Hornee Hospital

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This short story is a work of fiction describing sexual acts between men and women, men and men, and women and women. If any of these are not your ‘cup of tea’ I recommend that you read no farther. Also, if you are not of sufficient age to be reading stories containing adult content you should not read farther. You could save it for when your older.

B. J. Hornee Memorial Hospital

by TW with help from MM

It was a slow weekend evening at Hornee. With only three patients on the orthopedic wing, the staff had been cut down to just one RN and one CNA. Annette, a shapely 32 year old RN with dark hair and a lovely Mediterranean complexion, twelve years experience, knocked before opening the door of room 2714 then entered.

“How can I help you Mr. Gowen?” she asked.

“That guy next door is blasting me with his god damn radio again. You know, this IS a fucking hospital” 50 year old widower Mr. Gowen grumbled.

“Yes. I hear it too. You’re right. That’s much too loud. I’ll speak to him”.

“Thank you Annette” Mr. Gowen said smiling, grasping at a growing boner as his eyes locked onto the motion in her shapely bottom as she hustled out of his room.

Annette could hear the tinny punk music spewing from 18 year old Danny’s cell phone coming through the heavy door of 2715 even before she knocked and entered. The sight in front of her froze her dead in her tracks though. Her labia immediately began to swell and dampen as her eyes focused on Danny’s best friend, squatting over him with his bare butt moving rapidly up and down Danny’s rigid boner. Annette stood quietly and watched long enough to see Danny’s lower urethra pulse with semen as he ejaculated into his friends colon. An orgasm radiated out through Annette’s body leaving her quite wet down below.

Then Kyle yelped “oh shit!” as he shot straight up off Danny when Annette said “Emm… ahh… Excuse me please? Could you please turn that music down? This is a hospital, you know”. “And a fucking one too” she said to herself, “But do keep on what you were doing. Continue that therapy Kyle. God knows Danny needs it. He’s got his hand wrapped around that thing every time I walk in”.

Annette first witnessed guy’s having sex when she was twelve. She would hide behind a suitcase in her older brother’s closet, masturbating, as she watched him and a friend sucking and fucking each other everyday after school. Home work you know… It’s been a major turn on for her ever since.

Annette stepped into the nurse’s lounge to shove an ABD absorbent pad into her panties then hurried down the hall to 2725 to reset Mrs. Morgan’s rate alarm. On the way back she saw Julie, her CNA, a wiry nineteen year old red head, coming out of 2718.

“Come quick!. Check it out!” Annette whispered.

They quietly opened 2715’s door then slipped in to take a peek. Kyle was straddling Danny’s head now, humping steadily into his mouth with his head tilted back and mouth open. They watched until they saw Kyle make his final thrust then Danny’s Adam’s apple move up and down to swallow Kyle’s spunky load down. The show was over then so they slipped out. Danny became somewhat disturbed though when he heard the clack of the door closing, knowing they’d izmir escort bayan been observed again. The two women, so horny now, it was on shaky legs they made their way back to the nurses station.

“Ok. I’ll flip you for it.” Julie said.

“For what?” Annette asked, looking puzzled.

“Clean Danny up. You said he came in his friends butt? Needs Dyna-Hex now. I’m going to see if he’ll go for some head after that too. I hope he doesn’t just like guys”.

“Well I need something right now girl. Like right now! And I don’t just like guys” Annette exclaimed.

“Ok. I no exactly what to do” Julie said with a knowing smile.

Together they scanned the patient call board quickly. No calls! Then into an office space, that had a computer desk placed at a diagonal across a corner, they rushed. The diagonal placement added the empty corner to the floor space behind the desk. They new what to do with it. Julie dove underneath while Annette dropped her scrub bottoms and slid one leg out of her soggy panties. As she rolled under the desk, in the office chair with legs spread wide, Julie’s tongue stabbed into her pussy. Right away Annette went off flooding Julie’s slurping mouth with her first contractions. A few moments later she did that again. Then a few more moments later, she came still yet another time. Julie merrily swallowed all her secretions down.

“Ok. Go take care of Danny” Annette panted, “I’ll do vitals and catch calls”.

Danny went red faced when Julie tapped and walked in. Kyle wasn’t there anymore. He had put his cloths back on and skedaddled after the women left.

“Well Mr. Danny. Looks like you had yourself a pretty good time” Julie said with a smile, “ I need to clean you up now. You know… down there”.

“Sorry about that. Can’t lock that door you know. Hope we didn’t gross you out too bad” Danny said, so embarrassed he thought his oh so red face might burst into flames.

“Emm… Quite to the contrary. One of the hottest scenes I’ve seen ever” Julie said with a bit of a giggle.

“Oh… Cool” Danny said, sounding relieved, “You liked that?”

“Well… I love the way that stuff tastes myself. Cant blame anyone else for liking it too. So much fun getting it to come out you know” Julie said, shaping her lips like they were around something and bobbing her head. “Guys doing things like that are a turn on for me anyway”.

“Girls doing ah… similar things to that, you know like with each other, are big turn on for me” Danny said, hoping that she would agree.

“Yeah. That’s does it for me too. Looks like we have a lot in common” Julie said, a bit red faced and getting wetter by the second.

“Ok lets get you cleaned up down there”, Julie said as she pulled back his sheet.

Danny was already hard again when Julie squirted Hexa-Clean on a wash rag then wrapped it around his stiff dick. After jacking him a bit with the wash rag she rinsed him with sterile water.

“So you like doing what I was doing for Kyle?”

“Oh I most definitely do. And the reward you get tastes so good” Julie said as she ran her hand up and down his ever so stiff member.

“Well I know where you can get rewarded. Right now too” Danny said pointing at what she had in her hand.

“Thought you’d never ask” Julie said, before she went down on him.

Julie worked her tongue against the buca escort slit in his glans and the oh so sensitive area just below as she slid her lips up and down his rigid shaft. In no time she had him humping upward, spewing sperm across her tongue. Julie shuddered with a heavy orgasm as she swallowed her reward down.

“Oh you are so delicious Danny” Julie exclaimed, “But look what you made me do. Oh you nasty boy” she teased as she dropped her scrub bottom and lifted a leg so he could see her soggy panties.

“Sorry about that. How about a ‘clean up on isle nine’? That’s the least I can do”.

Julie shed her soggy undies then crawled up on the bed so she could straddle Danny’s head and plant her soggy pussy on his face. Danny went to work straight away dragging his tongue back from deep in her hole to over her clit, again and again, while sucking out her delicious secretions. Several orgasms later Julie’s lust was satisfied. Danny’s jaws ached and his tongue was quite tired too. All the same he was grinning from ear to ear. Julie skipped down the hall then to the nurses station where she placed a big wet tongue stabbing kiss on Annette, making sure she would taste Danny’s sperm.

“Yum girl. Thank you. Your so sweet to share. Hold down the fort here. Mr. Gowen’s asked for a sponge bath” Annette said as she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her scrub top, “I think he wants something else too”.

“Hey. That old guy has a big one” Julie said, smiling big eyed.

“Emm hmm” Annette said with a knowing nod as she shoved a fresh ADB pad into the crotch of her panties.

“I know its a bit late but would you mind if I give you that sponge bath now?”. Annette asked as she rolled a stainless steel table in carrying a tub of warm water, bubble soap, sponge, and towels into 2714.

“Just make sure you do a thorough job down here” Mr Gowen said, pointing downward towards his crotch.

“Oh I promise I will” Annette said with something in her voice that exited him.

Annette, bent forward over Mr. Gowen, cleaned under his chin with a damp cloth, then worked her way down. She was pleased to see his attention was on the opening in the top of her blouse. When she pulled his sheet the rest of the way down she paused for second or two for her eyes to take in a good eight inches of oh so thick, solid, throbbing man meat. Her gorgeous boobs, swaying about in her low cut bra, that she was sure he would notice in her partially opened scrub top, had done what she wanted them too.

“If you’d rather, you could take care of yourself down here?” Annette asked, indicating his dick and balls.

“Oh no! Do keep up your good work mam! Take your time and make sure I’m good and clean down there” Mr. Gowen said, nodding yes.

Annette ran a line of bubble soap down the length of his member then picked him up with her gloved hand and slowly stroked. Its sheer weight alone was enough to pass a small orgasm out through her body.

“That feels very good nurse. But emm…you know? It would feel even better if you put your mouth on it” Mr Gowen said, looking hopeful.

Annette rinsed him then did as he suggested. Just the feel of sliding her lips over his smooth slippery glans combined with a touch of saltiness emitted from his slit brought on another small orgasm. Down she went then, again and again, until she had him so far back in izmir escort her throat her nose rubbed into his soft curly pubes. Then up she came for air.

“Your very good at that Annette” Mr. Gowen said with a smile “Bet that’s not all your good at either”.

“Yes Mr. Gowen. There are two more things I know how to do with that lovely appendage you have there”.

“Be my guest Annette” Mr. Gowen said with a big grin, “Be my guest ”.

Annette gained a fascination with anal sex while watching her older brother and his best friend from her hiding spot in his closet. Gowen’s was one of the largest she’d ever encountered. She fully intended to have every last bit of it installed in her descending colon before she was finished. She gave the curtain a good yank to make sure it was as far over as it could go then slipped out of her scrubs.

Mr. Gowen’s eyes did bulge a bit when she removed her bra, setting her perky C’s free, then he let go a long sigh as her dark pubic V was revealed. Luckily he was not on telemetry or his heart rate would have set an alarm off! Annette climbed over him then to dangle first one, then the other, of her stiff nipples to his sucking mouth. At the same time she grasped his boner and rubbed its bulbous tip through her slit before setting back against him to start him into her vaginal passage.

“Please don’t cum here. I want your stuff in my butt” Annette whispered into Mr. Gowen’s ear.

“My wishes as well gorgeous woman”.

Annette worked herself down his shaft a little at a time, giving her body a chance to adjust to his girth as she went. Mr. Gowen resisted an impulse to shove up into her to once and for all have himself fully installed so that he could begin trusting into her.

When Mr. Gowen’s bulbous tip touched Annette’s cervix, she stopped to just revel in the feeling of being so totally stuffed with dick. He was in as far she wanted him. Then back up again then down she slid fucking herself on his hefty dick. Annette watched Mr. Gowen closely for signs that his orgasm was nearing while she enjoyed herself on him. When he seemed to be getting close she rose up off him then directed the bulbous tip of his slippery shaft against her anal ring.

Oh my! How her sphincter did stretch getting around that big purple plum she pushed back against it! Her own natural lubrication was almost to good. She had to be careful to not push back to hard then suddenly have his whole dick shoot up her ass when her sphincter popped over his glans. She did like to feel just a little pain when it first went in. But just a little though! Once her anal ring was safely locked around his thick shaft, just below his coronal ridge, down she went until her ass contained every last cubic inch of his big fat dick. Then fuck herself on him she did. When she was ready for his sperm, she began working the tightness of her anal ring over his glans and the sensitive area just below to give him the stimulation he needed to reach orgasm. Mr. Gowen thrust upward into her then to plant his seed as deep in her bowels as he could get it. Annette came with him so heavily that his balls dripped with her heavy secretions.

Well, Julie’s dating Danny and Kyle together now. Mr. Gowen is trying to get his doctor to put him back in the hospital again. On the second floor of coarse and preferably on a weekend.


Authors note:

We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we did writing it. We rely on personal experience to keep the details accurate where ever possible.

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