Hole in One Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Dan watched his wife pack and shook his head, “Come on honey, the one piece? I think the guys would prefer to see you in the yellow one. Yes, that one.” He said indicating the skimpy two-piece. “Also, don’t forget evening dresses. You’ll be in some pretty nice places if I know George.”

Finally, all packed, Shannon and Dan climbed into bed.

Turning the light off, Shannon rolled over to press her body against her husband. “God, I really do love you. You’re the love of my life.” She stroked his back. “I’m going to miss you so much.” She felt a cramp in her stomach realizing she’d be actually spending the week with the man she’d fantasized about for the last three weeks.

Dan stroked her hair off her face, “I love you, too. I will love you no matter what happens.” He felt her jerk, “I know, nothing’s going to happen, but relax and enjoy it when it does.”

“What are you saying? That I’m going to actually sleep with George? Never! It was a fantasy.” Shannon spat out.

“I never said that. I know you’d never purposefully sleep with anyone else, but you’re going to tease him. Have fun with that. I know who you’re coming home to, so I’m totally happy as long as you are.” Dan said stroking her face, “I totally love you and you are the best person I know. You’d never do anything bad.” He paused, “I really shouldn’t tell you this…I have no idea if this is true, but Roy was dating one of the executive assistants who told him the man has certain equine qualities.”

“What? You men. Those stupid rumors invariably prove to be bullshit.” She looked at Dan, “You are a really strange man. Tease him. Have fun with him, but leave him frustrated. What if I feel sorry for him and give him release? Maybe find out if he’s packing or not?” She asked softly, feeling her pussy throb.

“So? Would you love me less? I sure wouldn’t love you less.” Dan looked at his wife, “That last three weeks have been incredible. We’ve had sex, what? Three times a day? So far whatever you might think about your fantasies about George, I’ve been the beneficiary.”

Shannon chuckled, “We’ve been the beneficiaries, I was there too.” She stroked his cock, “Who would have thought that I’d ever take a man around the world and love it. It used to make me cringe thinking about it.” She crawled down and took his cock in her mouth.

Dan sighed, “You have to get up early to get ready for your flight, so perhaps just take me to France tonight.”


George saw Shannon pulling her carry-on up to the gate, stunned that she actually looked more beautiful than he remembered. He instinctively opened his arms and gave her a huge hug, feeling her body pressed against him, totally aware of her breasts. “I’m so glad you could make it, though we’re going to miss Dan’s putter.”

Shannon almost laughed thinking about Dan’s ‘putter’, but kept it to herself. “So, who do we have as the fourth?”

“One of the HR people who supposedly is pretty good, though he has no idea what his handicap is. He says he shoots in the mid 80s, but who knows? That puts a lot more pressure on the two of us.” George replied. “Dan is sure hard to replace. Really powerful and such a good putter.” He reached into his bag, “Here’s the schedule. Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, best ball. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, alternate shots. Friday singles. Everything will be scored based on total wins.” He studied the sheet, fewest strokes will be the tiebreaker.” He looked at the girl, “Never mind, we just have to play our best and we’ll be fine. I’m just in this for fun. We’ve never been in the money, but it never bothered me.” He grinned at the girl, “I’d love to see who has to play you in singles.”

Shannon looked at the sheet and realized for most players, Friday would be killer. Your average golfer doesn’t play seven rounds of golf in seven days. She suddenly had a thought, “Ok, so what is at stake here?”

George nodded, “Yeah. Well. Primarily pride, but the winning team splits $8,000. Second $3,000 and third, a thou. Relax, as owner, I put up the $3,000 entry fee for the team.” He paused, “The rest goes toward reserving the course for the week….” He looked at Shannon with a grin, “Though perhaps we could come up with a way for you to cover your $750…”

Shannon punched him in the arm, “You can’t let it go, can you? I’ll tell you what. If you get a hole-in-one on any hole during the tournament, I’ll let you see me naked.”

“Hell, if I get a hole-in-one, I deserve more than that. I should get whatever I want while you’re naked.” George stopped thinking he’d gone too far, but he saw the girl blush but not reject it, out of hand.

“Christ. I cannot do that. You know I’m married to Dan, and may I emphatically add, happily married. I could never do that to him.” She thought about it, “Perhaps something else….”

“I get it, but this has nothing to do with Dan. If I get a hole-in-one, he’d never need to know. However, you’d have to carry the burden, or not. That bursa escort is your call.” He glanced at his waist, “Frankly, I think you’d not have any regrets…at least the women I’ve been with seem to have been really happy.”

Shannon grabbed her bag and rolled over to the gate shaking her head. When George joined her, she looked at him, “Teasing is fun. As long as it’s harmless flirting, it’s just fun and not cheating, but having sex with you would be cheating whether I tell Dan or not.

“Ok, like you say, the teasing is fun. It’s had my juices flowing for the last few weeks. I just thought that having an outrageous wager, one that is nearly impossible to cash in on, would make the tension perhaps a little more palatable.” He looked at the girl.

She thought about it. About how incredibly rare a hole-in-one is and how perhaps, any one of his shots that comes close might make her…she felt herself getting a bit excited…’Shit!,’ she thought about Dan’s 96 Civic. “Ok, here’s the deal. If I get a hole-in-one, I know, another, then I want Dan to get a company car, a Tesla, the one with the best range.”

“Isn’t that a $100,000 car?”

“Something like that, but you can depreciate it, so it’s not that much, plus you can lease it.” Shannon said, “But why are we wasting time talking about this? It’s not going to happen.”

“Shit, Ok. But this week…if I get a hole-in-one I want you in my bed each night for the remainder of the week.” George said.

Shannon looked a bit taken aback, then shook her head. “Sure, fantasize all you want. It’s not happening, so sure. If you get a hole-in-one tomorrow, then you can screw me for the entire week.” She grabbed her phone, “Hang on, I told Dan I’d call him before we board.”

George felt his blood rush to his cock and nodded as Shannon dialed her phone.

“Hi sweetie. Getting ready to head to the airport? Yeah, we’re getting ready to board. I miss you too. What? Um, yes. Christ, did you two talk?…I’m not telling, I want it to be a surprise….Yes…yes, sure I will. Like you say, a bet is a bet….I love you, too. Talk to you tonight.” She put down the phone and looked at George, “He guessed what you’d want if you ace a hole.” She giggled, “You get to ace another hole.”

“Just one?” George laughed. Then he looked serious, “He’s ok with it?”

“He laughed it off. I think he knows it ain’t happening.”


Shannon took the glass of wine from the flight attendant. She turned to the older man sitting beside her, “I have to ask. You’re putting out a lot of money, perhaps to see me naked. Or the actually sleep with me. Why is that? Is it because I’m married?” She looked at her figure and back at the man, “I mean, let’s face it, I’m quite cute,” she giggled, “but there are millions of women as pretty as I am that would jump into bed with you in a flash.”

George laughed, “Married? Yeah, no, that’s not it.” He thought a second, “I’ve slept with a few women, but never one who was married. Actually, I really hate men who prey on married women. Plus, I really like Dan.” He looked at the girl, pointedly scanning her form, “Don’t kid yourself, you’re a fucking hot piece, but you’re right.” He looked at his clasped hands in his lap. “Remember when I told you I saw you play? You were wearing a tight pink sleeveless top and a white golf skirt. Then I saw that swing. The closest I’ve ever seen anyone swing like Ernie Els. Slow, effortless and wham! 260 yards right down the middle. Then I looked at those long legs and the way that top showed your marvelous breasts…and…um, I had impure thoughts. You know, having those legs wrapped around me…those breasts laid out naked beneath me.” He looked embarrassed, “So, well, uh, whenever I was perhaps trying to get….you know…when I needed to get really aroused, I fantasized about you…with your legs…your tits.” He rubbed his face, “This is totally embarrassing.”

Shannon felt herself blushing, “You could have been my groupie!” A few of the girls on the team would go out partying with some of the guys…fans. I never did.” She patted his leg, “Of course you were married then, so….”

George moaned, “Christ, that thought has been in my head for years.” He looked at the beautiful blonde, “When Dan showed up with you…with the girl I’ve had in my head for years…” He sighed.

Shannon rubbed George’s leg, “Sorry that I’m married. Had I known….” She grinned. “I was thinking. Perhaps we should have some wagers…” She winked at him. “Perhaps, you know, 5% or me nude?”

“You mean outside of the totally improbable hole-in-one?” He thought about it, “Sure, let’s do that. It makes it hard with alternate shots, so instead let’s do longest putt made per round.” He looked at her and seeing her nod, “We’ll just have to pace it off.” He thought a minute, I have other ideas for perhaps if I win a second time. I mean, seeing you naked would be great, but you know, been there, done that.”

Shannon laughed, “No, I understand. bursa escort bayan I am spectacularly beautiful naked. Totally flawless…perky tits…great ass, until you see me, and all your preconceived notions will get blown away by my totally normal body.”

George laughed, “Gee, perhaps I’ll pass on that then. I’d really hate to have my preconceived notions blown away…though the blowing part, doesn’t sound bad.”

“Nope, again, I’d hate for you to be disappointed when you get a hole-in-one and when I suck your impressive cock, you’ll think, ‘been there, done that.” She said as she stroked higher. She looked down at his pants, “If only I could do something about that.”


“Wow, you go all out. First class flight, now really nice hotel.” Shannon looked around the resort. She remembered in college staying in the Super 8 in Monterey, and though it was nice…it wasn’t this place.

“We all have rooms facing the ocean on the fourth floor. I’d like to get changed, head over to the course and practice my mid-range game.” George said, winking at Shannon. “Let’s go up and get changed and hit the driving range. I don’t know when Ed and Richard are arriving, they were on a later flight.”

Later, after practicing, they headed back to the hotel and found out Richard and Ed had arrived. George called their room and told them there was a get-together in the ballroom at 7.

Shannon decided to shower and change before the get-together and she looked at her dresses and realized they couldn’t be worn with a bra. She kicked herself letting Dan dictate which dresses she should take. She slipped what she thought was the most modest one over her naked body and realized her nipples were poking right out. She looked at the rest of her clothes and outside of what she wore on the plane, they were either golf wear, or slinky dresses.

George whistled when she opened the door, “Fuck me. Go on back in, let’s skip this thing.” He said grinning.

Shannon groaned, “Christ, I swear I have dresses at home I can wear a bra with.” She looked at where George was looking, “Are you sure you don’t want to call down and ask them to crank up the air-conditioning in the ballroom?” She pushed by him and headed to the elevators. She heard doors open and turned to see Ed and apparently Richard come towards her. “Hey Ed, you made it.” She gave him a hug, “And you must be Richard.” She was going to shake hands, but hugged him also as he pulled her close. She looked at the two men. Both had wedding rings, both were approximately 35 to 40 and both were having trouble looking her in the eyes.

As she got on the elevator, she heard Ed whisper to Richard, “Yes, she actually is a good golfer.”

‘Christ,’ she thought, ‘they think I’m George’s escort, or something. I’m going to kill Dan for making me pack these….’

As they entered, Shannon looked around and saw men. Men in groups, gripping drinks. Men sitting at tables chatting. Men standing by the open bar. As she looked around, she saw a single female standing next to a man at the head table. It was obvious, she was an executive assistant. She turned to George, “Is this a traditionally all men’s affair?”

George sighed, “Yes. It never registered, but in the past, there might have been some women…I just don’t remember any.” He put his hand on the small of her back, “Let’s go find a table and get some drinks…maybe not in that order.”

“George Hill! How’s it going? I see you’re back to take your punishment.” A tall, a bit overweight man guffawed. “Who did you find this year?” He looked at Richard and Ed before openly checking out Shannon from head to toe. He pursed his lips appreciatively before looking back at George.

George smiled politely, “Guys, this is Brad Caine. He’s won it the last two years, at least his company has.”

“Three years, but who’s counting. This is your team?”

“Yes, Ed, Richard and Shannon. Ed and Richard work for me as does Shannon’s husband.” George said, introducing them.

Shannon looked at Brad, “So, where’s your team?”

Brad pointed over to the corner, “That’s Bobby, Jim and Stanley.” He looked at them proudly, “All have a handicap under 8.” He looked back, “You guys?”

George laughed, “Let’s see, hard to say since two have never actually checked.” He looked at Shannon, pointedly, “But we’re here to have fun.”

Brad looked over at Shannon and winked at George and turned to go, “Ok, well good luck this week.”

They heard him snicker as he went back to his team and Shannon saw him make an subtle obscene gesture with his hands as he grinned at his team.

As he walked away, George laughed, “Look. We’ll be lucky to finish in the middle of the pack, but listen. We are here to have fun.” He looked around, “But Shannon, get used to being discounted. Half these guys bring their mistresses to these things. You won’t find any wives here.”

The girl laughed, “So, they basically think I’m your mistress?”

As escort bursa they sat down, Richard looked over at the other three, “Sorry to ask, but what kind of golfers are you. “I pretty much shoot in the mid 80s. My best round was a 78, though I confess an 88 is more possible.”

Ed nodded, “That’s not bad. I shoot around 80, but these two are both, what scratch golfers?”

“Really?” Richard asked, “Both of you?”

“No, I’m not. I have a 9 handicap, which puts me in your category, but our ace in the hole here is Shannon. Keep this to yourself, but this is Shannon Davies, now Shannon Williams, former collegiate women’s player of the year.” He grinned.

“Wait, I remember you. SI did a piece on you. God, that was a really sad story why you never went pro.” Richard reached across and gripped her hand, “I’m really sorry to hear about your parents.”

Shannon felt herself tearing up remembering. Her dad had been taking care of mom who had MS when he suffered a massive stroke a week after the championships. She and Dan immediately found themselves taking care of both of them. Dan had urged her to get on the tour, but no way was she leaving Dan alone to take care of her parents. They worked jobs with opposite shifts so they could finish school and earn money. “Thanks, it was hard, but you know Dan Williams?” Seeing him nod, “He’s my husband and no way could I have managed it without him.”

“I’m sorry also, I had no idea.” Ed said, “How are they now?”

“They passed away four years ago.” Shannon had to stop and collect herself, “Um, sorry….”

George spoke up, “December of 2012, Her father passed away and the next morning her mother followed.” He looked at Shannon. “I read it in SI, actually. There was a follow-up.”

Shannon shook her head, “Ok, thanks guys, but were not going there.” She looked at the other teams. “So, apparently I’m the team arm candy.” She looked at the surprised faces, “I’ve over heard a dozen conversations.”

“Yep, and they’ll find out really fast that you’re on the team because you can play. Anyhow, let’s get some drinks and enjoy ourselves.” He looked over at the bar, “Thank God we ate, looks like top shelf booze.”

Shannon sipped her margarita and had a thought, “Crap, what time do we start in the morning?”

“6:30 we need to be ready to tee off. So, they want us to meet at 6:00 to get our carts and hole assignments. It’s all by draw. It actually is possible to play the same pair twice, but that never seems to happen.

Ed looked over at George, “So how do we pair up tomorrow? I was talking to Richard and his strengths are driving and putting, so I was thinking we’d team up.” He looked at Shannon, “Not that I’d prefer to be in the company…Sorry, that’s harassment.”

Shannon grinned, “Only if we worked together. Now if you want to get reported, perhaps making some comment about how great George looks in his khakis….” She looked at him, “You do, but any comments about me are I guess, fair game.”

George chuckled, “I agree. I’m fine with that and we’ll address it every morning. If things click tomorrow, I’m sure not going to mess with it.” He looked at Shannon, “You mind having me as a partner?”

She elbowed him, “I’ll answer when you add golf before partner.”

The older man grinned at the other three, “She’s really good. I’ll keep trying though.” He looked over to Shannon, “These two are married and might not respect your married status otherwise.”


They met all the other players in the clubhouse after putting their bags in the carts with their names and hole numbers on them. Shannon looked around and saw no other women, which she expected. When they were introduced to the pair they’d be playing, the young one named Mike looked at her questioningly.

“Just curious. We’re all playing the whites. Are you also, or are you playing from the reds?” He asked.

George, looked at the rules, “She plays from the reds.”

Mike groaned and looked at the older man, “I knew we should have gotten a girl on our team.”

“I’ll play from the whites. I have no problem with that. Or, you’re welcome to join me on the reds.” Shannon responded testily, “I sure hope you don’t lose to a girl.”

Mike put his hands up, “Sorry, I didn’t mean anything by that. It’s just that sometimes you’ll have an advantage getting by hazards.”

Shannon shook her head and headed out to her cart and George grinned at Mike, “Oh goodie. She is going focus so much more now.” He headed over to Shannon.

After four holes, Mike went up to Shannon, “Christ, I’m sorry. You are a really good golfer for a woman. I shouldn’t have questioned you.”

Shannon turned to George and whispered, “Can I hit from the whites the rest of the way? Please. Mike here plays really well for a whiner and I’d like to kick his ass without him having any excuse.”

George shook his head, “Sorry, even though we are up four, I really think you should ignore him and play within the rules. If we win, we win.”

George watched Shannon stalk back to the cart and turned to the older man, “Perhaps Mike should focus on his own game and not question Shannon’s abilities because she’s a woman..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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