Honeymoon Ch. 2

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A Taste

Jim and Jane finally arrived in Jamaica for their two week honeymoon. She still couldn’t believe that her first sexual experience with Jim had been so wonderful. We both knew it would be great but not this fantastic. Jim made sure that Jane got the best mind blowing sex possible and she expected to return the favor to him several times in Jamaica.

Jim was dressed in a colorful shirt and light pair of slacks. He had a great set of buns and a magnificent chest. She use to dream about taking his buns in her hands while we where making love and pulling him into me over and over again. Jim would not let me move during our first night of sexual bliss and I was still able to have four orgasms. I dreamed all night about what I was going to do to Jim when we got to Jamaica. He was so handsome with his black hair and blue eyes. On the other hand I had blond hair and green eyes. The mini sundress I was wearing obviously had an effect on the men at the hotel since I could feel the many eyes examining my body as I walked through the lobby. The dress was cut deeply in front and showed off my well curved breasts, the dress barely covered my ass. My 36-23-36 figure and long blond hair down to my waist attracted a great deal of attention. I knew they could see my bikini panty line through my dress as it clung to my figure. Every time I walked the material would move across my ass and accented the waving of my hips. I walked in front of Jim wanting to turn him on as much as possible. I could see that occurring as I noticed the familiar bulge in his slacks. I noticed him using his hands to try to condition his cock to stand in an erect position so that it would not be so obvious. There was a little wet spot on the front of his trousers.

When we arrived in our room it was just as I had envisioned it to be. There was a private swimming pool outside our bedroom window. The bed had four big posts with a net draped above it. There was a hammock in the sunroom that looked out on the night sky. There was some exercising bars, a Jacuzzi, and hot spa. Wow! What a neat place. Jim tipped the bell hop and as soon as the door closed scooped me up in his arms and crushed me to him. He kissed me with so much passion that I felt myself becoming weak to the point of fainting. I got control of myself and told Jim to take a shower. Jim finished quickly and came out in only his briefs which barely covered his erect cock. I couldn’t believe that I was able to take all of that into my body and was anxious to try that again and again. I quickly moved past Jim and took my shower. I put on my new night gown which was completely transparent. I wanted Jim to see my breast and pussy when I walked out of the bathroom. When I open the door I heard him gasp and say “Oh sweetie, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. I am so in love with you. I want to make love to you over and over again. Oh, darling I want to fuck you so bad. “

She noticed his cock’s head sticking out of the top of his briefs as if to take a look at her scrumptious body. He reached for her but she put her hand out and told him that last night was his turn and that tonight it would be hers.

Jim did not want to wait but he thought it might be interesting to see what Jane had in mind. He knew that she had been preparing for this honeymoon by reading many books on sexual techniques.

Jane smiled at Jim and took him by the hand and led him over the exercising equipment. She told him to hold on to the bar above his head that was used for pull ups. She could feel her face blushing and a warm tingling throughout her body.

“Jim I want you to hold on to that bar and not move no matter what happens.”

He smiled and said “I will do whatever you ask.”

She thought to herself “He might want to reconsider those words before I am done.”

Jane slowly let her gown slide down her body. She did not dry herself completely and Jim could see the tiny drops of water inching there way down her body and was thinking how he wished he was doing the same thing.

She slowly moved her hands down her body. Her magnificent breasts stood straight out from her body with beautifully hardened nipples. Her hands traveled down her stomach to her pussy and she smiled as she open her legs and allowed her fingers to spread the lips of her pussy so that he could see warm inviting entrance to her cunt.

She could feel the lips quivering and the moisture running from her pussy across her fingers in anticipation of what she had in store for Jim. She slowly turned around wanting Jim to devour her with his eyes. he was beside himself. Jane’s ass was so beautifully rounded. She turned her back on him and bent over to grab her ankles. She parted her legs so that Jim would be able to gaze completely on her fully founded ass and her pussy nestled between her legs. She knew he could see the moisture dripping from her cunt lips. She moved her hips in a circular fashion knowing it would have a great effect on him.

“My God, Jane you are so damn beautiful. I can’t hardly wait to fuck you. bursa escort You won’t sleep tonight!.”

She smiled, as she noticed his huge cock quivering under his briefs.

“Jim, remember how I begged you to fuck me but you continued to tease me? When I finished with you, you will know what you put me through. You will be begging me to fuck you before I am done.”

“Ha. You’ve got to be kidding. There is nothing you can do to make me do that. “

She smiled again and moved her ass back and forth. “Oh, darling, we will see how much resistance you have.”

He was beside himself. She once again warned him not to move. She slowly walked over to Jim and inched his briefs down an inch at a time. Jim could feel the material move over his highly aroused cock and was thinking how he couldn’t wait to sink it deep into her pussy. His cock was sticking straight in the air with drops of moisture on its tip.

She smiled, “What is this on the top of your cock. It seems to me that you are already getting excited and I haven’t even started yet.”

She reached in her pocket book and pulled out a mask. She told Jim that he had seen enough for the time being and she wanted to surprise him for a while.

He briefly objected then defiantly said “Go ahead and put it on me.”

As Jane put the mask on Jim she laughed and countered with the comment “I look forward to making you squirm at my every command.”

A cold thrill went through his body and he couldn’t control the quivering of his penis.

Next She went to her suitcase and removed 4 pieces of cord attached to 4 bracelets. She attached the cords to each of his arms and legs and secured them in place so that he could not move. Both of his legs were stretched out and he was still holding on to the pull up bar.

“Jim, I know you told me you would not move but I thought I would make that a safe bet and assure myself that you would be true to your word. After last night I could see how excitable you can become!

He was sweating and trembling all over his body. “What in the world are you doing?”

She said nothing but walked slowly around his body examining the man she had married. She was very impressed with his wonderful physique especially his cock which stood almost parallel to his body. . She decided it was now time to get started. She applied astro glide to her nipples and walked behind Jim. Jim and Jane were about the same height. She very slowly placed her nipples against Jim’s back and began to agonizingly slide slipperily down on to his rounded ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh, my God, Jane what are you doing. Agahhhhhhhh, that feels so good.”

“Oh, darling this is just the beginning”

She moved to the front of his body and applied more astro glide to her nipples. She moved slowly towards him so her nipples barely touched his chest. He jumped slightly at the contact. She then place her tongue very lightly across his lips. He opened his mouth but Jane once again told him not to move. Her tongue explored his lips very lightly before moving slowly along the inner top and lower surfaces. . Jim’s breathing became very labored and in gasps. He wanted desperately to reach out and pull her to him and fuck her. She continued her movements for several minutes before moving further into Jim’s mouth. She moved her tongue slowly in and out of Jim’s mouth sometimes fast and at other times very slowly. It was as if she was simulating the fucking that Jim had given her last night. She finally took her tongue and moved it all along the slides of his tonque and then finally around the bottom and top very gently. Jim’s body was quivering all over and his penis was jumping back and forth. She was having such a good time. She left his mouth and with her tongue outlined his eyes while moving her chest back and forth against his. She turned his head and licked around his ears and finally moved her tongue into his ear canal while rubbing her nipples across his nipples.

“Oh my Godddddd Jim screeched.”

She could see more and more fluid escaping from Jim’s penis. She applied more astro glide all over her breasts and her ass and down her anus and along the lips of he pussy. She stood close to Jim and let her nipples touch his chest. He acted as if he has been burned, as his chest muscles contracted. She pushed her chest against his and slid very slowly down his chest and stomach and each leg. When she came close to his cock she could see him tighten his jaw in anticipation of her touching his huge cock which was spasming. In order for him to realize how close she was she blew lightly on the head of his penis. His whole body shook.

“Ohhhhhhh..My Gooooooood. Honey, if you love me you won’t keep this up.”.

“Darling it is because I love you that I am just starting to have fun and I promise you will have no regrets when I am finished with you.”

She got off her knees and looked at Jim and thought how much fun it was to be in charge. She turned around with her ass facing Jim and moved slowly backwards until she came in contact with his bursa escort bayan cock.

He screamed–“aaaaaaaagh, oooooooooh, you are killing me.”. She then contracted her ass muscles trapping his penis in her ass folds. Her muscles began to contract automatically and she cried out.

“Ohhhhhhh, my God, aaaaaaagh. Jim you are so warm.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh. ohhhhhhhh. Goooooooood, Godddddddd I am about to explode” He yelled. He started to move and she yelled at him to stop.

“Jim your cock is so warm and huge. “

She slowly moved her lubricated ass up and down Jim’s dick. It moved across the opening of her pussy and the opening of her ass. She was in heaven. She slid very slowly up and down. The lips of her pussy wrapped around Jim’s cock holding it securely as they contracted spasmatically. She noticed how red the top of his cock had gotten and could see more fluid oozing its way out of it. She could feel his cock rubbing across her clitoris and anus in such a way that she was coming close to an orgasm herself.

“Ohhhhhhhh. God your cock is so hot. I am enjoying this so much”!

Suddenly she could feel his cock start to contract and quiver and knew he was getting close to a climax but she wasn’t close to letting him have that early satisfaction. She quickly pulled away from his body not only to keep him form exploding but she realized that she was so close to having an orgasm herself. She definitely was not ready for that and she didn’t want Jim to have that sort of satisfaction so early. She abruptly moved away from him.

“Jane, what are you doing, don’t stop, I am so close to the edge. Surely you will give me some relief”.

“Darling I told you that you must beg me to fuck you and I haven’t heard those comments yet”.

” I am so excited but it will be a cold day in hell before I utter those words”.

“Sweetie I am going to move you to the bed.” She took off the cords and led him to the bed. She placed him on his back and tied his hands to the top two posts. She then told Jim to bend his knees. She tied the bracelets just above Jim’s knees and told him to spread himself as wide as he could and be comfortable. He did as she said but suddenly realized that he was completely exposed to her gaze..

Jane, “I feel so vulnerable. I have never been so exposed to anyone in my life.”

She laughed and said “Now you know how I felt when you held my legs above my head and teased me over and over again. Now it is my turn to return the favor”.

She sat in front of Jim and just looked at his magnificent body that she was going to use to pleasure herself and bring his self confidence down to earth. Not only was his cock pulsating but his anus was also contracting.

She moved to the bathroom and removed a razor and shaving cream that she had warming in a sink full of hot water. She trembled as she thought about what she was going to do. She moved between Jim’s widely stretched legs and slowly blew her breath moving inch by inch from his anus up to his cock.

“Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh, My God, My God, aaaaaaaaagh. Jane, “I am can’t blieve this is the innocent girl I married?”

Darlng, “I am just preparing you for the greatest experience of your life.”

She squeezed some shaving lotion on to her hand and applied it around his cock and all the way to his anus. She made sure that she did not touch his cock because she had some great ideas on how to make Jim beg her to fuck him.

He jumped as he felt Jane apply the warm material at the base of his cock and along his anus.

“Oh, Jane! What are you doing know. That feels so warm.”

He was shocked when he felt something sharp moving across the hairs surrounding his cock and anus. Jane smiled to herself as she carefully shaved the hairs from around his penis and next to his anus. Jim’s cock waved wildly in the air and his anus muscles contracted as she moved closer with the razor. She made sure not to touch his cock wanting to take him to the edge as long as possible.

“Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh, Jane, Oh Oh, Oh, your, Oh my God, I can’t believe you are doing this to me..”

“Darling, I told you that this would be my turn after you ravished me last night.”

She finished shaving all of Jim’s hair and marveled at his erect cock and could not believe he sunk that into her pussy last night. She could hardly wait for that again but first she must continue with her sexual plans for Jim.

She looked at Jim spread eagle before her and licked her lips. She took her tongue and very slowly started moving from the bottom of his ass towards his cock. She moved around his anus. Jim’s anus started convulsing and he yelled out again–

“My God Jane what are you doing now, I am tied up like a steer ready for slaughter and you continue to tease me like this.”

“Jim, as I have told you several times, this is just the beginning. I still haven’t heard you beg for me to fuck you.”

” You never will” he yelled.

She moved her tongue from circling his anus in a straight line up to the bobbing cock in front escort bursa of her.

“Oh God, Oh God, you are driving me crazy”. His restraints kept him from grabbing her ass and fucking her thoroughly.

She slowly started licking from the top of his ass. She hesitated for a moment and then decided to go all out and move her tongue back and forth across his anus and then finally slipped it into his anus as his anal muscles went wild contracting on her tongue.

“Jane, My God, I can’t believe you just did that. I never realized you could be such a vixen”.

“Darling, you haven’t seen anything yet. “

She took out of her purse a string of 40 anal beads. She placed the astro glide lubricant all over the beds and then to Jim’s horror preceded to stuff them into his anus. The whole string of beads were inside except for the string still hanging out of Jim’s anus.

“Oh, God, what did you stick in me. I can’t believe you would violate me like this. I feel so full.”

“Now you have a small idea of how I felt when you first put your huge cock into my pussy.. Trust me Jim, I think you find this to be a great experience.”

She realized that her pussy was just oozing with fluid and that it was wetting the chair on which see was sitting.. She decided to make her next move. Jane took her tongue and placed it under the ridge of his swollen cock head and moved it completely around it.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, aaaaaaaaaaagh, Jesus, oh my, oh my, That is so wonderful..”

She could tell that he was about to reach a climax,. Jane moved her tongue just under the head of his cock and licked him slowly.

He begged…..”Please if you love me don’t do this to me. I need to have some release before I explode internally.”

She suddently stopped licking his cock.

He screamed. “Jane, my God don’t stop.”

She smiled to herself and went back to lightly licking him on the same spot and could tell that he was his orgasm was eminent.. Jane could tell that his muscles were under great tension.

Jim’s head was twisting back and he was moaning uncontrollably.

She could tell when he was just about to explode and and again stopped licking him..

His moaning increaed.

She removed his mask and told him to look at her e because she wanted to see when he reached his orgasm.

“Yes, Yes, oh God yes, take off my mask but please don’t stop licking me this time.”

She continued teasing the area just under the head of his cock. His cock starting pulsating.. He was desperately screaming for release. He had never been so stimulated by anything in his entire life.

She could feel him starting to cum and slowed down her licking one more time. Jim started sweating and finally begged Jane to fuck him.

She smiled and said “I told you that you would give in but I am not ready to fuck you. Get ready to reach your first climax”. She went back to work with her tongue.. She had read this was a sensitive area and it proved to be true. She continued licking the area near the head of his cock for the next 30 minutes.

He felt an explosion coming. A wave of excitement was filling his loins. His cock was quivering, jerking, and spasming as he came closer and closer to his orgasmic relief.. He looked straight at Jane and she smiled as her slow licking brought him to the brink of his climax. At the same time slowly pulled on the anal beads and they came out one at a time increasing Jim’s orgasmic response several times over. Jim screamed

“Oh, oh,oh,oh, aaaaaaagh, my God, I’m there, I’m there. I have never felt anything like this before, I’m cummmmmmmmming, I’m cummmmmmmmming, oh God this is so wonderful. “

Jim’s anus contracted in rhythm with his cock. Sperm shot out of his cock and completely covered his chest and hit the head board of the bed. His cock contracted again and again as Jane continued her teasing with her tongue.and pulling the last of the anal beads out of his quivering ass hole. Jim layed there trembling all over.

Jane took a warm towel and cleaned him up. She then smiled at him and told his she was going to put the mask back on him.

“Oh Jane, that was wonderful.? “I have never had a orgasm like that..” “I begged you to fuck me and you answered by teasing my cock until I thought I would die. Those anal beds were unreal.”I can’t believe you know how to stimulate me so greatly.”

Jane said “I still have a few more surprises for you, honey..” She loosened the ropes on his arms and led him to the hammock in the sunroom. She placed him face down on the hammock. She tied the bracelets to each side of the hammock causing him to be spread eagle.

“What else can you do to me. I am completely drained.”

“Well lets see if I can get you going once again. I still want to fuck you like you fucked me last night.”

He was lying flat on the hammock naked and with his mask on. She reached under his body with her hand. Jim jumped. She carefully grabbed his cock and pulled it though the opening in the hammock. His cock was getting harder by the minute and pointing straight down. There was no way he could bring it back towards his body. Here he was lying on a hammock with his cock pointing down towards the floor. What next he thought?

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