that
I noticed that his dick was getting hard. He had a nice dick, uncut kaçak iddaa soft about 10
cm long. Ok electric shaven done I said, and cleaned up all the hair around his
body and massage table. He looked up to see how far I have shaved all already.
Better already he said, waiting now for the rest to be shaven away. He lay
down again. Now I first gone rub some cream into your skin there I told him,
just to make it more smooth, so can then shave easier without damage your
sensitive skin. I put dome cream of body lotion on my hand and started
to massage his dick, balls and all the skin around it. His dick became hard, I
looked at his face, laughed but continued massaging all in with some lotion.
Wow Rudy said nice big dick you have, and while saying this he licked his lips.
Yes his dick was sure about 19 cm long now and quite thick about 4 diameter.
I massaged his balls with a lot of lotion, I felt he loved it. Now I put some water
on all and then some shaving soap and rubbed it all over. Time to shave all of I
said and took my mach3 shaver an started above his dick with shaving away the
rest of his pubic hairs. His dick was still hard while I took it in my left hand to
shave all around it. Then I shaved his dick and started on his balls, that was also
hard, easier to shave. Patrick assisted me all the time while Rudy was filming. I
noticed that Patrick his dick woke up also, but continued with my work. After
about 10 minutes I had shaved away all the pubic hairs and cleaned all up with
some water, dried his dick and balls and putted some body lotion on it again,
specially for the skin. His dick became hard again while I was massaging all in
with the cream. Ok I said now lay on the sling so can shave your ass also. He
looked strange at me, did not expect we would also shave his ass, but he stood
up and lay down in the sling. Ok I said legs up now against the chains so can
shave it easy. I looked at his rosebud, mmmm looked great, I was getting a hard
dick also now. There was quite some hair there, but took some scissors to cut
away the longest ones, then put some lotion on it and rubbed it in well deep in
the skin. I saw his dick was still hard, said nothing but saw he enjoyed it getting
his rosebud massaged. Then I started with some water and shaving away all the
hairs around his rosebud and in his crack. Often my fingers went to his rosebud
wishing could finger it, but did not know he would like it. Finished shaving I
cleaned it all of with some water and checked nothing left, went around his
rosebud with my fingers to look for any hairs left. All looked ok, look close to
his ass, it looked gorgeous just ready to be rimmed and fingered. Lick it once
Rudy said to see no hairs left. So I started to lick his ass, my dick became
very hard, Ryan did not know what was happening to him someone licking his
rosebud. Sure I am the first guy to do that with him, I licked around his rosebud
and slowly went to lick his ass, slowly and then deeper inside. Nicely clean
shaven Patrick said, ready to be used and they laughed. Ok finished for you
now it turn to do Rob Rudy said. Ryan went out of his sling and stood there well
shaven with a hard dick. Rudy stopped filming and took some pictures
now from Ryan naked and nicely smooth shaven. He replied I am back a boy 10
years old, we all laughed.
I went on the massage table to get my shaving, no needed the electric razor,
was not so long, could do with the mach3 razor. Rudy called Ryan to come
closer and said look casino firmalari how I do it not so difficult. Rudy took some lotion and
rubbed in my dick balls and all the skin around it. Rub it in until you see no
more cream, so protect the skin better for shaving. Rudy massaged my dick and
balls good with the cream, my dick woke up little bit, Ryan just looked at it.
Rudy gave some cream to Ryan and said try it like I did, so Ryan started doing it
I saw he felt strange massaging a guy his dick and balls for the first time, but he
did it not bad although my dick became harder. Rudy his dick was also half
awake I saw. Time to shave now and putted soap all over, Ryan was looking all
the time, really interested how to do it. Rudy shaved first all above my dick,
then he started with my dick and went down to my balls. He know very well
how to do it. After washed away all the rest of the soap from my dick and balls.
Now a little bit lotion again to protect the skin and he let Ryan to do it. Ryan
started above my dick and I felt he was shy to continue and rub in my dick and
balls, but finally he started with my balls and so went up to massage my dick.
My dick was getting hard slowly but I lay down and let it all happen. Never he
had done something like this in his life, except with his own dick. You manage
Rudy asked him, and he smiled back. Now in the sling Rudy said, I knew how to
do it from before, legs up against the chains, good position to get shaved or
fucked or rimmed. Rudy massaged my ass with some lotion, the with soap and
started shaving it, Ryan was looking close how Rudy was doing it and Rudy
played the game. Putting a finger in my ass to spread my ass more open and
shave all around it . No reaction from Ryan, he just looked at it. Rudy cleaned
all the soap away and said to Ryan put some lotion on it. Ryan started to
massage my rosebud, good in the hole Rudy said and he pushed his finger in
and out of my ass. Ryan did the same with me, so he fingered me a little bit. My
dick became very hard, I love get fingered and rimmed. Rudy looked that ryan
massaged all the lotion away, and started licking my ass, I see If now hair left he
said to Ryan. Rudy rimmed around my rosebud first and then deep inside, he
pulled away and said to Ryan wana try, while he was pushing Ryan’s head
towords my ass. Ryan first licked my bibs, but then went closer to my ass, he
rimmed it but just the outside. Put your finger in it Rudy said while giving him
some gel now. Slowly Ryan started to put 1 finger in me, Rudy putted extra gel
on Ryan his finger and said next finger and deep. Patrick was all filming this as
usual. Your dick is hard Rudy said to Ryan, you can fuck Rob now. And he
putted Ryan in front of me with his hardon against my ass. Rudy gave some gel
to Ryan to lube his dick and said fuck him now. Slowly Ryan pushed his dick
inside, while Rudy started to suck my dick. First he fucked me slowly and then
faster and faster, I enjoyed it a lot being fucked by such a young virgin guy. Do
not cumm to fast Rudy said still time for that. He pulled out, Rudy asked him,
did you like it? Shyly he said yes, wana try to suck dick? And Rudy pushed
Ryan’s head close towards my dick, so you have to suck a dick Rudy said and
licked my dickhead and took it all in sucking slowly, no you he said. Ryan shy he
took my hard dick in his hand, looked at it, did not know to do it or not, but
Rudy pushed him a little bit and said lick it, on this he started to lick casino şirketleri my
dickhead and slowly swallowed my dick, sucking it slowly. Rudy was getting
with this very horny and went on his knees and started sucking Ryan his dick
very deep throat and fast. Ryan was getting very hot and sucked my dick
harder. I pulled my dick out of his mouth not to cumm to fast, Rudy also
stopped sucking Ryan’ s dick. I stood up from the sling and asked Ryan if he
likes it. Yes he replied fast, but new for me. I wana fuck you I said to him, can I
I wana try he said, but if hurt I stop. Ok I said we do it that way, you know
poppers they help and make more horny. I know it but never tried it.
We put Ryan back in the sling, Rudy took some poppers out and also some
Small dildo’s to see If can do it. What you like first I asked him. Mmmm strange,
but lick my ass, was new for me felt horny good, ok I will rim your ass one time
very good. I spread his cheeks stared licking around his rosebud, Rudy
meantime explained about poppers how to use it. I saw Rudy sniffing twice,
gave it to me, I sniffed twice deep, and gave it to Ryan, he sniffed little bit. We
saw he felt strange after it. I continued rimming his rosebud, while Rudy sucked
Ryan his dick on a horny way, sucking, licking balls, dickhead sucking deep
again. Ryan was moaning loud, on this I rimmed his rosebud deeper and Rudy
sucked his dick deep throat. I stopped riming and pushed a finger full with gel
in his ass, he moved his whole butt, pushed a second finger in it and whispered
take some poppers, on which he did, Rudy also and passed it to me, I sniffed a
few times deep. Time for dildo I said, and took a small dildo, lubed it in and
pushed it slowly inside his ass. I looked up and saw that Rudy and him were
kissing deeply. And Patrick just continued all filming with a hard dick,
wondering when he will join us. I thought to myself he can have a dildo, time to
try. I put a lot of gel on my dick and pushed it slowly deeply inside. He not react
because was kissing Rudy and Rudy was busy jerking Ryan’s dick. So I started to
fuck him first slowly, but then more and more faster. I saw Rudy get on the
sling to sit on Ryan his dick, meantime I was feeling a finger in my ass, it was
from Patrick. Ok fuck me I said, on which Patrick lubed my ass with a lot of gel
and pushed his dick in. Rudy match to sit on Ryan while I was fucking Ryan and
Patrick fucking me. I love to be in the middle of a love train LOL . I heard Ryan
moaning very hard, sure he will cumm in Rudy. The poppers went around while
all were fucking. I could not hold and shot my load in Ryan ass, I heard Ryan
also climax and filled up Rudy, Patrick was the last but shot my ass full of
cumm. Rudy an Ryan went down the sling, Look her Patrick said. He turned me
around and bended me over. Look hi ass full of cum, I gone lick it out. And
he started rimming my rosebud full of cumm. Ryan stand before Rob, so he
can Lick your as, which Ryan did, I rimmed his ass full of my cum. Rudy went in
front of Ryan and said, lick your cumm out of my ass. What Ryan did, I was
shocked he would do it. After a few minutes we stopped and lay down tired.
I was the first to get up and walked to the shower, Ryan fallowed me. I took
Some shower gel and soaped him in. Asking him what he found about it. Long
time I wanted to try gay sex, but I was always afraid, but sure now I love it,
don’t know for the future what and how. Sure he was honest. Getting out of
the shower Patrick took a picture from us, 2 clean shaven guys he said and
laughing. Shaving Rudy and Patrick had to wait till next time, but no problem
both were shaven a few weeks ago. We went all back to the living room and
had another drink.

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