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One thing I dislike about school is when they hand out joint assignments. If you’re in a group there’s always someone who shirks, leaving the work to the rest of the group. That’s a real irritant. It’s even worse when you’re assigned a single partner. It’s OK if you can pick your partner because you can pick someone compatible who’s willing to work. This time we were assigned partners on a random basis.

I was sort of in luck. I was set to work with Jan and she’s quite smart and willing to work. She was a cute kid, eighteen like me, and not a bad figure. I could have done a lot worse. From the look Jan gave me she was probably feeling she could have done better but hard luck, girl, you were stuck.

We divided up the work between us, meeting at school several times to make sure we were both on track, and I think Jan was satisfied that I was doing my fair share. I know I was satisfied with the quality of her work. Eventually we had to meet up for a couple of hours to put the two parts of the project together and organise how we were going too present it. I suggested that Jan come around to my place to finish it off but she flatly refused. We had to do it at her place. That was fine by me and we arranged a time.

Saturday rolled around and I fronted up at Jan’s place. She dragged me inside, introduced me to her mother, and announced that we were going to her bedroom to finish our assignment.

“That’s fine, dear,” said her mother. “Just remember to leave the door open.”

“Really, mother, he’s gay. What difference does it make?”

“It doesn’t matter. He’s a boy. Leave the door open.”

Jan must have seen the amusement on my face because she glared at me, huffed at her mother, and marched off down the hall to her room. Once we were inside she pointed closed the door about half way.

Jan gave me a look daring me to say something and suggested we get on with the assignment.

“Fine by me,” I told her. “From what I see we should finish up with a nice piece of work. You and your mother are both wrong by the way.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, looking at me suspiciously.

“Well, you’re wrong in thinking I’m gay. That was a surprising bit of news to me. What on earth made you think I was?”

“What? But everyone knows it.”

I was shaking my head. “No, everyone does not know it. One of the people who doesn’t know it is me and I think I’d know better than anyone. I have no idea how anyone would get that idea.”

“But Wendy swears that you’re gay. She always knows if men are gay.”

“Wendy!” I said derisively. “Wendy’s idea of a gay man is someone who won’t fuck her. By that definition I’m one.”

“When would you get a chance to sleep with Wendy?” scoffed Jan. “Do you seriously expect me to believe you’d pass on a chance to sleep with her? Have you seen her breasts?”

“Both pendik escort had the chance and passed on it,” I said blithely. “Yes, I’ve seen her breasts. Au natural for that matter. She could give a cow’s udder a run for its money. I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for a, ah, bovine experiment.”

“You turned her down because, ah. . .” Jan gestured with her hands indicating considerable more in the breast area than she personally possessed, not that her breasts weren’t very nice ones.

“Not just because of that,” I admitted. “Let’s say I prefer someone with a bit more on top,” tapping my head to indicate brains rather than breasts, “and I guess I’m a bit of an explorer.”

“An explorer?” she asked, puzzled.

“I have no desire to follow in the footprints of a hundred other men,” I said somewhat callously, and Jan thumped me on the arm.

“She’s not that bad,” she mumbled.

Probably not, but she was working on it from what I’d observed.

“OK, so you’re not gay. Why did you say my mother was also wrong?”

I gave her a cheerful smile.

“An open door won’t stop me making a move on you if I want to” I told her. “It just means that I’d have to take some precautions.”

“You can stop right there,” Jan snapped. “You are not going to make a move on me.”

“That’s not your decision,” I said in a gentle voice. “It’s mine. Your decision will be how to react if I do make a move on you. Why don’t you consider what your response will be while we start on our assignment?”

Jan gave me an irritated look but settled down and we started work. After a short while she looked at me with a smirk.

“You can’t really make a move on me. If my mother came past and my clothes were mussed up she’d have kittens and banish you on the spot.”

I said nothing immediately and we continued working. When we reached a point where I thought we could take a short break I stopped, stretched, and turned to face Jan.

“Stand up for a moment, will you?” I asked her, giving an up gesture at the same time.

She rose to her feet, looking a little curious. I promptly lifted her dress, took hold of her panties and had them down below her knees in nothing flat. She naturally tried to move back away from me, bumped into her chair, and promptly say on it, which allowed me to finish taking off her panties and tossing them over into a clothes basket over against the wall.

“If your mother comes past she won’t notice anything wrong with the way your clothes are,” I calmly told her. “Of course, if you try to grab them and put them back on she’ll probably pick that time to come past. Now, as I was saying,” I added, turning back to the assignment.

Jan was blushing furiously and certainly wanted to do or say something but she swallowed her ire and concentrated on the work. After a few minutes I brought escort pendik her lack of panties to her attention again.

“Um, how does it feel to be sitting there without your panties, knowing that I know that you’re not wearing any, and that I intend to touch you up shortly?”

A blush rose to her face again and she tried her best to turn my attention back to the assignment. I was having none of it.

“The reason I ask is that I noticed that you shave and I can’t help but wonder if you feel as smooth as you look.”

Jan pointedly referred to something in the assignment and I shrugged and leaned forward to look at it. Deciding I knew what that bit meant I decided to amuse myself by stroking Jan’s leg. I dropped my hand onto her knee and started moving it upwards. Jan sat up straighter, looking down at where my hand was moving along the inside of her leg. As soon as it went under her dress, moving higher, she gasped and closed her legs tightly together, trapping my hand.

“Jan,” I said softly.

“What?” she said in a gasping voice.

“Relax your legs, there’s a good girl.”

“You’re a swine,” she hissed.

“I know,” I agreed. “Now relax your legs a little anyway.”

She did so, somewhat to my surprise, and my hand continued its journey, very quickly finding some very soft flesh, flesh that I started rubbing, ignoring the startled little noise that she made.

I heard the distant sound of the TV change had removed my hand, turning back to the assignment. I started to address the assignment and Jan started to take me to task for wandering hands.

“Quiet,” I told her softly. “Your mother is on her way.”

Jan looked slightly disbelieving but kept her mouth shut, and a few moments later her mother wandered past, pushing the door open a little more and glancing in at us. I looked up and nodded to her and turned back to the assignment and she continued on her way.

After her mother had gone Jan gave me a suspicious look.

“How did you know she was coming?” she demanded.

“The TV is on. Ads are louder than the shows to grab your attention and so that you can still hear them if you go and get some coffee. When the ads start your mother finds some reason to wander past. She won’t be back now until the next ad which will be about ten minutes away.”

Smiling and looking Jan directly in the eye I unzipped my fly. Reaching for her hand I placed it against my groin, right next to that open fly. From the way her eyes widened she could feel what I had there.

“I was touching you,” I pointed out. “It’s only fair that I permit you to touch me.”

She gave me a girl’s look but didn’t withdraw her hand, just leaving it lying there. She referred to the assignment and I went along with what she wanted. Still, I wasn’t totally shocked when her hand slipped through the open pendik escort bayan fly to start exploring what was there. I was slightly more shocked when she hauled it into the light to get a better feel for it. Now I was more consciously aware of that open door and a mother in the background.

A little touching on both our parts and the time passed quite fast. So fast that the next set of ads took me by surprise and I was very hastily pulling my cock into my pants and smoothing Jan’s dress down.

“When the show starts again,” I said, “we have ten minutes. During that ten minutes I’m going to bend you over that bed and fuck you just as hard as I can.”

“Really? Don’t you think I might have something to say about that?” Jan demanded.

“Certainly,” I agreed. “You can decide if you want to bend forward over the bed so that what happens takes you completely by surprise or you can lean backwards so you can watch as my cock enters you.”

“Right,” she scoffed. “As long as I have a choice.”

The ads finished and I rose to me feet, drawing Jan to hers. I gave her a gentle push towards the bed while taking a quick look out the bedroom door. Her mother was comfortably settled on the couch, feet up. I turned back to Jan. She was leaning forward over the bed, not looking towards me. I came up behind her, rubbed her mound and moved her lips further apart. Then I was lining up and driving home with some vigour. Jan gasped, pushing firmly back to meet me.

“God, you feel marvellous,” I groaned. “I’d really like to stretch this out as long as possible but we do have a time constraint. And I can’t even go hell for leather because we have to keep the noise down.”

I started pumping into her, with Jan pushing eagerly to meet me. My hands were on her hips, pulling her towards me as I thrust, doing what I could to give us that extra oomph.

It was plain to me that I was ready to go at any moment. My problem was going to be hanging on until Jan was ready. My cock was surging into her, almost lifting her off her feet I was thrusting so powerfully, and she was just lapping it up.

She had one hand clamped on her mouth, apparently wanting to give tongue but not daring to. I just grinned and gave my all.

We only lasted about five minutes and then Jan was hissing at me to do it, damn you, and I let myself go. She grabbed a pillow of the bed and jammed it over her face and I could hear a muffled scream as she climaxed.

We disengaged and Jan grabbed her panties from the basket. “Light that,” she snapped, pointing to a little incense burner, and shot through, to the bathroom I assumed.

She was back and we were sitting back at our assignment the next time her mother wandered past. She sniffed at the doorway and looked towards the incense burner.

“I don’t know how you can stand that stuff,” she said.

“The scent relaxes me,” was the mild reply. Her mother gave another pointed sniff and moved on.

“It especially relaxes me knowing that it kills the scent of you having demonstrated your manhood,” she giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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