His Sissy Slave (Pt2)

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His Sissy Slave (Pt2)
I have been seeing my master Jeremy for 6 weeks now, he is pleased with my training but l still have a problem with stopping myself from shooting my load when he is fucking me, l can now dress and do my own makeup when l transformed into sissy Danielle. For the last 2 days my master has been caning my erect cock before fucking me but it still didn’t stop me from shooting spunk over the covers so he got a cock cage that is fitted with a small bar that slides into my urethral orifice then the whole thing is padlocks together, it has stopped me from creaming the covers with my spunk. The first time Jeremy fucked me while l was wearing the cock cage the thrill was such a turn on, l really become loud and screamed at him to feed me his hot seed, he fucks me so deep with his cock and always makes sure l’m full to the brim with his hot creamy load, l can now take a 10-inche round butt-plug into my man-pussy with ease, Jeremy thinks l’ll be able to take his fist next which l can’t wait to try.
My master brought me a lovely 2 peace bikini for not shooting my load the last 3 times he fucked me, when he releases his hot spunk from his cock into my man-pussy it feels so good and lm happy that l’ve pleased my sexy man, lm going to wear the bikini this Sunday when we go to the beach to meet up with a few of his friends, Jeremy has warned me that lm not to talk to anyone without getting his permission first, if lm asked my name or anything l’m to asked him if l can speak, he warned me this rule is never to be broken when we are out with his friends or he will make sure l never forget the rule.
Since l was doing so well with my training Jeremy said l was ready to be borrowed, he told me to put on my false boobs the skimpiest knickers, mini skirt and blouse, l thought he wanted me to tease his friend Jake who would then fuck me but Jeremy wanted me to go to the flat downstairs and flirt with the old man then come back and tell him what happened then just before going he fitted the 10-inche round butt-plug into my man-pussy and padlocked my cock in its cage. As l was going down the stairs a parcel delivery man was coming up, he gave me a lovely smile and winked, l stood at the door waiting for the man to come back down stairs before ringing the doorbell just to give him a better view up my skirt he liked the view and l got a wolf whistle. The old man answered the door looked me up and down then smiled and whispered Gloria his wife was asleep then invited me inside as we crept into the kitchen the old man Norman had his hand on my bum. In the kitchen he backed me up against the wall and we began kissing his hands gripped my bum cheeks squeezing them like melons ‘nice arse darling’ he told me, l unbuckled his trousers and slid my hand into his pants Norman had quite a nice size cock for his age but he wasn’t going to fuck my man-pussy as that belonged to my master plus l think my master didn’t want me fucked because he fitted me with the butt-plug, so l took out Norman’s cock to give him a long slow wank which got him moaning and sighing his breathing grew deeper but he was still ramming his tongue down my throat, Norman asked if l take it in the mouth, l didn’t answer just sank to my knees and fed his cock into my mouth. his cock had a saggy foreskin which l rolled down his shaft to reveal the head of his cock, l started by softly sucking the head then in quick succession took his cock right to the back of my throat, l was just getting into it when Norman grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock partly down my throat and began shooting his spunk straight into my stomach, when he shot all the spunk that was in his balls l held his foreskin down his shaft to give his cock a good clean up, his spunk tasted very sweet, l stood up kissed him, he thanked me for the blow job and asked if he could fuck me next time l kissed him again put his cock into his pants and fastened his trousers then before leaving said ‘l’ll ask my master about a fuck’ at the front door we had a quick snog and didn’t notice his neighbour watching us l didn’t care l wasn’t bothered who saw me when l was Danielle the sissy.
I got back to the flat and Jeremy said my present was delivered while l was seeing to Norman downstairs but first he wanted to hear what l thought about being used by another guy, so l explained he didn’t give me chance to flirt with him because he ushered me into the kitchen and virtually jumped on me so got Norman’s cock out to first wank him then sucked him off and for an old man his cock was a size it went right to the back of my throat then when he spunked he shot it straight into my stomach, l told Jeremy that Norman wanted to fuck me next time, l could see Jeremy was getting excited from what l was telling him, as we kissed he took hold of my hand and placed it on his crutch, l took out his cock to wank my master as l sucked on his tongue, he lowered my head onto his cock ordering me to suck him l always get so excited sucking and licking my masters beautiful cock it wasn’t long before l could taste his pre-cum, ‘oh baby, oh baby’ Jeremy moaned. The head of his cock had swollen to almost twice its size and more pre-cum dribbled into my mouth l gulped down every drop, Jeremy said we were going to the bedroom and laid me onto my back raised my legs and took a tube of gel from the drawer and coated his hand with the gel then removed the butt-plug and whispered ‘it illegal bahis will hurt’ and slid 3 fingers into my man-pussy then forced four fingers and half his hand, once l was taking that into my pussy Jeremy warned me ‘this will hurt’ and pushed the whole of his hand into my man-pussy right up to his wrist, l asked him to take his fist out but he just carried on sliding it back and forth in my pussy, it was becoming so painful l begged him to stop but he just replied, l was his sissy slave and he can do what he wanted to me, and gave a hard push of his fist into me, l remembered what another sissy told me and began crying it was then Jeremy stopped and told me l had to get used to being fisted then slid his fist from my man-pussy and told me to dry my eyes and go to the bathroom, Jeremy came into the bathroom carrying a funnel connected to a tube, he ordered me to lay in the bath with my legs over the side and slid the tube deep into my pussy then l had to hold the funnel, he stood in front of me and began pissing into the funnel l could feel my insides being filled, he pissed so much my belly began to inflate next l was instructed to open my mouth so Jeremy could piss straight into my mouth and l had to drink as much as l could or risk the wrath of being beaten but drinking my masters piss wasn’t as bad as l thought then once his bladder was empty l stood in the bath and bent over spread my bum cheeks so he could watch his piss squirt from my man-pussy. After this he told me to shower and put on pink knickers and bra with pink suspenders and stockings as he had a friend coming around and the friend loved seeing a sissy in pink then forceful manner reminded me l was his sissy slave.
Once l had showered, dressed and fitted my red wig to match my clothes, l finished off by putting on my new false nails that Jeremy had brought me then went into the other room to seek his approval, he smiled and told me l looked good enough to eat and kissed me, l thanked him for my nails and hinted that false eye lashes would look good because Stacy, Colin’s sissy wears them Jeremy replied he will get me a pair. I was expecting to sit on the sofa to kiss and cuddle before his friend arrived but Jeremy wanted me to stand outside the door in the corridor to welcome his friend adding that Simon was his best friend so l was to treat him as my master. I did point out that l was dressed in only knickers, bra and stockings but the only answer l got was a warning to do as l was told then received a slap across the face, l apologised for questioning him and to make up for my disobedience l asked if he would open my love hole as wide as he wanted to show l will do anything to please my master, we kissed then Jeremy gave me the present that arrived why l was sucking Norman off downstairs. Eagerly l opened the box and found what looked like a backpack, it wasn’t till Jeremy explained that l wear the thing around my belly under my clothes, it inflates so too give the impression lm pregnant, he told me l can try it on later because he wanted me outside, kissed me then patted my bum. I went and stood in the corridor looking like a prostitute wanting customers, l heard someone coming up the stairs but it was only Martha from the flat opposite she asked if l had locked myself out because l could wait in her flat till Jeremy came home, l thanked her but explained l was waiting for someone, Martha went into her flat. I must have been outside for 20 minutes when finely Jeremy’s friend Simon appeared and gave me the biggest smile and said ‘oh, you’re a cutie’ kissed me on the cheek, put his arm around my waist, l told him ‘l’m Danielle’ he replied he knew all about me, we went inside. Jeremy must have heard us because he was pouring him and Simon a drink, Simon told Jeremy his new slave is stunning and can’t wait to try the bitch out and kissed me again more passionately, l sucked his tongue, Simon’s hands gripped my bum and he said softly ‘lm going to enjoy fucking you’, Jeremy gave Simon his drink then told me to kneel on the floor in front of them while they sat on the sofa talking. Jeremy was telling Simon how he had cured me from shooting spunk with a cock cage when he fucks me, Simon tutted looked at me, ‘naughty, good sissy’s don’t spunk’ he said then told Jeremy he will get me hormone medication to take as that will shrink my cock and dry my spunk the medication had a bonus by making my boobs more firm.
Simon put down his drink and kissed me then asked Jeremy my master if he could see just how good l was, Jeremy answered ‘help yourself’, l got Simons cock out, he wasn’t cut so l pulled his foreskin so it over lapped the head of his cock then slid my tongue into the gathered foreskin to lick the head of his cock, Simon let out a low groan, l rolled his foreskin down his thick shaft and took his cock right to the back of my throat almost choking myself, l started slowly getting faster and faster, next l began sucking his balls each one in turn, every so often run my tongue up his shaft, Simon began giving little thrust when his cock was at the back of my throat, l got a little taste of his pre-cum, he told me to stop, l pulled a disappointed face and let out ‘aww’ he called me a dirty bitch but loved the way l worked my mouth on his cock then picked up his drink and asked Jeremy if he still had the suit because they could take me for a walk seeing it’s a nice afternoon, Jeremy left illegal bahis siteleri the room then returned with a white lycra all in one over his shoulder and a fluffy tail in his hand, ‘perfect’ declared Simon, Jeremy replied he had forgotten he had the dalmatian suit and handed the all in one and tail to me, l was ordered to change into the suit. The dalmatian suit was a tight fit, it also had the rear cut out, l replaced the butt-plug in my man-pussy with the tail then went back into the other room where l was handed a rubber dogs mask to wear then ordered to get on all fours and stay on all fours till told otherwise. Being an old farm there were plenty of fields, every so often Jeremy or Simon would throw a stick which l had to fetch carrying it in my mouth, Simon commented several times on how my love-hole looked so inviting he might not be able to resist it for much longer. Along the side of one field there was a log which they sat on to throw sticks for me to fetch, l came back with one stick and Simon told me to bend over the log because l was going to get the fucking of my life and took his cock out, it looked a lot bigger from the first time, l bent over the log and the tail was ripped out my love-hole and Simon’s cock took its place he thrust his cock deep inside me and let out ‘oww, fuck’, Jeremy not wanting to be left out stood in front of me and rammed his cock into my mouth, l was getting my first roasting and l was loving it, if l could have screamed l would have done. Jeremy seemed bigger than normal his cock was causing me to gag he held my head so he could drive his cock deeper down my throat, Simon had a good hold of my hips forcing his thick cock deep and hard into me, as he fucked my love-hole he was telling me how lm going to have more spunk inside me than a pair of balls, Jeremy informed Simon he wanted me to be a pregnant sissy slave, ‘she will have enough spunk in her pussy to get pregnant’ retorted Simon then gave a hard thrust into my love-hole and began filling me with his warm creamy spunk then let out ‘let’s get this sissy full’ and with each push of his cock into my pussy he shot more spunk the next thing l know Jeremy is shooting his spunk down my throat l couldn’t keep up swallowing so much spunk and began choking he held my head tight when he slid his cock from my throat the last few drops dribbled onto my tongue, his spunk always tasted so moreish. Simon had finished filling my man-pussy so slid his cock out and refitted my tail, l had to lick their cocks clean before they sat back on the log, l lay at their feet exhausted and very full.
I hardly had time to recover before l was told we were going home, on the way back there was a muddy dyke that ran along the side of the field, Jeremy throw a stick into the dyke and told me to fetch the stick, it was cold and l got covered in mud which started Jeremy and Simon laughing and before getting out l was ordered to roll and play in the muddy dyke just like a dog their fun didn’t stop there because Simon took my tail out and forced a thick wooden short post into my man-pussy remarking how that should stop his spunk leaking out then to clean me l was pissed on, drinking what went into my mouth, l wasn’t allowed to remove the post in my man-pussy till we were home.
When we got home, l had to pour them both a large drink before l was permitted to go for a shower, after removing the post l stood in the shower to let Simon’s spunk trickle from my love-hole then turned on the water which cascaded over me as l lathered myself with soap l couldn’t help giving myself a slow wank and lent against the wall, closed my eyes. I didn’t hear the bathroom door open and Jeremy shouting ‘what are you doing’ l quickly let go of my cock and innocently replied l was washing, Jeremy angrily ordered me to put my hands behind my back then whacked my stiff cock 5 times, l winced and apologised, he was really angry and a little drunk, he slapped me hard twice across the face my eyes became watery but the waterworks wasn’t working, Simon had heard the shouting and came into the bathroom, Jeremy irately explained that he had caught me wanking my cock and hit my cock again which had now lost its stiffness, Simon informed him that if l wanted a big cock then he had just the think and went to his car, meanwhile l was escorted to my room given another slap across the face and told in no uncertain terms how disappointed Jeremy was with me, he threw a bra and knickers onto the bed then demanded l wear the dark haired wig. I was stood in the lounge to await Simon’s return. He came back and pulled what looked like an elongated fish bowl about 10inches wide and at least 18inches long with a tube attached, Simon ordered me to part my legs slightly and placed the bowl over my balls and cock and asked if that was snug, l nodded, next he connected the tube to a little pump and switched it on l could feel my balls and cock being sucked, Simon turned the little pump on full and after a minute my balls and cock had swollen to over half their size. Jeremey and Simon sat drinking, l enquired how long l had to sit with the pump, Jeremy aggressively replied until he says otherwise, after that l thought it better not to speak unless spoken too.
I must have been sitting for over 40 minutes with the pump, my balls were now the size of a small football and my cock resembled a fat donkey’s erect cock, it was getting painful, canlı bahis siteleri Simon notice me shuffling about and remark that my balls and cock will get bigger yet. It was now an hour with my balls and cock being pumped they were so swollen they filled the bowl, l had to hold the bowl due to my balls and cock being so swollen. Simon told Jeremy l was ready and he wrapped a boot lace around the base of my balls and cock and tied it off, next switched off the pump and l slid my very swollen balls and cock from the bowl. I had to stand with my legs apart because my balls were so large, l was then bent over a chair and Jeremy fucked my man-pussy giving me a full load of spunk then once he was done it was Simon’s turn to ram his cock deep into me, he commented how lubricated my pussy was then shot his creamy load into my man-pussy, after this l was ordered to walk up and down the stairs as their sticky spunk ran from my love-hole. I walked up and down the stairs 5 times luckily l didn’t bump into anyone, Jeremy called me back into the flat ordered me to wank my cock but l couldn’t because of the swelling, he undid the lace tied around my cock l thought l had been punished enough but Simon thought not and suggested l should have my love-hole pumped and replaced the large fish bowl with a cup at the end of the tube, l was put on all fours and a round cup was fitted between my bum cheeks then he switched the pump on full, it did feel strange but at least my balls and cock were very slowly deflating. I don’t know what was happening to my man-pussy but Jeremy liked it and told Simon he wanted to get me a cup and pump, after sometime Simon switched off the pump and removed the cup, it felt like the cup was still between my bum cheeks, Jeremy got a mirror to show me that my man-pussy was swollen and now look like a real pussy and the next minute Jeremy was behind me to slide his hard cock into my swollen man-pussy, he gripped my hips and was fucking me so hard, calling out ‘oh yes, yes, yes’, l have to admit it felt good l began begging he fuck me harder and get right inside me, he yelled ‘lm fucking cumin’ as his spunk began filling my inside l pushed myself onto his cock telling Jeremy ‘l want every drop’ and it felt like l was getting it, once he released his hold on me l fell forward but was then pulled back onto all fours by Simon who was telling me ‘here comes another load bitch’ and slid his cock all the way inside me. As he fucked me my man-pussy was making a squelching noise from all the spunk that had been shot inside me, l was hoping Simon would fuck me longer as he did have a lovely cock but he let out a ‘rrrr’ and began filling my hole with his spunk l fell forward once more completely fucked and full. I lay on the floor their spunk oozing from my love hole running down onto my balls which were still quite swollen, Jeremy asked me to kneel up, l sucked his tongue as we kissed then Simon leant forward l kissed and sucked his tongue they both tasted of whiskey, Jeremy told me to thank Simon then said he had a little errand for me, l had to go to Norman and Gloria’s flat in my bra and see through gown with spunk running from my man-pussy and show Gloria my swollen dripping pussy then ask if Norman could fuck me because l was a sissy whore, l could see by the look on my masters face this wasn’t a request so l got to my feet and went into the corridor.
Martha from the flat opposite was at her door and couldn’t take her eyes off my still enlarged balls and cock l smiled and carried on down the stairs to Norman and Gloria’s flat. I was hoping they would be out but the door slowly opened and it was Gloria she looked down at my swollen balls and cock and asked what l wanted so l repeated what my master had told me to say that l was a sissy whore and wanted Norman to fuck me then turned around lifted my gown and bent over to show her the spunk still trickling from my man-pussy then turned back around, l was expecting her to start screaming or phone the police but she replied that Norman was out and would l like her to clean me so l went in for her to clean me, l couldn’t go back and say Norman wasn’t in l had to do something to tell my master. Gloria laid me face down on the bed and began wiping the spunk running from my swollen pussy, it felt quite relaxing, she asked what had l been doing to get in such a mess and why was l so swollen. I don’t know why but l started telling Gloria that Jeremy was my master and how l must do what he tells me to please him also l wanted to be female, l liked wearing woman’s clothes, Gloria looked down at my cock which was now hiding in my balls and commented how l wasn’t very big and tried to take hold of my cock with her finger and thumb, l asked her not to touch me as my master doesn’t want me big but she still tried then asked if she got it right that l wanted her husband Norman to have sex with me and joked he might as well as he doesn’t have sex with her then gave a little laugh, on listening to her talk about sex my cock popped its head out from my balls. Gloria squeezed my cock and l shot spunk all over her hand, it was her that apologised to me and wiped my cock, after l said l had better go and left Gloria a lot cleaner than when l first knocked on her door, she even asked me to pop down more often. My master Jeremy wasn’t too happy but understood it wasn’t my fault that Norman wasn’t home but pleased l showed Gloria my dripping man-pussy l thought it better not to mention that l shot my spunk when she touched me. I went home and had a long relaxing bath; my wife thankfully was visiting her family so the rest of the night was spent in front of the telly reliving my perfect day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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